Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 12/18/2022


good morning. doesn't look like the freezing rain happened so dont have to leave as early as I thought. started thread last night just in case.

I came across an article written by someone doing the fox experiments. it sounded a bit like how dogs were domesticated. people bred the ones with the characteristics they wanted and it happened. the traits that helped survive in the wild were not always the ones people preferred so they tinkered with "natural selection" and got some traits to be more common.

more later...
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Good afternoon. This morning I did Jane Adams Gentle Yoga Morning Energy practice today 18 minutes. We are in full holiday preparation mode here. Packages are arriving all times of day—and night! Twice packages were delivered overnight, something I try to avoid. My children order things to be delivered here, but they don’t always tell me in advance. My youngest arrives this afternoon and the others will be Wednesday and Friday. We will go from a household of 2 to having 9 people around.

Diane Sue, nice job with CDorner cardio and stretch, Rev’d Up Rumble, Pyramid Pump Triceps and Biceps, and Perfect Flow Mobility timesaver. I know that you will have a wonderful time with your family. Is this your Christmas celebration?

Cathy, I’m glad that you made it home without major problems. Sharing the bad weather driving is a great idea. I need to get started with wrapping gifts. It will be more difficult after Wednesday.

Valerie, I’m sorry that the weather caused you to change your outdoor plans.

Waving hello to Judy. Have a wonderful day everyone.


we are back from the mr. went fine. roads were fine. now its snowing but its still warm out so it wont stick. by tonight it will. temps will drop. hard to predict weather here. a couple degrees make all the difference between nothing troublesome and a big deal. both DH and I have a lot of experience driving in snow. too many people get cocky or careless. that gets amplified when the surface gets slippery. so Im fine with snow but respect it and avoid if I can. accidents happen.

diane sue I am finding my left hand is not working as well as a few weeks ago. I want to get his done ASAP. I haven't dropped anything ( too bad about the dishes) but the writing is on the wall. Time to get it fixed.


Friday I did Live #149 Totally Pumped Total Body. I really liked that one and plan on doing it again later this week. Yesterday I worked 6 hours and took a rest day from exercise. This morning I did a 45 minute Peloton ride and a 30 minute Peloton Chest & Triceps workout. I didn't enjoy the Peloton strength workout as much as I do Cathe's but it was a good workout for 30 minutes.

Valerie-I am very close to going to the doctor for my hands, wrist & shoulder. My arthritis (I'm pretty sure that's what it is) is getting worse. I don't think it's carpal tunnel but I'm not sure. I've never been tested for it.

Carolyn-Great job with Jane Adams Gentle Yoga Morning Energy practice. Yoga is on my schedule for tomorrow night. It sounds like you and your family will have a very nice holiday. I get overnight delivery from Amazon occasionally but I try to avoid that too.

Diane Sue-Great job with CDorner All Standing Low Impact Cardio, Rev'd Up Rumble, Pyramid Pump Triceps and Biceps and the Perfect Flow Timesaver Mobility stretch. It sounds like you made some good food too.

Cathy-I'm glad you made it home safely. It's a good idea to get your husband to drive. You've been driving a lot lately. I hope Nick had a good flight today.


Judy I am pretty sure most insurance would require nerve conduction studies to diagnose and treat carpal tunnel, along with a current exam and sxs. I dont have many sxs but the nerve conduction shows moderate impairment. my surgeon told me ahead of time he does surgery for moderate and beyond. the surgery sounds pretty minor, but its still surgery. want insurance to cover it. when the nerve is not transmitting to the muscles, you start losing muscle in your hand/wrist area. it gets harder and harder to do normal things. open lids carry things etc. also need to go back to a rheumatologist to be sure its only osteoarthritis and not something else.
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Just realized I never posted yesterday. I did STS Disk 8 Back and Triceps. Then spent the day organizing for an additional person. Nick's flight not only left on time, it arrived early, so they had landed a few minutes before we got to the airport. We were only parked for a short time before he was ready for us to get him. I can only hope his return flight is the same. Roads were fine all the way, so I could have done it. It did remind me of why I don't like riding with DH. LOL

