Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 11/16


Good morning,

The play we saw was good, great acting, but very long (3 hours) and depressing. It was 4 days in the trenches in a bunker in France during WW1,

Judy, they certainly do cuddle! You can't tell where one ends and the other begins.

Josie, the change in time gave us an extra hour! Usually it's the other way around that is hard to get used to. You will get back to it, it happens. Maybe your body is just telling you it needs a rest.

Valerie, I understand how you feel about your healthy friends. When someone that has a very unhealthy lifestyle gets sick, there is something to rationalize it with, right or is there. But a very healthy person, it makes you feel like, why? what can you blame it on? and that makes it even more scary to think about.

Lynda. I hope you had a great dinner!

Lori, what's going on this weekend?

Making the dog's food today, and other Sunday house stuff,

Take care!
Good morning ladies!

Yesterday was Cathe Live Step Hiit. It was about 30 minutes of step and hiit then about 30 minutes of weights. I liked it. The step hiit was athletic moves and the weight section hit every muscle. Was not able to do the core because Chester kept laying all over me. Was kind of funny. :). I then did 40 minutes of SB 's Tabata. Since chester had patience I took him for a 3 mile walk which we both enjoyed!

Valerie...I am so sorry about your friend. I understand what you mean. Makes no sense when you lead the best and healthiest lifestyle and it still does not matter. Anyways, again I am so sorry to hear this. My prayers are being sent her way.

Lynda...hope you had a great birthday and dinner! I received an email on Friday that amazon had shipped SB's new DVD. I should have it by Tuesday. Looking forward to it. Been meaning to tell you what cholesterol med my dr prescribed. It is lipitor. Took me a while to tell you because I have yet to start taking it and put the bottle down and never looked at it. Want to do some research first.

Deb...I can see how difficult that play would be. Hard to believe our soldiers went thru that. Kind of funny about your alarm. I am sure at the time it was not but thinking back I bet you have chuckled! Great job on the workouts and NG. I suggested to my DH he go on a eating plan like Nutri system. This way all the meals are provided for you which is what we need. If left up to us to prepare we would not stick with it. I told him I would do it with him for support. I would like to lose 5lbs that have been slowly creeping up. All the workouts I do it is amazing I can still put on weight. Been like this since menopause!

Josie... I am like that with the time change. Changing the time messes with my system regardless if we gain or lose. You'll get back into it.

Judy...your kitties are adorable!!!! My cats cuddle too and they are such buddies. So nice your cats have this bond too. Very sweet. Since we have Cathe On Demand the new DVDs are suppose to be uploaded as soon as the DVDs ship. Sounds like we will have them by the first week of December.

Did tons of house max yesterday so today is breakfast with DH, heavy bag, walk chester then football!

Happy Sunday!
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Hi Deb, Josie, Valerie, Lori, and Judy--

This morning I did 68 minutes of BarreAmped Bootcamp. I don't do all of the stretching segment, but I do about half.

We had a great time last night at dinner. The chef added a lot of extra stuff so I brought home most of my entrée. I did have a scoop of the raspberry sorbet for dessert. I went to see Birdman this afternoon. Very impressive. Inarritu creates the impression (somehow!) that the film is one long take--a real tour de force for him. Very self-reflective film on acting, celebrity, stage vs. movies as an art. I liked it a lot. A really thoughtful film, and Michael Keaton was tensely brilliant throughout. I am pretty sure he is getting an Oscar nomination for this and, so far at least, I haven't seen another performance as worthy.

Deb, that's great that NG is working for you, especially if it dampens the craving and gives you a better night's sleep. Do you remember the name of the playwright? I guess you now know how well your alarm system is working and how well your first responders react to a call.

Valerie, that is really heart-wrenching to see someone living a healthy life suddenly struck with a life-threatening illness. Whatever happened to your friend with the pancreatic cancer? I don't remember if she is still in treatment. I just remember problems with the insurance (what else is new?) and painkilling drugs.

Lori, I received a notice that the book was in the mail, but nothing about my dvds. I've heard of Lipitor, I guess from all the TV ads. Are you checking about side effects? We are in for some nasty cold weather tomorrow.

Judy, I've see cats play together, but they look like they are locked in a lover's embrace. That's sweet. Glad you liked the Roosevelt saga.

Josie, you may be the only one enjoying nice weather. Apparently it's colder in Texas than it is in Alaska. Weird!
Happy Monday!

I did a Cardio Coach this morning, could not sleep past 3:30....I am going to bed too early I think.

