Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 1/29/2023

did walk with our neighbors an hour and a half. some up and down, they are a little younger but are in good shape so everyone can enjoy and no one is stressed. going to ride tomorrow if forecast holds. I think mt biking. its 4 weeks now so I can do what I want.
Cathy, nice work out mix today. My rebounder is pretty old and has had grandchildren that liked to play on it. I purchased the Urban Rebounder and a series of Urban Rebounding workouts that had a lot of workout video people like Amy Bento, Keli Roberts, that each do a couple of workouts. Most are pretty tough workouts. My youngest grandson still likes to get it out and jump on it. He has so much energy. I think I would like one with the bungee cords for a softer bounce. Although I have a friend that has the Bellicon and she recently got a Cellerciser that she says is even better and it is steel springs. Both of those are quite expensive. Cellerciser says theirs is better because the bungees wear on the elasticity. I know you can purchase more bungees if you need them or want to change colors. I think Jump Sport would probably be better for the pocketbook. It was kind of nice getting back on it again. My problem is that the room it is sitting in does not have room to jump because of the ceiling fan. I have to drag it into the other workout space. Otherwise, I would have to move the spin bike, heavy bag, and fit tower to find a corner.
I used to have a large space and leave it set out so I could get on and off of it for jumping jack and pop squats in other workouts to keep the impact off the knees.
Maybe you need one of your sons to help with the bars or your husband. I suppose that would require waiting. Which would not be something that I would do unless I had no choice.

Valerie, I doubt the neighbors would put you to shame. You do that type of work all of the time. It is nice that you met some neighbors with the same interests.

Judy, nice work on the Peloton ride. That was a long one. Is the Peloton comfortable to ride on? My Schwinn one is so uncomfortable. I put a padded seat cover on it. My rebounder usually sits leaning up against the wall in the secondary workout room. The legs fold in, but I do not bother. It also folds in half, but I would not try it. It even says have two people open it it is so hard to pull open and you could easily pinch fingers or something. I did it once and that was it.

Carolyn, nice work with JS 30 minute fat blaster. I have got where I am not a fan of the slide moves on workouts. I guess partly because my space has puzzle mats and they do not work and I do not like putting on the covers and arranging things to do it in the hallway. CDorner has been putting in glider moves on workouts. She does off other options most of the time.
Kelly has quite a variety of workouts. I was surprised when I saw the rebounder work out. Since she labeled it #1 I gather she will do more.
we rode this morning as planned. a bit over 7.5 miles with a lot of gain and loss, and some very rough surface. sometimes they use very large, chunky gravel. its hard to ride down. if you hit a big chunk the wrong way you can crash. after enough truck traffic goes over it, they top off with smaller gravel but it was very rough this morning. still I rode up and down everything so feel pretty good about it. we are going to visit niece and husband soon and want to bike with them so I need a few miles covered after this long break.

diane sue there are differing ideas about what is comfortable for a bike seat. I can't stand the big dish shaped bowl seats. they hurt and you can never change your position, you slide right back into the bowl. narrower harder seats with some cushion are what most regular riders use. usually there are cut outs for either men or women, but lots of choices so you keep trying until something avoids sensitive spots. the shape lets you move your self around to change position and pressure points. people differ.
This morning I did KCM’s Power Splits Upper Body. My time was 40 minutes and 200 calories burned. My average heart rate was 121 and maximum heart rate was 166. I had a few errands and appointments today and this is my first opportunity to post.

Waving hello to everyone.
Today I did an hour of Peloton rides, all low intensity so it was more of a recovery day.

Diane Sue-Great job with CDorner Intermediate Step Aerobics at Home and Raw 5 Strong. I think the Peloton is comfortable. I haven't had any problems with it. I usually wear padded bike shorts when I ride so that probably helps.

Carolyn-Great job with JS 30 Minute Fat Blaster and Power Splits Upper Body.

Valerie-Nice ride today!

Hi to Cathy
Shopped today so no workout. Pretty chilly here and we could have real feel of -15 tonight. Was thinking of going to my parents tomorrow, but it would be real feel around 0 and I can wait till Monday when it will be 40. That sounds much better to me. Nick's at work again and he said roads were just a wet, sad, rainy mess. School reopens at 10 tomorrow and he's happy about that and they have a climbing competition on Saturday. Got my bars together, thought I had to find the colored pics of them on line for a good visual as the very basic black and white directions weren't helping me out. It's not at all hard to put together once everything is facing the right direction, but figuring out which direction a couple of the bars went was a pain. Glad I have plenty of space and I worked them under my fit tower. I can see how someone with limited space would have issues, cause I wouldn't want to have to take it apart after each use. I think it would actually be faster to take the fit tower apart.

