Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 11/20/2022


long drive yesteardy, 11 hrs plus. the earlier darkness is rough and makes it harder. blowing snow in some passes makes bad visibility. in addition I strained a knee ligament just before leaving and it made for difficult walking. getting better quickly but immobilized in a car all day made it very tough. id get it loosened up and then had to sit for hours and it stiffened up again. hopefully that is the last of the minor injuries for a while.


Good afternoon. I had no energy for working out this morning, but I forced myself to do something. I did JS 15 Minute Calorie Burst. That was 15 minutes, 119 calories burned, average heart rate 138 and maximum heart rate 162. When my body starts to feel this way it’s a sign for me to take a rest or do more recovery type workouts.

Valerie, your ride sounds like it was a tough one. I hope that your knee gets better soon.

Cathy, I hope that you were able to start your trip today and that you have a good drive.

Hello to Judy, Diane Sue, and Lori.


Saturday I did a 30 minute Peloton ride and yesterday I did an hour of Yin Yoga after work. I worked a short shift today and had a dental appointment this afternoon. I plan on doing some foam rolling and restorative yoga this evening. Like Carolyn, I feel like I need a few days of easier recovery workouts or rest days. The weather isn't helping. When it's this cold out it's hard to get motivated to do anything.

Carolyn-Nice job with JS 15 Minute Calorie Burst.

Valerie-I'm sorry about your knee. I hope it gets better soon.

Cathy-I hope you are having a good trip.

Hi to Diane Sue & Lori


Saturday, I did CDorner Advanced Step Class #254, 59 minutes, heart rate 133/160, 317 calories, 4,676 steps. and CDorner 20-minute stretch and mobility, 23 minutes, 63 calories, heart rate 96/110, 45 steps. Total time was 82 minutes, 380 calories, 4, 721 steps.
Yesterday was a rest day and our Thanksgiving get together. Today I did CDorner Total Body first part which is the lower body, when she started 30# dumbbell bench press I decided to go do her Step and Strength. Total Body Lower portion was 31 minutes, heart rate 94/18, 82 calories. I was a bit worried about the method of attaching a weight to the foot so improvised.
Step and Strength was 45 minutes, heart rate 110/143, 168 calories. I finished with CDorner Back 20 minute lower back stretch,, 25 minutes, 52 calories. Total time today was 1 hr 41 minutes, 302 calories, 3,154 steps.

Total Body (warm up and lower)
heavy fabric loop band with 12# dumbbell forward and back walks in squat position 10
chair (I used high step) 1 leg sit and stand wearing loop band and holding 12# dumbbells10 each leg
glute bridge with feet on chair or step 20# dumbbell 10
seated leg extensions (Chris does this with a dumbbell and rubber loop band that is wrapped with the band and over toe of foot) I used two 5# ankle weights one wrapped around ankle and one foot
leg extensions lying on floor with db between feet. I used ankle weights and put a 5# between feet
repeat all moves

Step and Weights
5 min cardio alternated with 5 minutes of weights
lunge/curl/press 10# dumbbell 10 right then 10 left
1 leg balance on step or floor leg extended back dumbbell row 10 right and then 10 left
repeat the weight moves above again (I changed the rows to 15# tow times
not much time left so only one round of moves
pushups 10 reps
holding 2 dumbbells front side to side squats 12# dbs 10 reps
plank with a knee cross 10 reps
triceps kickback or dip option 10# dbs 10 reps


Carolyn, I did not have energy this morning and I am guessing all of that Thanksgiving food and lack of sleep the day before had something to do with it. I slept over 8 hours last night which is really unusual. I pushed through and once I got started it went okay. I hope that you enjoyed your rest day.

Valerie, that is a long time to be sitting in a car riding. I hope the ligament is loosened up and okay since you arrived.

Judy, nice work with the Peloton ride and Yin yoga. It is good to pay attention to what our bodies needs are. I do not want to do much of anything when it is cold.

