Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 1/01/2023

Carolyn, nice work with X Train Chest, back, shoulders round 1-5. I like the stretches on both Les Mills Combat which has a bit of martial arts flow and the Less Mills Pump Flow which is nice and does not have you lying down when you go to the floor.
Nice work on JS one Mile of Motivation. I am glad your pour outages were not long. I do hate having my workouts interrupted like that. I keep having interruptions, but not from storms. Today Walmart brought my order early so I had to stop and pull it in. My dog has decided lately to eat her food after I start my workout and then come in trying to get my attention so she can have her dental chew. She knows if she does not eat her dog food, she does not get any kind of treat no matter how cute she tries to be. If someone gives in or gives her table food and she will not eat her food. I wish she would go back to our morning routine when I have breakfast and read when I get up. Also, I had a utility guy come and want in the back yard to take pictures?? Not sure what that was for. They have had issues with our shrubs and planter that has all of those utility boxes in it. Plus, it has had a wash out under the fence because builders did not fix the drainage problem well.

Valerie, I am sorry your mother was like that about your appearance. Some people are just not good parents that nurture and encourage in the right way. I am glad that you found you liked the exercises. I think no matter what limitations we have each of us still has the drive to keep working and being the best, we can. Did you get the carpal tunnel surgery? Or another procedure. I always try to have some things prepared for my husband to fix meals when I am out of commission. One time when I had surgery he made chicken pot pie from scratch because I wanted some. He can cook, but if it were just him he would go out or open a can of hash or something.

Judy, nice work doing the Peloton ride yesterday and PHA 2 today along with P30 bonuses for upper and lower. It has been fairly warm here lately. They showed a cold front coming in later this week, , but I checked today, and I don't see it on the weather apps.
diane sue yes left wrist is done. I have things for dh to make. he can cook fine with coaching. I cant get the bulky dressing on my wrist wet until it comes off saturday. its hard to cook without hands wet or dirty so im having fun giving orders . if left to himself, he would eat a lot of peanut butter.

my mother was obsessed with appearance, elizabeth taylor was "pretty", everyone else fell short. when I saw how unkind she was about ALL women, it was less hurtful. she was unsupportive to my sister too. our younger brother was not judged. she was a shallow person who never learned any better.

I can do much of my therapy work later and walk or use bike. I need to get ready for my physical exam later this morning. made this appt a year ago so decided to keep it.

when our trash and recycle was picked up a week ago, they accidentally dropped our recycle bin into the truck . when we called to complain, they sent us video showing the pick up, our street, driveway, and the bin falling into the truck. it was like a body cam on driver or the truck. I think many more things are recorded to evaluate employees, work situations and complaints than we realize. a bit like cctv in erope. diane sue maybe thats what the utility crews use cameras for?
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Today I did XTrain Legs, Standing+Ball&Chair segments. My time was 39 minutes with 234 calories burned. Average heart rate was 126 and maximum heart rate was 162. Then I did the Step Boss Chair Stretch which was 16 minutes and an additional 57 calories.

Judy, great job with the 45 minute Peloton ride, PHA 2, P30 Upper and Lower Body Bonuses, and Peloton Core. It’s very hard to find a new hair stylist. My stylist of almost 30 years sold her salon during the pandemic. She is mostly retired now and I have yet to find a new person. I’ve been doing my own hair, but I need to find someone that I trust to give me a trim.

Valerie, I’m glad that your wrist procedure went well. It should be interesting to have your husband taking care of meals! I know it would be for us.

Diane Sue, nice job with the new Raw workouts and Raw stretch.

Hello to Cathy. Have a wonderful day everyone.
Well I'm back. I've actually been back since Tuesday night. Not working out as I've been trying to rest. I'm not good at it. Basic movements I can do, the worst thing is sleeping because I spend a fair amount of the night on my left side and stomach and left side apparently doesn't work at all as that side is worse. I'm trying to stay on my back and having a decent amount of success. Going to try cardio again tomorrow. Cleveland was wet. LOL Never rained hard, just enough to be annoying. They also have several decent sized buildings. Shopped today. Derek had a Dr. appointment and then I dropped him off at the zoo in Lansing while I shopped. Pretty much had the zoo to himself.

