Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 1/29/2023


good morning. so glad I did that little ride yesterday! made me feel human again. we have a couple big hills, both up and down, but pavement is smooth enough so not a huge amount of bouncing. one reason was because its going to be quite cold again for a couple days, too cold to ride probably, and I NEEDED to do this. I have big doubts we will find decent snow tomorrow though we can snowshoe instead. those work even if conditions are nasty. also did my therapy work.
This morning was P30 Lower Body. I ditched the regular dead lifts and added the floor work at the end. Still not back to where I was before I hurt my ribs, but for some of those exercises I never did go as heavy as Cathe. We were originally supposed to get 4-8" of snow overnight, but only got 1-2" and I'm not sad about that. LOL

Valerie that's wonderful that you rode with no issues yesterday! I hope whatever you do today works out as well.

Diane Sue nice job with Step Aerobics with weights. I hope you enjoyed the basketball games. I enjoyed a lot of my boys sports, but by the time Derek graduated I was so burnt out from all the running for baseball (12 years and because of COVID Derek didn't have a senior season) that I'm okay with having a long break before any potential grandkids arrive!

Carolyn I hope you accomplished a lot on your rest day.

Judy great job with yoga and foam rolling.
This morning I did my usual yoga/mobility workout with Jane Adams.

Diane Sue, nice job with CDorner Step Aerobics with Weights. Going to your grandson’s basketball ball game is a great addition to the day.

Judy, great job with yoga and foam rolling.

Cathy, great job with P30 Lower Body. Less snow than was forecasted was probably a good thing.

Valerie, I’m glad that you were able to ride yesterday. I can tell that it made you feel much better.

Have a wonderful day everyone.
Today is my rest day. I just came in from outside and it is cold at 21 degrees right now. The forecast says ice tomorrow and it will be in the teens. It says nothing about snow, just ice now.

Valerie, I am glad out got to get out for a ride yesterday. I hope that today you can get out and do something. It sounds like healing has gone well.

Cathy, I generally do deadlifts with knees bent somewhat and not deep like I used to do. I try to concentrate on the hamstrings and avoiding the back. I used to do them with really heavy weight. More than one day in a week and going deep would leave me having a hard time standing up again till I recovered. Some things are best to be careful of for sure. Last time they said up to 6 inches of snow and it was more like an inch that melted away fast.
My son did track for awhile and it meant I had to take him really early in the morning to another city and get home before my daycare children started arriving when he did practice. He did wrestling as well. My grandchildren have all had things we have went to off and on, but fortunately we aren't the parents so we can just drop in for the events. My daughters were in drama productions and chorus. That is all part of the fun of being parents. I only have three grandchildren that are not adults now. The youngest is playing basketball. The oldest of the three is not into sports. She is more into writing and art. The other has seasonal sports activities. He even plays golf. I think I would find golf extremely boring to watch.

Carolyn, nice that you got in your usual mobility/yoga workout. I thought about it this morning, but it was so cold and just wanted to sit with a cup of hot coffee and read.
Today I did LiTe PHA 2 and 35 minutes of easy Peloton rides. I'm working a 6 hour shift tomorrow, after being off the past 6 days. I'm enjoying having a reduced schedule. I need to keep it this way.

Valerie-I'm so glad you rode yesterday. I hope you were able to get out today too.

Cathy-Great job with P30 Lower Body, I'm glad you didn't get as much snow as predicted.

Carolyn-Great job with your Jane Adams yoga/mobility workout.

Diane Sue-I hope you had a nice rest day. It's about the same temperature here, very cold. I hope you don't get ice tomorrow.
lovely day out today but our ski trip failed. snow level has retreated uphill quite a bit, leaving behind frozen ruts from big trucks in very old snow. we could not drive anywhere near high enough, and it was total ice, not snow. not even worth snowshoeing. we came home, had lunch, went to a local state park on the water and did a 2 hour hike. wasnt busy considering how nice it got today. lots of ducks to look at, spring migration has started. getting cold again tonight, 24 or so, and we want to mt bike tomorrow. need it to warm up a little before we go. anything above 32 is OK.
we are having a landscaping project done. they will finish tomorrow mid day. we need to be here to sign off on it and pay them. that might conflict with us waiting for it to get warmer. on the other hand, if it's very cold they may get here later too, after it warms a little. all their supplies and surfaces will be ice covered.