Cathy, I hope that you were able to make your trip safely.


we did a little walking and some snowshoeing today. saw loads of animals...a beautiful fox... but its cold and snowy a lot more wintery than expected. like 8 degrees cold. saw bison elk, bighorns. the plan now is not to stay long as planned. snow makes it hard to get in and out of our driveway. we had to shovel a section today that had drifted in overnight. shoveling once would be fine but it drifts back repeatedly and that gets old quickly. this is a very windy location and if there is snow on the ground, it moves. we have snow fences but this is a new spot that wasn't a problem before. probably wind direction, not anything we can do much about. we might put up another snow fence but can't when the ground is frozen. some years snow is a bigger issue than others and yesterday the forecast changed. my knee is a lot better than yesterday. still, I hurt something somehow, being careful about what activities I'm doing. it was something in the therapy exercises but I don't know what.
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This morning I did a timesaver fromTotal Body Giant Sets, 4 rounds instead of 6. My time was 41 minutes with 197 calories burned. My average heart rate was 118 and maximum heart rate was 145.

Judy, nice job with the Peloton ride and Yin Yoga. My mind just wasn’t in the right place for working out yesterday. I feel better today, but I still plan to make this a semi recovery week.

Diane Sue, great job with CDorner Advanced Step, Stretch and Mobility, and Total Body. I’m sure that your family Thanksgiving was wonderful.

Valerie, great job with walking and snowshoeing. You saw a lot of interesting wildlife.

Waving hello to Cathy and Lori.


Today I did CDorner Super Fun Cardio, 40 minutes, heart rate 136/172, 228 calories, 4,087 steps. I then did Coffe Fit Raw Ab Circuits 17 minutes (I accidentally stopped the workout so had to restart so added the two segments together) 45 calories, heart rate 90/110. I finished with CDorner Mobility from today , 29 minutes, 43 calories, heart rate 76/92. Total time today was 86 minutes, 316 calories, 4,319 steps. All of the planks and the mobility moves today were rough on my toes. One joint is inflamed and the toe I bruised hurt. I kept having to adjust my feet or take breaks. I don't know why I am having issues in that area.

Raw Ab Circuits
Low plank
dead bug with 2# dumbbells
frog leg crunch
plank walk
kneeling lean back arms extended
repeat two more times

Valerie, that is the thing with winter weather. One year it is not too bad and another it is really bad. The last two years have been pretty bad. Last year maybe not as bad as the year before. We have had years without snow and ice staying on the ground. The year before was the worst and lots of power outages and broken trees. Hoping this year is a nicer one. It is too bad you have to cut your stay short. I am glad you are doing better. It took me a long time of PT to figure out that the pullovers were irritating my neck. I think it is because I let the bar go too far back over my head hoping to get the mobility a bit further.

Carolyn, nice work with the Total Body Giant sets timesaver today. Our Thanksgiving dinner was fun. I have lots of leftovers.
I'm at Nick's! My brain is totally fried at this point. I have absolutely no understanding of why people live in places like this and especially Dallas. Without road construction it probably wouldn't have been so bad, but there's so much of it, and then trying to figure out around the construction what lane I really needed to be in. Ugh. As I thought, getting out to the highway yesterday morning was not fun. 25-30 all the way into town. Something I have probably done like a hundred times over the years the boys were in school. Snow was packed down and slippery. Highways were all good and it was bright and sunny all day. Stayed in Blytheville, AR last night. More construction around Little Rock, and Texarkana and then the hell that was Dallas. LOL Went to Smoothie King so I have a nice big smoothie for supper. We'll figure out regular food tomorrow. Enough space here for me to workout. I brought my boss bands, loops and regular bands and loops, plus my wrist weights for boxing.

Valerie I'm sorry you hurt your knee. That's great that you were walking and snowshoeing today, and saw some cool animals. I was lucky with the light, as I got to the hotel last night just as the sun disappeared. Shorter drive today and I was able to leave an hour earlier.

Carolyn great job with the 15 Minute Calorie Burst, and Total Body Giant Sets timesaver.

Judy nice job with the 30 minute Peloton ride and yoga.

