Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 12/11/2022

Today I did Coffey FIt Raw Step Boxing, 28 minutes, heart rate 115/139, 121 calories. I then did Ice Low Impact Cardio Sweat #2, with the blizzard blast, 37 minutes, heart rate 126/153,189 calories. I finished with Icey Core #2, 13 minutes, 45 calories, heart rate 99/123. Total time was 78 minutes, 355 calories, 5,668 steps.
I also did some foam rolling. My knee is hurting this evening for some reason. Not sure if it is because I kind of twisted it when helping get our Christmas tree set up or because I used two risers for the step work today. When I did blizzard blast, I did not jump on and off the step. I always do sort of a skip on to it and step off.
We went to a tree farm nearby and purchased a fresh tree today. I love having the smell of a real tree. My husband ordered me a really nice new Blu-ray player for Christmas. It is beyond what I would have ordered for myself. It will be nice and I can take the one that was not working into the other workout room to use as long as it works. Usually, I have to turn on the old all in one computer to play dvds in there. My husband mentioned driving around to find somewhere to get a real tree, and I remembered us driving by one when we went to Braums recently.

Valerie, nice work on the spin and training abs.
I did STS Disk 6 legs today. Ordered the bulk of my Christmas gifts yesterday. Still have to figure out stocking stuffers which is apparently my job. The boy wanted to keep doing them, and for years we've done stocking Christmas Eve. I'll be spending a lot of time when I shop this week looking for small items.

Valerie I hope you have an enjoyable hike. Great job with the spin, abs and therapy work.

Diane Sue great job with the Step Boxing, and Low Impact Cardio Sweat and Core. I'm glad you were able to get a real tree. The smell is lovely to have around. Wonderful of your husband to get you a new player!
Back from our hike. 2 hrs 10 min. an area we have mt biked few years ago but haven't been back to in a while. walking overall is slower than riding. not that much time difference going uphill between hiking and riding, but back down you can do in a couple minutes on a bike at 15 mph while . hiking down is not much faster than uphill. like 2.5 mph to 3.5.
This morning I did 18 minutes of my weekly yoga/mobility from the Jane Adams Gentle Yoga dvd.

Cathy, nice work with STS disc 6 Legs. I need to get stocking stuffers too. My adult daughters don’t want to give up the tradition. Each year when I say that we aren’t doing it, I get a loud chorus of “we have to have the stockings!“. They actually do most of the work for them so I can’t complain.

Diane Sue, great job with Raw Step Boxing, Low Impact Sweat 2 with Blizzard Blast, and Icy Core #2. I hope that you can find a live Christmas tree.

Valerie, great job with the 2 hour hike.

Hello to Judy. Have a wonderful day everyone.
This morning I needed stretching so did CDorner's latest one Cool Down and Stretch Routine. This is her latest one. she uses a towel or yoga strap. This is a relaxed stretch. No down dog moves but does do some lunge moves and there is shoulder rotations and stretches in this.

Cathy, nice work on STS disc 6 today. We have not had stockings for Christmas since my children became adults. The girls got married and my son hung at home for a while and then got his own apartment. When I was growing up we had stockings and my parents did not put toys in them. Just special Christmas candy along with oranges, pears and nuts. I think about it though and we were still excited about the stockings. Probably because candy and sweets were not a staple item around our house. Good luck with ordereing presents. I finally canceled part of my husbands present that Amazon said may be lost. It should have been here a long time ago. I am waiting for them to give me my money back as this present was ordered along with another that may not show till after Christmas. I like the family traditions. My children have kept them with their children. My younger daughter always had a one present opening on Christmas Eve. The tree looks nice after we got it set up and decorated. We did not choose a huge one this time. I am getting my shopping done and started looking today for some of our families January birthday presents.

Valerie, nice job on the hike today.

Carolyn, nice that you got your yoga and mobility in today. I really needed mine this morning. I am sore.
I tried out a workout I had put together awhile back using the combos from IMAX 3 and the segments from P30 Low Impact Hiit. Worked out well, except that I messed up and put the IMAX 3 blast in instead of the combo! I just went in and edited that for future use.

I decided to just take the bull by horns and told DH that I was getting a new barbell TODAY (because they moved my delivery up) and presented it in light of, great coupon and getting money from my parents for Christmas... all I got was :rolleyes:

Growing up my maternal grandparents did stocking and honestly NO one wanted the stuff in them. LOL An orange, an apple and a ton of nuts in each one that all had to be cracked open. They would sit in a bowl for months and months! I think as a rebellion to that my parents didn't do stockings. We had a couch with three cushions and our stuff from Santa was stacked on (our) cushion. I do believe there were years we left Santa a beer, too. That was likely do to the fact that my Grandparents were adamant about doing Christmas on Christmas Eve, so my Dad had to leave late from there, go home and put things together that needed assembly. As a rebellion to that, once we kids started having spouses and kids, he decided we would do Christmas the Sunday before so that we could all stay home Christmas Eve. One house we lived in for 6 Christmases had a sliding door between the hall with bedrooms and the rest of the house and he always told us he booby trapped it so he'd know if we snuck out and peeked. No idea if he actually did that or not. My Mom was horrible as a kid when it came to searching out her presents. One year she and her brother found them in an attic and actually set up and played with a train!