Lori, LOL about Chester not letting you do the core work. I can see that big dog trying to lie on you...too funny! Did your DH agree to going on some eating plan? Have you ever logged your food to see where you need to cut down? I know that if I don't log, I "estimate" calories really low and am eating way more than I think I am. Of course, menopause doesn't help!

Lynda, that dinner sounds great. Nice that you have leftovers too! The play is Journey's End: Journey's End is a 1928 drama, the seventh of English playwright R. C. Sherriff.

Hi to Valerie, Josie, & Judy,
Work, then class which is a progress match so it starts earlier.

Take care,
Hi Ladies,

I went spinning yesterday. No workout today, I will be heading to San Diego for the birth of my new peanut. His mom is having a c-section.

I will report back tomorrow. :)

Hi Deb, Josie, Valerie, Lori, and Judy--

This morning I did Dancin' Abs (58:00).

I have heard of that play, Deb. I think it was made into a movie at some point, too. I just can't believe you are working out at that ungodly hour. Looks like we will be getting Cathe's new workouts by the end of the month or early next month.

Josie, another peanut to love!

Lori, I am so glad Max doesn't lie on me. He does leap on to my lap when I am sitting in this one chair, revisiting his puppyhood I guess. He is going to be a muddy mess today. This weather is UGLY!

Hi to Judy and Valerie!
Didn't do anything active for 2 days. BIL and SIL are not exactly athletes but we did keep busy and I didn't over eat at all. so we will ride today and hike tomorrow and that will probably be the end of the sunshine. it's been quite cold so a trade off. no yoga until early Dec so I will have a extra mornings free and need to fill it with something physical. .

Lynda, my friend with pancreatic is doing well. I will be talking to her this week. she could not complete all the chemo treatments because she had such a bad reaction to it, but got about 60-70% of them. she is heading back to the gym to rebuild and is planning numerous travel destinations... like the china trip she had to cancel when she got sick. so I feel like she will be in the small per cent of survivors. I located my second friend via "Caring Bridge" and she or her DH will keep all of us updated as to how things go from one site. Both of these women did everything right and definitely received the crappy end of the stick. I realize no one gets out of this world alive, but I somehow expect ( unrealistically) people who lead healthy lives to dodge these kind of bullets.

glad to hear birdman is good. I had it on my queue. haven't seen Michael Keaton in anything in ages.

Too funny with chester interfering! Lori, that is the way.... all the exercise makes you hungry and it's very easy to eat just a little more than you're burning off. I always slowly creep up a few pounds...... If I'm not hungry at night, I'm gaining. it ain't fair but that's the way it is and the older I get the clearer it becomes. I don't weigh every day because that can be misleading for me, but try weekly and I'm up 3 lbs since sept. so it's slow but it's upward, so I need to start tracking again and work out more regularly.
Deb, keep up the good work...especially exercising at 3:30! yipes. that is a daunting thought.
Good evening ladies!

This morning I was up at 3:30am too! My DH wakes up at this time on Mondays. I usually sleep through his alarm but today I was wide awake! I got up, made my coffee and him his tea and chatted while he got ready. He left, I checked my emails then figured I might as well work out. At this point it was about 4:30. I did P90x Chest and Back followed by Ab Ripper. Now it is close to 7:30pm and I am ready for bed! Lol! Trying to hold out so I am not up so early again.

Chester is so lovable and so big! When he wanted to lay on me there was no way I was doing core work. He was really cute.

Josie...congrats on your new grandchild. You need to share pictures when you come back.

Deb...I have never logged my food consistently. I tried so many times but never stick with it. Just never enjoyed doing it so it does not stick. Not good at following specific diets either can't be bothered with all the planning, preparing ahead. I think it is awesome what you are doing and envy you. I have always followed the moderation and exercise route and it usually works once I wrap my arms around it! It's wrapping my arms around it that sometimes takes a while every now and then. My DH is a horrible eater. He is either on a low carb diet and pretty much starving himself or eating everything in sight! He needs to loose 30 lbs so that is why I suggested nutrisystem or another prepared meal. So at least while dieting he is getting a balanced meal.

Lynda...I received SB's DVD. Going to take a peek at it when I go to bed. I love the clips Cathe has put up. They look tough!!!

Valerie...glad to hear that your friend with Pancreatic Cancer is doing well. My brother has done fantastic. We are all hoping this is behind him now. You are right about the early morning workouts. I find I am always starving throughout the day if I do an instense cardio early morning. And of couse working for an Italian Restaurant company certainly does not help!

