Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 1/08/2023

Good morning. Today is a rest day for me. I see that we have two threads going for this week. We will need to decide which one we are using.

Have a wonderful day everyone.
I started the thread last night thinking we would be walking this morning but its raining. since several posts are here, ill post here. thought possibly this afternoon instead but it looks like an all day light rain. Judy, thanks for starting us too.

I have my surgery followup on thursday and plan on having him look at my shoulder too. not sure he does shoulders, but probably can steer me toward the best person. its not getting better. it doesn't hurt but a lot of snapping and clicking, very unpleasant, so something is not right. watchful waiting is not helping.
cathy hope you can get back in the groove this week.

my wrist is feeling pretty good though I have some bruising. really easy to forget I need to be careful with it.
Today is a rest day. I will be back at it tomorrow.

Valerie, good idea to check the shoulder too. Mine had crackling and stuff for a long time before something showed up in the mri other than arthritis. So the main cause was a bone spur.

I hope you all enjoy your rest day.
diane sue unfortunately I cant get an mri due to my pacemaker. the magnetic field in an mri would destroy it. I cant get good imaging, ever. newer pacemakers are not affected but Ive had mine for a long time. Ive tried to note where the issue is exactly by what I feel. I will discuss with the orthopedist on thursday to see what to do next. I had an xray but it didn't show much.
So I put together a step workout from 6 different videos. Ended up being 57 minutes long, and in my infinite wisdom, I put the first (14 minute) step segment from Intensity in the middle. LOL Certainly got my heart rate up, but I'm thinking it would be better placed at the beginning.

We are seeing something today and that has been missing for a long time...sunshine. Actually clear sky sunshine. It's very cloudy here. Some places in Michigan have over 200 cloudy/partly cloudy days a year and we can't be far off, especially in winter.

Valerie I'm sorry to hear your shoulder is still such a problem. I hope the doctor is able to at least aim you in the direction of someone who can help.
Good afternoon. This morning I did JS Stride and Step for 30 minutes and 203 calories burned. My average heart rate was 128 and maximum heart rate was 147. My husband had a neurology appointment this morning but I had just enough time for my short cardio.

Cathy, that’s a very ambitious step workout that you created. I’m glad that you have sunshine today. It can certainly lift the spirit.

Valerie, I hope that the orthopedist can give you some insight into the shoulder issue.

Waving hello to Judy and Diane Sue.
Today I did CDorner Step and Strength that she did today, 52 minutes, heart rate 112/150, 203 calories. (actual time was 45 minute as I wrote down the moves) 2,873 steps. I then did CDorner Legs and Abs with fabric bands, 29 minutes, 83 calories, heart rate 95/115, 483 steps. I finished with Stretch after Step again. This was 17 minutes, but my Garmin battery ran down and it shut down the pulse ox and stopped, so I had to run and plug it in to save the workout. 30 calories burned.
Total time was 99 minutes, 316 calories, 3,356 steps.
The legs and abs started with standing movements side to side walks, forward back in a low stance which made my dog get excited and go get her bone to chew on, then floor was bridges with pulses, with band and stuff without the band. My hip flexors were burning when doing the lower ab work. The ab work was all pretty much for isolating lower abs.

Step and Strength Good music for the most part
step cardio
step knee up/down/lunge/curl 8# dbs
pulse lunge/ curl/ press 8# dbs
step cardio
squat/revers lunge/front raise 5# dbs
plank/ knees to chest/drop to knees or not/2 push-ups no weight
dead row 10# dbs
curtsy/lunge off step/ lateral raise alternating sides 5# dbs
vertical step cardio
holding dumbbell curtsy lunge across step and back 10# db

plie squat/overhead extension (option just do kickbacks) 10# db
step lateral leg raises with arms raised overhead
plank hold
step lateral leg raise
plank with feet close together
lying on step revers crunch
lying knees over hips pressure hold on knees
Valerie, I forgot about the pacemaker being a problem for the mri. Maybe a orthopedic surgeon could come up with something. Insurance usually wants the x ray and ultrasound before mri's. Although I don't think they had me do that at the arthritis center. I had x rays when I started there on my knee and feet. The orthopedic surgeon did x rays before and on my follow up visits to check out how the shoulder was doing. I had an x-ay of my foot a few years ago and they said I had a bone spur. At that point my primary care said if I could work out like I do without problem she suggests I leave it alone. She said she saw people have more problems with their feet after surgery than they had before.

Cathy, it was sunny here today too and got up to 60. A big difference from the cold we had last year when I kept having to go to PT. I went outside with my dog this morning to soak up a bit of sunshine to get my wake/sleep cycle going. My body is getting far to use to late nights and sleeping in lately. I did get up earlier today though.

Carolyn, nice that you had time to get in Jessica Smith Stride and step in before you had to go out today.
I've had the x-ray but it didnt show anything obvious. its probably soft tissue that doesnt show up well on xrays. Im hoping an ultrasound plus an exam will be enough information. I've had cortisone injection before but this is different. its normal everyday movements with my arm level that triggers it. I can wrap my arm around behind and overhead with no problem so who knows?? Its been several months so I want an opinion.

feet are so dicey. I have familial foot issues. they dont look great but work Ok so not messing with it. family issue- arthritis hands and feet especially. still doing my therapy daily.
Today I did LiTE PHA 2 for 53 minutes and 275 calories burned. My average heart rate was 121 and maximum heart rate was 163. Thanks Judy for reminding me about this one. It had been a while since I last did it.