Diane Sue sounds like those workouts worked very well together. My rebounder was really basic and cheap. The urban rebounders were much sturdier.

Carolyn great job with 30 Minute Fat Blaster and Power Splits Upper Body.

Judy nice job with the Peloton rides.

Valerie great job with the elliptical and therapy. Glad the hike went well with your neighbors. Do they also ride and ski? Sounds like a very bumpy ride today, great that you had no problems with it.
This morning I did Boogie I.T. from Jessica Smith’s 30 Day Plan. That was 30 minutes and 216 calories burned. My average heart rate was 133 and maximum heart rate was 178. Apparently I had not done this workout before or I only did it one time. I didn’t remember it at all and it wasn’t what I was expecting. I thought it would be a lower intensity workout, but it was just the opposite. Of course it was not like a Cathe cardio workout! I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Diane Sue, nice job with CDorner Intermediate Step Workout, Raw 5 Strong, and the Athletic Stretch. I haven’t used my Jump Sport rebounder in quite a while. It is nice to have around for quick use, but I can’t leave it out for space reasons.

Valerie, I’m glad that your walk with neighbors went well. Great job with your ride.

Judy, nice job with one hour of low intensity Peloton rides.

Cathy, I’m glad that you were able to put the bars together without too much trouble.

Have a great day everyone.
Today I did Live Totally Pumped Up Total Body. It's a really good workout, but moves quite fast and I had to pause a few times for equipment changes. It did give me a chance to try the barbell pad for squats and dips and I love it! I did skip the abs at the end. Anything that really stretches my torso is still rather uncomfortable on those muscles and just doing tricep extensions with the barbell and pull overs had worked them enough. Put 15 Bean Soup in the Instant Pot before my workout, because it takes longer than most things I make and I really wanted it for lunch. Timing worked out really well.

Bright and sunny here today, but cold. Poor Derek has -21 for walking around on campus. They don't close until it gets to -30. We're at a balmy real feel of 1 right now. But starting tomorrow our daytime temps will be above freezing for the next couple weeks.

Carolyn great job with Boogie I.T. I'm a pro at discovering a workout isn't exactly what I thought after I start it. LOL

Enjoy your day all!
good point about padded shorts judy. I wear them for road rides but not always for mt biking. I have trouble keeping padding where it helps. the windblock tights I wear dont have padding and I'm fine. I have a deep hatred for big wide dish seats that come on exercise bikes. can't use those! I had one. sawed the sides off to make it narrower, and then put a sheepskin cover over the rough edges. that worked. it comes down to your shape and posture. I had more issues with my hands getting numb than with the seat. diane sue, try padded shorts or padded underwear. any bike shop has a bunch of saddles to try

cathy good luck with the new bar set. I'm going to do stacked sets upper again today and then see if I feel it tomorrow. the neighbors ski but don't think they bike much. a lot of people own bikes but only ride them rarely. the place we ride is a commercial tree farm/plantation that allows bikes, walkers, horses to use their roads and trails. the roads get shredded by logging trucks. they use very chunky rock, pound it in, and then top with finer gravel. will avoid that section until its got finer gravel.
I never got a rebounder. never thought I'd like it. I watch TV when working out and didnt think that would be a good mix.
Today I did an hour of Peloton rides, 30 minutes hard and 30 easy. I added on 20 minutes of Peloton upper body strength.

Cathy-Great job with Live Totally Pumped Up Total Body. I'll have to take a look at that one. It's very cold here today. Fortunately I didn't need to go anywhere. I can't imagine -21!

Carolyn- Great job with Boogie I.T. I'm not sure if I've done that one or not. I don't remember it if I did.

Valerie-I hate those big seats that usually come on exercise bikes too. I always replaced them with road bike seats. The seat on the Peloton is more like a road bike seat and I didn't need to replace it.

Hi to Diane Sue
Yesterday I did portions of 3 different cardio workouts. I started with CDorner Dance Cardio and got 10 minutes in and was not feeling remembering all the moves. This was heart rate 89/115, 624 steps. I put in Coffey Fir Raw Cardio Crush stopping after the planks, 10 minutes and went on to do her Step boxing drills, 42 minutes, heart rate 109/135, 163 calories. 2,163 steps. Cardio crush was too much impact, and I did not want to do planks. I finished with CDorner Magical Mobility Flow, 33 minutes, 61 calories, heart rate 83/97. Total time was 82 minutes, w60 calories, 2,792 steps. The Step boxing drills I used 2# dumbbells for and I used two risers instead of the 3 that they used. Last time I did it I used the 3. It really is more like doing Up and down leg press with a kick at the top. No impact and one segment is done on the floor. They used a higher step to make it more intense. Option is a weight vest or on the floor.

