Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 11/13/2022

Friday I did a 20 minute Peloton Ride and 10 minutes of Peloton arms. Yesterday I did the 4 DS Kickbox warm up, then Live Iron Legs and I finished with Raw Athletic Stretch #2. Very cold here today, about 30 degrees now with windchills in the 20's. It looks like we will see some snow this week too.

Carolyn-Great job with Athletic Training. I hope you had a nice rest day.

Diane Sue-Great job with CDorner Step and Back Stretch. We have a set of All Clad that we got in 2009 and we love it. Like Carolyn, I use Bar Keeper's friend for cleaning it.

Cathy-Great job with live Cardio Kick and Punch. I hope you have safe travels this week.

Valerie-I hope you had a good hike.
Just finished Upper Lower Combos. With a couple exceptions this one is lower, upper and then the moves combined. For some things the weight on the combined is dictated by one or the other. It's a good workout that hits a lot of areas. We are having flurries this morning, but nothing it staying. My parents in K'zoo have white everywhere. What they get for moving to a snow belt. LOL

Judy great job with the Peloton ride and arms and Iron Legs and the stretch.

Valerie happy hiking!
Today was yoga/mobility for 18 minutes.

Valerie, I hope that you were able to hike this morning.

Judy, nice job with the Peloton ride and arm workout, 4 Day Split Kickboxing warmup, Live Iron Legs, and Raw stretch.

Cathy, great job with Upper Lower Combos.

Hello to Diane Sue and Lori.
No hike yesterday. it was DH's birthday and he was apparently not happy about it and didnt want to do anything. I got him a nice puffy jacket he didnt like so needs to be exchanged/returned. garment weight is a big deal and it was a slim cut that he felt was too snug, plus the zipper was on the opposite side. I have garments with zippers that work from either side and didnt think it was a deal breaker but it added to the negatives. his SIL never got back to us about thanksgiving, and then announced she was going to visit their daughter instead. so it was not an upbeat day.

I did 30 on the elliptical for total of about 70 min.

cathy is that lake effect snow? I don't remember hearing the term when I was a kid and we lived on the west side of lake michigan but it seems common use now. we have had several frosts and all summer plants are dead. still lots of fall color though.
Just did my finished combos. Weather is really threatening to wreak havoc with me getting to Marquette Friday. Everything else all the way to Fort Worth and back home looks fine. I always knew northern Michigan was the most likely to impact ugh. My nemesis Gaylord is threatening snow squalls that morning. Snow squalls in that area can easily morph into white outs and I really don't need that on I-75. One of my apps does look better than the other. Fingers crossed. There's really no good way north that doesn't go through that area and it's the worst in the lower peninsula for snow. By Wednesday I'll have a clearer view.

Judy nice job with the yoga.

Valerie yes, Kalamazoo gets lake affect snow. Your husband probably wouldn't have appreciated being reminded of the opposite of continuing to have birthdays. My husband and I have very different views on birthdays, but then I'm healthier than he is and have a great deal of longevity on both sides of my family. Great job getting the elliptical in.

Hi to all!
This morning I did P30 Low Impact HiiT and the Extended Stretch. That was 37 minutes and 204 calories burned. My average heart rate was 122 and maximum heart rate was 149.

Valerie, I’m sorry that yesterday didn’t work out as you had hoped. I agree with Cathy—the alternative to having a birthday is much less desirable! Great job with the elliptical.

Cathy, nice job with your Finished Combos. I hope that the weather works out okay for your trip.

Hello to Judy, Diane Sue, and Lori.
he was bummed out all day. wouldn't answer the phone, angry at me. didnt want anything special for dinner or dessert that I suggested, and then was angry because nothing special was there. sort of damned if you do and damned if you don't. agree, "no birthday" is worse. a bad day for us.

so today we will try to exchange the jacket but shopping is one of his real hatreds so today doesnt look real super either.

