Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 1/08/2023

I did Cathe Intensity Step Only mix, 36 minutes, heart rate 125/158, 178 calories, 3,199 steps. I got a message that my groceries were on the way so went ahead and did (ntensity Low Impact Hiit 10 minutes(till order arrived) 51 calories, heart rate 122/153. I forgot about the low impact mix and I used that a lot after my knee surgery when recovering. I did not have as many low impact workouts available then, but used low impact portions from different Cathe workouts. This was 46 minutes, 229 calories, and 4,437 steps which including hauling groceries in and putting away. I forget to recheck the steps till I went back in the workout room. I could have used a stretch as I am sore today from yesterday. Tomorrow will be rushed to as I have an appointment to go get my Real ID done. I did well with heart rate today but did lower some of the impact and modify. No flying jacks and modified those jumps at the end. Flying jacks aggravates my knees when I land and I do better just doing jumps without the jack part. Not so high as Cathe either.

It was late last night when I posted, but did read the posts. I ended up late trying to get together my Walmart order so I could put it out this morning. I needed to get things for my cooking for Sunday and cake making. I got all the items, but a couple of substitutions that I missed the opportunity to do it on some. I had ordered some Organic cream for scalloped potatoes and when I opened up their bags they gave me a quart of Walmart Whipping cream. I am not happy with that one and the smaller carton was all that I needed. Also I guess they were out of the bagged grapes so they gave me 3 small containers like they sell in the deli area. At least I got some. I have egg overload here and am glad they keep a long time. I did not know I had a carton of free-range eggs in the garage and they subbed two cartons for the 18 pack that they did not have. I will be using some for baking though. With the talk about egg shortages at least I know I have nothing to worry about at the moment.

Valerie, you are wise to avoid pressure on the wrists for a little bit. My left wrist joint hurts a lot and stings sometimes. Too long holding planks and push ups will set it off. Yesterday when I did my stretch/mobility Chris had some stuff in plank with hands on the chair and moving through stuff. I finally did it on my knuckles. I have seen Kelly do that at times to relieve her wrists. I know it is my arthritis and that hand has more obvious shape changes. I know I felt so good almost right away after the carpal tunnel surgery. It is definitely worth it.

Carolyn, hope the medical appointments went well. I will probably be doing that in April as I noticed I have made a lot of appointments around that time hoping to get passed winter and be before chances of Bad spring weather. I do not like the tornados and stormy weather. I am glad you got back before they hit.

Cathy, watch those ribs. I have been researching costochondritis and injuries or blows can cause it. I am still thinking my rib pain that comes off and on is that and started after surgery. It started in the sternum area and moved around the left side and up under the breasts. Once in awhile I feel it somewhat on the left. It subsides if I watch sleeping position and avoid very many chest and ab workouts. When I see my doctor in April I will probably bring it up if it keeps it up. There is not a lot that they do for it from what I read. It is not related to heart as I read that they usually rule that out first. I do not have those symptoms
and blood pressure is good. Have a safe trip.

Judy, nice work getting the Peloton ride in.
Well the weather people were really off on their prediction for today. Even when I got up this morning my apps were saying rain for a good portion of my driving time. Nothing on the way there except some really light snow when we got to Cadillac. Then I ran into mist about 40 minutes from home. So it all went very smoothly except for google wanting me to come back through Grand Rapids instead of Lansing. I had to stop twice in parking lots in Cadillac before it finally did what I wanted. Hopefully their drive the rest of the way to NMU goes as smoothly tomorrow. Hoping to do a cardio workout in the morning and then I'm going to my parents.

Carolyn I hope your weather people were wrong about how severe your weather would be too!

Valerie great to hear that your wrist is doing so well.

Diane Sue great job with Raw Upper Body Strength.
Cathy, unfortunately our meteorologists were spot on with the forecast. We had an afternoon of storms and we spent some time in our safe place when a tornado was in our area. We do not have damage, but some places close to us were hit either by straight line winds or a tornado. Not a fun day.
Carolyn I am so sorry you had to spend a day like that. when I lived in wisconsin we had many tornado warning days, and nights. I hated that so much I moved far away. other reasons to move too, but that was a factor. I did not want to live anywhere tornados were a problem. we have other things here that are concerning, like earthquakes, but I can live with that threat. not so with tornados.

I did light weights today along with therapy exercises. not overdoing it!
Carolyn, I'm sorry about the weather you had yesterday. That does not sound like a good day at all. When I lived in Iowa and Illinois we had tornado warnings and storm sirens going off on a regular basis.
Today I did P30 Perfect Pump Upper Body for 38 minutes and 140 calories burned. My average heart rate was 108 and maximum heart rate was 137. There is quite a bit of damage from the storms in towns not far from here. Today it’s cold again.

Have a wonderful day everyone.
Wednesday I went to the gym with Chris and did a total body circuit, about 45 minutes total. Yesterday I worked a 4 hour shift and did quite a bit of house work when I got home. Even though I didn't actually do a workout yesterday I felt like I did. Today I did PHA 2 and 10 minutes of ab work.

Carolyn-Great job with Perfect Pump Upper Body. I'm glad you didn't have any damage from the storms.

Valerie-Great job with the light weights and therapy exercises.

Cathy-I'm glad your trip went smoothly. It's very cold again here today. The temperature dropped dramatically overnight.

Diane Sue-Great job with Cathe Intensity Step Only mix and Low Impact HiiT.
Went to my parents today. Derek and his GF are now back at college. I'll probably go up some time in March, but he won't be home again till May as they are flying out to Phoenix over spring break to visit her Aunt and of course, go to the Phoenix Zoo. This morning I quick threw together a Low Impact workout that's about a half hour long. Turned out to be a decent workout.

