Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 11/13/2022

I did Body Max 2 Cardio Timesaver today which is all the cardio with the initial step routines twice through, so four times through since she repeats them in the regular video. She was extra cruel with the placing of that last blast with the jacks, air jacks finishing with jumps as the last one. I'd forgotten what a good workout I get from that premix.

Judy great job with Muscle Meltdown Biceps, and then Triceps and abs. My sense has always been that Denise Austin is a really nice person, I just can't go there. Been snowing here ever since I got up and I'm vowing not to look at forecasts until tomorrow afternoon. It's so tempting though, but I just don't want to know yet.
the first workout I bought was kathy smith. I watched about 10 min of it, laughed hysterically and threw it away. not a chance in the world! I was already a runner and came across cathe on TV whatever that exercise channel used to be. also someone featured named Sharon and a 4some, 2 men and 2 women who did weights. and Kiana was another one. never bought any others tapes though.

we are bravely going to ride thsi morning, the tree farm. its pretty cold but we'll give it a shot. 37 degrees out there and colder in the shade.

cathy gotta be flexible when the weather throws a curve. we are debating about this weekend driving but are waiting until the last minute to decide for sure.
No workout for me today. I took my car to get a new battery. I had to use the Halo Bolt to jump start it on Tuesday and I certainly don’t want that problem again.

Denise Austin definitely has an annoyingly cheerful personality! She was that way in the interview that I saw Monday. Her workout were my least favorite, but they all served the purpose until we joined a gym in the early nineties. After that I put at home dvd workouts aside until Cathe. I used my treadmill or bike for cardio.

Hello to All. Have a wonderful day everyone.
Back from our ride. an hour 40 minutes. we would have gone a little longer but ran into an active logging operation and had to retreat and go back the way we came. sometimes a problem when riding on private lands. went Ok. some significant hills and all went fine. not as cold as we thought. still plenty of frost on the ground but sunny. many times if you just get on and start riding, temp is not as big a problem as expected. the first section is uphill so getting warmed up right away is a good thing. temp was varying all over the place due to an air inversion. low areas were very cold and higher spots warmer the opposite of what you would expect.
I don't remember ever watching denise austin workouts. she does not seem like someone I'd enjoy watching. a little too cheerful.
Just popping in to say that among the things I hadn’t considered messing with the trip, was getting a text from Derek this afternoon that he has tested positive for COVID. UGH

His GF is going to stay to, and she’s not feeling well now either, though her test today wasn’t positive. She ordered more tests and they’ll retest tomorrow. So, unless something else happens I’ll be going to TX by myself. I have stuff to take Nick and he was really looking forward to company.
Today I did CDorner Fat Burning Cardio Kickboxing tabata style, 47 minutes, heart rate 136/174, 251 calories, 2,155 steps. I followed up with some foam roller work for mid to upper back and then did Raw Athletic Stretch #2, 37 minutes, heart rate 79/102, 59 calories. Total time was 84 minutes, 310 calories, 2, 279 steps. I have pretty much followed Chris workouts this week except a lower body that she did the day after I did the first lower body workout. Tomorrow I will either do the total body or the lower I missed depending on how my neck and shoulders feel. Saturday is the advanced step of the 3 she did this week. She is taking the same workout and each phase she adds more difficult moves to the original. I was a bit apprehensive about the kickboxing today though, there is jacks or modifiers and down to the floor thrusters in it. She gives options. I did alter some of it. No weights are used till the last tabata ab segment. The music was good for this one which kept me going.

Cathy, I am sorry that plans have to be changed.
Today I did Pyramid Pump Lower Body, up only premix, for 37 minutes and 218 calories burned. My average heart rate was 127 and maximum heart rate was 174. I went to two stores this morning looking for a turkey breast. I wanted to get a turkey breast for Thanksgiving, but they are too large and too expensive. I ended up with a small whole turkey that’s not much larger than a chicken (10#). The breasts were as large or larger than the whole turkey that I bought and they cost more. My husband likes dark meat so it will work out fine. I can always make soup with the leftover dark meat. It’s just the two of us for Thanksgiving, so the meal will be small.

Valerie, nice job with the 1 hour 40 minute ride.

Cathy, I’m so sorry that your travel plans have had to change. That’s too bad that Derek tested positive and will need to stay at school.

Diane Sue, nice job with CDorner kickboxing, foam roller, and Raw stretch.

Hello to Judy and Lori.
Carolyn I bought two turkey breasts for us, one is a regular one, one is a direct- to- the- oven one. we asked SIL and BIL to come but they decided to go to their daughters instead, making my DH pretty annoyed because they didn't bother to tell us. Rude. (his sister) I'm kind of relieved they went elsewhere. last time they came for thanksgiving they brought their entire meal with them. everything! they didn't say anything beforehand so I bought and cooked for 4 plus leftovers. he cooks ( not well) and she doesnt, so I never understood what was going on there, but I had a lot of extra food. I dont do anything flashy or weird especially for them , so I'm relieved they arent coming. my feelings are not hurt if someone doesnt like something I make but that was a very strange holiday. had an overloaded refrigerator!

