Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 12/25/2022

Yesterday (it is 12:20 am again) I did CDorner Cardio Step Aerobics, 33 minutes, heart rate 117/145, 150 calories, 3,092 steps. This one she showed 3 different levels of moves and you did whatever move you preferred. She had a guest exerciser with her that seemed to do most of the adv type moves. I then did Kelly Coffey Cardio Fit Premix Dumbbell Blast which was just the dumbbell work from the dvd. This was 31 minutes, 106 calories, heart rate 106/134, 667 steps. Total time was 64 minutes, 256 calories, 3,759 steps.

Cardio Fit Dumbbells Only Actual time is about 28 minutes

deadlift/squat 15# dbs
reverse lunge hold alternating 15# dbs

pec dec/slash down 8# dbs
drop hip/lift back/upright row 8# dbs

plie squats 15# dbs
side lunge hold 15# dbs

single press/body shot 8# dbs
kickback/hook 8# dbs

split squat 15# dbs
step out/side to side squat 15# db

step back/knee/crunch alternating 8# db (could have went a bit heavier)
curtsy/press/overhead extension 8# db (could have went heavier)

squat pick up weight/putdown weight/3 cross punches alternating sides 15# db
step back pick up weight/put down weight turn to other side15# db

bend /wide row 10# dbs
gunslinger alternating and doubles 8# dbs
W curls 10# dbs
Up and overhead(rainbow?)/knee up cross over with dumbbells 8's
Plank hold with some knee drops
Today I stayed up after I woke rather than going back to sleep so I can try to turn the hours around a bit. It is too hard to get things done in the mornings, particularly if I need to go out.
I did Kelly's Super Sculpt mix of Step and Boxing, 33 minutes, heart rate 107/128, 3,274 steps. I used 2# dumbbells for the boxing segments. I followed this with Cathe Perfect Flow premix yoga strength and flexibility and mobility basics #2, 36 minutes, 72 calories. I am not sure about the steps as I had to go pull in a package off the doorstep and then chastise my dog and brush all of the grass from her drop and roll fun, before I let her back into the house. I went out later to sweep up all of the grass she shook off on the patio. I wish she would not do that. I also had to put away groceries between cardio and stretch. Workout time was 69 minutes, 195 calories. I like the Perfect Flow Mix that I did today but feel like the last part should have been stuck near the front and the front part that is a lot on the floor should have been near the end. I like the moves in this one. I ordered groceries from Walmart and I have 4 items that were shipped. Revlon eyeliner from Florida, and of all things Walmart brand Kleenex is coming from Texas Fed. They do that and I often wonder why not just get from another Walmar here. I understand the protein powder that I ordered. I got a lot of berries today though. I ordered both blueberries and raspberries since I did not get the blueberries last time and I got two large containers today. My grandson is coming to spend the weekend tomorrow evening. I hope everyone is doing well today since I see no one has checked in.

Valerie, I hope you got your plumbing fixed. I do not like sleeping in hotels. We were just discussing what we want to do for our 50th anniversary in March. My thought was how miserable hotels are with the noise of people in the halls, doors slamming and having to hurry to get up and out so maid service can get in. Let alone the fact I have to make adjustments in my sleep space for comfort. Paying for all of that water is not a good thing. Summer when it was so dry I was watering 20 minutes each for each section and for some reason it kept coming back on and running again in the afternoon. When I finally caught it, or thought I did it did it again. I kept trying to fix it and finally shut it off manually and on only when I wanted to run it. Also shortened the time. Our bill was huge. We were at one of the top teirs of water usage and cost is more for per gallon as the levels go up.

Carolyn, nice work with Cardio Quick Fix yesterday.

Cathy, Stretch Max with the band was my favorite of the three. I forget I have it. I hope things go smoothly at the airport.
Yesterday I did a 30 minute Peloton ride and 10 minutes of Peloton arms. Today I worked 6 hours and did Yin Yoga when I got home. I'm off work all weekend. The store is very slow right now and I'm not scheduled many hours at all for the next month.

Diane Sue-Great job with CDorner Cardio Step Aerobics, Kelly Coffey Cardio Fit Premix Dumbbell Blast, Kelly's Super Sculpt mix of Step and Boxing and the Cathe Perfect Flow premix. I hope you have a good weekend with your grandson. I've never slept well in hotels.

Carolyn-Great job with Cardio Quick Fix.

Cathy-Nice job with Stretch Max with the band.

Hi to Valerie
I did 35 min on the spin bike, just riding fast not spinning so I could watch a lecture series. then x train abs, therapy for 30 min, and a series of upper body exercises.

no rush on gettign plumbing fixed. its a short section to an outside faucet, 10 inches. we have the part. we have the insulation, the corner material. still need dry wall but too wet to get it. sheets are 8x4. fit in our truck bed but not a car. cant get it until a dry day.