Carolyn I'm sorry you had to deal with severe weather in your area. Great job with P30 Perfect Pump Upper Body.

Valerie I'm the reverse I'll take the tornado risk here over potential earthquake any day. While we do occasionally get a big tornado in Michigan, we've gone a couple years without a warning in my area. My problem is getting DH to actually cooperate when we have a warning. It's not even like it's a hardship to go to our basement as it's a finished living area.

Judy nice job with the gym workout, PHA 2 and abs. Yeah it has gotten noticeably colder. Though it's going to warm up a bit again and by Tuesday it's supposed to be mid 40's with rain. Definitely not typical winter weather.
Today I did CDorner To the Beat All Standing Cardio, 31 minutes, 129 calories, 3,676 steps, 112/129 heart rate. Chris caller this a workout for getting moving and recovery. There is some jacks and a few moves that had some impact with non-impact options which I went for most of the time. I think I pushed a bit too much yesterday and the impact. This was a fun workout and Chris does things like swifter like moving the duster, and the old wax on wax off etc.. I then did CDorner 15 Minute Intense Core and Abs no crunches, 18 minutes, 47 calories, heart rate 89/107, 41 steps. I finished with her newest stretch after step, 17 minutes, 34 calories, heart rate 83/107, 210 calories. Total time was 66 minutes, 210 calories, 3,710 steps.
No Crunch Abs (no neck issues with this one)
45 sec each move
bird dog
forearm plank
bear with a knee tap with hand
lying on back right hand press on bent knee while raising and lowering oposite leg
repeat on other side
forearm side plank arm behind head
side plank on other side
kneeling on left knee right leg extended side bend
repeat on other side
forearm plank body saw
lying face down head resting on hands lift off the floor (low back)
fore arms or on hands plank leg lift and across

I need to get started on baking and prep work for Sunday. I do not want to be making enchiladas and cakes that will leave me in the kitchen all day tomorrow.

Carolyn, I am sorry you had to stay in your safe place when the storms hit. Those things are always worrisome, and I have seen plenty of damage a few times.
This morning I did JS Core Control which is a cardio workout that includes standing pilates for core emphasis. That was 32 minutes and 181 calories burned. My average heart rate was 121 and maximum heart rate was 151. I had my investment club meeting today.

Judy, nice job with the total body circuit at the gym, PHA 2, and Ab work.

Cathy, great job with your low impact workout. It’s nice that Derek and his girlfriend can travel part of the way back to school together. That takes some of the pressure off of you.

Diane Sue, great job with CDorner All Standing Cardio and Intense Core and Abs. Prepping ahead of the family get together is so smart. That gives you more time to spend visiting.

Waving hello to Valerie. Enjoy the day everyone.
This morning I put together another step workout, but I didn't like this one as much as the last two I did. It was about 48 minutes. I did put a floor stretch at the end of this one. The whole time I've been able to cross my ankles and go straight down and back up from the floor, but other means of getting up and down have been uncomfortable. I avoid twisting and a lot of ab work is still out, though planks aren't a problem. The worst is laying flat on my back and extending arms over head and legs down. I think the tightening of skin and muscle over the ribs puts too much pressure on them still. But, they are feeling way better the last couple days. Funny thing is that I can do side leaning stretches with minimal issue and I can do a forward fold. Bright and sunny here today, but cold. We aren't going above 32.

Diane Sue nice job with To the Beat All Standing Cardio, Core/Abs and stretch.

Carolyn great job with Core Control.
didnt feel good yesterday so didnt do much, and went to bed very early. skipped all exercise. this morning went on a walk/hike for 1 hr 40 minutes. really spring like. lovely day, sunshine and birds singing. over 50 degrees. only today though. wet yesterday and wet tomorrow and colder. I hiked with two poles because my wrist is doing well. I don't pole aggressively walking, not like xc skiing which I will not do for a while. snowshoeing would be OK. I would like to mt bike next using a wrist brace for support. need to wait for a dryer weather.

my tornado fear is out of proportion to the actual real amount of threat but I could not get past it. earthquakes are not "nothing" but I can live with that threat. weve been thru several minor ones.
Today I did Coffey FIt Raw Heavy Bag/Shadow Box, doing just shadow boxing with 1# dumbbells, 38 minutes, heart rate 112/141, 1,469 steps. I needed to give my knee a break and this worked for that. I added the Raw Stretch Finisher 7 minutes, 11 calories. That is all I had time for today. I have the family coming over tomorrow to celebrate birthdays. I thought that I had not done this Raw boxing workout before. I remembered it when Kelly started talking about her son being there with her for her birthday and that chat about his long legs and stuff. Which was kind of funny. I liked listening to them interact. I did not really need more abs today, but went ahead and did the abs at the end of the boxing workout. Kelly starts the warm up on the floor with some dead bugs and then ends with abs.

Valerie, I am glad you are doing so well and were able to get out today. I have heard birds a few times when I am out on the patio and am curious as I know at least one of my neighbors has birds in a cage hanging on their patio. I wondered if they could tolerate the cold outside like that. We always loved having birds for pets, but when we found out my daughter was allergic to feathers, we could not have birds anymore. I love hearing them when I am outside.

Cathy, maybe just don't stretch to the point it is uncomfortable. I am sure you will heal up soon as you make progress. I have a longline sports bra that hurts with the pressure that it puts on my ribs when they hurt. Same with my tommy Copper compression shoulder shirt. It hurts more than helps things. It got up to the 60's here today.

Carolyn, nice work with JS Core Control today. It is nice when everyone comes, and the food is already in the oven. They help set out everything and stuff that they bring. They always help with clean up and I try to send the desserts and snacks home with them.
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