I'll be back after I workout to catch up!


cathy that's great when all goes on plan. I got to drive DH for an MRI yesterday and it went fine, he behaved relatively well. not a long drive, not even half an hour. procedure went fine. he gets squirrely in the tube and needs meds to get thru it.
I am done talking to the orthopedic office. scheduling is in the first week of Jan so I will get on the docket ASAP. once the decision gets made, I want it done yesterday!
Did STS Disk 9 Legs this morning. So, now I'm back on schedule. I had to push a couple back when I extended my stay in Marquette.

Valerie my experience with domestic foxes wasn't a plus. There were three of them and one had been abused. They were in an outdoor enclosure where I volunteered, and temperaments were not that great. They also never lose their foxy smell which in my mind is not a plus for an indoor pet, which was what these had been. So while they can be domesticated, I don't think in their case it's a good thing. Other animals with scents can be de-scented, like skunks, but fox just seem to have a general musky smell. And truthly a well taken care of domestic skunk can be a great pet. My faves though are opossums, which I've never actually heard of as a pet, but used in education programs. Very sweet when hand raised, but I never found that they acquired the knack of not going to the bathroom whenever and wherever they are. And yes, that included while being held. LOL We are rescheduling Christmas with my parents that was supposed to happen Friday because both locations are going to have blizzard conditions. Not a plus the Friday before Christmas when so many people plan to travel. I'm glad it looks like you will be able to get your surgery fairly soon.

Judy great job with Totally Pumped Total Body, the Peloton ride and Chest and Triceps workout.

Carolyn nice job with the yoga. My sister and I were laughing about how over the top Amazon has gotten with their delivery updates. I don't even have Prime and I get more than I need. 2 to 9 is a big shift. Just going 2-4 has been very noticeable.


This morning I did Fit Split Boxing Bootcamp, cardio only. That was 34 minutes with 243 calories burned. Average heart rate was 134 and maximum heart rate was 158. Then I went to the grocery store, or I should say stores. I went to two stores, Costco, and the post office. Now I’m exhausted! And I forgot to get avocados at Costco.

Valerie, it’s good that your surgery schedule is settled. My husband has the same problem with those scanning machines and has to have a light sedative beforehand.

Judy, nice job with Live Totally Pumped Total Body, Peloton ride, and Peloton strength.

Cathy, great job with STS discs 8 and 9. You are moving right along with the rotation.

Hello to Diane Sue.


Still dont have the exact day settled. with luck, first week in January.

DH gets really nervous in "the tube". back when I could have that kind of imaging, I didnt mind. I have trouble with heights and exposure on the roof. he doesn't. no explaining it. he gets a short acting anti anxiety med. he has another procedure tomorrow and its snowing already. drive might be a mess tomorrow. this area doesn't do well with snow.
I did groceries today since the next couple days will be messy weather and busy. today was busy with the bad forecast.

cathy I've never been close enough to a fox to smell one. I'm guessing its male cat-like? my sense of smell is not great but that I can smell.


