Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 1/21


Good evening ladies,

This morning was cardio leg blast. I only used 2 risers and that was plenty for me. Been ages since I did this one and enjoyed it. This was my only workout. My legs are tired and feeling this workout. So far I like this rotation.

It was so icy here this morning. The roads were horrible. I had my son drive me in. One of the advantages of working with him. :)

Deb...I can’t remember that Low Impact. Once I see it for a second it will immediately come back to me.

Diane Sue...yes hope your hip is better. I chuckled with your surprises in the freezer. :). Mixed cardio is up for me tomorrow and I plan to use the rebounder for the hi impact. This will mix it up for me and will make it fun. I just love my rebounder! I saw on VF that rebounding is trending in 2018. I thought to myself well I must be a trendsetter then because I am a year and a half ahead! Lol!

Carolyn...great you use the new tv for your workouts. I bet you love it. We are like your brother with tvs. We have one in every room even our bathroom. And then we have the projector and the 120inch screen. It is really out of control at our house. The projector does make watching the superbowl amazing! Our friends will be over for sure. amazes me one day you mountain bike then the next you are cross country skiiing (or at least tried too). I love the variety in your activity. I love fresh basil. My company has a pizza with fresh basil and it is my favorite.

Judy...amazing ride! You girls always make me want to be consistant with yoga. Muscle Endurance is a great one. I think she did a live version too? Nilla is my baby and we have been so consistent with her meds and her health care. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hi to Janet and Melanie!


Today I did Fit Split Timesaver #1 mixed impact cardio, 30 minutes, 197 calories, heart rate 134 average, max 165. I used the rebounder for some of the moves again adding a few extra jumps between some exercises. I then did the bonus abs, 12 minutes, 53 calories. I finished off with another Sarah Beth youtube yoga. I thought I was doing a 10 minutes one and I had accidentally clicked on the restorative 20 minute one. It was a nice one though. I remember doing this one. She uses a bolster and it felt nice :) This was 33 calories. Total time was 62 minutes and calories 283. I needed to get things done and am baking cookies right now for family dinner tomorrow night. My son in law and grandson came over for a little while today when he picked him up for school. :) I baked some chicken tenders from Sprouts to use on my salad tonight and it had so many little tough spots in it :( I kept picking stuff out of it. I ended up chopping the rest up and I think what I have left will have to go in soup.

Carolyn, those down and up moves are hard on the back and knees. I remember doing the Low Impact floor cardio and gliding discs from X Train when recovering from my knee surgery and I had a rough time on the down switch legs and back up move. I am always pausing or accidentally stopping my FitBit and forgetting to restart. Gertie is always telling me she needs out in the middle of a workout and sometimes I don't bother to pause when I run downstairs because I know I might forget to restart it. She has this persistence and right in my face thing going on when it is imperative that she goes out. She beats me to the door. I try to send her out before I start so it won't happen so often.

Valerie, it bothers me when I have these newer technology items and do not take advantage of all of the things they do. I managed to set my dvd player and smart tv up in my workout room with the internet, but from there, unless it is YouTube, Amazon, Netflix, or Directv now I don't know what to do with all of the other stuff. My new 3D blu ray player I purchased because the TV is 3D. I have never tried it out. I have some glasses here. I have no clue how it works. I think the children would enjoy it more than me. My husband hates 3D movies. He says it gives him a headache. I never figured out that stuff on the 60 inch TV and blu ray downstairs. We have had it for 6 years now.
I would be worried about places where the roads were not marked and getting lost. I get turned around in strange places and prefer the familiar. I guess a sharpie would work. I write on freezer bags with one. I have had it wash off of things even though they say they are permanent. I put a container to thaw for lunch tomorrow. I think it might be the butter chicken :) I am not sure though. My daughter pulled up her basil saying it kept growing like weeds. She bought me a lot roots and all. I tried planting some but it did not work. I washed, dried and froze it. I pull out a little when I want it. It turned a little dark like wilted would, but it tastes fine. I wouldn't use it for decoration though :) She gave me dill too and I froze that as well. I used a little of that last night on my salmon.

Judy, all of that yoga sounds nice. On Sarah Beth yoga she said on the one today that if your low back is bothering you to do the figure four stretch on your back. She says that is better than the pidgeon . She really held the poses quite while on this one and the one I did yesterday. It helped a lot. I have been choosing a lot for sciatica and some scoliosis which are good for the area that is bothering me. She does have a lot for tight hips and back issues. Muscle Endurance is one that I have not done in a very long time.