Today I did CDorner Step #266 Int/Adv, 62 minutes, heart rate 111/135 (had the hardest time getting my heart rate up today) 4,950 steps. This was one had more challenging choreography with lots of side changes and turns on and off the step. I finished off with CDorner Stretch after Step, 20 minutes as I added some back stretches, 30 calories, heart rate 76/92. Total time was 82 minutes, 267 calories, 4,974 steps.
I may do something with weights tomorrow. Todays workout was kickboxing and abs and I did not want to do that after doing Kelly's Step with the 2# dumbbells yesterday. My upper back and shoulders are a bit sore after that.

Valerie, nice that you got in your ride as planned. It is nice that you have a place like the tree farm too ride in. I think we talked about the seats before. I need to look into the padded bike shorts. Mine seems so narrow and I find myself sliding toward the point. One time I did the extra-long mix on Pedal Power and almost had blisters between my legs. After that I got the padded seat cover, but it is still uncomfortable. I think I could watch tv on the rebounder. but usually use videos to encourage me to keep going. There are a few times I have watched some you tubes on my tv while watching a Cathe Cycle dvd on my computer or tablet. My rebounder was a bit noisy with the springs. They say the bungees are quiet.

Carolyn, nice work with Kelly Coffey Power Splits Upper Body yesterday and Jessica Smith Boogie I.T. today. I think Boogie I.T. is a fun workout on that set. One of my favorites and she kicks it up with the intervals.

Judy, nice work with the Peloton workouts yesterday and Peloton ride today with the upper body strength.

Cathy, I think I would be like you and visit and go visit your parents when the weather is nicer. Ours is pretty much melted off and my dog decided since I cleaned and mopped last night to go out for a roll in the grass. We had an altercation when I gave her the go back outside command. Silly dog. A few hours earlier I was feeling sorry for her because when she gets up from sleeping, she limps lately. I need to get her some glucosamine or something. I had more room till we got the new recliner with the remote when I had surgery and put the other one in that room. I rarely take any of it down, but if I have to it would be the Fit Tower. I had to move it and the spin bike when I did the Coffey Fit Raw cycling workout where she did upper body weight work without getting off the bike. She had them set on a platform on the back of her bike and I sat mine on a folding chair next to the bike. I needed to be able to reach my arms out for lateral raises. I used to have a barbell pad, but it would shift around my bar and I finally threw it away. The barbell from Les Mills Pump has sort of a build in padding on it.
The bean soup sounds good. I need to make some more soup. I ordered some veggies that will come tomorrow for soup.
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I did 30 on the spin bike this morning. Judy, mine has a seat much like a road bike. Im not that fussy about seats. bike is le mond brand. I tend to slide forward on it but straightening up and moving back changes the pressure points for me, which is what keeps me from getting sore. moving the contact points around. outdoor bikes you can adjust the tilt of the seat but I dont think most indoor ones let you adjust that. the best bike shorts are from Terry. they are very well made and last a long time. bike shorts are expensive and come with different kinds of chamois. (not sure about spelling that word!) that is really what you are paying for, the cushioning. the nice thing about padded underwear is any shorts or pants can go over them and sometimes thats the best option.

later I did stacked upper body once thru the 3 sets but used the cathe level weights this time. then did core from strain, and later my therapy.
Today I did In the Ring and then Core Flow Express which is a new live. I really like it and there were a few new things that I'm thinking will be in STS 2.0.Today is our 4th day of sunshine in a row! Unheard of here in the winter and I'm enjoying every bit of it. If it's gonna be cold, sunshine makes it far better!

Valerie I don't remember having an issue watching TV with the rebounder, but often I did it in the morning watching the news. Plus, when I started working for the State in '79 we were able to have radios and we would often listen to the local TV station, Donahue, soaps etc. I got so good at following things that way that even now, listening often dominates my seeing when watching TV. You learn to hear nuances in voices and background sounds. Great job with Stacked Upper Body and the spin bike.

Judy nice job with the Peloton ride and upper body.

Diane Sue great job with the cards, mobility and strength workouts. It wasn't even that I would have had any issues getting to my parents yesterday. It was sunny and roads were perfect, but it was cold. LOL And while it looked like Monday was going to be nice upper 30's, for the next three days with temps above freezing, the windchills do not match them. But it'll still be better than yesterday.
feeling optimistic today, does not feel like I will get sore from stacked upper body this time. I'm still being cautious but maybe will do bicep/triceps next. after seeing the orthopedic guy, even though he didnt do anything, my shoulder symptoms have improved. I can get a cortisone shot but may put it off and save it for a time I need it.

we dont need more equipment! barely use what I have, though DH uses things too. a lot of old cathe disks I likely wont use any more. I go back to the same workouts over and over and not trying to "build" anything, but maintaining. I feel that's a reasonable goal.