this is monday morning. only mid 20's. mt biking unlikely , at least not until much later. if it clouds up overnight, it moderates the temps but didn't happen. the landscape crew will have a rough morning. on friday when they left, everything was wet, muddy, 50 degrees. now all solidly frozen in for two days. will make for a hard day. these guys work really hard in some pretty rough conditions. I dont envy them.
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Today was P30 Upper Body. I matched Cathe when she used 3's and 5's and tubing (I use a band) and for the one exercise I matched her in weights, she's all should have gone heavier. LOL Then at the point where I changed the step from flat to incline, Flopsy had been sitting on it and slid off the side putting holes in my mini mat that fits on the step. I should have known to pick her up and move her. Any other cat would have just jumped down, but she's so uncoordinated. Sigh

Diane Sue I hope your ice doesn't happen. Fort Worth may get some freezing rain, ice in the next couple days and I really hope that if they close school like last year, he doesn't feel the need to try and work. School on bad roads in barely a mile, some of the hospitals he works at are a ways out. I can do one legged deadlifts raising my leg with no problem, so I generally sub those in leg workouts, but she does a set up those in that workout, so I do those and skip the regular ones. I can do them most of the time in a back based workout as long as I go lighter than her. The workout killed my hamstrings without them, so it's probably a plus they were skipped.

Judy great job with Lite PHA 2 and the Peloton ride. We don't have ice in our forecast just some "little to no accumulation snow" Hopefully that doesn't change. We are going to have some cold nights though.

Valerie I'm sorry you were able to do what you planned, but it sounds like you had a good hike. It'll be at least a couple weeks yet before we start getting spring migrants. Though things like male red-wing blackbirds can start showing up by mid-February. We have had so many birds in our feeding area lately that I don't even want to know how much money we are spending in seed! Often 100 or more birds at one time.
Good morning. Today I did P30 Low Impact HiiT plus the Extended Stretch. That was 37 minutes and 228 calories burned. My average heart rate was 125 and maximum heart rate was 155.

Diane Sue, good for you taking a rest day. With that kind of cold weather I can see why you just wanted to have a warm drink.

Judy, great job with PHA 2 and the Peloton rides. Having a reduced work schedule is a good thing.

Valerie, your weather doesn’t sound very pleasant either. I hope that your landscape crew is able to work.

Cathy, great job with P30 Upper Body. I rarely match Cathe’s weight choices, especially for biceps and shoulders. I’m good with chest, triceps, and back but I’m prone to injury with the other areas. You are doing good work.

Have a nice day everyone.
I did stacked upper body this morning using reasonably heavy weights, just once thru each of the 3 sections. will make sure no issues after. it felt fine. I used 10's instead of 12, 8 rather than 10. it did not feel hard but I haven't done this in months now. shoulder didn't get a rave review on xray but it seems to work pretty well. my ROM is really good and it doesn't hurt. mostly I'm careful about the wrist, and hope to get back to upper body workouts skipping moves that cause problems.

its lovely out again today after a very cold ( for here) start. hope I can ride the bike again later.
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Today I did Strong Body Stacked Sets Upper Body mix that did all of the exercises and then did them all again. This was 51 minutes for me as I had to pause to look at the workout cards to write in weights and see what was coming next. I think it is supposed to be around 37 minutes. 97 calories burned, heart rate 85/114. I then did Raw Just Step 24 minutes, heart rate 126/147 heart rate, 127 calories, 2,068 steps.
Total time was 75 minutes, 225 calories. I modified a few impact moves in the step workout. I forgot the jacks on and off the step and jumps on to it. Kelly put up a trampoline workout on her Raw channel this morning. I have not looked at it yet though. I woke up to thunder and icy droplets hitting the house. There is ice on the ground and more expected tomorrow. I went out to go to the mailbox and slipped when I stepped off the doorstep. It did not look as slick as it was. When I cam back I walked in the flowerbed to the step.