Today I did CDorner Cardio Step Aerobics//Insanely fun step class from Saturday,57 minutes, heart rate 113/137, 231 calories, 4,335 steps. This is one of those that is fun, but there is a lot of turns and across and around the step moves. My heart rate did not want to get up much again. Really, I was not breathless again. I also did CDorner Strong Toned Abs, 22 minutes, 46 calories, heart rate 83/100. I finished with a few calf, ankle and lower body stretches on my own. I did not use the Garmin for that. Total workout time was 79 minutes, 277 calories, 4,441 steps. My knee and foot are feeling better today. I was cautious of the turns and cross back movements being careful of turning my knee wrong as I have had setbacks doing that in the past. It probably slowed me down a bit although I kept up with Chris. Yesterday was a fun time with family. We got to watch the video of my granddaughter's recent wedding. The gift exchange and the sort of dirty santa was fun. My daughter drew my name, and I got the IT stuff I had on my wish list. I really like the Pillow Lips lipstick and she got me a set with three of them which had two colors I had picked and came with some eye cream and skin cream, and she bought me the concealer. I love it. With Dirty Santa I ended up with a Star Wars waffle iron and my husband got bath salt cubes that smell really good. I used some this morning. I spent a lot of time this afternoon trying to get my pictures off of my cell phone and onto the computer. I have issues with the sd card and the people in T Mobile are useless. Their workers told me to take it to Best Buy. I told my husband the girl said she wasn't sure when I asked if I couldn't just get a new sd card and format it. I bought the phone there and they put it in the phone. They need some decent help. Three employees and not one of them seemed to be someone you could count on. One of them said I could google it. I did, and then I thought they could help and I would not try the things I googled.

Cathy, that is great that Nick arrived a bit early and you did not have a long wait. Glad you had your husband to drive. Nice that you are back on schedule with STS.

Carolyn, it sounds like all of the holiday fun is arriving. I hate it when I go shopping and forget something that I really wanted. The last grocery order I totally missed fruit. I usually have berries for oatmeal and apples. Now I am left with a couple of oranges. I really did not want to shop again. Nice job on Fit Split Boxing Bootcamp cardio. I have gone to Dollar General and managed to pick up a couple of avocados and that sort of thing to avoid the big stores. Although recently when I went, they were pretty much out of produce.

Valerie, mri's are usually not bad. I do have a dread after the shoulder neck one. But, one thing is this machine was not exactly like the usual tube. It was more like being sandwiched in a waffle iron. I did go back for that second one on the shoulder and endured it better than the first one, but I let them know how much it hurt the first time and I think they made it a bit shorter and tried harder to make sure I was not in pain through it. I drove myself so no relaxant could be taken.
I hope you can get in soon for the surgery.

Judy, nice work on the Live Totally Pumped Total Body,Chest and Triceps, and Peloton Ride.
This morning I did Warrior Kickboxing 1. I thought I'd done it before, but have no recall of any of it, especially the core at the end. Was updating my finances and I had 3 Amazon charges that were not mine on my credit card. After going over everything multiple times, I decided to check DH's account and sure enough somehow he had linked to my card for his last 3 orders. Ugh! To say he didn't take it well is understating. I've been forbidden to look at it, since he ordered my Christmas stuff, though how he thinks I figured it out without looking is beyond me. We can figure out the money later, I'm just glad to know my card wasn't compromised.

Valerie good luck getting scheduled as quickly as possible, I know you want it done as soon as you can. I think you'd have to be pretty much in an enclosed area to really smell a fox. It's not like a skunk smell that just permeates the air around them even when they aren't spraying. I hope the roads are decent for you tomorrow.

Carolyn nice job with Fit Split Boxing Bootcamp. I'm shopping a day early tomorrow and will hopefully be ahead of all the last minute shoppers. Though if they are smart they will be going early, since the typical late shopping would fall during the blizzard.

Diane Sue that's great that your daughter got you the things you wanted. Sounds like your family Christmas was a lot of fun. Great job with Cardio Step Aerobics//Insanely fun step, abs and stretching.


Today I did Fit Split Push Day, weights only. That was 37 minutes and 169 calories burned. My average heart rate was 117 and maximum heart rate was 149.

Diane Sue, great job with CDorner Cardio Step Aerobics and Strong Toned Arms. Your family celebration sounds like a lot of fun. Yes, our family fun is beginning. I’m very busy, but also excited to have everyone home.

Cathy, nice job with Warrior Kickboxing. That’s funny about your husband and the Amazon orders.

Hello to Valerie and Judy.


we got a fair amount of snow. probably 6 inches but its very cold so it will hang here for a while. DH had an appointment this morning but the clinic cancelled him early this morning. after he made a point of being up and shoveling the driveway . roads were very messy and loads of wrecks. I scheduled my surgery for jan 4th. I won't have a time until monday before as they sort people by need and kids and diabetics go first. only therapy work today.


