Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 12/25/2022

Yesterday I did a workout in between stops for texts and a package arriving. One of the packages that says delivered did not arrive at my house so I have to deal with that this week. I started with CDorner Hiit Step and stopped at 15 minutes., 48 calories, heart rate 97/125. It is not really a step workout and when she got to burpees and I had to go to the door I switched workouts. I did CDorner Fast Basic Step #259, 23 minutes, 108 calories, heart rate 118/150. I finished with Coffey Fit Raw Athletic Stretch #2, 29 minutes, heart rate 80/95, 49 calories. Total time 67 minutes, 2,114 steps, 205 calories.
I baked a bunch of cookies and put in the freezer after my youngest daughter and her two children left. We celebrated Christmas with them earlier today and had lunch. We have my other younger grandchild coming next weekend for some fun.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and time to reflect on Christ's birth and the reason we celebrate.
I hope all of you stay warm and power stays on. It has been really cold, but I know some of you are having worse weather than we are. We will warm up through most of this next week.
This morning I did P30 Mobility and then went out and shoveled. Derek and I had the drive about 3/4 done and we're saving the rest for Nick. But, someone came along and plowed out the bottom area and drove off. Nick can do the sidewalk later. he's still in bed. :rolleyes: He's rarely up before noon. I'm honestly not sure how he gets up in time for school and work, since he can sleep through the most obnoxiously loud music blaring beside him. Hoping by tomorrow our road is decent as we need to get out in the afternoon. We're going to be above freezing for over a week starting Wednesday. So, we're going from a lot of snow to muddy mess with rain. Fun times.

Diane Sue I hope you are able to track down your package. Nice job with the step workouts and stretch. Sometimes workouts just aren't what you expect.
we had an OK day yesterday. cant do much to put the basement back together until we have it thoroughly dried out. our community has a water system monitor that showed we leaked almost 2000 gallons of water in a couple hours. wow! happy it didnt end up in the basement! although it could have. the broken pipe was close to an outside wall and low maybe 20 inches off the ground, only couple gallons on the concrete floor and along the base of the wall.

we transitioned to warm and wet, very wet. snow is melted and rivers are full. mt passes have been freezing rain a lot. not my favorite time of year. tomorrow will be windy, not a good mix. I didn't plan to, but doing some shopping today so I don't leave it all for tomorrow if it gets even messier.

Cathy... bizarre he can sleep through that! We were not allowed to sleep in, lucky to get to 8 am. my mother made sure of it. she'd vacuum, bang pots together, whatever it took, to be sure no one had the luxury of sleeping late. as if it was sacrilegious or something.
everything we expected to arrive got here. I haven't been working out much, therapy every day and half hour on the elliptical or treadmill . too wet to ride or hike.

I made a pumpkin pie. no cookies. our neighbors gave us cookies and fudge. also peanut brittle!. I love the stuff, haven't had any in ages. a special treat. if I bought any, I'd never leave it alone. a long time ago I made some almond roca. OMG it was wonderful but I could not leave it alone.
Today I did Cardio Party for 40 minutes and 271 calories burned. My average heart rate was 132 and maximum heart rate was 154. I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

Cathy, great job with finishing Meso 1 and P30 Mobility. It’s good to have your sons to help with the shoveling.

Diane Sue, nice job with CDorner Step and Raw stretch. I hope that you have located your package.

Valerie, that’s bad luck with broken pipe and water in the basement. We have a lot of baked items around, but none are things that I have trouble with. The cakes will be gone by the time my daughter and her family leave on Wednesday.

Waving hello to Judy.
It is late, so I will post my workout and respond later today. I should be in bed.
I did Kelly Coffey Box Fit workout # 1 Boxing, 35 minutes, 143 calories, 3,175 steps, heart rate 110/143. This had more jumping than I remember, then at the end the jumping heel clicks. I then did Raw Box and Sculpt 27 minutes, 122 calories, heart rate 118/161, 122 calories, 803 steps. I finished with CDorener Beach Mobility Stretch, 11 minutes, 21 calories.
Total time was 73 minutes, 286 calories, 3,978 steps.