Stacked Sets Upper Body
dips 32 reps
triceps push ups 12reps
rotating kickbacks 12# dbs 12 reps
close grip bench/flat bench/combo 10# dbs 24 reps
chest flys 10# dbs 8 reps
plyo push ups ( just did kneeling push ups)
dumbbell front squeese and press 8# dbs 12 reps
overhead press 1.5 8# dbs 12 reps
lateral raise 1.5 5# dbs 8 reps
lateral U 5# dbs 8
hip huggers 10# dbs 16 reps
pullover 1.5's 10# dbs 8 reps
double arm dead row 15# dbs 16 reps
hip hinge with back fly 8# dbs 8 reps
biceps curls 12# dbs 8 reps
8 point drop curls 10# dbs 8 reps 8points and 8 reps 8 points
hammer curls 12# dbs 8 reps
reverse curls 10# dbs 8 reps
Repeat all moves

Judy, nice work with PHA2 and the Peloton ride. I did enjoy having a relaxing day.

Valerie, I am sorry your plans for skiing did not work out. I hope your day went well and you got to ride again. It looks like we both chose the same workout today.

Cathy, nice job keeping up with Cathe today on weights and P30 Upper body. I try not to get out my newest mat from Cathe's store when my dog Gertie is in the room. Her big claws leave divits in it. My puzzle mats have claw marks and holes all over them. If I am using my mat and she comes in I push her away off the mat and fold it up smaller. I sometimes think she understands "not on the mat"..

Carolyn, good job getting in P30 Low Impact Hiit and extended stretch this morning.
I did the right thing yesterday by limiting my upper body workout. I am slightly sore everywhere. never did get the ride in yesterday. it didn't get over 35 degrees. possible but not great. I did 20 on the elliptical and my therapy later on. was aiming for 30 min but DH wanted to soak in the hot tub after refilling it so I cut my workout short.
our landscape project got finished. looks very nice, more parking space and looks neater and easier to maintain. our driveway is gravel (many reasons) so this opens up a good turn around spot and added parking. matches the walls we had built in the garden area behind our house. the wooden walls here were also deteriorating.
This morning I did PHA 3, 3 of the 4 segments. That was 51 minutes and 343 calories burned. My average heart rate was 133 and maximum heart rate was 182.

Valerie, great job with Stacked Sets Upper Body, 20 minutes on the elliptical, and your therapy exercises. That’s good that your landscaping project is finished.

Diane Sue, great job with Stacked Sets Upper Body and Raw Just Step. You and Valerie chose the same workout, one of my favorites. I’m glad that you didn’t fall on the ice.

Hello to Cathy and Judy. Have a good day everyone and stay warm.
This morning I did IMAX 4, and then the Bonus Abs 2 and the lying stretch. My legs are still sore from Sunday, and clearly I went high enough with my upper body weights for triceps and biceps yesterday. Nick ended up working last night but he said that it wasn't bad out at all. They were getting worse today, Dallas and north got a lot yesterday. Not sure how it missed Fort Worth. They've already canceled school for tomorrow and I really hope that he can't get on the schedule for tonight, but someone is bound to want out of their shifts. Ugh

Carolyn nice job with P30 Low Impact HiiT, stretch and PHA 3.

Valerie great job with stacked sets upper body along with your PT and elliptical. I'm glad you are pleased with your new landscaping.

Diane Sue sorry to hear you had to deal with the ice. Knock on wood, it's been awhile since we've had an ice storm here. Much as I'm not fond of getting a large snowfall, I'll take it over ice any day! Great job with Strong Body Stacked Sets Upper Body, and Raw Just Step.
Today I did Raw Rebounder #1, 34 minutes, 161 calories, heart rate 119/143, 3,764 steps. I then did CDorner High Intensity Cardio warm up and first tabata grouping, 9 minutes, 42 calories, heart rate 114/131,708 steps. This had too much impact and to the floor. I finished with CDorner relaxing full body stretch 31 minutes, 42 calories, heart rate 75/90. Total time was 74 minutes, 245 calories, Gertie always gets so excited when I get on the rebounder. She kept squeeking her toy and putting it on the rebounder wanting me to throw it. You would think an almost 10 year old dog would not hop around and play like she does. My daughter says she is a lot more active than her two labs that have 10 acres to run in.
Today was LIS Barre minus the weight and core segments. Then I did Jab, Jump and Kick Express. It uses a jump rope, but it's straight jumping and easy enough to do without one. I liked it pretty well and it definitely got my heart rate up.