Even expensive hotels are difficult. the air is always stale and smells odd. beds are too warm. mattress protecting covers are HOT. I feel like I'm in a frying pan. I take them off if I can. I cant set the air conditioning low enough to sleep, and windows never open. there is noise all around. I'm not that picky and can sleep on the ground or in a snowbank in a sleeping bag, in our camper, in all kinds of conditions, but not in motels. I stay in one if I have to but never sleep much. I used to come home after a week of business travel and sleep most of the weekend.

we have abundant water here ( more than we want most of the time) and even that much water won't cost much. we were surprised that much water could come out of a pipe in that small amount of time.
This morning I did LiTE Body Weight and Bands for 45 minutes and 209 calories burned. My average heart rate was 118 and maximum heart rate was 151. I didn’t work out at all yesterday. My daughter’s boyfriend is in town and he came over for dinner. It was a very busy day, but things are getting back to normal. Middle daughter and her family left on Wednesday and the oldest just left this morning. Daughter #3 will be here another week working remotely.

Diane Sue, nice job with CDorner Step Aerobics, KCM’s Cardio Fit, KCM’s Super Sculpt, and Perfect Flow premix. Hopefully you will get to a better sleep pattern so that you can get things done during the day.

Judy, great job with the Peloton 30 minute ride, Peloton Arms, and Yin Yoga. It’s wonderful that wiring at HD has increased your confidence with home projects.

Valerie, great job with 35 minutes on Spin Bike, XTrain Abs, therapy exercises, and upper body exercises. You covered everything with that workout.

Waving hello to Cathy. Have a wonderful day everyone.
Today I did CDorner Total Body workout that she did this morning. This one is 5 moves done in a count down format starting with 10 reps for all the moves then the follows with all 5. moves down to 9 reps etc. The last couple of rounds at 2 and 1 are done in very slow reps with some holds. This was 57 minutes, heart rate 97/125, 158 calories, 703 steps. That is all I had time for. I had packages come from Walmart, texts and phone calls. I spent some time hunting for my recipe for my grandson who wanted to make waffles. It took me awhile to find where it was. I found it on the shelf in the workout room rather than the pantry I was digging through. I also got a new sd card for my cell out of the mail box so will deal with that in awhile. Then workers came out to mark our yard again and the cable company is installing a new box in my planter :rolleyes: Boy, if I ever move again I will not buy a house with utility boxes in my back yard that go to the neighbor's houses. My dog was not happy about them going in and out the gate.

Total Body workout
5 moves back to back done done 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 reps Like counting down to the new year
1. Squat press 10s for all 10 rnds
2. Dead Row 20#rnd 1, 15's 2 rnds, went back to 20# for the rest
3. V ups No weight
4 walking lunge with hammer curl(option reverse lunge hammer curl) 15# dbs tried second round 12's then went back to 15#
5.skull crusher /arms up crunch (sort of crunch you lift up with arms straight up a bit) 10# dbs held together all 5 rnds
Ends with plank variations, and a prone move with hand behind head
Valerie we have odd even water rationing here all of the time. Right now ponds and lakes are really low or dried up after the dry summer we had. We have had some slab leaks and it is amazing how much water leaks out a tiny whole.

Judy, great job on the Peloton ride.

Carolyn, good workout with Body Weight and Band. I am sure that you are enjoying your family time.
No workout the last couple days. NIck's return home was uneventful. On time flights, and he got an Uber from the train station. Then today I shopped. Tomorrow Derek is going to his GF's Grandma's for NYE. Should be interesting. Aliah's description of her Grandma is that she's fake. LOL Should be interesting.

I'm going to have to take a longer break from STS and stick with basic cardio for at least a few days. I umm did a stupid thing the other day. Well, it's something I've done before, but I tried a variation that went really bad. I needed to plug something in behind the washer and to do that, I have to half climb on top of it, but when I jumped, I ended up smashing my lower ribcage into it. By the next day the right side was fine, but the left side is really sore. No visible bruising on the skin, but the muscles are sore for sure. Was just setting up my STS workout for tomorrow which includes bench presses with the bar and while I managed to get the warm up weight up and off as I would do it in the workout, it was really uncomfortable and the actual weight I'd be using just wasn't gonna happen. I'll probably do step as boxing/kickboxing would be uncomfortable. Bought a new extension cord for that area. I'd been using one, but DH needed it for something else, and of course, why take the time to go get a chair, when I can just fling myself up there. :rolleyes:

Diane Sue have you considered a Bed and Breakfast for your 50th? Typically a lot less people and much quieter than a hotel. That is such a pain that the utility box is in your yard. I've never known of one for multiple people in someone's back yard. Here they all seem to be right next to the road.