Valerie sounds like a great hike.

Carolyn nice job with the yoga.

Diane Sue great job with the stretch.
I had an early medical appointment this morning, so no workout today. This has become a very busy time, even more so than usual. I should be back to my schedule tomorrow.

My family never had stockings growing up, but we did get oranges, nuts, and peppermint. Those were special items since fruit was only available seasonally. We started with Christmas stockings when our children were small.

Cathy, great job with your blender workout. Telling your husband about the barbell was probably best. I would have presented it as “guess what you are giving me for Christmas!!”.

Diane Sue, stretching is always a good thing. It has become an important part of my routine.

Hello to Valerie and Judy.
It arrived and not only didn’t they put it in the porch, they put it on the far side of the garage. 3 separate boxes. Box with the bar has a plastic cap on the end which was stuck in the ground and pulled off when I picked it up the 35 lbs off plates were in their own box. So I had to squat pickup 35 lbs carry it around the garage up a couple steps and in the house. But it’s all unboxed and it works a lot smoother than my old one. It's going to workout really well. The water bottle has been stashed away for reveal in the distant future. I mainly wanted it for zoos and hikes, so that's a ways off. Any zoos over Christmas break I'm more likely to be filling my stainless steel containers with hot water!

Carolyn that wouldn't be a good idea, trust me. LOL Basically it was, I didn't spend as much money on the Fort Worth trip as planned. No Derek and gas was cheaper than when I did the original cost estimates.
Last week was busy. I had my annual mammogram on Friday. It was normal, always a relief to get that done. Saturday we rented a ladder and finished priming and painting the upstairs ceiling. That ended up being an all day and all evening project. Yesterday I worked 6 hours and did a 30 minute Peloton ride afterwards.
I worked today also and am thinking of just doing Yin Yoga tonight and calling it an active rest day. I'm finding the active rest days are really helping me so I don't feel as bad about not doing a regular workout.

Valerie-Great job with the spinning, abs and therapy work and the hike.

Diane Sue-Great job with Coffey FIt Raw Step Boxing, Ice Low Impact Cardio Sweat #2, with the blizzard blast and icy core and the CDorner stretch. I hope your knee feels better.

Carolyn-Great job with Jane Adams Gentle Yoga. Stretching is becoming a big part of my routine too.

Cathy-Great job with STS Disk 6 legs. That's great that you got the new Cathe barbell and weights. I bet you will love them.
cathy this is equipment you regularly use, not a vanity project. things wear out if you use them. I think you are entirely justified and a wise purchase. . its probably best to be forthright about it. secrets have a way of back firing.

I had nerve testing done this morning to determine carpal tunnel, and I do. I talk to the hand surgeon on thursday. sigh, getting old is sure a drudge. I'm sure I've had it a long time, left is worse than right. I will think about it. it's not severe but it surgery will interfere with my activity for sure. of course not getting it fixed will interfere too.

judy its always so great to get the "all clear" especially on mamms. by the time you do the prep for painting and the actual painting and then clean up, it's an all day project.

carolyn I had an early medical appt too, so will get in elliptical in a bit.
Today I did CDorner Super Fun Cardio Low and High Impact options, 30 minutes, 166 calories, heart rate 131/159, 3,372 steps. I did the low impact for most of it as my forefoot was really hurting yesterday and I am trying to give it and my knee a break. It does feel much better today. I then did CDorner Arms and Abs with mini bands(loops) 36 minutes, 86 calories, heartrate 80/115, 401 steps. Total time 66 minutes, 252 calories, 3,773. Last night I put 3 CDorner walk workouts in my watch later on youtube and could not find them this morning. I will have to try again.
ARMS AND ABS Mini bands
45 sec work
warm up and 1 set 10 pushups which I did on the wall since the front of my shoulders are sore
1 arm row with extras heavy band standing on the loop
standing oblique side crunch extra heavy band
plank with band on feet double knee alternating
I ditched the heavy as it was slipping and used medium second round
repeat these 3 moves
Robot arms biceps curls extra heavy band
double sprinter sit up extra heavy band
triceps kickback extra heavy band
straight leg cross crunch (used light band as it does a diagonal arm raise and is uncomfortable on the shoulder could have skipped the raise I guess)
banded lat pull from the front I used the medium band
3 pulse crossover crunch band above knees holding with tension while doing crossover
Band above knees leg drops with tension on band
band straight leg switches
This morning I did Stacked Sets Upper Body for 42 minutes and 214 calories burned. My average heart rate was 121 and maximum heart rate was 151.