Diane Sue great job with Advanced Step Class, CDorner Total Body and lower back stretch, Super Fun Cardio, ab circuits and mobility.


another snowshoe today. snow is old and tracked to pieces. it wasn't too hard and snow quality at this location was dry and fluffy but it warmed up today and was sunny so tomorrow it will be hard as a brick. too only 2 hours RT. DH gets really worried about getting snowed in here at our house. I dont quite understand it but thats the way he is. we are done with the mouse problem. we GOT it!

cthy thats a heck of a drive. thats kind of like for us when we go home. its hours and hours of open roads with little traffic and then we get to a 100 miles from seattle and its awful. mind bending, soul crushingly awful we are not counting on getting back tomorrow and may sty someplace mid way if traffic looks awful and finish the drive the next day. more when I get back.


This morning I did KCM’s Start Here, workout one, cardio. The workout was 30 minutes with 188 calories burned. My average heart rate was 123 and maximum heart rate was 152. Kelly uses light weights with the cardio during the last ten minutes. I used 2# dumbbells. She describes this as a good workout for a recovery day, for coming back from injury, or for someone just getting started.

Diane Sue, great job with CDorner Super Fun Cardio, Raw Ab Circuits, CDORNER Mobility.

Cathy, I’m so glad that you made it safely. Traffic around Dallas is always bad without construction. I can only imagine how it was for you.

Valerie, wishing you a safe and uneventful drive home.

Hello to Judy and Lori.


Yesterday I did a easy 30 minute Peloton ride. This morning I did Live #391, PHA Super Sets #3 and tonight I did 60 minutes of Yin Yoga and 10 minutes of foam rolling. I'm going to continue doing lighter workouts and a lot of yoga and foam rolling for the next week or so. The Live PHA workout was an exception but it was only 41 minutes. I loved the workout and will add to my regular rotation.

Carolyn - Great job with Total Body Giant Sets and KCM Start Here. I should do Start Here this week too. It's perfect for an active recovery week.

Diane Sue-Great job with all the CDorner workouts. Peloton just released some mobility classes that I'm going to take a look at.

Valerie-Great job with the walking and snow shoeing. Hope you have a good trip home.

Cathy-I'm glad you had a safe trip. That is a long drive and I'm sure the traffic around Dallas is really bad.

Hi to Lori


We are home after a tough start. weather was dicey with snow, ice, wind. we stop first at the transfer station to drop trash. shortly after, I tried to connect my phone charging cord but it was separating. I gently tweaked it. there was a puff of smoke and it fried.
the first small town where the interstate on-ramp is was barricaded off. it gets closed for high winds and blowing snow or a wreck. so we drove thru town looking for the other on-ramp, and saw a Radio Shack. I didnt know they still were a viable business. it was open at 8:15. we bought a charging cord for $10. much better one than my original. we expected we would be checking road conditions all day and no way would the phone charge have lasted. felt like our luck turned around right there. so 11 hrs and 45 min later we got back. most of the rads were decent and traffic was not as bad as expected. long damn day!

happy turkey day everyone!.


Today I did CDorner Thighs Booty and Abs skipping some of the abs, 47 minutes, 113 calories, heart rate 90/129, 698 steps. I then did Raw Box and Pump 7, 27 minutes, 106 calories, heart rate 108/143, 1,370 steps. I finished with Raw Athletic Stretch #2, 28 minutes, heart rate 74/97, 37 calories, 45 steps. Total time was 1 hour 42 minutes, 264 calories, 2,113 steps. I will work out tomorrow.
Thighs Booty and Abs
45 sec each move
squat with heavy fabric loop and 25# dumbbell
squat side step band and 20# dumbbell
hands behind head reverse lunge staying in a low position
bridge with heavy loop band and 20# dumbbell/25# dumbbell second time through
knee in /straight leg lift
scissor leg obliques
obligue crunch alternating sides
repeat lower and abs which I modified second time

ankle weights for thighs I used 3# ankle weights
adductor leg lift
knee pull leg lift
leg push out pulsing
leg lift point and flex toes
repeat other side

wide stance side to side lunge 20# dumbbell
abs are repeated and I skipped
heavy band loop
jump squat or up onto toes
kneeling leg lift back
bridge press out
superman no band
abs (skipped)

Box and Pump #7
warm up
boxing 1# dumbbells
snatch 8# dumbbell
reverse lunge 12# dbs
boxing 1# dumbbells
power curls 10# dbs
squat up down side to side 15# dumbbell
boxing 1# dbs
lunge row switch sides 15# dumbbell
curl press alternating 10# dbs
boxing 1# dbs
squat/curl twist set

Cathy, I can imagine how the traffic was around Dallas with road work. It is bad enough without road work. I have not been there in a long time. Figuring out ways around traffic and the best way to go when not a place you live in would be hard. That is good that there is enough room to workout in.

