Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 11/16

Lori out winters are generally a lot milder than in the east or Midwest. still can get some snow and ice but not as much or as often and mostly we are 40 degrees and drizzling. lots of people bike the whole year. we were shopping this morning and for the first time I saw STUDDED bike tires!! Now that is hard core. they were mt bike tires. never saw them before. I've seen some gigantic balloon tires for snow riding so there are folks not deterred by anything.
good luck with teaching your DH to eat properly.... I do better if I don't skip meals and don't get too hungry. 3 a day plus healthy snacks if I need them. getting too hungry is often when people really dive in and overdo! you can undo a weeks worth of dieting in a out of control binge. I try to weigh weekly so I don't get too excited or disappointed with little daily shifts. every Chihuahua I ever met sounds like yours. must be breed related.

Cathy strong work on getting those workouts in. I'm familiar with the name hasimoto's but I don't remember exactly what it was. any autoimmune problem is pretty troublesome so be proud you can work out.

Deb, we are also hearing that Buffalo got buried with more on the way. hope you can reschedule the trip?

Lynda, I will take a look for Aging Backwards on PBS... the streaming channels have things I never saw on the cable choices. yoga is a good way to get in some stretching along with strength training. I wasn't good about doing it by myself though.
I'm talking with my friend tomorrow and will mention taking a mask to china. I've heard that before though, so it must be a common complaint. we saw in the Olympic games that the air was ugly sometimes. she is not a runner but walks for exercise. I have no interest in china myself. sounds like punishment to me!
Good morning,

Well the northern part of the city got the snow overnight. We were not hit as hard as the south parts though. We may have a foot on the ground right now.

Here is a pic of the southern part of the city area on the thruway: ... d-20141119

My flight to DC was cancelled.
Not anything to do with weather, something about the plane had to be taken out of service, or sent to another city. I tried to book a flight to Baltimore ( which means I would be taking the train from Baltimore to DC) but they were sold out. Oh well.

Judy, I will be wearing one of those monitors as well. She said for 24 hours. I stopped drinking anything caffeinated Monday morning, after a couple cups of 50/50 coffee and I was a mess, heart beating, hands shaky etc. Maybe I have the same thing he does. Very cold here too.

Valerie, WW sounds a lot like MFP, but without the point calculation. They go by calories. When you record your calories burned during exercise, they "give those back" to you and add them to your calorie count for the day.

Lynda, I hadn't mentioned snow since we were driving on dry pavement when the southern parts were getting hit. We figured the snow band would move eventually and it did last night. I bet those sliders were delicious!

Cathy, nice to "see" you again. Sorry about your issue, I had never heard of that. Good that you are still able and doing what exercise you can.

Lori, too funny, I get my auto starter installed today in the new car. I have had one in my past 2 vehicles and cannot do without one now. I think WW would be better than Nutri-system or the other type, for the fact that at some point, you have to move to making your own meal choices, but I can fully understand why that would work if you don't have time to prepare etc. You are more likely to make a bad choice in foods.

Hi to Josie & the new Peanut!

Work, then home to hunker down!

Stay warm,
Deb the WWpoint system is an indirect way to count or limit calories. counting to about 26 is less counting to 1500, and so not so easy to fudge factor things. WW also counts your exercise points and lets you dip into them during the week. the problem is they don't include "my" kind of exercise so it's always a guess. bike riding is divided into over 12 mph and under 12 mph. we ride faster and longer and again it's a guess if over or underestimate. mountain biking is not in there at all. you are totally guessing with a cathe type workout. I view weight /food control as a long term issue..if I lose 10 lbs but immediately start gaining them back because I go back to old bad eating habits, I haven't addressed the problem. I think most women figure that out sooner than most men.

Hope you get your medical issue sorted out. maybe with the trip cancelled you can get the monitor wearing done sooner. just worrying about it makes things worse. fat chance of getting an appt squeezed in just because you have time! many businesses will be delayed or running behind schedule with the snow. if we get 10 flakes of snow people cancel things immediately. DH used to get so angry because they'd demand all the staff get there, and then no patients would show up. retirement is good for this issue too. if it's too crummy out to travel, you stay home.
I'm guessing an autostarter lets you start your car remotely so it can warm up? we used to do that...go start the car, pull the keys out, lock the doors and go back in for a cup of coffee while it thawed out. primitive, huh? not all cars would run with the keys pulled but I had several that did.
Hi Deb, Josie, Valerie, Lori, and Judy--and nice to see you again, Cathy--

This morning I did Burn Sets bis and tris (37:15), a short one because we had our water pump for the well replaced this morning so there was no water starting about 10.

A fun dinner last night with a lot of local farmers. I did not sample all of the dishes. If I had it would have been a calorie overload.

