Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 12/11/2022

This week is going by fast. Monday night I did Yin Yoga and foam rolling, Tuesday I did a 45 minute Peloton ride and yesterday I did Muscle Meltdowns Triceps, Back & Shoulders. We finished painting the downstairs bathroom last night. It took a little longer than planned as Chris had to do a little drywall repair first. I'm very happy with how the condo is looking but I'll be glad when we are done and can go back to normal. It's been like a construction zone in here for the past few months.

Valerie-I'm sorry about your carpal tunnel. I hope you find a good resolution. Great job with your walk/hike and therapy work.

Cathy-Great job with STS Chest, Shoulders and Biceps. I'm glad you had a good trip.

Carolyn-Great job with Stacked Sets Upper Body and P30 Low Impact HiiT.

Diane Sue-Yes, painting the ceiling is rough and I hope we never need to do this again. It's something I probably would have preferred to hire a painter for but I'm sure we save a lot of money doing it ourselves.
Great job with all the CDorner workouts. They sound good.
This morning I did 30 Minute Kickbox Express. Not planning to venture out today. What I really need to do is clean up my email boxes. Unsubscribe from a ton of things and delete a ton more! Every time I clean it up I swear I'll keep it that way, but here I sit with over 5,000 things sitting there taunting me. LOL

Valerie nice job with the hike and therapy. Hope you get answers today.

Judy great job this week with the yoga/foam rolling, Peloton ride and Muscle Meltdown Triceps, Back and Shoulders.
This morning I did Stacked Sets Lower Body for 42 minutes and 144 calories burned. My average heart rate was 107 and maximum heart rate was 128. I’m not sure about the data because I forgot to start the Fitbit and entered the workout manually. I‘m not very concerned about it.

Diane Sue, great job with the CDORNER workouts. Your Ladies Group tea party sounds like a lot of fun. I love cranberry scones. When I make scones I freeze them and just bake 2-3 as needed.

Wonderful job with your workouts everybody. Have a wonderful day.
got some answers and will schedule carpal tunnel soon, hopefully early january. left side first and see how that goes. I expected this as Im having more left sided issues.
carolyn, how do you do that with the scones. / mix, divide the dough, and freeze? do you thaw before baking them? I love scones but they are only good when fresh.

will try for a workout today but not looking good right now. lucky to squeeze in therapy.
Valerie, I shape and cut the scones then freeze on a parchment line sheet. You need to separate them slightly when you cut them so that you have individual scones. Once they are frozen I put them in a ziploc bag or other container and place them in the freezer. I don’t thaw before baking. They take a few minutes longer but bake up fine. You are right, they taste best when freshly baked.
Today I did CDorner Low Impact or High that she did this morning. It really did have a lot of jacks in it and a Hiit segment at the end that had thrusters in it. I did not enjoy it much. It went from some boxing to hi/lo, tabata which was lunges and hops, Kickboxing, and then hiit. She gave some low impact suggestions, but she was not doing them most of the time. This was 44 minutes, heart rate 122/149, 213 calories. I then did Coffeyfit Raw Back, 22 minutes, 63 calories, and Raw athletic stretch #2 29 minutes, 44 calories. Total time was 95 minutes, 320 calories, 3,640 steps.
Raw Back
each move is done for 10 reps and repeated 4 times and a finisher at the end
seated row 15# dbs
pullover (Kelly uses a bench) I used the stability ball 15# db
1 arm row 20# db right
1 arm row 20# db left
repeat 3 more times
finisher is seated run row and scap squeeze with 10# dbs
Judy, nice work keeping up workouts along with the remodel work. It is always nice when all of the work is done and you can sit back and enjoy it. We did so much remodeling in our last house that it seemed an endless mess.

Cathy, I could use cleaning up my email boxes too. I have one that I do not look at often and it really piles up with stuff. The other is full too, but I do look at it most days. I just do not delete enough when I open it up. For one thing I have to check out which item it is that Amazon is talking about before I delete it. Time consuming. I do that stuff when I am bored sitting in the car waiting on my husband or something.

Carolyn, good job with Stacked sets lower body. That is a good idea to freeze the scones. I have a biscuit recipe that I use and will freeze them and just back from frozen. I have not done that in quite some time as I do not have family dropping in and us feeding them dinner spur of the moment. My husband has not wanted any in a long time either. I love scones. I tried to make them grain free before and that did not turn out well. When I think about it I have never purchased any packaged baked goods that were grain free that tasted right either. I made a spicey Paleo Leap ground beef and sweet potato dish that has a cilantro lime sauce that is really good and had some yesterday. Then today after reading suggestions put some of it in almond flour tortillas. I wish those did not crack and fall apart. The same goes Siete Casava taco shells. They fall apart when I try to eat them so I dump the shell and all into a bowl and eat it with a spoon. Next time I eat it I may put it on cauliflower rice. I do like the recipe.