I didn't set any big goals for this year specifically. I am amazing at planning, organizing, but then there's that darn follow through thing. I've always thought I'd make an excellent social secretary for someone. I can plan things and they get to do the actual thing. LOL I have a fitness planner and a regular planner, and yep, I can't keep them up in any great detail, but I try and I've learned to set small monthly goals.

My reasons for exercise have varied little over the years. I cheered in school, then in my very early 20's found that I had rather high cholesterol for my age, though not too high, so I altered my diet a bit, wasn't until I was 27 that I became vegan. I also had lousy cardio ability, so I started doing local aerobics classes, moved on to gyms and then finally home workouts. I never really had a weight problem until I hit perimenopause. I gained quite a bit of weight with my pregnancies, but lost it. But, I knew that diet played the bigger role than exercise with weight, and my problem was that I'd never in my life had to diet or even watch what I ate. Mainly I exercised for everything else. Cardio capacity, strength, flexibility.

Valerie I'm glad your surgery went well. Hopefully your husband follows cooking direction well. That would be rough as a teen dealing with your mother's attitude.
Today I did CDorner Cardio Kickboxing and abs intervals. Time was a bit longer as I started the energetic step workout and after she hit the tick tock move I decided to wait and do the Advanced version of this when she puts it out, since I did the one she did Monday. Time was 41 minutes, 132/157,223 calories, 2,747 steps.
I then did CDorner Convenient mobility and stretch, which is a little over 20 minutes and then a meditation which I just pulled out my foam roller to do some back and more shoulder mobility on. My time was 28 minutes, 50 calories heart rate 82/105, 67 steps. Total time was 69 minutes, 273 calories, 2,814 steps. My dog kept trying to get her head under my hand so she could get petted while I was doing the yoga.
I was woke up at 8 this morning by an AT&T worker wanting to get in my back yard. I will be glad when they are done hooking up these other houses and hoping they do not need to do this anymore. All of the homes are finished behind me and sold. There are utility lines flagged all over the yard that have been here for several days.
I had a recipe that I wanted to make today, and Walmart tried to sub sweet potato frozen cubes for fresh and I declined. Will have to either go to the store or make something else. I cannot imagine having mushy sweet potato in a dish. Besides it was their brand, and their frozen fruits and veggies are often not that good. I forgot and twice got their frozen peaches to use for a smoothie and they were green and unripe tasting. I even tried to take the remaining and make a crumble out of it and ended up eating the topping.

Valerie, I forgot about the bandages. I hope you mend quickly. I don't remember pain from the surgery, but it has been a long time ago. I just know I did more than I should have before I went in for a recheck and they said do not pick up anything heavier than a carton of milk. I guess I came through fine though. Riding the spin bike would be doable. When I had shoulder surgery and got on mine a few times I had to sit up straighter and use only one hand as leaning hurt my shoulder.
So, if your mother was that critical of all other women, was she hard on herself as well? I guess she did not know we all cannot be perfect and have short comings. Besides movie people have to go through a lot to keep up their appearance and I think that would be a tough way to have to live.
That is interesting about them having pictures of the recycle ben going into the truck. I know workers are watched. When Walmart delivers, they take pictures of their delivery. I started picking up some items and the lady asked if she could get a picture first. I also can follow them on the map from the store to my house. One time I had a driver head another direction and have a pause where there is a gun range and tag agency. Then they headed back my way. I wondered if they had to drop off something else. Amazon's picture taking doesn't always work when they leave it on another doorstep. But I do know when the driver is on the way and near my house. They often have several stops in our neighborhood.

Carolyn, great job with X Train Legs standing+ball and chair and the chair stretch, I used to go to Beauty Brands and had a great stylist, but she was also doing nursing school and finally left. I tried a couple of others and now it is just me doing my color and I get my husband to cut my hair. I do need a trim though and him to add back some layers.