Hi to Judy!!!!!
Good morning,

No workout today, late class last night. I am down another 1/2 pound, feel pretty good about that.
had a couple of tests yesterday, EKG, and and CT scan of my heart. Having some sort of strange heart palpitations lately, and more winded when I go up stairs etc. The Dr office wanted me to come in for the tests. They turned out ok, some slight something or other in the CT, but not alarming. They want me to get a stress echo on Friday. Great. I think I am stressing about something, retirement maybe? That would be a hoot.

Josie, Safe trip and give the peanut a kiss from us!

Lynda, I am kind of looking forward to the new workouts, hopefully they are shorter and not too much impact.

Valerie, glad your friend is doing well. That cancer is one of the scariest. Are you back with WW? Tracking your meals?

Lori, welcome to the world of early, early morning exercisers! I love that I am done before 5:00 am, but really am dragging by the time I get home from work. We had class last night and I could barely stay awake. So glad your brother is doing well! I like logging, keeping track of things is an obsession of mine. LOL, so food logging just "feeds" the pun intended. :)

Judy, what's going on in Michigan with the weather?

Cold, here, only 19 degrees right now.

Stay warm!
Hi Deb, Josie, Valerie, Lori, and Judy--

This morning I did Athletic Training (56:00).

I received my book, Aging Backwards, today. I will let you know what I think after a bit of reading.

Deb, that would be ironic if retirement is stressing you to the point of needing medical tests. That book, Search Inside Yourself, really helped me. There is a lot of advice on the mind-body connection. I hope you don't find anything seriously wrong. I have been looking at the clips for the new workouts, and I am happy I didn't buy the high impact ones. I hate jumping on and off the step. The low impact clips look interesting and new.

Lori, I don't know anyone who has done Nutrisytem other than the celebrities on TV, many of them aging football stars. I think Joan--someone who formerly posted here--was on Nutrisystem. (A shout-out to Joan: Did it work?) I have never logged my food either. There are a couple of good cookbooks, Eating Well for Two and Skinny Taste, that give the calories in the recipes and I use as an antidote to the queen of salt and butter, Ina Garten. I just made her Parker Stew this morning because DH loves it, but wow, the salt--had to cut it down. I just received my shipping notice on the SB and the classical stretch I ordered. What did you think of SB?

Valerie, that's great news about your friend. Tell her to bring a mask to China. My son tried to go running in Beijing and ended up feeling like he was choking on the pollution. He says Shanghai is so bad at times your clothes get dirty after being outside for a little while.

Josie, Ricardo is a beautiful new peanut! Thanks for the pic!

Hi to Judy!
we did a ride yesterday... just 15 miles but it was cold so that was enough. did a hike today. probably about 6 miles. the map said 1.5 but it is a typo. got into some very icy conditions and some steep sections. a pretty day. saw a herd of mountain goats. not close, binoculars needed. . we are having a temp inversion, so it was much warmer in the mountains than it was down low. the snow melted and refroze so it was microspikes again. that is a long way to wear them. my feet and knees don't like it much.

I haven't officially signed up yet for WW. they keep sending a promotional thing suggesting something new is coming and that often means a better $$ deal for the holidays so waiting a few days. I absolutely hate tracking but it does work better... makes you think and plan. tracking is so much typing. I routinely eat pretty much "on plan" but to lose it helps to track. helps also to track exercise although their point system ends up being a lot of guessing. I like Eating Well, and also cooking light. Ina has some good things but she does not exactly hold back on the butter! I usually modify if I use any of her ideas.

Off to take a look at Josie's new peanut... congrats !
Good evening ladies!

This morning was Plyo Legs. For some reason this week I am liking weights in the morning so I am just going with it. Tonight was SB's Feel Good Tabata. I have been doing good with her Fit For Fall Challenge and this was kind of it says Feel Good! So it was good to do on the same day as Plyo Legs.

Josie!!! Congrats to you. A beautiful new baby! I think you mentioned a boy? I quickly saw the pictures while I was at work and he looked adorable.

Lynda...the dvd looks like I will like it. Her workouts are tough but not crazy jumping which is why I love her style. It's good for me to have this balance. There are three workouts...Cardio Sculpt and Cardio Core are each 17 minutes then Extreme Cardio Fat Burn is 26 minutes. The end of this one has lots of planks so it is tough. The tabata drills look good too as you can make it as hard or easy as you choose like her other DVD's. I only know one person that has done NutriSystem. A coworker and she did great. There is also Jenny Craig. So many choices. Let me know how you like the book. I am starting Killing Patton tomorrow.

