Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 1/01/2023

happy New Year everyone!

I did the step and low impact hi-low segment from Step, Jump and Pump today. Adapted a couple things, but I did it. I did do a standing stretch at the end because the one on the floor wasn’t happening. I actually watched the TCU vs Michigan game yesterday. Nick who goes to TCU is a huge fan, and he is a very happy guy right now. But wow that was a crazy game. I’m really bad about pushing the edge of things I shouldn’t probably be doing. We have a 1”x 1” by about 24” piece of wood that years ago my Dad put a screw part way in near the end. I lay on top of the washer and dryer and grab stuff that falls behind with it. and you would think I’d have a step stool, but nope. So I drag chairs over or just fling my right knee up on counters and drag myself up. I’ll be rethinking the latter, at least in the near future!

Diane Sue I hope that your foot is okay now. Really too bad you have to deal with the utility companies messing up your yard so much.

Valerie I really admire those who can get out and do things in the winter. I’m really bad about even going outside. Great job with the spin bike and therapy exercises.

Carolyn Nice job with Step Sync. Our food bill goes up a lot over breaks.
Good morning and Happy New Year! This morning I did Jane Adams Gentle Yoga Morning Energy practice for 18 minutes.

Cathy, great job with doing part of Step, Jump, and Pump. We watched the TCU/Michigan game too, or my husband watched and I sort of watched while doing other things. I didn’t realize that was Nick’s university. My husband watched the Georgia/Ohio game which also had an amazing finish. Now Georgia and TCU will play for the national championship.

Have a wonderful day everyone.
Wishing you all a Happy New Year. I did not workout today and yesterday I only did a CDorner 24 minute mobility workout. We enjoyed having our grandson here with us.
Last night there was a bunch of fireworks going off behind us so our dog was barking and whining. I could see them going off out my back window.

Cathy, I mostly used the step and weights premix on Step Jump and Pump. I liked some of the hi/lo but not all of it. My husband had the Michigan and TCU game playing. I think he was hoping for TCU the win. So I always kind of watch when he has them on. He usually only follows college football. We do crazy things sometimes. I have a little flimsy metal folding bar stool that has a 12 inch round seat and rather than go get a ladder or something stable I have a tendency to use it to get things out of the top of the closet. I stand on it and I always think it is not a good idea, but I do it anyway. I would be safer stacking all of the risers to my high step, but that would be too much effort. I used to keep a hanger to try to pull socks and things up from behind the washer and dryer. My foot feels much better since I have mostly sat around the last two days.

Carolyn, nice work getting in Jane Adams Morning Energy yoga. We watched the Michigan Ohio game too.

Valerie, I have a small folding step stool and a tall lightweight ladder in my pantry, but try my best not to get them out that much. I don' know why. Nice workout and getting in the PT. Waking up and seeing the beauty of a snowing landscape would be pleasant except I would not be in the cold. Better from a big window :). I guess I am like Cathy, I try to stay inside when it is that cold.
Happy New Year everyone! Yesterday we went to the gym and I worked back, triceps & legs. We were the only ones there so that was really nice. Total time was around 50 minutes. This morning I did a 45 minute Peloton ride.

Cathy-Great job with Step, Jump and Pump. I'm with you, I don't even like to go outside in the winter.

Carolyn-Great job with Jane Adams Gentle Yoga Morning Energy practice.

Diane Sue-Great job with the CDorner 24 minute mobility workout.

Valerie-Great job with the spin and therapy work.
we did a road ride this morning, 15 miles 1 hr15 minutes. havent been able to ride in many weeks due to cold, snow, ice, raining etc. its been warm enough now mid forties, to ride comfortably. plus I have the wrist procedure coming up wed so I wont be able to ride for a while. also my therapy work.

cathy we have more several step stools. this house has 3 levels. I cant reach the upper shelves in any cabinet or closet, in the house or garage . they fold flat enough to slide in next to washer/dryer or next to the fridge. I sometimes use a chair but no countertop to climb on. Be careful you dont break a rib!. Dh isn't very tall either so we use folding step stools a lot. I use a set of long kitchen tongs or a coat hanger to retrieve things behind the dryer without moving appliances.