Diane Sue, nice job with CDorner Step and Strength, Legs and Abs, and Stretch. I hope that you are enjoying your Ladies get together.

Valerie, I had forgotten about your Pacemaker too. I hope that the orthopedist can identify the problem. I think that I must be very lucky since my family doesn’t have big genetic problems. Most problems stem from lifestyle issues such as type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

Cathy, I hope that your ribs are feeling better.

Have a wonderful day everyone.
Monday was a rest day. Today I did a 45 minute Peloton ride.

Carolyn-Great job with JS Stride and Step and PHA 2. I'll probably do PHA 2 again this week.

Valerie-I'm sorry about your shoulder. I hope you can find out what the problem is.

Cathy-Great job with the step workout! It sounds very challenging. It's been so nice to see the sun here the past couple of days.

Diane Sue-Great job with CDorner Step and Strength, Legs & Abs and the stretch.
Today I did KCM’s Cardio Quick Fix workout two which was 29 minutes and 215 calories burned. My average heart rate was 134 and maximum heart rate was 151.

Judy, nice job with your Peloton ride and taking a rest day.

Hello to everyone and have a wonderful day.
Hi all,

Well did no workout yesterday as I couldn't sleep well, and even my brain wasn't functioning very well until I'd been up a couple hours and that's weird for me, because it usually doesn't matter how much sleep I've had, I can be as mentally functional in the middle of the night as after 8 hours of sleep. Today I shopped and tomorrow I take Derek the 2 1/2 hours up to his GF's so they can leave from there Friday. Ribs are both better and not better. The area that is sore has changed, but I'm just wondering if that's because the areas that were really sore before were making the other areas.

After tomorrow, I'm hoping things all settle back down and I can get into a good routine again.
Today I did Coffey Fit Raw Upper Body Strength and Endurance, 69 minutes(10 minutes for adjustments and writing down the moves and weight) 186 calories, heart rate 96/135, 1,335 steps. This says upper body, but there is squats as well. then did CDorner Mobility and Balance from yesterday. This uses a chair, 31 minutes, heart rate 87/101,67 calories, 152 steps. It was a more active mobility workout with moves like partial pistol moves using the chair, sit and stand with arm movement. That is just some of it. Total time was 1 hour 40 minutes, 253 calories, 1,487 steps.
I was going to do a short cardio but decided I needed the stretch after the weights. I was a bit worried I was pushing it too much.

Coffey Fit Raw Upper Body Strength
59:43 minutes
Kelly suggests that you can do one round which is two times through all of the moves and stop at around 30 minutes or go on with more rounds. Uses step with 3 risers. Kelly says this workout designed for those with lower back issues.
Round 1 12 reps for each move
Squats 20# dbs
1 arm row 20# db
seated curls 15# dbs
seated alternating overhead press 8# dbs
bench press 10# dbs
seated overhead triceps extension 15# db

repeat all moves
finisher moves 1 minute each light weight
seated run rows 8# dbs
seated run curls 8# dbs
seated alternating lateral raises 8# dbs
alternating run bench press 8# dbs
alternating skull crusher 8# dbs

Round 2 10 reps each move
squats 20# db
1 arm row 20# db
seated biceps curls 15# dbs first time through then 12#
seated alternating overhead press 8# dbs
bench press 10# dbs
seated overhead triceps extension 15# db

repeat all moves again
seated run rows 8# dbs
seated run hammer curls 8# dbs
seated alternating lateral raise 5# dbs (shoulders gettng tired)
alternating skull crusher 8# dbs
speed squats not weights

Round 3 8 reps
Squats 15# dbs
1 arm Rows 15# dbs
seated curls 12# dbs
seated alternating overhead press 5# dbs
seated overhead triceps extension 15# db

repeat all moves
finisher 1 minute each
speed squats
seated run rows 5's
seated run curls 5's
seated run lateral raises 5's
skull crusher alternating runs 5's
I had my f/up exam. wrist is doing fine. he suggested how to increase pressures on it. much is related to comfort so " let pain and swelling be your guide" advice. Ive been careful and will continue to be, but I am quite sure I can progress sooner because no discomfort at all since the initial numbness wore off. I can use the spin bike with a wrist brace. I will test that with a little brief pressure to see how it feels. riding seated is fine, I can get a decent workout. my shoulder too is better. my Dh (not an orthopod) , went thru an exam on my shoulder. not rotator cuff. I knew impingement. comes and goes in how much it bothers me. I need to start light weights for the wrist, and I will start back with upper body work using extremely light weights, skipping push ups except for limited things on a closed fist. will see how it goes. if no pain or swelling, I will slowly move ahead.
I did not work out today. This was the third day for medical appointment this week which meant no time for a workout. We are currently under a severe thunderstorm warnings/tornado watch. The sky is very dark and ugly. I’m really glad that we were able to get back home before this severe weather hit.

Valerie, that’s great news about your wrist.

Waving hello to everyone. I need to get off for now.

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