Deb...hope the stress test comes out ok. Yes that would be so ironic is retirement is stressing you! I wish I was obsessed about food journals. Congrats on the continued weight loss. Great job! has been so cold here the past couple of days. I see people out running all bundled up. I don't know how you ride when it is cold. I'll say that was a typo! Big difference in mileage.

Hi to Judy!
Hi Everyone,

It is freezing here! Only 16 degrees with a wind-chill of -1.

Yesterday and today I did Spinervals. Time to get back to Cathe and strength training tomorrow.

Deb-DH started having palpitations a few years ago. He has had all kinds of tests done and the doctors couldn't find anything wrong. I hope your stress echo goes well. It's good that you are getting it checked out. It would be ironic if thinking about retirement was stressing you out, but totally understandable. That's a huge change and even good changes cause stress.

Lori- It's so nice when your pets get along and are buddies. We are really happy that Chino and Shadow are so bonded.
I hadn't thought about Cathe's new workouts being on demand, but you're right, we'll be able to do them before the DVDs arrive.

Lynda-these cats are something else, I couldn't believe it when I first saw them cuddling like that. Chino is so funny. He hugs Shadow and he hugs DH and I too. He is a real sweetheart. Very affectionate.
Aging Backwards sounds like a good book, let us know what you think. I might have to check that one out.

Valerie-That is good news about your friend that had pancreatic cancer. I hope your other friend is able to recover too.
DH and I have had to rethink cold weather biking. We thought the temps would stay in the 30-40 degree range, but now we have below zero windchills. I just don't have any desire to run or bike outside when it's this cold. I don't even want to go outside!

Josie-Congratulations on your new grandbaby!

Stay warm everyone!

Good morning,

I did an upper body premix from Muscle Max this morning. It was just what I was looking for. Not too long.

Josie, Congratulations on the new Peanut!

Lynda, yes, let us know what you think of that book. I will probably sell the high impact DVD's.

Valerie, "just 15 miles"? cudos you to for doing that! Regarding tracking food intake, in MFP, the foods you eat regularly are kept in a "frequently eaten" database that you just select from. there is very little typing until you want to record a new item. You can even "save" meals if you eat them on a regular basis.

Lori, when do you plan on starting with Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig? After Thanksgiving I hope! :)

Judy, it's freezing here too...only 19 right now...not sure what the wind chill is. Thanks for the info about your DH...did he have all these tests done too? The NP said that if the stress echo comes out ok, they may send me to a pulmonary person. Not sure why...we'll see. Oh, and they want me to wear some type of monitor for 24 hours.

Work, then to bed really early, I have a 5:30 flight to DC tomorrow...ugh...this is why I have to retire.

Take care,
Good Morning Everyone,

Deb-yes, DH had all kinds of tests done. First his primary doctor did some testing then he ended up going to a cardiologist. He had to wear a holter monitor for 24 hours. It's a heart rate monitor that picks up irregular beats or palpitations. He also had an echocardiogram, and a stress test. The cardiologist basically told him there was nothing wrong with his heart and that caffeine along with stress could be causing the palpitations.
Deb Judy is right ...that's a holter monitor. It's not a big deal at all ..a way to rule out problems. I would not pick a day when you have a 5:30 flight!. wow, that is brutal. I used to do that a lot ..... it really wears you out. plus flying is so much more complicated these days. sometimes palpitations are menopause related. (What isn't??!!) wise to check it out.
actually the 15 miles is short. our "regular ride" was 25miles. I prefer that. this seems too we got all dressed and drove for a "nothing" workout. it's a closer trailhead. making it into a longer ride goes thru the town of Arlington. there are so many streets crossing the trail that it's a pain and not aerobic at all. the 25 mile one seemed too long when we were unsure about clothing. I have trouble with padded shorts under tights and 15 miles don't need them. By 25, I do. weather is getting warmer and wetter and then we should be able to go back to 25miles. If it gets below freezing at night like the last week, I'm NOT OK with riding fast on skinny tires. don't want to find out what sliding on ice is like! Long long ago I was doing a new years day ride with a group. we hit ice and it was not a pretty sight. skinny tires have zero traction. the trick seems to be wind blocking materials and then not over-bundling. too warm is not good either. wind block tights/ shell jacket, helmet cover, wind block gloves, big sunglasses or goggles. DH has some shoe covers too, but so far I don't need them. this is the first year we've tried to keep riding up in winter so learning as we go. It's 30-40 out when we ride, I would not be riding if it was colder than that.