Valerie, when I had carpal tunnel it was so painful. I remember painting the bedroom and I was in so much pain for quite some time. I had both hands done at the same time. Funny, I was doing daycare and the parents knew I had the surgery and I had one of the parents hand me their baby and not thinking I took it. It did not hurt anything though. Plus I was doing a lot more than I guess I should have as when I went for a recheck the doctor said don't lift anything as heavy as a gallon of milk. I was lifting things like that the whole time. I am glad that it healed quickly and I have never had pain like that again. That was years ago. Hopefully yours goes well and you have no more issues with it.
I have some pain now, but it is not that, it is arthritis related and hurts around the wrist and thumb joint occasionally.
got in therapy yesterday along with a whole lot of shopping and errands. busy day. got done at 4:15 and flopped onto the mat and did therapy.

I feel comfortable going ahead on carpal tunnel. recently I've getting stiffness and less grip. the last month or 6 weeks. it's not anything I "let go" for a long time. I looked up the procedure before seeing him, and he does one less invasive. only one tiny incision with a scope. I will follow whatever instructions I get but people who've had it said recovery went faster than 6 weeks. everyone's different. so weird how much I dread the idea and then as soon as I decide its the best thing to do, I want it done yesterday. diane sue, I guess Im lucky in a way because I've never had discomfort except for during bike riding, and then mainly road bike. that allowed me to put it off. no really "good" time to do this so january is reasonable. ASAP now.

thanks carolyn. Ive never made them like that. I often end up tossing many because they dry out and if not fresh, not worth the calories.
This morning I did JS Pyramid Power Walk from the 30; Day Plan. That was 30 minutes, 198 calories burned, average heart rate 130 and maximum heart rate 174. I’ve been trying to finish my Christmas shopping and get some cleaning done.

Diane Sue, nice job with CDorner Low Impact or High, Coffeyfit Raw Back, and Raw Athletic Step. Freezing your biscuits should work the same as scones, since a scone is basically a slightly sweet and flavored biscuit.

Valerie, it’s good that you are comfortable with your decision about the surgery. It sounds like a wise move. I’ve been freezing unbaked scones for several years now. I quickly realized that they were not worth eating if not freshly baked. If I want to serve them the next morning I will cover them and leave them in the refrigerator overnight. It’s one of my tricks for feeding my large family when they are here.

Hello to Judy and Cathy.
This morning I did a combo tabata/hiit workout I put together and then some core. After lunch, I went and walked for about 40 minutes along the bay. It's quite nice out right now, I just hope the snow over night is as light as predicted. Saw a fox on my walk. It came out from behind the NMU soccer field and ran across the Lakeshore road, then a bit later I saw it running parallel ahead of me, and then it crossed back over. That stretch isn't super busy, but there is a fair amount of traffic. Derek's GF is currently in a ditch waiting for a tow. They made it to 30 minutes west of the bridge. She said it's really slushy, which caused their problem. I hate slush. Years ago I got caught in some and it threw me through a barbwire fence. Unlike her car which isn't hurt, mine had a corner of the frontend chopped off! And she just messaged me that while they were talking to a cop who had stopped to check on them, another car went in just behind them.

Carolyn nice job with Stacked Sets Lower Body and Pyramid Power Walk.

Valerie great job getting your therapy in on a busy day. I'm sure you will be very happy to get the surgery done and hopefully your recovery will go quickly.

Diane Sue nice job with Low Impact or High and Raw Back and Athletic Stretch. I still have about 3,500 emails to ditch, but I unsubscribed from a ton of stuff, so now I can at least go through my promotional folder and delete everything. Then I'll still have to do the main folder.
Cathy we saw a fox our last visit to yellowstone. for not being rare, I've seen surprisingly few foxes. they are so beautiful, I love to see them.

did elliptical for 30 min, x train abs, therapy and a series of disconnected upper body exercises to try to ease back in. dips, push ups, curls, presses.

next time I do scones I will try freezing most of them. scones go downhill faster than any other baked good. so good when fresh and warm and so marginal 24 hours later.
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Today is a rest day. I’m working on cleaning and Christmas preparations.

Cathy, nice job with the combo Tabata/HiiT workout and walking along the bay. I hope that your drive home goes well.

Valerie, great job with Elliptical, XTrain Abs, therapy exercises and upper body exercises.