Valerie, I am glad that things turned for the better. Not having a charging cable and bad weather would be worrisome. We thought Radio Shack was gone and found one in a shopping center that we used to shop at Target in.

Carolyn, nice work with Start Here. I think I did do that one after Kelly put them up on her Raw channel. She has other workouts on her Raw channel for limitations, short quick workouts, add ons and I have done she mentions is good for a lighter day.

Judy, I enjoy a lot of CDorner's mobility workouts. I think that both mobility and stretching is important as we get older. It sure helps me keep from being stiff and having tight areas. I try to pull out my foam roller daily and use it some too. Chris Dorner has some foam rolling workouts. I mainly do the upper stuff from them though. Nice work with PHA Super Sets #3 live.


I looked up Radio shack. lot of stores yet but most in smaller towns without big box competition. this was in Livingston MT. it was luck the freeway ramp was closed or we would not have driven thru Livingston to the other on-ramp, would not have seen the store. we knew of a verizon store but it was before 9 am. this was right on the way, had what we needed. we got an extra one. the original ones are very frail near the piece that plugs into the phone. I spend a lot of time on the phone reading, checking traffic and weather things. its a long day no matter what, and without a phone connection it would feel like a week. I used to buy local newspapers to read but theres not much available anymore and I cant read books while driving. the short "line width" on a phone screen is similar to newspaper columns. that works while driving. a laptop does not work well for me.

cathy your drive experience is much like ours. seattle/bellevue used to be nice but traffic has become absolutely hellish and thers' no place to put more freeways or more lanes. even if you drive it regularly, its hard. fast and frantic with few options but to gut it out. we tried to be late enough to miss commute time but it's still rough. the other option is a higher mountain pass with more snow, and we'd already gone over 5. and that route has its own traffic issues.

Happy thanksgiving to everyone.
Yesterday I did Boss Loops No Core premix and then we went to the zoo. Dreary, misty at times, but the weather is looking rainy through Saturday. Then we went to climb. So, my climbing attempt got me a bit more than 1/2 way up the wall. My very short arms and legs, worked against me and I reached a point, where I just had no options. I probably could have attempted it again and looked for a better route, but I was okay with my attempt. I must say coming down is a lot more fun. LOL I just finished Boss Loops Upper Body Premix.

I've been looking at maps and I can go north for about an hour and then cut over and head north again. Stay somewhere south of St. Louis the first night. Going to take notes as well as use maps, because it won't let me take the route I want directly.

Valerie I'm glad you made it back safely and found a place to get a charger. I normally just have one in the car all the time, but when I travel I have all my devices with me, so I have a total of 3 cords with me, plus somewhere I have my portable charger. I try to keep that charged for possible power outages. I may have an issue since there are times when I have my phone, iPad and laptop all open. LOL

Judy nice job with the Peloton ride, PHA Super Sets #3 and yoga.

Diane Sue great job with the Thighs Booty and Abs, Box and Pump and stretch.

Carolyn nice job with the Start Here, workout one, cardio.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


cathy we have a dedicated cord in this car. its very long, taped to the side of the console to keep it out of the way. stepping on the tip would NOT be good. somehow cord got jerked and split. annoying when every device uses a similar.... but slightly different cord! I'm happy when it shorted out it didn't damage the usb port in the car.
we use GPS but usually have current maps. for big picture, maps are better. we've had several occasions where the interstate was closed. a brush fire, major wreck etc. if you suddenly need an alternate route, maps are better. I wouldn't try to tell this to a 30 year old but true.

I also had a major blow out with my sister and told her she had to learn to use her phone or I was not helping her anymore. amazingly.... she found two people who will help her after stalling for years. Finally.

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