Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 11/20/2022


Today I did CDorner Fat Burning Low Impact Cardio 70's/80's, 42 minutes, heart rate 143/160, 258 calories, 3,812 steps. I also did CDorner Full Body Mobility and Flexibility Stretch, 33 minutes, heart rate 76/97, 50 calories. I like this one, but she talks a lot and is doing it with someone else and I get tired of the same story told.
Total Time was 75 minutes, 308 calories.

Valerie, I hope that your sister learns quickly how to use her phone and sticks with it. It would sure help take some pressure off. I read and do stuff on my cell and tablet when travelling. My car has a dvd player in it, but useless unless you are parked. It was part of the radio and navigation system that my husband had installed in my navigation system. I rarely use the navigation system, I think the manual was written by some Chinese people and does not explain usage well. I finally wrote down notes after figuring how to adjust the clock. I just use my cell phone for everything.

Cathy, nice work with Boss Loops no core mix and the Upper Body. Wall climbing would be a big work out.

Carolyn, have a nice Thanksgiving today.
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diane sue, thanks for that. she used once or twice when she first got it but forgot how. ducks every chance now. she needs to have it for emergencies when she shops or goes to appts. she has no way to contact anyone including the ride services she complains about,. and they cant contact her. I can't it thru to her! she has trouble contacting her down daughter, a typical young person who doesn't talk on the phone. I have explained to my sister 100x how texting would be better some of the time. daughter keeps her VM box full so my sister can't leave any long repetitive messages, she uses up the entire time alotment. will see if she learns anything with hands on help.
the clock.... we leave the subaru clock on pacific time because its awful to change it back and forth. we dont have GPS system in our cars. I use the phone if I need it. I too use it for almost everything.


This morning I did KCM’s Power Splits Upper Body. That was 36 minutes and 206 calories burned. My average heart rate was 124 and maximum heart rate was 157. Then I did the Chair Stretch from Step Boss for an additional 16 minutes.

Valerie, I was surprised to know that there are still Radio Shack stores around. It’s fortunate that you found that one.

Cathy, great job with the Boss Loops workouts.

Diane Sue, great job with CDorner Fat Burning Low Impact Cardio and Full Body Mobility and Stretch.

Hello to Judy and Lori.
I did Boxing Hiit Express this morning. Nick got home around 2 a.m., but I woke up around 1:30, so he had no impact on me. LOL I've had breakfast, worked out, showered...and he's still sleeping. This is a studio apartment, so very limited space, but he's always had this ability to sleep through things.

Valerie I'm glad that your sister has finally gotten people who can help her. Hopefully she works with them for help. I don't have navigation in my car either. I think if I had it to do over, I'd have spent the extra to have it put in, but at the time is just seemed like too much extra. Most of my travels are just to Marquette and back and that needs no assistance, though I check weather and road conditions. When I travel other places it's rare that Derek isn't with me and he takes care of the navigation beautifully. I did reset my messenger notifications after I got here, because I'd have to pick up my phone to check which direction my next exit was and my family was being too chatty the day I came down and I had the notification banner set to stay. Seemed like every time, I wanted to check it, the banner was stuck covering the direction!

Diane Sue nice job with the Fat Burning Low Impact Cardio 70's/80's, and Mobility and Flexibility stretch. Climbing is an excellent workout the way Nick does it, his arms and legs are very impressive, OTOH the way I did it, not so much. LOL

Caroline great job with Power Splits Upper Body.


Today I did Coffey Fit Raw Step and Pump ( with a little of CDOrner Step Hiit with weights approx. 8 minutes), 49 minutes, heart rate 113/138, 200 calories, 2,046 steps. The CDorner workout started out with squat/ thrust/ curls with 12's right after first step, then went to some step and either triceps dips or squat overhead triceps ext. and was too much on my shoulders and low back so I switched workouts.
I finished with CDorner Relaxing stretch and mobility and added the first 15 minutes f neck and back stretch for 45 minutes, 61 calories, heart rate 74/101. Total time was 94 minutes 261 calories, 2,166 steps.
Raw Step and Pump alternates 60 sec of cardio and 60 seconds of weights for a body part, then does all step moves together I think four times and ends with all of the weight moves together at the end. This is upper body based with step working the legs some.
Raw Step and Pump weights (this may be out of order as I am going by memory of the moves.
biceps curls 12# dbs
biceps W curls 10# dbs second round of weights 12# dbs doing hammer curls
overhead triceps extensions 8# dbs
kickbacks 8# dbs 2nd
1 arm rows 12# db right
1 arm rows 12# db left
front raise 8# dbs rnd 2 did overhead press
lateral raise 8# dbs
bench press 10# dbs
flys 8# dbs
all step moves several times
all weight moves for a second round changed slightly.
Diane Sue great job with Raw Step and Pump, the step and stretch workouts.

I just did TravelFit taking out the cardio parts. Going to go through Nick's place today and pick out the stuff he no longer wants to take home with me. He may or may not be leaving in May and his Prius only holds so much. Tomorrow is finally looking like a decent day, and then of course Monday when I leave the weather is turning nice for awhile. At least the weather should be good for my drive home. No idea when Nick will wake up as he got home about 4:30 this morning. Tonight he goes in at 11. He seems determined now on a medical degree and this job is certainly helping him prepare for the crazy hours med students have.


I have been slacking off a lot this week while my knees improve, which they are doing. I did elliptical thursday but shopping yesterday so no formal exercise. elliptical and therapy again today.

carolyn I was totally surprised to see radio shack still existed. I wonder if these are individual franchises?
cathy have a good drive back. good weather helps a lot, and monday should be after the bulk of the holiday traffic hits. we are getting very bad road conditions along much of our drive route, so we are glad we came home when we did. nick is lucky to be flexible sleeper. Ive always had trouble if conditions weren't just right. never could nap, or fall asleep in a car, plane etc. even motels are trouble. any noise, or too hot , any number of other picky things.

I looked at all the charge cords we have and all are very fragile, compared to the robust two we got from radio shack. especially in a car, a sturdier connection is better. no idea how the broken one got tweaked but the newer one is WAY better.
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This morning I did Jessica Smith’s Barefoot Cardio Core from WS3. She uses a small pilates ball with this. It was 32 minutes, 154 calories burned, average heart rate 113 and maximum heart rate 136.

Diane Sue, nice job with Raw Step and Pump and CDORNER stretch.

Cathy, nice job with Travel Fit. That’s a good workout when you don’t have equipment and limited space. That’s great that Nick is able to sleep when he needs to do so. I’m glad that weather conditions are improving for you.

Valerie, you are wise to let your knee recover. Based on what I read, the Radio Shack stores are individual franchises. The company has an online store.

Hello to Judy and Lori. I’m off to make a pot of turkey and barley soup.

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