Today I did CDorner 20 minute Fat Burning Step Aerobics(Her website calls it Stocking Stuffer Step), 22 minutes, heart rate 121/145, 109 calories, 2,627 steps. I then did Raw Glute Finisher, 24 minutes(I accidentally stopped it midway to go drag in presents off the step so added it together) 75 calories, heart rate 80/125, 935 steps. I finished with CDorner Feel Good Stretch and Mobility ( Miraculous Mobility) 21 minutes, 25 calories, heart rate 70/94. This used a chair for all of it, but I did fine just sitting or having my feet on the high step. I keep forgetting when they picked up at thanksgiving they put the folding chair I kept in my secondary workout room by my art table. I got my new Blu-ray player and set it up. It has bluetooth, but I couldn't figure out how I was supposed to add apps to it. I put the other one, since it started working, in the secondary workout room. They are both similar, except the new one has a few more features. I am set for dvds though. The other one I have Youtube app on. I will figure it out. I kept waking up last night and was looking at the clock at 2 am. I even took a Qunol sleep gummy. Wonder if it is because I took Alpha Lipoic Acid before bed. Anyway, I got up and went back to sleep in the recliner and did not wake till 10 AM. Wasted a lot of my day. I am still tired.
Total time today was 67 minutes, 209 calories, 3,562 steps.

Cathy, I have had the frustration of trying to figure out charges on things too. We usually get it figured out, but I handle most of the paying and Amazon has always been in my name. but my husband has added another bank card to it that is his, and sometimes something gets put on the wrong card so I see a charge and have to figure out where it came from. Glad you figured it out, but it sure does cause some anxiety when worried someone has hacked your account. I am sure you will enjoy whatever your husband purchased. We cannot order on Amazon without the other person knowing what is ordered. It just does not work. I thought we were done with our Christmas shopping, and tonight my husband ordered me more stuff. I got my dvd player today. He bought the things on my wish list and added another item to it that was a surprise. His air compressor is apparently not arriving till January.

Carolyn, nice work with Fit Split Push Day Weights. I know you will enjoy your family. Those are precious times and great memories.

Valerie, that is frustrating to get up and shovel snow only to have the appointment cancelled. I would not have thought there would be that many diabetics and children going for surgery. Must be a busy place. I hope you get in early.
No workout as the coming blizzard pushed my shopping day up. They are still predicting 55 mph gusts with 10-15" here over a 2 day period. Stores were crazy busy today, as apparently I wasn't the only one moving my shopping up a day or two.

Valerie how frustrating for your husband to do all that work only to have the appointment cancelled. Very glad that you have a date for your surgery.

Diane Sue great job with Fat Burning Step Aerobics, Glute Finisher and stretch. We've always had separate Amazon accounts, but he has Prime, so in those rare instances where I need something fast I use it. The boys have their own accounts, too, but that kind of problem would never happen with them. I know he'll only get me things I'll be happy with because he won't just randomly buy me something and only gets stuff off my list. LOL

Carolyn nice job with Fit Split Push Day.


he was going to shovel it anyway. was very light and fluffy because its so cold. he was annoyed... he got up early to do it because at night a lot can pile up and cant tell until morning. could have done it leisurely later. snow amounts vary widely around here. our roads should have been plowed, but they weren't. then, last night, his front tooth crown fell off. we were talking and suddenly, plunk, off it went. getting to the dentist today. hopefully a temp to get thru the next few days. we did NOT need that.

I have no idea on the surgery schedule except I must be fasting, harder for kids and diabetics, so they do them first. I doubt it's that busy, but there is an order to things. the procedure itself is about 15 minutes.

we are getting a weather front on friday. transition from very dry and cold to warm and wet. makes for possible freezing rain/sleet during the transition while the air masses override each other. then warm rain on top of the snow. flooding by saturday into sunday. glad we didn't plan any trip for now, been difficult weather. freezing rain often means power outs so might be testing our generator.

