Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 12/18/2022


weather forecast absolutely sucks. I know this is not the only area with nasty weather. hoping it's not as bad as it could be. glad we are not traveling this weekend.
DH saw dentist and is back tomorrow to (hopefully) fix the detached crown. no guarantees.

well yes I'd rather have dry fluffy snow too, but we seldom get that. when it snows it's usually right near 32 degrees so its heavy and wet. lovingly referred to as Cascade Concrete. friday it will be much warmer and wetter but the transition from cold and dry might be very messy. nightmares about ice storms! I might do a fast trip to the store tomorrow morning instead as now it looks like the worst will be thursday night.

I did therapy work , a 30 min walk on the treadmill at 5% grade and x train abs.
Just finished STS Disk 10 Chest, Shoulders and Biceps. Even with all the notes I made I had to pause for some transitions. Still getting used to a lower weight bar when trying to calculate the plates to put on it.

Apparently people around here have gone crazy. Seeing pics of store shelves completely bare. This isn't going to be the blizzard of '78 when people were snowed in for a week. LOL It ends Saturday night and the roads, with maybe the exception of very rural areas, should be pretty much decent by Monday. I will say that around here they do not plow nearly as quickly or for the number of hours they did when I was younger. Northern Michigan is way better when it comes to snow removal. I do like that they have the plows on the drive app and they show you a current pic of what they are plowing and they include the plows name! I see Ohio is copying us now with the plow naming, though I have a feeling we copied someone else.

Valerie that's a lousy break for your husband that his crown fell off. Hopefully, the temporary will work fine.

Judy great job with the Peloton ride. I hadn't heard an official definition of a blizzard until yesterday. At least 3 hours of heavy snow and at least 35 mph winds. My definition would take a lot less time to declare!

Carolyn nice job with Cardio Quick Fix.

Diane Sue I hope that you are able to get the stuff you ordered. Great job with Lite Metabolic Blast.


Today I did Fit Split Pull Day, weights only. That was 38 minutes with 182 calories burned. My average heart rate was 120 and maximum heart rate was 151.

Diane Sue, nice job with LiTE Metabolic Blast and CDorner stretch. I have to be careful with all of the shoulder work when I do Metabolic Blast.

Waving hello to everyone.


Cathy, Washington has names for all the snowplows, dont know if it started here? I heard someone naming them the other day. there was a contest for best names. Betty Whiteout, Plowie McPlow Plow, The Big Leplowski, Sir Plows-A-Lot. Darth Blader, Plow Chicka Plow Plow, and Plowasaurus Rex. I looked them up.... I seriously don't memorize the snowplow names!
so far we are still snowy with approaching freezing rain, if it works out that way with the "competing" weather fronts . not a blizzard .... but freezing rain makes a blizzard sound good. DH spent most of the day at the dentist. he has a temp crown although fragile. it will be surprising if it lasts the needed 2 weeks. right after he left this morning, our power went out for no reason. seems it was an equipment failure on a line a few miles that lasted a couple hours. not weather related. I had medical appts later today, traffic was nasty, and didn't get home until almost 5. its looking less likely we're in the freezing rain zone but no way to be sure.


Today I did CDorner 30 minute Step Aerobics heart rate 118/168, 143 calories, 31 minutes, 2,320 steps. I then did CDorner Energizing at home cardio tabata using some of the modifiers, 20 minutes, 101 calories, heart rate 124/152, 971 steps. I finished with CDorner 20 minute Feel Good Stretch Mobility with a chair, 22 minutes, heart rate 89/102, 42 calories. Total time 73 minutes, 286 calories, 3,791 steps. I went out searching for our trashcan this morning. I did a lot of up and down the street looking for mine as the freezing winds had blown them all over the place. It was trash pick up day. I went back out awhile ago and still no sign of it. I had a Yeti sticker on top of mine. Then I scooped the snow off the door step. It was 1 degree without counting the winds. Not a lot of snow, just a scattering. The winds were whipping it all over the place.


my optimism about missing the freezing rain was wrong. other areas are worse off but every road is coated with ice. on top of the snow. we are being asked to please stay home. this will be a challenging holiday for travel. we have power so far so thought I'd check in as it's likely more problems as the day goes on.
Today was STS Disk 11 Back and Triceps. Tons of birds in the feeding area today. We've got a break in the snow, but more is headed our way. We are about -20 real feel, but that's not uncommon here. So many places with very cold temps that aren't used to it. It was 10 in Fort Worth earlier and my Wednesday it'll be 70 there. So a search found that Scotland started naming their plows in 2006. Seems like the states started hopping on the name train in 2021. Our site for traffic includes the plows and it shows their current camera footage. Really not looking good out there today.

Diane Sue I hope you find your trash can. Nice job with 30 minute Step Aerobics, Energizing tabata and stretch.

Valerie I hope your husband's temporary crown holds. Hopefully anyone with travel plans can rearrange things. Certainly here it's really not worth it, and ice is even worse.