Cathy, I hope you can get some sleep. I could never sleep on my stomach. Sleeping and comfort is difficult anyway. I am moving around a lot. Limbs get numb, start hurting or I have an arm bent and it starts aching. I put my wedge back in the bed last night as I kept coughing and could not get comfortable. Having the zoo pretty much to yourself must have been nice. It would be a pleasant place to get walking in. As far as planning I have all kinds of note pads with stuff on them. I keep an agenda book with all of my workout info in it along with lots of other things. The note pads and pieces of paper, kind of get jumbled though. I was just going through them to see which shopping lists with extra notes on them could go in the trash.
we often get delivery pictures at the front door. I understand companies protecting themselves from false claims of theft and other problems. with trash collection, they are subject to accusations of property damage. they provide free bins so no reason for anyone to steal one. I never thought they would record the entire process. I dont understand why a recycle bin would be left inside the truck, but I assume it's too dangerous for an employee to pull it back out? or the bin itself broke? we got a replacement one, so all is fine, but it was weird to see the whole event filmed like a movie. the PUD backed over our mailbox a few years ago. if we'd had it on camera it would have been easier to prove. it was a few hundred dollars to replace it, the box , post, dig a new hole. they finally reimbursed us for it but if their trucks had cameras it would have been easier for everyone.

wow cathy you really whacked yourself. go buy that stepstool while the discomfort is still fresh in your mind. then remember to use it. I bet a zoo is a nice place during january without crowds.

I cut my husbands hair but no way is he cutting mine. I dont need a fancy cut but I need the ends trimmed evenly so I get it trimmed every third month or so. not critical but it looks better if the ends are even.

isnt it amazing all the uses we find for cameras now? I use the phone often for pics for shopping, reminders, taking pictures of lists.
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Today I did Rev’d Up Rumble for 41 minutes and 284 calories burned. My average heart rate was 131 and maximum heart rate was 158. After that I went to Sprouts to pick up a few items that I can’t find at my regular grocery stores.

Cathy, I’m sorry that you are still sore. You really banged yourself up. My introduction to working out was from Jazzercise classes. Back then it was as much a social gathering as it was a fitness activity. I was a young military wife in an unfamiliar place. I learned from that experience that I really liked structured exercise sessions.

Diane Sue, great job with CDorner Kickboxing, Abs, and Mobility. I have done some hair trimming on my own, but I would like a professional touch.

Valerie, we get delivery pictures at our door and we have also gotten them from plumbing and hvac inspections. It’s helpful to see what is really going on.

Hello to Judy.
Today I did Boss Bands skipping some of the push up and just doing a few on my knees, 56 minutes, heart rte 97/130, 154 calories, 794 steps. I then did CDorner 20 minute fat burning step from 2 weeks ago, 24 minutes, 115 calories, heart rate 118/162,1,908 steps.
I finished with CDorner Feel Good Stretch with a chair, 22 minut, 82/101 heart rate, 39 calories, 43 steps. Total time 1 hour 42 minutes, 312 calories, 2,745 steps.
I had workers in our yard again this time they dug holes in the lawn. I had to keep my dog in and quiet for several hours which was not easy. I am getting tired of being woken up by workers at the door. This time I think it was Cox Cable. Last time it was ATT and they left wire hanging out. Also Cox cable has wire hanging over the fence and they are obviously not done. I thought I was told that OG&E was coming out. They did fill the hole they dug last year that ran under the OGE box. Maybe they are all working together, I don't know.
Ended up not working out today, but I feel like it's better. We'll see. I did find a way to put my pillow so I could sleep on my right side last night. First few hours on my back, but I find that after the first time I wake up the back just isn't happening again. Sigh Sadly what I've read is 3-6 weeks for bruised ribs to heal and it hasn't even been two.

Diane Sue I hope you were able to get fresh sweet potatoes. For some things there's a extra big difference between fresh and frozen. Pics are helpful to us for deliveries because we have few windows in the front of the house and don't always see or hear delivery people. And my husband is oblivious so even if he's working directly in front of an open front door in the summer he doesn't always notice. You would think they could at least notify you ahead of time if they need to get into your yard.