I used to watch talk and cooking shows. channels dont carry much of that. I've been watching college courses instead. The Great Courses. you have probably seen ads for these. lectures are about 30-40 min, my new love. a lot of topics, fun because you dont get tewsted on it. I do elliptical, treadmill, lighter spin bike workout while watching. learning so many things that I didn't have time for in college. Electives were so limited outside of requirements for your major. I can't work too intensely or I lose attention, but I enjoy these. Neither DH nor I had very good understanding of history or geology. a way to learn what you missed. we buy the dvds so we can use them in either house or in our camper. longer trips require watching "something" some nights. we used to watch movies. quality and quantity are not easy to find. no interest in mindless violence, superhero, animated. Plate tectonics and how the earth works are more exciting.
Today is my rest day. It’s too cold for me to go to the outdoor market so I’m staying close to home.

Cathy, great job with Live Totally Pumped Up Upper Body, In the Ring, and Core Flow Express. That 25 bean soup sounds good. I made a bean and mushroom stew that we like quite a bit. Soups and stews are good on cold days.

Valerie, great job with 30 minutes on the spin bike, Stacked Sets Upper Body and XTrain abs.

Judy, nice job with the Peloton rides and upper body strength. Boogie I.T. Is one of those workouts that I previewed initially but never actually did it. It’s another one of Jessica’s workouts that harder than it seems.

Diane Sue, good job picking and choosing the parts of the cardio workouts that you wanted to do. I agree, Boogie I.T. is a fun workout.

Have a good day everyone.

oday I did CDorner 30-minute Low Impact Cardio Walking Workout no jumping. 31.29 minutes, heart rate 125/162, 157 calories, 3,705 steps. This is a fun one I have saved. It has fun music and Chris stays with the low impact. It is not just walking like most walk workouts. I followed it with CDorner Cardio Weight Stretch workout doing the weights and then doing the stretch. Weights was 28 minutes (extra time to write it down) heart rate 95/135, 80 calories, 181 steps. Stretch was 24:38 minutes(I added some upper back, and shoulder stretching) heart rate 77/104, 35 calories. Total time 83 minutes, 272 calories, 3,886 steps.

weights 1 minute each repeated twice

dead row used 12"s
forearm plank knee drops
chest fly/glute bridge used 8's
star crunch
kneeling or optional standing supination curls (kneeling makes it a bit harder and no swing) used 12's
cross reach with leg
kickback/bird dog 10# db right saving left for second round
pullover leg drops 8's
Valerie, nice work with Upper Body Stacked Sets and the spin ride yesterday. That is great that you do not feel sore from the Upper Body Stacked sets. I noticed last night that the swelling and pain on my left wrist was gone. Today when I was doing the biceps curls I could feel a bit of discomfort just lifting the weighs so maybe that is aggravating the joint. It is the tendons that run up my wrist to my hands. I think I need to keep my gloves on to support more. I did not know that they put chamois in the padding. I have not looked a lot at the pants for cycling. I watch mostly health and sometimes cosmetic videos.

Cathy, nice work on In the Ring and the new Core Flow Express live. It seems Cathe usually builds in a little of what is coming out in dvds. New moves are always a fun challenge. It is warmer here today, but windy which still makes if feel kind of cold. We had our lawn care people out putting something on the lawn for pre-emergent or something. I made my dog wait 3 hours to go out and she rolled in that green stuff they painted the lawn with. I had to send her back outside so I could brush it all off of her. The sun was out so I guess she wanted to roll and enjoy it. Funny thing was I knew something was up when she came in and stood by the door looking at me guiltily waiting to see my reaction rather than walking across the room.

Carolyn, enjoy the rest day. Thinking of the market, I need to go make my soup I bought stuff for.
Today I did a 30 minute Peloton ride and Muscle Meltdowns Triceps and Shoulders. Next week is going to be an active recovery week for me. I'm planning on doing some lighter workouts and yoga.

Valerie-I love Terry bike shorts. They are the best ones. I wear them for my indoor rides and they are so comfortable. Great job with the spinning and Upper Body Stacked Sets.

Carolyn-I hope you had a nice rest day. I looked at my old logs and I did do Boogie I.T. when the series first came out in 2017. I should try it again.

Diane Sue-Great job with the CDorner workouts. The low impact cardio one looks like fun.

Cathy-Great job with In the Ring and then Core Flow Express. It was amazing to have sun again today. I agree, sun makes the cold so much better. Iowa has more sunny days in the winter so it was quite an adjustment for me to get used to the Michigan winters.

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