Lori, that is amazing that Nilla has done so well and for so long with all of those health problems. You have taken good care of her. My brother lost his Chihuahua a few months ago. She was 19 years old. She was such a tiny puppy. I think they called her a teacup ? You must be a trendsetter :) I know I am seeing a lot more rebounding out there now. I started when the Urban Rebounding Extreme came out and Amy Bento was one of the reasons I purchased it. That is when I fell in love with rebounding. It is definitely more of a workout than I thought it would before I started. I think the ones with the bungee cords have helped bring a new light on them. I am liking doing more yoga again.


Good morning,

Yesterday I did Ripped With/HIIT Back Biceps & Shoulders. 53 minutes, 223 calories. This is a tough workout but really good.

Diane Sue, I really like the Low Impact Hiit that uses the's #2. Yes, I don't think I will ever go back to the original of that workout....Lori's is great. I need the good fats to feel full. I tape small post-it notes to the freezer containers...easy to rip off when done and use again. I freeze herbs too, but forget they are in there.

Carolyn, great to have someone in the family that is tech savvy. Those squat thrusts, mountain climbers and all those up and down moves are killer for me. I use a high step, or even the bar from the Tower and go to the bar, instead of to the floor. I feel like I am getting enough from that, without the risk for hips, etc.

Valerie, we have a regular DVD player too...never had Blu ray. That's too bad about the x-country skiing not working out but good that you found a new place for mountain biking. I do have some fresh herbs in the freezer that I froze this past summer. I think they would still be good.

Judy, great that the yoga helps your back. The weight work is good in R/W/HIIT. The Low Impact cardio are a good change. Like I mentioned, #2 with the DB is fun. A nice change. I will sub anything I am not fond of with a Live workout.

Lori, I forgot that your son works at the same place....that is convenient when you don't want to drive. :). You are definitely a trend setter with that rebounder.

Hi to Janet & Melanie,

Take care,


Please forgive me for doing a drive by post!!

I want to check in quickly to say that I am working through my new schedule, which includes morning workout + get out of the house on time with food for the day. LOL This includes a get into bed on time plan. I am making it happen, but I'm finding that I don't have a lot of spare time now that I'm being more disciplined and keeping .

I want to thank everyone here and let each one of you know that I read your posts when I have spare moments in my day, I'm just not able to respond the way that I would like right now. Thank you all for the inspiration and the motivation.

As far as the ICE workouts, I am killing the cardio portions of the workouts (cardio queen) and literally falling on my face during the push up and plank parts of Cathe's workouts. I really need to increase my upper body strength. I'm hoping the Fit Tower will help me improve in those area.

Linus is doing MUCH better, he's eating and seems to be well regulated on the lower dose of insulin.

My son and I car pool, so he's a little annoyed with us leaving the house earlier but we will all adjust soon.

I'm so grateful that you all are here!!

xoxo - Janet
I did the ICE Chiseled Upper Body today

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Deb, that is my favorite of the two Ripped With Hiit Low Impact workouts too. I think it is a lot of fun. I will have to try the post its. I am sure they make something specially for that, but I am guessing it comes with an inflated price.

Janet, soon your new schedule will become habit. Just keep it up :) I am working on getting to bed earlier. I actually get more hours of sleep because it is dark longer. As soon as daylight starts peaking around the edges of my blocker curtains I am wide awake. I am a light sleeper. Nice work on Ice :)


Deb I also freeze some herbs. parsley is one. I buy a bunch rinse, shake, wrap in a paper towel then plastic bag. I chop off what I need frozen and stick it back in. I do the same process with basil and cilantro. neither is as good as fresh, but better than dry. I got tired of buying, using a few leaves and then it going bad in the frig. I do the same with orange, lemon, lime zest. the hardest part is storing tiny things where you can find them. I juice a whole Costco bag of limes at once, freeze in ice cubes. pop out into a zip lock. I have lime juice for a year. It works great. I love lime flavor. usually you need a small spoonful. you can easily cut the cubes with a knife. each cube is about 2 TB. citrus juice takes longer to freeze and doesn't freeze as hard as water.
I've used different types of tape on packages. write on tape, then stick to package. that works OK too but mostly I write on the foil or plastic freezer container directly.

some years there is loads of good snow down low, other years not so much. this has not been a good year, but then we can usually bike more so it works out.