Coffey Fit Raw Box and Sculpt
27 minutes

Alternates boxing with dumbbells of egg weights
Warm up
Squat/press/tricep extension right 8# dumbbell
Squat/Press/triceps/ extension 8# dumbbell left
Deadlift/reverse lunge/front lunge right 10#
Deadlift/reverse lunge/front lunge left 10#
Lunge/row/hammer curl 10# dumbbell right
Lunge/row/hammer curl 10# left
Swing/kickback/cross twist 10# dumbbell right
Swing/kickback/cross twist 10# dumbbell left
Did my finished combo workout today. Our road still have some snow on it, but at least by us it looks like the tire tracks are clear. Pretty sure the rest of the 5 miles to the highway will be a combo of clear, packed down to ice and drifted. By tomorrow night it should be clear as it'll be around 40. Today though it's still around 20. Going to take the boys to their dentist appointment, since I'm sure the road is iffy and it's MY car. LOL

Hope your basement dries out soon. 2000 gallons is a lot, glad you found it when you did. Do you have a well? Would really not be fun to pay for that much water. There will likely be flooding here, too, though it's not warm enough yet. For all Michigan has a ton of lakes, rivers etc. we are at least a 1/4 mile from the nearest creek. It did flood enough once about 7 years ago that it took out the culvert under our road and we had a few weeks of detouring. The detouring is how I found Chester sitting alongside the road. We had more torrential rains that night and he never would have survived it. I'm probably responsible for the genetics that allow Nick to sleep that soundly since I also have a brother and nephew who do the same. My brother once slept though a smoke alarm (false) going off in the middle of the night, right outside his open bedroom door.

Diane Sue nice job with Box Fit workout, Raw Box and Sculpt and the stretch.

Carolyn great job with Cardio Party.
wow cathy I don't have genetics for that! I wake up for every little noise. for good or bad, I can't sleep in a vehicle. good I won't fall asleep driving, bad that I cant sleep as a passenger. in a plane, train, or a boat. chester is one lucky kitty!

we have a community well, about 150 houses on it. yes, will pay extra for that water. the graph shows exactly when the leak started and when we shut it down, and the water lost in the interim of approx 2-3 hours. considering how bad it could have been, I will happily pay the bill. imagine 2000 gallons in your basement. our exercise room is there along with a vast array of tools, a finished bathroom. it's a daylight basement. lower floor of a 3 story house with our garden walls and drainage system below. . water must have gone directly outside, flowed normal channels. nothing was washed away or out of place. I imagine if we had been gone for the week! we turn off water/pressurizer when we leave on trips, so maybe not worse but glad we don't find out the hard way. the plumbing piece was behind a finished wall, been there for 30+ years. a defect in the threads of the pipe so it wasnt tightly screwed together.

did 30 on elliptical and most of my therapy work.

cathy thanks for that cathe update! oh bummer for cathe. staying fit has its setbacks.
I'm sorry to see that Cathe update :( Hopefully she will have a quick and easy recovery.

I'll be back later to get caught up on posting.
This morning I did LiTE Metabolic Blast for 41 minutes and 175 calories burned. My average heart rate was 116 and maximum heart rate was 145.

Diane Sue, nice job wit KCM’s Box Fit, Raw Box and Sculpt, and CDorner Mobility stretch.

Cathy, great job with your Finished Combos workout. Thanks for alerting us to Cathe’s News Flash post. That’s terrible news for her. I hope that her recovery goes well, but she will definitely need to make adjustments.

Valerie, nice job with the elliptical and your therapy exercises.

Hello to Judy.
Saturday I did 70 minutes of Peloton rides. Sunday I did LiTe Pyramid Pump-Triceps, Back & Shoulders and finished with RWH Bonus Abs 1. Monday was a rest day. Today I did a 60 minute Peloton ride.
We are almost finished with our office project. We still have to paint a couple of closets. No more projects after this, at least for a while. It wasn't the most normal Christmas we've ever had but it was nice to be home and to not have to go anywhere. We got a lot done and I still had some extra time for workouts.

Diane Sue-Great job with the CDorner and Raw workouts. Thanks for posting the breakdown of Raw Box & Sculpt. I'm looking forward to getting more into the Raw workouts in 2023.

Cathy-Great job with P30 Mobility and your finished combo workout. I used to be able to sleep through anything. I seemed to have lost that ability after menopause. My sleep just isn't that deep anymore and every little thing seems to wake me up.

Valerie-Nice job with the elliptical and therapy work. It's good that you solved your leak issue but sorry that you had to deal with some water in the basement. It's really good that you weren't travelling when that happened.