Cathy I am in the same spot of shopping early friday, with 75% of the rest of the people around here. I need lettuce but if its nasty out, I can make a cabbage salad instead. .


This morning I did 40 minutes of Peloton rides, mostly hard intervals and a short cool down.
We went out and got our Christmas grocery shopping done since we are expecting a snow storm/blizzard.
The stores and roads were crazy! I'm glad we only had to go to two stores. Cathy, we are predicted to get up to 8 inches with very high winds.

Valerie-I'm sorry about your husband's crown. What a bad time of year for that to happen. I hope he was able to get a temp to get through the holidays.

Carolyn-Great job with Fit Split Boxing Bootcamp, cardio only and Fit Split Push Day.

Cathy-Great job with Warrior Kickboxing. I want to get a kickboxing workout in this weekend.

Diane Sue-Great job with all the CDorner workouts and the Raw Glute Finisher. it sounds like your family Christmas celebration was a lot of fun.
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Today I did KCM’s Cardio Quick Fix workout one for 26 minutes and 181 calories burned. My average heart rate was 134 and maximum heart rate was 173. Our weather is about to change Thursday night and become much colder. Wind chills will be negative ten degrees. I hope that the precipitation remains north of us.

Valerie, it must have been frustrating for your husband to get ready for his appointment only to have it canceled due to weather.

Cathy, you were smart to get your shopping done ahead of the storm.

Hello to Judy and Diane Sue.


Today it took me till noon to get to a workout. I realized it is close to the holiday weekend and I need some grocery items, or we may be doing without things that we use all of the time. So, I put out an order for delivery from Walmart and it came back telling me all of the items were out of stock except two boxes of protein bars and a can of black-eyed peas. I was in shock as I had milk, butter, fruit, potatoes, meal items etc. on that list. So, I ordered some almond butter from Amazon and coffee. Later I tried again on Walmart, and it put all of my items through for order. Hopefully I am not sorry. I was going to do pick up tomorrow, but then I don't know how the weather will be as we have a severe weather alert. It ends up my coffee is not showing up till the 31st now. It said Friday when I put in the order. My allergies are going nuts and last night before bed I was having sneezing fits. The juniper pollen is moderate right now. It always gets me. Then again, we have a real Christmas tree we cut in our living room. I love real trees.
Today I did Cathe Lite Metabolic Blast, 43 minutes, heart rate 104/129, 139 calories, 1,641 steps. I forgot how much work was done with the shoulders on this. I kept the weights same as Cathe and a couple she suggested you could use 8's instead of 5's, like biceps with single leg kick I used 8's. I did use 3's when she did 3's. I finished with CDorner 20 minute stretch and mobility from 3 months ago, 24 minutes, 46 calories, heart rate 82/102. Workout was 67 minutes, 185 calories. It is 40 degrees here, but by noon tomorrow they are saying 3 degrees with real feel as -30 degrees. I am guessing it will be windy. I do not like the cold.

Cathy, I do not think our snow is going to be much where we are at tomorrow. We have weather advisory and it is going to be extremely cold. I won't go out though unless I really have to. Sunday the sun will be back. I just know the grocery store near me will be very busy since it is Walmart. My husband usually buys from my list. I have had the prime account for many years. I hope that your shopping went well.

Valerie, I would much rather have soft fluffy snow than the ice and slush. It seems we get more of the ice and sleet here than the snow. It always takes more time arriving and doing paperwork and prep for a procedure than the actual procedure takes.

Judy, nice work on the 40 minutes of Peloton rides. Good idea getting the groceries before the storm. Usually when we have storm warnings the grocery shelves empty out as everyone goes out to stock up.

Carolyn, nice work with Cardio Quick Fix today. I am the same way, hoping that with the cold there is no precipitation with it. My husband is hoping for snow to try his new vehicle in :p. Doesn't sound fun to me.

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