Deb WW has a food section where you can put in regularly eaten foods. I use it but don't eat the same thing very often. the biggest issue for me is recipe ingredients & calculating ww point value. you do it once and then it's "in there", but I got tired of doing it. when I re join all my previous data will still be there. I never tried jenny craig or nutrisytem. never made sense to me. I want something I can live with not just to lose and then re-gain when I went back to previous eating. but what ever works.
Hi Deb, Josie, Valerie, Lori, and Judy--

This morning I did KCM's Cardio Quick Fix, both workouts premix (44:39).

Deb, I was surprised that you didn't mention SNOW! I guess you are not in the part of Buffalo that got hit with 5 feet of snow. The Thruway was also closed and some people have been stuck there for 30 hours (where do they pee??). It's all over the news, but maybe it's an exaggeration?

Aging Backwards is definitely about the importance of stretching. She starts off by saying that most weight workouts are concentric and shorten the muscles, while the opposite is eccentric, a lengthening of the muscles. She calls her own stretching technique essentric. It's too bad my PBS stations don't have her series. The final section has several stretching workouts that are about 30 minutes each she says. I just glanced at them, but some of the exercises remind me of Bowen. She claims many of her clients lose weight, improve posture, get leaner, dance-like bodies from her technique. I will read more. And I will try out her DVD when it arrives and let you know what I think essentric is.

Lori, I like that putting two of those SB workouts together might be better than trying to do the whole thing. I heard about Killing Patton. O'Reilly thinks the Russians were responsible for his car crash. Very cold here too, but I understand it's going up to 50 again by Monday.

Off to a potluck for local farmers this evening. DH is making sliders with his ground beef and pork.

Hi to Valerie and Judy!

Stay warm!
Good morning,

The play we saw was good, great acting, but very long (3 hours) and depressing. It was 4 days in the trenches in a bunker in France during WW1,

Judy, they certainly do cuddle! You can't tell where one ends and the other begins.

Josie, the change in time gave us an extra hour! Usually it's the other way around that is hard to get used to. You will get back to it, it happens. Maybe your body is just telling you it needs a rest.

Valerie, I understand how you feel about your healthy friends. When someone that has a very unhealthy lifestyle gets sick, there is something to rationalize it with, right or is there. But a very healthy person, it makes you feel like, why? what can you blame it on? and that makes it even more scary to think about.

Lynda. I hope you had a great dinner!

Lori, what's going on this weekend?

Making the dog's food today, and other Sunday house stuff,

Take care!
ok , don't ask me what happened. LOL. anyway, hi all, how is everyone doing? thought i would do a quick check in, but i haven't done any cathe's for 2 yrs. just have not had the energy to do hers. i have been doing the firm and tracie long, though. found out i have hashimoto auto immune thyroditis. which explains the horrible fatigue i have, but it stinks cuz i am still tired most of the time. but, i do try to get in 3 workouts a week. that is about all my body can handle . i don't like it cuz i have always been a 5-6 day a week gal. well, not anymore. so, how is everyone else doing around here? not sure if i can figure out the new website.
Good evening!

Wow it is cold here!! This year is the first winter we both have auto car starters and boy I am loving mine.

This morning I did p90x chest and shoulders and at lunch it was SB Total Body Barre. It had a stretch at the end but I ran out of time.

Deb...I thought sure you were slammed with snow. Like Lynda mentioned it was all over the news this morning. We had a few flurries but that was it. I am waiting on my DH to decide what he wants to do. He is now thinking of WW. I would like to start after Thanksgiving. But again it is up to him. I have been eating really clean and I do believe I have lost a couple of pounds. I will not weigh myself until saturday morning.

Judy...amazing what stress and caffeine can do to your body. Glad your DH is ok. Our cats are certainly buddies but the two dogs are not. Chester loves everyone but the chihuahua can't be bothered with him at all. And she will certainly make it known she rules. way would I bike in the winter and have to deal with ice. I bet it isn't pretty when you hit some. I would love to have my DH go on WW and learn how to eat properly. But working the long hours he does he needs to have something ready to go quickly or he will eat what ever he sees!

Lynda...I had heard that about O'Reilly and the Russians. It will be an interesting read. My friend just finished it and enjoyed learning about the war in addition to Patton.

Hi Cathy! Good that you can still do three workouts with the auto immune issue you are having. Did it come on all of a sudden? Do meds not help? I will look into this as I am not familiar with the name you reference. But like I said 3 times a week is still great especially when you are so exhausted all the time.

Josie...hoping you are getting plenty of cuddling with the new peanut!

Have a great night all.

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