I took yesterday off. we are in a wet pattern for several days so indoor workouts for me. not until this afternoon today.
we have given up on my old computer. DH worked with Microsoft a long time and they can't get it to work right. at one point they said they would give us win 10 free, but the call back didn't happen. enough time wasted! will buy a new tower with Win 10 on it. not spending $120 on an old tower when a brand new basic one is about $500.


Today's workout was Fit Split Kickbox Bootcamp/Legs & Glutes, 60 minutes, average heart rate 120, max heart rate 160, 378 calories, 3,787 steps. This came out to a met value of 5.9 for the calorie burn. Workout manager has it at 8.5 met 544 calories :0 I try to pay attention to met values because it helps with my own calorie burn and how to adjust the met values. I used the calorie burn between Map My Fitness and Calories burned which were really only a few calories from each other, because my Fit Bit gave me 257 calories for that 1 hour workout which is way low. If I used that I would be close to the yoga met values. It kind of irritates me. I may start pulling out a Polar device and check.
Weights today I lowered the deadlifts from 30 to 25 and the crossback from the 15 I did the last two times to 12's.
weights step is high step with 3 risers
deadlift 25#dbs 12 reps
squats 30# dbs 12 reps
rear lunge off the step 15# dbs hard to count with all of the pulses and single lifts
forward diagonal lunge 15# dbs 16 reps
push dips off the step 15# dbs 13 reps and 3 sets of 7 pulses ??
deadlift 25# dbs 12 reps
cross back slide lunge 12# dbs 7,7,3,3,3,3, 15 pulses
slide side lunge 15# db
elevated lunges 15# dbs lots of pulses didn't count them
single leg deadlifts 20# db

Valerie, I have frozen lemon juice in cubes for years. My mother used to get lots of lemons from my great aunts orchard and freeze the juice for lemonade. I have done that with various things. I keep freezer bags of frozen ginger, lemon zest, basil, dill, jalapeno, whatever I can. I even have some ginger that I grated extra of in a container. I put it is small ones so I can put it in the pockets in the side of the freezer door in the kitchen for easy access. The rest I keep in the garage freezer.


Today I did Shred Cardio only. That was 29 minutes,224 calories, average heart heart 131 and maximum heart rate 157.

Deb, great workout with the RWH strength. I like the strength workouts in that series. I am very fortunate to have wonderful siblings. Both of my brothers that live here in the metro area are very supportive.

Valerie, that’s a great idea for freezing lime juice. I hadn’t thought of doing that. I did that a couple of months back with a can of coconut milk. That’s something that I use a small amount of then I have most of the can left. Freezing it in an ice cube tray then moving to a ziplock bag has been great. I agree with Lori, you are amazing with your outside activities.

Lori, good job with X Train and Fit Split. I love Cardio Leg Blast. That 120” screen sounds great. I know my brother and my husband would love that.

Diane Sue, the Sarah Beth Yoga seems like a good one. I have seen her mentioned a few times and have looked at a couple of them on Youtube but haven’t done them. Do you subscribe to her channel?

Janet, your new schedule will become easier. I am a morning person so getting my workout done early feels natural to me. But getting up earlier to do it before work was a gradual change. I quickly learned that if I didn’t do it before work it wasn’t going to happen. I did cardio only for many years, but now I love a good strength workout. Push ups and planks take time to build up your endurance. I still do some pushups on my knees occasionally.

Judy, good job with your yoga workout. Sometimes it easy to go for a longer session when it feels right.

Hi to Melanie. Have a wonderful day everyone.


Carolyn, nice work on Shred today. I wish my brothers were closer. They are in Nebraska. I had not thought of freezing the canned coconut milk. I have a partial can in a container in the refrigerator right now after using it for the butter chicken recipe. So it works fine after thawing ? I was looking for some good yoga/ stretches and came across Sarah Beth after trying multiple ones. I return to her often and I did subscribe to her channel. For awhile I did some every night before bed. She has a week long series that is only around 15 minutes a day which works out nice. I've watched some of her talks on there as well.


Diane Sue, yes the coconut milk is fine after thawing. I have used it in hot dishes without thawing, just threw in two cubes and let them thaw in the dish. I used some today in a sauce and I thawed a few seconds in microwave then stirred it to finish the thawing before adding to my sauce. It was a tip from the NGs.


Good evening ladies!

This morning was FS Mixed Cardio and Pull Day. I did the mixed cardio completely on my rebounder and loved it. I needed to improvise with some of the moves ( anything lateral I did split jacks and when she walks forward with a kind of hop I did hamstring curls) I really enjoyed it. I only did 2 sets of each with the Pull Day. I started a little late with my workout so needed to shorten a bit. Later today, I made a premix of the Pull and Push workouts and took out the 3rd set - so in the furture I have it ready should I be short on time. Total time this morning was 50 mins / 310 cal. Tonight I did a 20 min Bellicon Bounce.