Cathy, I’m glad that your Cathe equipment arrived. I’m sure that you will enjoy it.

Judy, you had a busy but productive weekend. Great job getting in the Peloton ride.

Valerie, I’m sorry that you have carpal tunnel, but it’s good to know for sure.

Diane Sue, nice job with CDorner Super Fun cardio and Arms and Abs.

Have a wonderful afternoon everyone.
Carolyn Ive probably had it for decades. the only sxs I get are during bike riding. I am seeing a hand specialist thursday for an opinion. its my non dominant hand so it wont be pleasant but it might head off the situation getting worse. I have always always! gotten numb hands from road riding. this confirms what I assumed was the case. the testing is a little unpleasant. I will get it interpreted for me and decide if I want to do this. I plan on doing Stacked sets upper later today.
Well today ended being crazy. The storm has slowed some and now it looks like Friday will be a bad driving day. Worst will be Thursday. So, I decide I'll go up tomorrow. That meant ditching my workout to do laundry, make a list and go shopping. Then prepping most of the meals I'll need. Have as much done as I can and I'm going to set my workout up tonight and get in an STS workout in first thing tomorrow. Planning to leave around 9. Fun fact hotel for 2 nights $145, Friday night $180. What happens when graduation is Saturday.

Valerie I have a form of carpal tunnel but it reacts very differently. Mine was pregnancy induced. After a few years it disappeared and stayed away as long as I was hydrated, and didn't over use it. Still that way and rarely noticeable. It's really not a pleasant thing when it's active. I hope you can figure out a good solution.

Judy, I'm sure you're glad to have the painting project done. Great job with the Peloton ride. I'm sure you're getting a lot of physical activity at work.

Carolyn nice job with Stacked Sets Upper Body.

Diane Sue great job with Super Fun Cardio and Arms and Abe.
I have several things wrong with my hands. carpal tunnel on both, left worse than right. I have dupuytrens contractures and cords for decades. they get worse over time but so far I only have my pinkie fingers that are bent out of shape one I was able to straighten back reasonably, and now working on the other one. . then general arthritis they suspect is more like rheumatoid but I test negative for everything. everyione in my mothers family had crappy looking hands with big swollen joints, bumps on the inner side of the thumb joint and general deterioration and no body was diagnosed with anything but good old osteoarthritis. but medicine has advanced so I will do the testing and see what it shows. the carpal tunnel on the left I might choose to get fixed because its troublesome.
Today I did P30 Low Impact HiiT for 31 minutes and 203 calories burned. My average heart rate was 128 and maximum heart rate was 149.

Cathy, I hope that your trip is a safe one given the weather conditions. Hopefully your timing will work to your advantage.

Valerie, I hope that your doctor’s appointment will give you the information that you need to decide on a course of action.

Hello to Judy and Diane Sue.
Yesterday I did a short CDorner Low Impact workout for 23 minutes before I went to my lady's group tea party and gift exchange. It was a lot of fun and such delicious food. There was potato soup and she made cranberry scones with clotted cream and little sandwiches, I liked the cucumber sandwiches. There was spritz cookies and some pumpkin pretzel cookies that she had made. Everything was homemade.
Today I did CDorner workouts that were all shorter. I started with 20 minute legs and thighs from 2 days ago, 23 minutes, heart rate 99/132, 74 calories. I then did 20 minute toned arms from 2 days ago, 27 minutes, heart rate 88/116, 67 calories. For cardio I did All Standing to the Beat Low Impact cardio (fun music), 31 minutes, heart rate 120/156, 142 calories. I finished off with about half of Neck and Back Stretch, 15 minutes, 20 calories. Total time was 96 minutes, 303 calories, 3,869 steps.
Legs and Thighs
each move is 1 minute
squats 15's rt
curtsy/squat 15;;s rt
curtsy knee up no weight
pulase squats 15's
curtsy/squat left
curtsy pulse 15's left
curtsy knee up left
1 db monster walk 15# db
Deadlift 15# dbs
floor bridge with pilates ball bridge/squeeze
Toned Arms
1 minute each segment 30 sec iso hold then 30 sec move
30 sec iso hold then 30 sec overhead press 5# dbs (she went a lot heavier)
arnold hold 30 sec then turn out and press 30 sec 8's
biceps iso hold 30 sec half curl 30 sec 12# dbs
hammer hold 30 sec 30 sec alternating hammer curl 12# dbs
triceps overhead hold 30 sec 12# then overhead extensions 12# db
kickback iso hold 30 sec 10# dbs then kickback 10# dbs 30 sec
lateral hold 30 sec followed by lateral raises 5# dbs
front raise iso hold 5# dbs 30 sec front raise 30 sec
biceps hole 30 sec 12# dbs supination curls 12# 30 sec
floor skupp crusher 15# db hold 30 sec 15# db skull crusher
reverse grip hold 10# dbs then 30 sec close grip press 10# dbs
1 minute plank hold

Carolyn, nice work with P30 Low Impact Hiit today.