had another dust up with my sister. not talking to her for a while. she is uncooperative but complains no one helps. she is whining because I dont get on a plane and fly there to help. ( I moved away in about 1973) . I plan to never see her again. I'm not heartless. she is obnoxious and wins world records for not trying. her excuse is always, said loudly with righteous indignation, " well, not everyone has a computer!" I offered to buy her a computer a 100 times. no interest. it would sit in a pile of the other things people have bought her that she shoves aside and ignores. I haven't blocked her phone calls but declined several. awful sinkhole she tries to drag everyone else into.

did the jacket return this morning and he got a different one that has a "proper" zipper and is cut wider.
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Today I did CDorner Solid Arms and Shoulders, 30 minutes, 77 calories, heart rate 90/113. I then did CDorner Basic Step(128bpm) #252, 32 minutes, heart rate 127/155, 2,974 steps, 168 calories. I finished with CDorner Stretch after Step, 11 minutes 26 calories. Total time was 73 minutes,217 calories, 3,526 steps. I liked the strength work out and it had some rotator work in it. The step workout was pretty basic and no fancy steps. I liked it though and did not have to spend time learning moves. She did this one explaining each move and is doing the same workout later in the week, but as an intermediate workout.
Hit my toe on a piece of furniture Saturday and my middle toe is black and was puffy. Feeling better, but I avoided a workout that had jumping and lots of bending at the toes. Hopefully I can do a lower body tomorrow. Chris did an upper, a lower, and the cardio, each around 30 minutes today.
Yesterday was a rest day.

CDorner Solid Arms and Shoulders each move is done for 45 seconds uses dumbbells and loop bands
I went lighter than Chris on most moves.
overhead press 8# dbs
biceps curl alternating all the way up halfway down 12# dbs
skull crusher 12# dumbbells

loop band
loop around wrists press out medium band
loop over hands and between thumbs robot arms alternating curls medium band
loop triceps press down heavy band

arms at sides bent at waist rotating in and out, works (biceps and rotators) 10# dbs
skull crushers alternating slowly 10# dbs
dront raise pulses 10# dbs
hammer curls alternating 12# dbs
1 arm triceps kickback with a turn up 10# db
lateral raise 8# dbs
side curls 12# dbs
overhead extension 1 1/2 15# db

Judy, nice work on the Peloton ride, live Iron legs, and Raw Athletic Stretch. It is very cold here today too. We were expecting snow this evening, but I think it is going to taper off and not snow. Hopefully it does not last too long. I will probably pick up some Bar Keepers friend for Stainless Steel. I have the regular and I know it says you can use it on stainless steel. I use it on my sink.

Valerie, sorry that yesterday was a day full of negative things. Hopefully today is much better. I am glad you found another jacket that works. I wonder why your sister does that. She appears to get some attention when you and others have helped and has no appreciation. To lash out at you like her issues are something that you are supposed to take care of makes no sense. I do not blame you for not wanting to talk to her right now.

Cathy, nice work yesterday with upper and lower combos and finished combos today. I hope the weather is not as bad as it sounds. Ours is tapering off after 11. They do have a snowflake on Friday, but that could change. We will be moving back up to 40's tomorrow.

Carolyn, nice work with the mobility flexibility yesterday and P30 Low Impact Hiit and extended stretch today.
Sitting here trying to talk myself into a workout and utterly failing. Checked the forecast this morning. Woke up to big flakes which hours later are still coming down. The forecast now has snow all over Michigan through Sunday. Some places more than others sometimes maybe only an inch a day. Ugh! I have to cross the bridge to get to him and the straits are in a 10-15" between now and Sunday range. Looks like a slim possibility that I could slide up on Thursday, which means juggling all the shopping, packing etc. And even then we still have to get down into Wisconsin on Friday. I knew this could happen, but UGH! Waiting to here from the boys who have decided not to check their phones so far this morning.

I'll be back later. Have to remake lists in case I need to toss the originals out the window. Going to go watch some TV stations weather and see if they have more details for their areas.
Today I did LiTE Pyramid Pump Upper Body, up only premix, for 35 minutes and 161 calories burned. My average heart rate was 117 and maximum heart rate was 147.

Valerie, I hope that you are having a better day today.

Diane Sue, great job with CDORNER Solid Arms and Shoulders, Basic Step, and Stretch. Ouch on the toe!