Valerie it's so weird that your trash bin ended up in the truck, but I'd think it would be really unsafe for them to try and get it back out. I cut my husbands hair once during lockdown and I'm pretty sure he'll never let me touch it again. LOL

Carolyn I don't think the original classes I took were part of the Jazzercise franchise, but definitely similar. It was funny because at the end of the session (6-8 wks?) we'd all go eat at the nearby Mexican restaurant.It went out of business a long time ago, but to this day, I've never found a better one. However, I really don't want to know how many calories were in that food!
Yesterday I did a 45 minute Peloton ride and today I did PHA 2. I love that workout.

Diane Sue-Great job with CDorner Cardio Kickboxing and abs intervals, Convenient mobility and stretch, Boss Bands and the CDorner Step and Stretch workout. I'm sorry about all the workers in your back yard. I hope they stop bothering you.

Carolyn-Great job with XTrain Legs, Standing+Ball & Chair segments, Step Boss Chair Stretch and Rev'd Up Rumble. I've been doing my own hair color for awhile now but I'll need to find a new salon for hair cuts.

Valerie-I'm glad your surgery went well. We usually get photos of deliveries from Amazon.

Cathy-I'm sorry that you are still so sore. I hope you recover quickly.
This morning I did XTrain Bis and Tris, rounds 1-5, which was 29 minutes and 142 calories burned. My average heart rate was 119 and maximum heart rate was 150. Well, my youngest left this morning so it’s just the two of us in the house now. I just started a pot of the giant Royal Corona beans for a bean and farro stew. Trying to get back to my usual routines.

Diane Sue, great job with Boss Bands, CDORNER Step, and CDORNER Stretch. Hopefully the utility workers will be finished working on your property soon.

Cathy, I hope that you were able to sleep with your injured ribs. I started using a small pillow for sleeping when I had a shoulder injury and I still use it. It helps when I try to sleep on my side.

Judy, nice job with your Peloton ride and PHA 2. I like that one too.

Hello to Valerie.
I rode the spin bike for 20 min yesterday and for 35 min today plus therapy exercises. my dressings come off today so I get to see my surgery site for the first time. I've got good mobility and no pain so I cant complain. will probably do a core workout later today when I do therapy. I can do most things except where my hand would be weight bearing. no to that for a while yet.

ETA incision(s) look decent. no bleeding or swelling. tiny little things. there are actually two spots, he took off a small ganglion cyst that had just popped up at the same time. nothing I would have had a procedure for by itself, but seemed wise to take care of .
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This morning I did CDorner Step #263 Advanced Fast 50 minutes, heart rate 115/140,210 calories, 4,642 steps. I then did her new After Step//aerobics cool... 19 minutes (actual 17), 33 calories, heart rate 79/92. Total lories 243, 69 minutes. This step workout was the third progression of the step workout she did this
week. Not sure how much I will accomplish this week. I have my ladies group which I will take a rest day for and renewal of my drivers license scheduled. Also prepping and for family day and birthdays next Sunday. 4 birthdays this month.

Cathy, I am sorry about your injury and still hurting. I am like Carolyn using a small pillow when I sleep under my side when my ribs hurt. Also, so I do not have as much pressure on my shoulder. It would be nice if we got a notice before they come and get in our yard. I have had times where my dog could not go out in the morning because they were out there so the dog had to hold it. I tried once to take her out front, but she would not do anything. She just wanted to check everything out in the front yard. This time they went out the gate for a bit into the next yard and I ran her out really fast. I thought if they greet my dog and I am there it is to bad. She would probably whine and bark at them.

Judy, nice work with the Peloton ride and PHA 2.

Carolyn, nice work with XTrain bis and tris. I always find it takes me a bit to get back into my normal routine after having family stay. Bean and farro stew sounds good.

Valerie, I bet it felt good to get the bandages off. They did a cut at the crease of my wrists when they did my surgery. That was so many years ago. They do an amazing job with surgeries now. I have 3 small marks where they did my shoulder surgery. The one for the torn miniscus is small. I had a ganglion cyst removed off the side of my knee once years ago and I have a 4 inch scar from that one. Things have really changed.

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