Good afternoon. I didn’t have time to workout today and I don’t plan to for the next few days. Wrapping, cooking, and baking take a lot of time! My middle daughter and her family are all high energy people and it’s as if a tornado blew in. It’s great to have them here to liven things up. The kids are working out in my garage gym area now.

Diane Sue, great job with CDorner Step, Tabata, and Mobility Stretch. I sure hope that you were able to find your trash can!

Valerie, freezing rain is terrible. I am praying that we don’t lose power with the high winds. That would not be good.

Cathy, great job with STS Disc 11. We are one of the areas not accustomed to temperatures like this.

Hello to Judy. Have a wonderful day everyone.


Today I did Fit Split Kickbox and Legs and Glutes skipping several moves, 52 minutes, heart rate 123/158, 235 calories. I also did Raw Stretch Finisher 8 minutes, 11 calories heart rate 73/93. Total time was 60 minutes, 246 calories, 3,518 steps. That is it for me today. I did this workout earlier in the month for weights, but lowered the weight a bit this time. I need to print out the workout sheets for this series. The page is full. It is really cold out again. I am glad I cleared most of the stuff off the step since I had packages delivered today. My husband found our trashcan up the street several homes down. . I figured the two trashcans lying on the ground belonged to the home they were in front of. One was ours with the sticker I put on it. I would not have enjoyed dragging it back up the street.
legs and glutes I looked over my worksheets and hard to believe in 2018 I was doing the deadlifts and squats with 30# dumbbells
warm up
no weight gliding disc work
squats 20# dbs 12 re[s
rear lunge off step with 3 risers 10# dbs
forward diagonal l.unge 10# dbs
push dips off step 10# dbs
dead lift 15# dbs
skipped crossback slide lunge
skipped slide side lunge
skipped elevated lunge
(some of these hurts my toes and foot)
single leg deadlifts 20# db

Valerie, icy roads with snow on top is a nightmare. That is funny about all of the plow names. I would be staying in with freezing rain or a blizzard. I remember last year I had just had surgery. Going out for PT in the cold was not pleasant. My husband would have to get out of the car and make sure I did not slip trying to walk inside the PT office.

Cathy, nice work on STS disc 11 back and triceps. Real feel here tonight is minus 1. I think it is supposed to warm up above freezing Sunday. Fort Worth area is usually warmer than it is here.

Carolyn, it is nice that your family is all active. It is always such a wonderful thing having the family chatting and laughing together in the house. I am sure that you are really busy with cooking. Thanksgiving the grandson in laws cleaned up and washed the dishes.


Thursday I did a 30 minute Peloton ride. Yesterday I did an hour of Peloton total body strength training and 30 minutes of yoga. Today we are painting the office and rewiring the ethernet cable for our computers. I will be offline for a day or two. We didn't have much impact from the storm. We were on the edge of it and while we did get the winds and very cold temps, we didn't get much snow. No power outages so far.

Merry Christmas everyone!


we visited with our neighbors a hour or two, came home and heard running water. after freezing temps, this NOT a good sign. water flowing over the floor in the basement.. pipes were all foam wrapped, insulated, outdoor faucet drained and covered. the pipe inside the wall must have been slowly leaking a long time. yesterday it disconnected. water water everywhere. we shut off the water, tore open the wall, and found the break. whew!! we were extremely lucky to have a piece of pipe that plugged it. took a while to clean up the mess. will replace the drywall after it dries, also the badly fitted original pipe to the faucet. just a coincidence that we have had freezing temps the last few days. in a strange way we are lucky. if the pipe broke when we were away for a week, it could have caused significant damage. we think this was the tiny leak we tried to find for a year and never could locate. we had replaced two toilets, had a plumber here to check, but leak was elusive. finally the joint failed. strangely, overall it was a very good day!

merry christmas everyone! hoping everyone has reasonable weather and a lovely holiday weekend.
This morning I did Body Max 2 Timesaver Cardio. We didn't get the original amounts of snow, but still enough that around here there are roads drifted shut. Norther parts of the state and the west side are a mess. They tell people to not drive, but people still do it. Talked to my Dad earlier and he got the top area of their from steps cleared, but in an emergency they would need someone to get them out of the house right now. Not a good situation. He said he's going to try and get to his snow blower tomorrow once it stops, but he shouldn't be doing that either! My brother had to go to into work and plow out one of the schools. He said the highway was ice, he's about 25 miles away and most of it highway driving. There was a huge fire there the other day that left a lot of people homeless including kids from 6 of the schools in the district, so they were throwing them a Christmas party today.

Valerie I'm very glad you solved your leak problem, but what a mess to deal with.

Carolyn I'm sure you are greatly enjoying having family there with you.

Diane Sue Fit Split Kickbox and Legs and Glutes and stretch. Glad your DH found the trash can.

Judy hope your painting and rewiring go smoothly.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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