Diane Sue...I do the same thing and add in extra bounces when I can. You have been rebounding for a while! I actually started in the mid 80’s to early 90’s. I had a cheap rebounder but I loved it. When we moved I ended up leaving it behind as I lost interest in it. It was when SB started using one that peaked my interest and this time around I am loving it. I had no workouts back in the 80s and I just free-styled. I wonder why the fitbit calculated it so low? That would bother me too.

Deb...nice job with the RWH workout. All the workouts in this series are tough. You are inspiring me to try them out again. Tomorrow’s live workout is a FitTower one! I love all her live FT! like I said before looks like I will never cancel! :). Yes very convenient to be able to carpool with my son. When he ever moves out told him on snowy days he needs to come and pick me up!

Janet...We are so layed back here. Post when you want. No pressure!!! I did not always workout in the morning and had to adjust. Plus I need to get up even earlier just to wake up with a cup of coffee. I need 30 mins to feel ready for a workout. I know that is nuts but it is the only way for me. I can’t hop out of bed and workout. I can’t give it my all. I have been doing it for a while now and I enjoy it. I do pushups on my knees. Always have and always will. I do not feel guilty. I hate planks but do them when they come up.

Valerie...I agree...cut your loss and move on with a new computer. You can get one reasonably priced now a days. Hopefully the sun comes out soon so you can get outside.

Carolyn...I am enjoying this rotation. Tomorrow is Tabatacise and I am looking forward to it. I still have not done Cardio Shred. It must be coming up soon. I was like you and did pretty much only did cardio. I started appreciating weights in 2009 when my son and I decided on a whim to do P90x. Before that I never used them. Funny though since 1994 I bought every Cathe dvd she came out with thinking some day I would do her weight workouts!

Hi to Judy and Melanie!


Carolyn, I will definitely be doing that with my coconut milk from now on.

Lori, there is a two sets and one set premix for the pull and for the push workouts, but not both together on the dvds. I have done the push and pull combined one with all of the sets. I don't think I would have loved the rebounder as much if I hadn't first started with the URX-MT workouts. They gave me lots of insight on ways to use it with other types of workouts. Nice work today. I know I got on it for some of the moves and made up a bit. I kind of enjoy the lateral stuff on the floor though. I don't know what is up with the Fit Bit. Maybe it is because I have had it for 18 months ?? It has always been low, but now it is extremely low and I know it is not correct. I set out the rebounder last time I did Shred, but just couldn't find much that could be done on the rebounder without changing it to a whole different workout. It has too many moves on and off the step and jumping across it or onto it. I am not spending a lot of time jumping off and on the rebounder that fast. I used to set out my workout clothes at night, set out my equipment and get up at 4:30 in the morning and start right in to the workouts to get done and showered before the work day. No time for coffee or anything. I don't think it is supposed to be good for a person to go straight from sleep to cardio, but I did it.


Good morning,

Yesterday I did FS Boxing Bootcamp Legs & Glutes, the leg only premix. 39 minutes, 209 calories.

Janet, glad Linus is doing better. It is tough getting into the swing of working out before going to work, but once you have it, it is really great. I know that if I had not done that when I was working, I would rarely have done a workout during the week. The unpredictable hours of when I would get home would just kill any desire to do an evening workout.

Diane Sue, the Post Its are good because they can be removed when used on a container of some kind. I used to get up at 4:30 am and do exactly what you described you were doing. The only thing I did so that I had some energy was drink 2 STOK shots. It was the only way I could move to do the workout..LOL...

Valerie, you must have some type of electronic juicer to be able to do a whole bag of limes at a time! That's a good idea to freeze into ice cubes, nice even if you want ice water with lemon/line juice. I found that getting the marker writing off of a plastic container was too hard, so went to Post Its. Good decision to just get the new computer. I think you will be much happier.

Carolyn, I have tossed so many open cans of coconut milk because I don't use it frequently enough. I also read that NG tip on freezing, but keep forgetting to do it! Duh...

Lori, great job on using the rebounder for the cardio portion of the workout! I was looking for today's Live workout last night. It has not been posted yet. Another Fit Tower one....nice! It that the second or third one? Funny how we are all different with what we like to do for exercise etc. I shy away from anything Plyo, and believer I sold those and the Tabatacise ones on Ebay. :).