Anyway because of this, DH and I are going to head to MT instead for a week, leaving early sunday. someone please ( guess that means you, Judy) start the thread this sunday. I will check in when I get there.

Carolyn, have you formed an opinion on the new WW program? I'm not thrilled mainly because I need to track more things than I have been. I rely alot on whole grain, ww pasta. I am staying right at goal weight and am thinking maybe I'll try again to go down a few more pounds. I dont want to struggle to maintain if I do make that goal. As usual, a lot of people complaining right out of the box before they even try it. I was getting the impression many were not succeeding on the last version so probably a good change.
Today I did CDorner Total Body Workout 55 minutes, 135 calories, heart rate 95/135. That is it today. We went out to run some errands and lunch today.

Workout format 60 seconds each
wall sits
mountain climbers with gliding disc
leg drops alternating
chest fly 8# dbs
pullover 8# dbs
wall sit heel lifts alternating
bear feet alternating push back gliding discs
leg drop both
on hands and knees opposite leg extended dumbbell row 10# db right
10# db left 60 sec each side
wall sit up and down
plank gliders legs in and out
leg drops
wide squat with bicep curls 12# dbs
hips elevated skull crusher 12# dumbbell
wall sit one leg lifted off floor 30 sec right 30 sec left
gliders plank on forearms pull forward and push back (blade)
leg drops option actual move was leg drops alternating with shoulders off the floor"hollow")
squat pulse option I used 12# dumbbells, or burpees for 1 minute
wall sit 30 sec, heels lifted 30 sec 30 sec knees in and out putting pressure with hands, 30 seconds with both heels raised "wall of death"
Biceps hammer curls 30 seconds 12# dumbells, biceps half curl pulses 30 sec 12#, curl with twist 30 sec 12# dbs, curl 30 sec 12# dbs
Triceps overhead extensions 12# db 30 sec, right arm overhead extensions 12# db, triceps overhead extension 12# db 30 sec, 1 arm tricep extension left 30 sec
front raise alternating with 1 arm iso hold 5# dbs 60 sec
I did the barre portion of LIS Turbo Barre today. Haven’t looked at the weather all day, but I’ve gotten plenty of accident texts from the county to our south and all the schools were closed today. Derek and Aliah are doing okay. He’s feeling better, but she‘s now feeling like he felt the first couple days. We’ll see how they do with so much togetherness. They aren’t the type of couple to live in each other’s pocket.

Diane Sue great job with Fat Burning Cardio Kickboxing tabata, stretch and the Total Body Workout.

Carolyn nice job with Pyramid Pump Lower Body.

Valerie safe travels.
Carolyn nice work with Pyramid Pump Lower Body. I purchased two Honeysuckle white turkey breasts over a month ago, figuring prices would go up. My husband decided he wanted to cook a full turkey, so I purchased a whole turkey that was 39 dollars. I cooked one of the turkey breasts. My side-by-side freezers are both packed. I have the turkey thawing as ones that big take a week to thaw in the refrigerator. We will cook it Sunday morning for our Thanksgiving dinner. I got started early on buying for dinner because I remembered things not being in stock last year. I still had to order a multipack of lemon pie filling online to get it for my husband's favorite pie.

Valerie, that is odd that your sister in law and brother in law bought food with them without staying anything. Did they think you would not do Thanksgiving dinner? I am sure you will enjoy yourselves without them.
Valerie, I like the changes to WW. Having so many zero points foods wasn’t always helpful for me even though I kept my zero points list as short as I could. The biggest change for me is that my avocado and potatoes are no longer zero points. It’s very similar to what I was doing previously. You get more daily points which helps to account for the foods that are no longer zero.
Yesterday I worked 4 hours, but got a lot of steps and exercise in so I didn't do an extra workout when I got home. Today I did Live #366 PHA Supersets, No Repeats.

Valerie-I will start the thread on Sunday. That is odd that your in laws brought their own dinner with them. It was rude of them to not tell you they weren't coming this year. We had a situation like that several years ago when we had been invited to Thanksgiving dinner with family in Indiana. The Thanksgiving dinner got cancelled but no one told us. Fortunately we texted someone a couple of days before to confirm and found out that way.

Diane Sue-Great job with the CDorner Fat Burning Cardio Kickboxing, Raw Stretch 2 and the CDorner Total Body workout.

Cathy-I'm sorry about Derek and his GF getting sick. I got quite a few accident texts today too. It was not a good day to be on the roads in Michigan.

Carolyn-Great job with Pyramid Pump Lower Body, up only premix.