Carolyn-Great job with Cardio Party and Metabolic Blast. That really is terrible news about Cathe's shoulder. I hope everything goes smoothly and that she recovers quickly. I can only imagine how frustrating it is for her to deal with.
Today I did CDorner Heart Pumping Cardio, 38 minutes, heart rate 120/150, 149 calories, 3,935 steps. I then did CDorner Magical Mobility FLow 36 minutes (skipped some of the meditation at the end) I did pull out my foam roller and laid on it and moved my arms in a snow angel move for part of that. Otherwise, it is around 40 minutes. This was 55 calories, heart rate 77/101 152 steps. Total time was 74 minutes, 204 calories, 4,087 steps. My knee was hurting when I woke up so I kept the cardio low impact. It did have a few jacks, but Chris showed low impact options. It was all standing and she used 3# dumbbells for some moves the last segment. Nothing really tough. The mobility had more movement to it, but was okay. Not a lot of holding myself up on my hands for long periods, but had lunge hold with somewhat of a balance while holding arms overhead and palms facing away from me so the shoulders do not hunch forward. Interesting, and works. I am going to bed shortly. It will probably be 12 though. I have so many things to do and we are having my 12-year-old grandson over this weekend for fun. I need to think up some things to do with him.
Cathy, thanks for the heads up on Cathe's surgery. Well, I know that is a tough one for healing. I hope her plans work out well and healing moves along quickly. It is amazing how they can do surgery with very little cutting now. I have three small scars from mine. Shoveling snow is quite a workout in itself. Thinking about sleeping through things, once we were staying at my parents' house and my brother was sleeping in the garage, and he is such a sound sleeper he had a fire alarm to wake him up. We were in the other end of the house and it it scared me to death. It was seriously loud. I need the room dark and not a peep or I wake up.

Valerie, sorry about the pipe leak. I love almond roca. I don't buy it often as I would not leave it alone either.

Carolyn, nice work today on light metabolic blast and yesterday on Cardio Party.

Judy, sometimes it is nice just to have a relaxing stay in holiday. Nice that you got a lot done with the office along with work outs.
I never was a very sound sleeper, but like you mentioned Judy, menopause made it worse. until I got on hormone replacement I didn't sleep except brief bits for weeks. I was exhausted. I cycled from hot flashes to cold sweats all night. HRT helped but I never got back to sleeping like when I was young. diane sue, just like you, I need dark, quiet, and cool. motels are usually way too warm and loud to sleep.

I love crunchy nutty candy like almond roca, peanut brittle, toffee. I haven't had almond roca in at least 15 years. made a pan of it then. found I could not leave it alone. it was so good! love good chocolate too, mainly dark. I keep that around, I don't eat it often but love it. most other candy.... meh. not even tempting.

we did a walk this morning an hour and a half at a park. could not walk the beach. having king tides ( + 3 feet) right now and there is no beach.

we got a replacement piece of plumbing, and supplies to put it back together. insulation etc. could not get drywall. it was raining. need to get it on a dry day. Judy, you and your husband do a lot of projects together. Do you enjoy it? I love doing things like that. it's such a great feeling of accomplishment. saves money, and can be done without so much disruption
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This morning I did Cardio Quick Fix, workout one, for 26 minutes and 173 calories burned. My average heart rate was 131 and maximum heart rate was 152.

Diane Sue great job with KCM Box Fit, Raw Box and Sculpt, and CDorner Mobility stretch.

Judy, nice job with the Peloton rides, LiTE Pyramid Pump Triceps, Back, and Shoulders, and RWH Bonus Abs. It’s great that you were able to get so many home projects completed.

Valerie, that’s great that you could get out for a walk today.

Hello to Cathy. Have a wonderful day everyone.
Valerie-I love doing these projects with my husband. You are right, it's a feeling of accomplishment, we can do it on our own schedule and we have saved a lot of money. Working at Home Depot has helped too, as I feel more competent with home projects now.
I just did Stretch Max with the band today. We left early for my parents as they had an appointment this afternoon. Had a good visit. I'll try and get a workout in tomorrow, and there should be time, but we head to the airport at 11:30 and I'll need to do some things in the morning. Or rather I'll be focused on making sure Nick does things in the morning.

Valerie I've only had a small stretch of time in my life when I truly slept well. Since having kids and then menopause I wake up at the smallest sound. I have to be pretty much totally exhausted to sleep through even minor noise. There's really no one I ride with anymore that I trust enough to sleep in a car. The motel I use now in Marquette is a small hotel and it's pretty quiet, and I can make the room pretty dark and control the heat well. Not all motels does the heating and cooling really work accurately or at least it seems that way. Sorry you have to pay for the water, but you're right that it could have been worse. Nice job with the elliptical and the walk.

Judy nice job with the Peloton rides, LiTe Pyramid Pump-Triceps, Back & Shoulders and abs. It's great that you are able to do so many projects yourself.

Carolyn great job with LiTE Metabolic Blast and Cardio Quick Fix.

Diane Sue nice job with Heart Pumping Cardio, Mobility and Foam rolling.

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