Cathy, the weather is bad this week. I hope that you can work around it for your trip.

Hello to Judy and Lori.
Today is pretty much a lost cause for me. Derek and I have been tossing potential options back and forth for altering travel plans. I'm refining my list in case I have to shop and pack tomorrow and can head up Thursday. He's now willing to skip classes Friday. He has two and he thinks one will have an online option and the other is a class he feels okay missing once. But, I still have to be able to get there Thursday. Won't really know that until tomorrow as I'll reassess after I shop. Packing can be done later in the day if need be, but I'm also planning to take a lot of our food for the road.

Carolyn great job with P30 Low Impact HiiT and PP Upper Body.

Valerie it's really too bad about your husbands attitude on his birthday. Is he generally like that every year? Sorry you had more issues with your sister. It's totally understandable that you'd skip her calls for awhile. Does she leave messages?

Diane Sue nice job with Solid Arms and Shoulders, basic step and stretch.
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we had a much better day today and went on a low level hike. at the tree farm again but not as successful as the first one but still 2 hours and 40 minutes. ended up being too much road walking that's not that interesting and hard on the back. walking either uphill or downhill is easier than flat. this is an area we usually ride but he had an online medical appt so we were late getting started. we did learn that it's much better section on a bike than on foot.

cathy, he's usually much less grumpy on his birthday so this was a bit of an outlier. hope you work out something so you & Derek can travel ok. the weather is sometimes non negotiable. we usually take much of our food with us. a long day of travel does not end well for us looking for a restaurant or getting to our house and having to roll out the next day to shop. we always pack food to eat while traveling and for right after we arrive.

oh yes, sister leaves messages. voicemail. she simply does not understand that no one wants to talk on the phone period, and definitely not with her. she is incredibly negative, complains about everything, and is so isolated there is very little to actually talk about. I'm sorry she is in the situation she is in, but I cant fix it.
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Today I did CDorner 30 minute at home booty workout, 36 minutes, 107 calories, 101/134 heart rate, 610 steps. I then did CDorner Cardio Barre at Home 30 minutes, heart rate 111/142 heart rate using 2# dumbbells, 159 calories, 2,573 steps. Total time 76 minutes, 266 calories, 3,400 steps. The Barre workout was ballet type movement alternated with barre moves using light dumbbells for upper body moves and doing some balance work.

30 Minute at home Booty Workout
walking lunge 15# dbs 1 minute (option if not enough space squats) I walked up the hall and back
single leg deadlift 20# dbs 1 minute right, 1 min left
repeat 2 more times
Heavy Fabric Loop Band 45 sec each
squat pulses
squat/tap out right/stand 45 sec. repeat on left
on hands and knees leg raise /donkey kick repeat other side
bridge with band on and 20# db
bridge knees press out and in (band abduction)
band on glute bridge pulses
Sunday I worked 6 hours then did Muscle Meltdown Triceps and Icy Core 1. Yesterday I did 55 minutes of Peloton rides.
We've been busy working on the condo. We are replacing carpet in addition to painting so we got started on that project and I replaced the gym tiles in my basement gym. After almost 5 years of use it seemed like a good idea.

Cathy-Great job with your finished combos. I hope your trip works out and that you can travel safely in this weather.

Carolyn-Great job with P30 Low Impact HiiT and the Extended Stretch and LiTE Pyramid Pump Upper Body.

Valerie-I’m sorry that yesterday was a bad day. I don’t blame you for not wanting to see your sister again.

Diane Sue-Great job with CDorner Solid Arms and Shoulders, CDorner 30 minute at home booty workout, and CDorner Cardio Barre. I’m sorry about your toe. I hope it heals quickly.

Hi to Lori
This morning I did KCM’s Cardio Quick Fix workout one for 26 minutes and 171 calories burned. My average heart rate was 129 and maximum heart rate was 155.

Cathy, I hope that the weather cooperates for you to leave on Thursday.

Diane Sue, great job with CDorner 30 Minute Booty workout and Cardio Barre.

Valerie, nice job with the hike. I’m sure that the outdoor activity was good for your husband’s mood.