Hi to Lori
Cathy I meant to say safe travels to you and take it easy and get well to Derek. bad timing on gettign covid. sounds like traffic will be rough this holiday with so many people playing catch up for the last two years.

the in laws are a little bit weird. and yes, rude sometimes. I don't want to upset anyone's expectations so I keep holiday food straightforward and simple. plain old roast turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie. as a guest I offer to bring something, check with the cook to see what is needed. they showed up with the whole 9 yards in their car... turkey, potatoes, dressing........... for themselves. they dont eat many vegetables. I dont make them eat broccoli or salad! I let them heat up theirs in the micro, put out my usual vegetable choices. nobody ever offered an explanation. I didnt want to hear why they did that. diane sue they dont like me very much. I don't get upset because it seems they don't like ANYONE very much. so I shrugged and moved on.

carolyn I get more points now so it ends up more things to track. I I liked the emphasis on whole grains and ww pasta vs refined and points for vegetables. every time theres a change I get more motivated to track more completely. having those foods "free" or having them tracked will end up the same thing on my plate.
So the saga of my travel attempts continues. We are getting more snow, this time with blowing this afternoon. We aren't even going to bother cleaning the drive out until tomorrow when thankfully the chance of precipitation is 0 (yes zero) LOL So, latest version is I will go Monday, that gives them tomorrow to get the highways clear, and stay until Sunday, but I have to verify with Nick. He would have put himself on the schedule to work from Thursday-Sunday. Sigh I'm good with occupying myself. But, I DO NOT want to be driving home the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Derek and Aliah are going okay, and while I'm not at all glad they had COVID, they were going to drive back today and everything between them and her Dad's has weather alerts. Saw enough posts on the parents group last night about kids in the ditch and pics of road conditions.

I did Live 30 Minute Hiit Express this morning. Since, I'd planned to be gone, I'm just winging it on workouts the next two days.

Valerie that is so weird that they would just show up with their food and not tell you ahead of time. When we do holidays with my parents, I bring all our food, but I've been doing that since I went vegan in '88, and they are quite fine not having to accommodate us. Cooking is really not my Mom's thing anyway. Now that I'm still rearranging things, I'll do our Thanksgiving meal tomorrow.

Judy great job with Live #366 PHA Supersets, No Repeats. It's crazy how many traffic alerts I got yesterday and I expect more later today.
cathy, avoid bad roads and heavy travel days. we crossed out next sunday too. an extremely busy drive day. we don't "have" to drive then, so we won't.
tee hee I was surprised when they started unloading all this food. even when DH and I were more seriously vegetarian, I still did turkey for thanksgiving. I wasn't going to convert guests and didn't try. we usually bring some of our food when we visit them because of their lack of vegetables. they accomodate us by making chicken "something". so it's not "hostile" but I wish they had told us ahead of time. sigh.... families are such fun sometimes.
how hard is it to stick to vegan when you visit anyone else? I do vegetarian just fine but vegan always seemed daunting to me. so your kids vegan along with you but your Dh is not?

I did 15 min on the elliptical level 10 and therapy exercises yesterday. today I'll spend more time on the elliptical.
This morning I did JS Stride and Step for 30 minutes and 189 calories burned. My average heart rate was 125 and maximum heart rate was 142.

Valerie, that’s very strange that your in-laws would bring their own meal to your house without telling you. Families can be very difficult. I ask my family members to bring a dish that they want to have—usually a side dish. One brother always brings the ham because that’s important to him. As far as the program changes to WW, it’s the same for me. The food on my plate is still the same. I am more careful with the size of my sweet potato serving now.

Diane Sue, nice job with CDorner Total Body workout. I usually buy my turkey well ahead of time or order a fresh one from The Fresh Market. I wasn’t too worried about the meal just for us, but I didn’t anticipate the difficulty with getting a reasonable sized turkey breast!

Cathy, great job with LIS Turbo Barre. It’s good that you can be flexible with the plans for your trip.

Judy, nice job with Live PHA Supersets No Repeats.

Have a good afternoon everyone.
carolyn that is much my view of the new program too. I measure brown rice and pasta so far but I havent found I was out of range. I credit WW with showing me that ww pasta is better than refined. I always liked brown rice better so that wasnt new. I havent made sweet potatoes yet but I am sure I go over a bit on those. with 6 more points I shouldn't have trouble fitting them in. besides, my weight is stable so what Im doing is working well.
Valerie my husband was vegan when I met him. Boys have always been vegan at home, never have had meat, but dabbled in dairy away from home. Nick went totally vegan again a couple years ago, Derek is so much pickier about what he eats that he ends up eating a lot of cheese at college, even though there are always vegan options. Well see where he ends up once he’s done with school and living on his own. Taking food along for me is easy, but I’ve been doing it for over 30 years. Holidays, years of travel baseball…

waiting to see if Nick can change his work schedule for the 27th. He’ll be getting home in the middle of the night, when I have to get up and drive 10 hours. I need a decent amount of sleep for that. He schedule his available hours when we thought we’d be leaving early on Thursday.
Im here a lot today but wont be tomorrow so excuse the my excess posting here.

cathy why did I get the impression your DH was a carnivore? he makes his own food, right?

cheese is tough. I love it. milk and yogurt too, and ice cream. eggs mostly cooking/ baking. so ovo/lacto vegie was pretty easy for me. always thought vegan would be a bridge too far. even vegetarian was tough sometimes, and eventually I decided chicken was not unreasonable. it made it easier for eating out or at friends homes. you can see that look of horror when you say you dont eat meat, and the look of relief when you say "but chicken would be ok". back in the '80's it was impossible to find vegetarian options in restaurants.

hope your travel works out ok.

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