Valerie, they tested me for arthritis and it was negative every time. Then I had a doctor that had tested and she was negative and when she went to the arthritis center she had seronegative rheumatoid arthritis. It was obvious that something was going on because her knuckles were raising up on her hands. There was other signs as well. That is why she sent me to the arthritis center. They did x-rays and later the mri and everything pointed to rheumatoid arthritis along with the osteo arthritis and gout in my foot. My hands are malformed more now than they were at the start. It is a good idea to get it checked out. I have multiple joint and spine things going on. I am sure some is part of aging like less space in the spine etc.. At least it gives an idea of what you have to deal with. I had carpal tunnel syndrome years ago and it got so bad I was up nights pacing in pain. They did the testing and finally I got surgery on both wrists. No problems with that again. Testing was unpleasant, but well worth putting a stop to the problem.

Cathy, those hotels always know when they can make extra money. My granddaughter has her college graduation on Friday and her family is having a graduation party for her in the evening. She starts her new job teaching in January. It is one of the schools she has done some of her studies working in. I hope you have a safe trip. Some of my ladies group said they were talking on local weather station about snow coming in around Christmas here. I am fine with that as long as I do not have to go anywhere. I thought about making my yearly appointment with my doctor but decided to hedge on that till we get past ugly weather.

Judy, you have been busy. I cannot imagine the work of painting the ceiling. It only makes me think that my neck and shoulders would be really painful after that. I bet it looks nice and is a feeling of accomplishment getting it done.
DID STS Disk 7 Chest, Shoulders and Biceps first thing this morning and left at 8:30. Smooth drive up, roads all clear just really windy. They were escorting high profile vehicles, 20 mph, over the Mackinac Bridge, but passenger vehicles could go the 45 mph speed limit. But, there are grates in the inner lanes on the main span of the bridge. For engineering reasons the air flow is needed, but I hate driving on them. Always feels like the car is just going to shoot off in some weird direction, constant wavering like. I drive on them when the other lane is closed for construction, or if the weather is good, I'll pass, but with heavy winds, I'm not putting my small car over them with the wind coming up. Probably not an issue, but still... Anyway just past the first tower, I got behind a group going 20 and I just followed them until we got enough past the second tower that both lanes are paved. The weird thing to me was that the storm is coming in from the west (arriving here during the night) but all day long the winds were hard out of the east. I don't think I want to be in the place where those to things converge. Wanted to get pasta with Derek one night, but he's working tonight and Friday and tomorrow-storm. So, I got it for myself tonight and now have enough food through Saturday morning when we are supposed to leave.

Valerie I hope you are able to get more information on what the problem is with your hands and a solution.

Carolyn great job with P30 Low Impact HiiT.

Diane Sue nice job with Low Impact, 20 minute legs and thighs, 20 minute toned arms, All Standing to the Beat Low Impact cardio and the stretch. Glad you had a nice time at the tea party. I honestly feel bad for the people coming up for graduation, because the weather for traveling is going to be lousy. I hope people are able to make it up safely. That'll potentially be me next December. Nick graduated in 2020 so NMU didn't have a ceremony, they did a live feed of all the speeches and showed pictures and read off everyone's degrees.
I see the hand guy again tomorrow to discuss the nerve conduction studies. it is moderate carpal tunnel. the only discomfort I have is bike riding on a road bike. I have to stop every 5 miles or so and shake my hands out. not new, been an issue for decades but only riding. diane sue I've had all the labs for rheumatoid etc and testing has been negative. not a hint of anything in the labs. I have an appt with another rheumatologist in a bit and will see what person #3 says. I want to be cautious because it's like going to a surgeon not expecting them to recommend surgery! that's what they like to do, they will lean toward that. a rheumatologist will keep likely keep looking for something.
I just did a course of prednisone and no changes with that. carpal tunnel.... I'llconsider surgery on the left wrist. my right hand looks better and functions better so less likely at this point. having right side incapacitated would be tough. sigh... always something. diane sue do you remember how the recovery from the surgery was? there are different procedures depending on the degree of fix needed one is small incision using a scope.

we did a walk/hike at a state park today, about 90 minutes. then therapy work later. a repeat of a hike we did a few weeks ago. a huge number of huge trees blown down. most of it was cleaned up and walking was Ok this time without much climbing over tree trunks. this was a lot faster travel without all the obstacles.

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