Valerie, Miranda Esmonde-White's series for PBS is called Classical Stretch. I still haven't received her dvd, but if I really like it, apparently you can buy a whole season at a time for about 60 dollars. She has been on the air for several seasons, and she definitely has her fans over at Videofitness. So far, her book strikes me as a little too exaggerated in its claims for one type of exercise--stretching. She has a lot of endnotes to medical journals substantiating her claims, but I sometimes think you can find a "study" supporting almost anything these days. I'm sure yoga has been great for you, along with hiking and biking and concentric weight-training.

Deb, WOW is all I can say. Where will they put all that snow? I bet you are thrilled that you don't have to go to DC. I think my mom wore one of those monitors, but she was 92. It turned out to be okay for her, but she still complained of palpitations every now and then.

Lori, it's so funny to see how fierce little dogs can be. Max is totally mellow, but our neighbor's little Yorkie Charlie is all feisty and Max lets him jump all over him. I've never had a car starter, but this weather makes me want to put this on my Christmas list.

Cathy, Firm workouts are not all that easy. Good for you!

Hi to Judy and Josie!
Good morning,
I am off today and all next week and the Monday afterwards. I don't go back to work until 12/2! Yay! Today is the Echo-Cardiogram with a stress test, and they want me to wear the monitor for 24 hours.

Valerie, with MFP or any other tracking, I use my HRM so I can add workouts with calories burned easily, then just select them from my database of exercises, and change the time and calories easily. I need to remember to ask them if I should do anything like agility while wearing the monitor. I have class tonight and tomorrow, and those will really show some spikes of my heartbeat! Yes, the auto-starter lets you start the car from a distance. For instance, from my office to the parking lot at work...which isn't far, but it's so nice to go out there and the snow is already melting on the windshield etc.

Lynda, thanks for the link. She is interesting in her beliefs, not sure I would go with that 100% but I do feel that stretching and flexibility is very important, especially when you are older. I like the demos of the mini routines. They could be used as a stretch after a workout. oh, forgot to respond...they are taking the snow away in large dump trucks, the first place they were taking it is "full" and now putting it somewhere by the shoreline of the lake.

Hi to Lori, Judy, & Josie,

Will check back later,

Stay warm!
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Hi Ladies,

I will be running on my TM today. I did it on Wednesday at a slow pace and my knee felt fine. I used to love running when the weather is nice and cool. I will be picking up the peanuts tomorrow and that means no workouts other than the ones with the kids.

Deb, I can't be bothered with all of those programs to track food or workouts. I do it the old fashion way. I write it in a regular notebook :)

Garance, I have been thinking of taking a yoga class at least once a week just like Valerie does. I know that as we get older flexibility is the first thing that goes out the window. The studio where I take spinning classes offers yoga so I will take advantage of that.

Hi to Judy, Lori and Valerie and welcome back Cathy!

My HRM's are pretty old. only give heart rate. the elliptical gives calorie burn but it's basically 'in my dreams" . nonsense number. so I look for something similar in the WW list of activities and use that number.
Logging it somewhere makes me accountable and it feels good to look back at all the work you put in. nothing wrong with a notebook, Josie. I find logging on a smart phone more trouble than it's worth. at home on my computer it's ok, so that's where I do it.

Deb are you out shoveling your roof? I know how media can exaggerate but it looks like you are buried. I had an echo years ago and it was fascinating... watch the monitor if you can. I was very 'photogenic".

I agree that stretching and flexibility are important... it's one reason I do yoga. strength and balance are other reasons. Like a lot of women, I'm fairly flexible compared to most men. keep in mind ....we are not all put together the same. some basic things will never be possible for me while others that are supposedly way more difficult are ridiculously easy. so I work on the harder things. don't expect miracles. I can't balance on one foot ( never could.. not age related) but I feel like attempting helps you not to lose capability. you get strength training but different than a weight type program. I try for variety. the social aspect is important. I like my instructor and like a lot of the people who attend class.

Lynda, it's gotten harder to find out what's on the various channels. papers don't print the grid anymore here, and so many depend on what cable set up you have. we found a bunch of pbs offerings streaming and off the antenna that we never saw or heard of on cable.
Hi Deb, Josie, Valerie, Lori, and Judy--

This morning I did All Out Low Impact Hiit with core 1 (49:22).

Deb, I was thinking the same thing about those stretches. Maybe for 10-15 minutes, cutting them down from the number of reps she suggests. How nice that you have a long week off. Enjoy!

Josie, I did Pilates and yoga classes the college offered for awhile. I just couldn't deal with the boredom. I know I should do more stretching, but for some reason I tend to cut it short. Sigh!

Lori, there was a hilarious video at Huffington Post of an obedience trial where you just called your dog to come, but the dog was supposed to avoid all of the toys and treats on either side--a gauntlet of temptations! Other breeds (e.g., the German Shepherd) were perfect, but then they had a golden retriever who went crazy, throwing toys in the air, running back and forth to eat all of the treats. The owner had to retrieve her retriever. Made me think of Chester. Are you going to see Mockingjay, Part I this weekend? I am trying to decide.