Hi to Judy, and Melanie,

Take care,


Hi Everyone,

Chris and I are fighting a virus. We both felt horrible yesterday, with body aches, chills & a headache. I feel a little better today but Chris is still congested and sounds terrible. So many people are sick around here. It's hard to avoid it. I did Yoga Relax yesterday. I didn't really feel like doing much else.

Deb-Great job with the FS/RWH workout! I used to get up at 4:30 when I was going to the gym before work. Those STOK shots look good. I might order some to try.

Lori-I haven't tried the Live version of Muscle Endurance. I'll have to look that one up. She's doing a Fit Tower workout today. I may watch it and then do it later or tomorrow.

Janet-Great job with the ICE workouts! I'm so glad that Linus is doing better! When I first started getting up at 4:30 to work out it took me a week or two to adjust. The first week I'm not even sure I worked out, lol! It was all I could do to get to the gym that early. It got easier then I looked forward to it.

Valerie- That sounds like a good idea to just get a new computer. I think you will enjoy it.

Diane Sue-that is irritating about the Fitbit calories. I'll have to see what mine says. I use a Garmin for most of my workouts and it seems to be the most accurate with calorie readings. I think Polar is similar.

Carolyn-I scheduled a massage for next Wednesday. Hopefully I can get back into the habit of going every 4-6 weeks again.

Hi to Melanie!



Deb, I am going to buy some post its. The small postits I had in mybworkout room for notes on workouts got used by my grand children one day. I ended up with notes saying Jesus, and love, heaven, and forgive , etc all over my wall. I left them there for a long time because I thought it was kind of special. The spelling was funny. When we painted I had to take them down. Those shots would have been good back then. I went through a time where I was using Redline in the mornings back then. Did you use the Polar for your heart rate with FS Boxing Botcamp yesterday?

Judy, I hope the virus is a short one. Yoga would probably be the best thing. I got over the last virus using oil of oregano capsules. Right now in the middle of winter, we have had cedar and evergreen pollen. The winds make it bad. It was odd when I started noticing the symptoms and checked online and saw that was my problem. Then they started talking about it on the news. It has been miserable with the coughing. I keep checking what you other ladies are getting on the same workouts as I am doing to see if it is my watch.


I've done that with coconut milk too. such a waste to use a 1/4 cup from a full can and then forget in the frig.

Janet I have worked my way back into pushups after a shoulder injury. I've done them mostly on my knees but now doing some toe ones. I sometimes use a step so I don't go all the way to the floor. I feel like they are all similar but different exercises, and I get a bigger ROM with knee pushup because I go down further because they aren't as hard. I mix them up.

Carolyn, if you have costco, they have big bags of limes much of the year. Deb, I have a juicer attachment add-on to my Cuisinart. we do the whole bag at once. It's a small old Cuisinart ( 3 cup) with a special citrus attachment. not worth getting it out for one or two limes , but perfect for a bag of 25. I zest a few of them and freeze that separately. it is quite a mess and takes a while. the cubes take a long time to freeze and like to stick to the trays. it's a once a year job, but then you are done. nice having premeasured frozen juice ready to go.

I freeze tomato paste, right in the can with a baggie or plastic wrap over. got tired of wasting half the can. it doesn't freeze that solidly. so you can scrape some out when you need a tablespoon.

I did Low impact sweat and core 2. only the first cardio part. we bought a new tower yesterday. my screen didn't need replacing. DH and I worked together to transfer all my favorites to the new one. so much easier when one person reads and the other types. Yes, glad I did it. I would have been fine staying with the older tower but made no sense to spend $120 on a 6 yo system. Microsoft never got back to us about the free upgrade. I got a new one for a little over $400.

Judy you two get hit by viruses more than you should! so hard to avoid when they are everywhere! I'm diligent about using hand sanitizer after touching public surfaces things like the card swiper, pen, counters, cart handles etc. I sanitize my hands as soon as I get back to the car. it's a habit now. don't touch any part of your face until hands are sanitized. it has made an remarkable difference in how many head colds we pick up.