Hello to Judy and Diane Sue. Have a wonderful day everyone.
We got back home about 5:30. Upper Peninsula was okay, just some wet roads in places. Got about an hour and a half south of the bridge and ran into a couple hours of varying degrees of snow and snow covered roads. Fortunately it wasn't a heavy traffic day as this is a major highway with a normal speed of 75. I took a break at one point, and then got on figuring I'd exit hop if I needed to. LOL But made it to the Welcome Center rest area that we usually stop at. At that point the roads were just wet again, but I could see the next city had slow going around it and sure enough roads went directly from wet to snow covered again, though thankfully for only about 10 miles, then back to wet and finally dry the rest of the way home. Nick flies in tomorrow and unfortunately, there's going to be some snow in that area (he flies into Grand Rapids) so I've asked my husband to drive. I'm just not up to that again. Derek's GF got her car fixed and made it back home about the time we were stopped taking a break from the snow. At the exit they would take in the opposite direction to go home. Hoping everything goes smoothly with Nick's flight. So far, it's on time, and as it is he won't get off the plane till around 6:00 so really hoping there aren't any delays. DH does not do delays well.

Valerie I think with foxes is they are just really skittish and try to avoid be where they can be seen. Great job with the elliptical, abs, therapy and upper body exercises.

Caroline I hope the cleaning and prepping went well for you. All the stuff I'd ordered came while I was gone, so I need to spend some time wrapping soon. Tomorrow would be good since once Nick is home it'll get harder to find a space with no one else in it.

Hi to Diane Sue and Judy.
interestingly, foxes are easy to "tame". a significant % of young foxes can easily get used to humans, learn to play with balls and eat out of hand. not all of them, but it is a genetic thing and if breeders select fort that trait theycan get mostly tame foxes in a few generations. there's a population near here ( mt Rainer NP) where very tame foxes are a problem. too many tourists feeding them.
we've seen a few foxes but only very few. I've seen many many more wolves than foxes. more badgers than foxes. I watch for them but not lucky.

only did therapy work today. tomorrow have to take DH in for some early morning testing and we might get freezing rain tonight and tomorrow. Ugh.

cathy it feels like tolerance for driving in bad conditions wears thin after long day. good to alternate who drives so nobody gets burned out.
Yesterday I did CDorner All Standing Low Impact Cardio Workout at Home from 1 year ago, 43 minutes, heart rate 130/164, 224 calories, 4,182 steps. I then did CDorner Cool Down and Stretch from 10 days ago. I think I have done this one 3 time now. It is a nice stretch. 32 minutes, 42 calories. Total time was 75 minutes, 266 calories. . We had my granddaughter's college graduation party to go to last night.
Today I did Rev'd Up Rumble, 42 minutes, heart rate 101/119 (I could not seem to get my heart rate up. Every time I would look it would be around 99) I really was not breathing hard either. Anyway this was 136 calories, 2,965 steps. I did not use weighted gloves. Just my lifting gloves to support my wrists. I then did Pyramid Pump Triceps and Biceps, 14 minutes, 53 calories, heart rate 104/123. Now that was better than the cardio. I finished with Perfect Flow Timesaver Mobility stretch, 20 minutes, 37 calories, heart rate 81/101. Total time was 76 minutes, 226 calories. Family day tomorrow at my daughters. I hope everyone is having a nice weekend. Knee has improved over the day. I took the UltraCur Advanced curcumin this morning which is a patented formula and has boswellia and a NAC Devils's claw complex and used Volteran and it helped a lot. I was on my feet most of the afternoon baking pies and peeling boiled eggs and making lots of deviled eggs. It was one of those times when the shells are stuck fast. So tedious!

Pyramid Pump Triceps and Biceps
pyramid supersets
kickbacks 12,10,8,10,12 reps superset with weights 5,8,10,8,5lbs
lying extensions on the ball 12,10,8,10,12 reps weights 5,8,10,8,5lbs
biceps standing sweeper curls 12,10,8,10,12 reps with 8,10,12,10,8lbs dbs
incline curls on the ball 12,10,8,10,12 reps 8,10,12,10,8# dbs
Valerie, like everything else, I put off the carpal tunnel surgery till I could not tolerate it any longer. I broke a stack of plates once when my hand just gave out on me. It got frustrating. I always liked popovers and would make them for my children, and those you had to eat right away or they were not any good. I will try some scones one of these days and freeze them like I did the biscuits. Interesting that foxes can be tamed.

Carolyn, nice work with Jessica Smith Pyramid walk yesterday and I hope that your rest day was a nice one and you accomplished what you needed to do.

Cathy, I do everything I can to avoid going out in ugly weather and road conditions. I made sure to make my appointment to get my new drivers license next month when my husband is off so he can take me in the Gladiator Jeep if we have bad weather.

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