If any of you need some retail therapy, there's a lovely clothing site a friend of mine lured me with: Very comfortable stuff and sort of Bohemian. I'm amazed at how quickly my things have arrived from Sweden, and no shipping costs.

Stay warm and have a great weekend!
Ha ha Lynda! I am at work but had to reply to your post about the obedience school. That certainly was Chester! Then you remember when we brought him as a pup we were asked politely not to come back and that a group class was not for him! He was such a naughty boy. Naughty as he is we love him to death. It is a case of the dog has trained his masters!

I'll check back later tonight. Have a great day all!
Lori, you can still see the video at Huffington Post. It's a link on the right hand side. It really is hilarious--especially when he throws a toy up in the air and backtracks to get all of the treats. I think the title is "Golden Retriever Goes on Delightful Rampage...."
Did 30 on the elliptical. and a core workout from flex train. I am finally getting past my injuries but I don't want to over do and start the vicious cycle up again. foot feels good, my shoulder is still a problem but I think it's better, and the pulled muscle in my abdomen seems to have gone away completely . for a while there, nothing was working right! Deb, shoveling snow is a great upper body workout.
I need to look at thatdog video...
Good morning,
The tests went ok, no results yet. I am wearing the monitor, it comes off around noon today.

Josie, yay for the Peanuts visit!

Valerie, I'm with you on the logging, I do it on my regular desktop computer. Even the iPad is a pain, I only use that when I'm travelling. No need to shovel our roof, we did not get that much snow in North Buffalo. All the southtowns were hit. Could not watch the monitor during the test, she had it facing away. The sounds were strange though.

Lynda, I saw the video of the retriever that could not run the gauntlet. So funny. We actually do those kinds of things in our obedience class. We put treats and toys in a line, and we are supposed to heel with the dogs ziz-zagging around the items.... Kylee and Keegan are not that good at it...they want the toys in a bad way!

Lori, LOL about Chester and his obedience class. He sounds so much like Marley.

Hi to Judy,
We drop the Saab off at the storage place this morning, yay, I get my garage back.

Lots of HouseMax this weekend...getting ready for Thanksgiving...etc.

Take care,
Good morning ladies...

Lynda...I have not looked at the video yet. Hoping it is still there. Will look after I leave here. Yesterday I did two segments from SB's new DVD. Cardio sculpt and the Tabata. I liked them and will fit them in frequently. Her workouts are perfect for me as I love to mix and match and add on here and there. that storm was horrific. We get tons of snow but wow that is ridiculous. Glad your area was not hit as hard. Happy to hear test went well. Let us know results once you have them. Now that I have a car starter I will never live without one.

Valerie...glad to hear the foot is doing well. I have off and on shoulder issues. Right now it is my left shoulder. Not sure what is going on with it. I keeping hoping it will go away as it flares up everynow and then just to remind me I have something going on.

Josie...enjoy your grandchildren. Who needs to workout when you are running around watching the children!

Judy...How are the weight workouts coming along? How is the gym? I will post later today (can't from ipad) picture of Chester and Nilla in the middle of my workout area. Lately they both want to watch and then attack me with kisses when it is core work. I think they now think it is a game.

Today will be heavy bag and SB inner thighs and standing abs. Figured my dogs would allow me to do standing abs! :)

I am off this week! Yeah! Painting the living room so today is housemax and prepping. Going to home depot tomorrow to decide on color then hope to start on Monday,

Enjoy the weekend all!
Just when things are under control... .. they aren't! I noticed discoloration on the carpet next to the shower door in the master. something is leaking and it's not obvious from where. we pulled back the carpet and it's wet for about 2 feet but DH watched the edges while I took a shower and no obvious spot where this water is coming from. the faint stain showed up a couple days ago. I thought DH had showered without the door completely slid shut. we will use another shower until we figure this out. we've been going round and round about updating and upgrading the master and changing the floorcovering anyway, but this requires attention ASAP. it's right above the kitchen and pantry and no evidence of water spotting on the ceiling. I want a hard surface for floor in there, and also the rest of the upstairs. we need to do tile and countertops and sinks so this will push us FINALLY into actually doing something.

my elliptical workout yesterday didn't make my shoulder sore so will try for a weight workout today. no idea what I did but it's been a month at least although it is slowly getting better. it's my right shoulder but just a specific spot in the front.
Valerie ...Good thing you noticed this spot before it got worse. Hope whatever it is it is an easy fix.

Here are Chester and Nilla every morning waiting to pounce on me! Now when I work out I have to move around them because neither of them will move.

Chester & Nilla.jpg

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