Diane Sue nice job with the Rebounder workout. I had one a basic one a long time ago, that I would do stuff on while watching TV. When the boys were little it was already showing a lot of wear and tear and wasn't really useful as a rebounder any more and they finished it off playing on it.
did 30 on the elliptical and therapy work yesterday. going on a long walk this morning with neighbors. not sure if we can hike with them or not, just getting to know them. maybe they're in great shape and will put us to shame, or the other way around. they are about our age and have the same camper as we have, which is how we met them.
Today I did 75 minutes of Peloton Rides, 45 minutes hard and the last 30 easy. I worked Monday and yesterday. I don't work again until Sunday. It is cold here and going to get colder. It looks like Friday and Saturday will be the worst then it will warm up a little.

Valerie-Great job with your hike, Stacked Sets Upper Body, and the elliptical and therapy work.

Cathy-Great job with P30 Upper Body, IMAX 4, Bonus Abs 2, LIS Barre and Jab, and Jump and Kick Express. I agree, I'll take snow over ice any day. Ice is the worst.

Carolyn-Great job with P30 Low Impact HiiT plus the Extended Stretch and PHA 3. That's another one I need to do again.

Diane Sue-Great job with Strong Body Stacked Sets Upper Body mix, Raw Just Step, Raw Rebounder #1 and the CDorner workouts. That's interesting that Kelly is doing rebounder workouts now. I don't have enough space for any other equipment but I'm sure it's a great workout.
Well my bars have arrived. I moved them into the garage, but I'm gonna have to strategize getting them in the house and definitely will have to open it upstairs and take it down in pieces. I figured it would be heavy, but it's heavy and a shape that just won't be easy for my short arms to carry.
This morning I did JS 30 Minute Fat Blaster. That was 30 minutes, 230 calories burned, average heart rate 138, and maximum heart rate 178.

Diane Sue, nice job with Raw Rebounder workout, CDORNER Cardio, and CDorner stretch. I’m surprised that Kelly has a rebounder workout, but I guess that’s the beauty of the Raw format. She can try a variety of things.

Cathy, great job with IMAX 4 + Bonus Abs, LIS Turbo Barre, and Jab, Jump, and Kick Express. Anything with a jump rope would be a big “no” for me! Hopefully Nick is still out of the worst of the weather in Texas. That state has really been hit hard.

Valerie, great job with doing 30 minutes on the elliptical and your therapy exercises. I hope that you enjoy walking with your neighbors. It would be nice to have neighbors to hike with you sometimes.

Judy, great job with 75 minutes of Peloton rides. Your current work schedule sounds much better. PHA 3 is my least favorite and doing it yesterday reminded me of the parts that I don’t like. Cathe uses the step top for several of the slide lunges and cross back lunges. I had to modify and do those on the floor.

Have a wonderful day everyone.
Today I did CDorner #267B Intermediate Step Aerobics at Home which is the second version of the basic she did Monday. The Advanced version will be Saturday. This was 41 minutes, heart rate 115/141, 171 calories, 3099 steps. I then did Raw 5 Strong which is the new one she put up, 36 minutes, 122 calories, heart rate 104/126, 96 steps. Since Raw Strong did not have a stretch, I did the Stretch finisher and added the standing portion of Athletic Stretch 2, 11:49 minutes, heart rate 82/96, 19 calories. Total time was 88 minutes, 312 calories, 3,195 steps.
Coffey Fit Raw 5 Strong
Uses a barbell, Kettlebell, and can use dumbbells There are 3 rounds of all moves and no stretch
Kelly uses a 55# barbell, a 33# barbell, and a 30# kettlebell and a bench 10 reps all moves

warm up
Deadlift Kelly 55# me 45#
Barbell curls Kelly 33# barbell me 35#, 30#, 30# (35 I was feeling a bit in my shoulders so dropped)
kettlebell Bulgarian split squat with bench Kelly used 30# I used 20#
single arm kettlebell row using bench kelly used 30# I used 20#
clean from hip/squat Kelly uses 33# I use 35# and dropped to 30# the second 2 rounds

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