Judy enjoy your weekend off.

Valerie have you really slept in snowbanks? I have a friend who has backpack camped in the winter and I just cannot fathom that. I get to do a hotel next weekend when Derek and I go to Cleveland. For the most part I'm fine with them. Traveling at times when people aren't typically on vacation helps, as you get a lot more business travelers and they aren't inclined to be noisy. Unless you luck out an hit a conference hotel. I've also started traveling with air purifiers which helps with the air.

Carolyn it's nice you still have some family there visiting. After Nick being here, I had to spend a fair bit on food to restock today. He doesn't start eating until after noon a lot of days, but then he eats a lot!
Cathy, I am sorry about the mishap. I do those things and wonder why I got myself into it. I slipped off the curb walking to the car after we took our grandson out to dinner. Naturally I turned my already problematic foot as I landed on it and my knee buckled. I hope it feels better tomorrow.
I have never lived in a house with multiple people hooked up to a box in my yard. I had no idea they do that , but apparently the utility companies have the right to do it. We have had an ATT and Cox wire hanging over the fence for most of this year as they dug and trenched and on the other side yards as the houses are built. They asked why we planted all of those plants there as we should have been notified. I told them the people that lived here before us did it. Spring I had planned on trimming up the shrubs so there is more room around them to work and maybe put dirt and my ground cover and gravel back that they have torn up. We have electric, which had to dig deep and run the wire up under the box and left a large hole that kept filling with water when it rains and the yard floods. Then we have two different cable boxes. Apparently, the neighbors on one side got away with declining the boxes in their yard.
The washer and dryer at our last home was in a closet that had very little room and I had things plugged in behind it and I had to climb on top to get behind them. Plus I was always losing something behind them. I called it the pantry as I put stuff in cabinets over the washer and dryer. Also was good at slamming my head up under the cabinet when trying to do things. Sometimes we have to get ourselves in odd positions to work and getting back out is hard.
yes cathy slept on snow many times. we snow camped in the winter on skis quite a few times. we pulled a sled with our supplies. it's hard to ski with a big backpack. you need more supplies in winter. double layer of ground insulation, bigger tent, snowshoes, lots of clothing and fuel to melt snow for water. we only did single overnights because it gets complicated quickly, gear gets wet and hard to dry. the biggest challenge is picking the time and driving to a solid snowline. lesson one is, sleds need to slide. very limited distance on dirt or gravel. also weather has to be good so you can get back and drive from where you parked. DH and I hiked and backpacked many thousands of miles, some in winter. the sled has a hip harness, with stiff poles between you and the sled. DH pulled the sled while I worked the rear. sleds tip and roll and need pushing up and braking down, so the second person does not have an easy day! with snow, you can stay anywhere, and dont need to go big mileage to "get away from it all" . its an entirely new world in snow, with beautiful light and scenery, quiet, animal tracks. days are short and nights are long, stars are beautiful. if you get used to backpacking in spring and fall, the best times IMO, winter is not a huge step. peak summer was my least favorite season. heat and insects ruin things for me and no mosquitos or flies in winter. I have the utmost respect for people who do long distance trips in winter. its complicated.
bummer on the laundry room acrobatics!. get a folding step stool!
did yard work digging and transplanting yesterday, and then therapy work.

I don't like stacked appliances. ours are side by side. easy to slide in /out for outlets or cleaning. I'm too short to reach a stacked dryer comfortably. I have enough trouble with the storage shelving over the appliances. need a stool for that.
we have all our utilities on the street in front of each house. that helps in the inevitable border wars.
This morning I did Step Sync, combos one and two. That was 33 minutes and 189 calories burned. Average heart rate was 118 and maximum heart rate was 159. I was very cautious with my step moves today as my knee wasn’t sure that it wanted to cooperate. It’s been bothering me a bit, just enough to be annoying but I don’t want to make it worse.

Diane Sue, great job with CDorner Total Body. We had a wonderful 10 days with our children and grandchildren. The house is so still—and quiet! The location of utility lines on your property seems odd.

Cathy, I’m so sorry about your accident. I hope that it feels better soon. I‘m glad that Nick made it back without difficulties. We have gone through an astonishing amount of food—and coffee—over the last week and a half. I had to restock a few times.

Valerie, your outdoor adventures never cease to amaze me.

Waving hello to Judy.
I did half an hour on the spin bike and therapy work. Carolyn we are going thru some old slides and trying to figure out some of the places we went back in the past. we hiked and backpacked a lot. as we got older we still hiked but started riding and skiing more. always kept busy.

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