Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 1/21


Valerie, I like the yoga-inspired Abs, Pilates-inspired Abs, and No Equipment Abs from the Abs Circuits dvd. I also like the abs from Kick, Punch and Crunch. That one uses the stability ball.


Carolyn I tried the "no equipment" one and was so-so about it. I have KPC so will look. I don't remember the other abs from ab circuits. but will re-look

I like HR but I can't see a way to get to "abs" except to scroll thru the entire chapter listt. silly complaint but it is easy to click wrong and have to start over .

thanks that gives me a start.
I did Cardio supersets and abs from HR today. about an hour total.
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Valerie, I like to switch up abs a lot. I like Ice bonus abs 2, Ripped with Hiit Bonus abs 1, STS Ab Circuits stability ball, and med ball abs. Pyramid stability ball abs on the end of Pyramid upper body. The Abs Hits one that Judy mentioned probably has the Pyramid on it. It is the only Cathe dvd I still have nor purchased.


thank you... that's a great start. I have KPC, ab circuits, and xtrain series so I will start with that. don't have Pyramid or the KCM one so will start with what I have. I don't want to do only one, want to mix it up. I've been doing core several times a week. I could go back to Coremax too but afraid I did it too often


Deb, maybe I move my feet more with Kellys kettlebell kickbox. I do try to move extra. I am always surprised at steps forcsome workouts like abs. The Fit Bit is pretty much guaranteed to be lower on workouts. It is never higher. The timesaver shred cardio mix is 16:23 minutes and the first 6 combos.
Good luck with Kylee.

Janet, getting things prepared in advance really helps. I liked using my Polar Bluetooth tracker with the Polar app, but it would lose its tracking and go to 0 or have me at 228 or some other high number at times. I gotvtired of dealing with it an Polar. Itvtakes them weeks to respond.
I'm sorry you had a bad experience with Polar - I know some people with their support team if you ever have problems with one of their units in the future. Polar products are getting better over the recent years. I have their new H10 Bluetooth HRM chest strap and it seems to be much more accurate than their older H7 chest strap. The life span of the older model chest straps tend to be about 2 years of continuous use in my experience. I feel necked when I workout without monitoring! LOL weird addiction.

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