Today I started with Kelly's Build and Burn Kickbox and Kettlebell , 27 minutes, 144 calories, heart rate heart rate 129 average, 159 max, 1,4775 steps. I then did Fit Split Push, 37 minutes, heart rate 104 average, 168 max ?? , 146 calories, 739 steps. I followed this with Kelly's Body Design weighted kickbox, 12 minutes, heart rate average 133, max 163, 68 calories, 1,098 steps and the yoga segment, 13 minutes, 68 calories. Workout was 89 minutes, 404 calories.
Bench Press 20# dbs x 10,8,8 reps superset with chest flys 15# dbs 10,8,8 reps
Knee tap push ups bodyweight 10,8 reps
plyo push ups 20 reps (10 wide 10 close)
alternating close grip bench press 20# x 16 , 12,8 reps superset with lying extension 35# barbell 10, 8,8 reps
dips 35# barbell 32 reps
shoulder press 30# barbell 10,8,8 reps superset with goal post 15# dbs 10,8,8 reps
front squat 35# barbell 12,12,12 reps superset with high tight ( I used the fit tower instead of the step) 64 reps at 4 sets of 16 reps of lower and shallow
calf raises 25# dbs 48 reps

Valerie, I guess the can would do. I read the tip in one of my cookbooks that I make a recipe from that calls for 2 Tablespoons of Tomato paste that I can freeze it. They suggested in cubes. I rarely use a whole can at once. I tried to update my windows 7 laptop yesterday because I realized it has not updated for several months. It couldn't look for updates and recommended I try restarting. I did this 3 times and gave up. I am using it now and it works, but I imagine after awhile things will go wrong if I can't update. Wonder if it is microsofts scheme to sell more.


DH did a similar update with Microsoft on his win 7 system two weeks ago. it worked, done remotely by Microsoft. now getting regular updates.
Mine we thought would do the same thing, but it would not upgrade to a usable form of win 7. It would not open most things and security alerts popping up everywhere. we spent enough hours on the phone going nowhere. one person said we could upgrade to win 10 free, but we were unable to connect to do that. the guy we talked to was waffling, and then didn't call us back. that was enough hours invested.
Apple only keeps their products going for 4-5 yrs and then they stop updating too, so microsoft is actually a little better that way. I think apple has had fewer security threats.
Win 7 has not been running well lately. I don't know if it's ploy to increase sales?. with all the new weird security risks that pop up, it's not surprising that eventually old systems won't run right. we had an old win7 laptop that quit upgrading. we used it to play dvd's when traveling but it finally would not hold a charge long enough. I think the days of buying a product and having it run for 20 years are definitely gone.

you can buy tomato paste in squeeze tubes that work well if you only use a little squirt at a time. I stick the lid on, rubber band plastic wrap over, and stick in the freezer. works fine for me. easy to find too.


My workout today was Fit Split Pull Day and Bonus Abs. Pull Day was 40 minutes and 191 calories burned. Average heart rate was 114 and maximum heart rate 152. Bonus Abs was 12 minutes, 35 calories average heart rate 98 and maximum heart rate 123. I am sticking with Bonus Abs because it works my abs in a different way and I like the way that it feels afterwards :). I am better with it but I am still modifying some moves like crab kicks by keeping my hands on the floor.

Valerie, I freeze tomato paste too for the same reason. I spoon it out in 1 TBSP drops and put it on a small cookie sheet. After it freezes I put it in a container or a ziplock bag and it’s ready to go.

Judy, I hope you feel better soon. It’s best to take it easy for a day or two. Valerie is right, germs are everywhere these days. I am constantly washing my hands and reminding my husband to do the same.

Diane Sue, great workout today as always.

Waving hello to Lori, Deb, Janet, and Melanie. I hope everyone has a wonderful day.


Valerie,I don't do a lot with my Windows 7 laptop. I use Cathe on it and some fitness stuff and print out work sheets from upstairs. It is the one that has my main itunes account on it. I don't use that one very much other than to go back and get music that I want to burn. It does not have hdmi so not good for streaming. I didn't realize that till I go the Cathe live for awhile. I went through my anti virus and updated a couple of outdated programs. That is all I have figured out. I Just don't have time for that right now. I didn't know that they sold little baggies of tomato paste. I keep seeing more items that would normally be in cans, in bags. Bags and cartons are taking place of cans.

Carolyn, I am getting better with the Fit Split bonus abs too. I can get through all of it now, but it is still tough. Your heart rate is more what the Polar Bluetooth gave me. I wore it today and the Fitbit. It is so odd the differences in these devices. I used the Fit Bit. Fit Bit seems to give lower calorie burns and higher heart rates. I wondered though with using two bluetooth devices at the same time might conflict. Fit Bit app will not be able to find my tracker at times when I have both the cell phone and the tablet in the same room. I will try a Polar watch next time.

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