Judy, great job with Muscle Meltdown Triceps, Icy Core 1, and the Peloton rides. You’re getting a lot done at your condo.

Waving hello to Lori.
Did anyone ever work out with Denise Austin? Yesterday I saw a clip of her and her 29 year old daughter on the runway in a swimsuit show together. Denise looks marvelous in a swimsuit and she is 65 years old. She actually looked just like her daughter. Apparently she still has workouts on YouTube. Her vhs tape was probably one of my first at home workout purchases. Jane Fonda, Denise Austin, and Kathy Smith were what I used back then. That was before I discovered Cathe!
This morning I did CDorner 40 minute Step Intermediate 133 bpm, 49 minutes,( I am not sure of the actual time as it was live and I started near the end when she upped the pace and then went back to near the start skipping the warm up) 265 calories, heart rate 131/157, 5050 steps.. I finished with CDorner 30 minute at home stretch full body, 31 minutes, 49 calories, 151 steps. Total time was 80 minutes, 314 calories 5,201 steps. I have dealt with my neck and traps all weekend. Today I pulled out the massage gun, but the left side still has the knot and stings. I was hoping it would stay gone as I was doing pretty well with that area.
I had to stop and put groceries in as I did a Walmart delivery trying to get the rest of the things I need for Sunday's family Thanksgiving.

Carolyn, I used to work out to Denise Austin. I will have to check out youtube. I also had a Jane Fonda vhs workout and Kathy Smith record and VHS tapes. Jane Fonda was the first exercise video tape I ever purchased. I mainly worked out to television workouts. Then I started purchasing from Collage catalog and bought Firm tapes for a high price for back then. I am glad cost has gone down for work outs. Nice job on Cardio Quick Fix #1.

Valerie, I am glad that yesterday was much better and that you got a hike in.

Judy good for you getting in workouts and all of that work around your condo done. I need to get new puzzle mats or new flooring of some kind for my workout room. The puzzle mats have claw marks all over them from my dog. I hate to remove them because I think it would be hard on my knees to work out without them. I have looked at various flooring online. My puzzle mats have been around for ten years. They are 7/8 inch thick.

Cathy, I hope things are going okay for you with your travel plans.
Forecast is all over the place depending on what app you look at, so I decided Derek could just come home Saturday. GF will get him to Cadillac and we'll get him there. Then we'll head to Nick's on Sunday and just head home Friday. Though I may just take him back up to NMU. We'd only be home overnight before he'd have to go back anywhere. Less miles and gas that way as NMU is 3 hours west of the bridge, so it's actually longer to come home and go up. No workout today as I shopped.

Valerie great that you got a walk in and that your husband's mood has improved.

Diane Sue nice job with the Home Booty and Cardio Barre at Home workouts, 40 minute Step Intermediate and stretch.

Carolyn great job with the Cardio Quick Fix workout. Sorry to say I could never do Denise Austin, something about her personality just didn't work for me. First thing I ever had was a Jane Fonda record. The I got cable and would do Charlene Prickett, and did anyone do the 20 Minute workout? I swear the target audience was really men for that. I did Kathy Smith, and for a long time I did the FIRM workouts. Had a few other videos during the 80's, belonged to a fitness studio late 80's, but once I started doing the FIRM in the early 90's I did that until I found Cathe.

Judy great job with the Muscle Meltdown Triceps and Icy Core 1 and Peloton ride.
Yesterday I worked a 4 hour shift at Home Depot and did Muscle Meltdown Biceps last night. Today I did a 45 minute Peloton ride, Muscle Meltdown Triceps, 10 minutes Peloton Abs and a 10 minute stretch.

Carolyn-Great job with Cardio Quick Fix. I never tried any of Denise Austin's workouts but I agree, she looks wonderful at 65.

Diane Sue-Great job with the CDorner workouts. I'm sorry about your neck and traps. I hope they feel better soon.

Cathy-your travel plan sounds good. My husband feels the same way about Denise Austin. He's happy that I haven't gotten into her workouts. I'm sure she's a great instructor though.

Hi to Valerie & Lori

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