The right clothing is key to active outdoor things. I use synthetics like polypro. no wool except for socks. even thinking about wool makes me itch. merino works for a lot of people but I coudn't stand it. bought a sweater last year, tried it on for 2 minutes, and back into the bag to return. for me, synthetics in layers work. we rode this morning, damp and mid forties, I wore two layers one with a hood, windbreaker jacket. nothing that technical. synthetic not cotton. DH wore a down vest also, and got too warm. I was cool to start but warmed up in a few minutes. I'd rather be a little cool to begin with, and not have to adjust everything in 10 minutes. I dont sweat much so I have more trouble with hot weather.
Well Derek and I are heading for Cleveland after lunch. Doing the zoo tomorrow. We were going to try to drive down and do the zoo the same day, but we would have had to leave really early and run the deer gauntlet in the dark. Plus it’s been really foggy in the morning. It’s going to be over 60 there tomorrow and they may even set a new record high, so most animals will be out.

Valerie great job with the ride. I hope your surgery and recovery go smoothly.

Judy nice job with the gym work and Peloton ride.
Today I did Jessica Smith’s Steady, Ready, Go which was 32 minutes and 224 calories burned. My average heart rate was 134 and maximum heart rate was 160.

Diane Sue, it’s great that you had your grandson for the weekend. Nice job with CDorner Mobility stretch.

Judy, great job with doing your workout at the gym. Having the gym to yourself was probably nice.

Valerie, I’m glad that you were able to do a road ride on Sunday. Our weather has warmed up significantly for a couple of days with more rain coming.

Cathy, driving to Cleveland this afternoon sounds like a good idea. You will have more time to enjoy the zoo.

Have a wonderful afternoon everyone.
we intended to ski this morning and drove to the mountains, could not get up first road, and second road didn't have any snow down low and was closed to driving higher. so we walked uphill and back down for a total 2.5 hours. got the exercise just not doing what we planned. we will try to mt bike tomorrow if it doesnt rain, and then I will be out of many activities for a while. I should be able to walk and use the elliptical and bike at home but not outdoors. I'll bet I can still type .... so you will hear more about this surgery than you probably want to hear.

judy quiet gym time that was probably a one time occurrence for the month. legions of new WW people shows the usual january diet and exercise rush is on. only to dwindle by the end of january.
Today I did CDorner 40 minute lively Intermediate Step, 133 bpm(barely got up that high and it was near the end) 41 minutes, heart rate 112/137, 168 calories, 3,387 steps. I then did Les Mills Combat Stretch and Strength, 19 minutes, 37 calories, heart rate 84/101, 175 steps. Total time 60 minutes, 205 calories, 3,562 steps. My joints and ribs are sore so decided to get in movement and stretching. Maybe some strength tomorrow.
I didn make a specific new years resolutions. I was thinking, what is it about the 5 of us and most people in these forums) is different? hordes of people arrive in january and resolve to change their habits and start exercise , go on a diet, change things up. all the WW newbies! I shopped costco yesterday. front of the store is filled with exercise equipment. in 2 weeks or a month most people go back to what they did before. a common WW question is what's your "Why?" I think it appies to any behavior change.
so whats your "why?'
I usually make a set of goals for the new year, mostly involving health and fitness. I've been working out at gyms for almost 40 years and it's the same every year with the crowd of new people starting in January. It seems only a small percentage will stay with it. When I went to the gym all the time I hated this time of year because of the crowds making it harder to work out. My "why" has changed over the years. Now it's more about staying healthy and mobile as I age. Also much more about maintaining muscle and bone mass. Earlier in my life it was more about performance (running and biking) and looking lean and fit.
Today I did Coffey Fit Raw shoulder and neck limitations workout 35 minutes,heart rate 96/113, 97 calories and followed by Raw Boxing Finisher 17 minutes, 63 calories, heart rate 103/141, 603 steps. I forgot to check the steps with the neck and shoulder limitations. Total time was 52 minutes, calories, 160 calories. Not feeling real well today.

Coffey Fit Raw Shoulder/Neck Limitations
2 pair dumbbells Kelly uses 12's and 15's Workout targets arms with restricted form, and lower body along with some upper back.
6 moves done for 45 seconds repeated as 3 rounds
squats 15's holding dumbbells down to sides option use 1 dumbbell and do goblet squats
biceps curls 1 arm anchored by the other arm so no shoulder movement 12 # dumbbell
reverse lunge alternating 15# dumbbells
triceps kickbacks 1 arm anchored by the other arm 12# dumbbell
no weight 1 leg balance knee up and circle Kelly uses a bar for balance
anchored scapular squeeze leg kickback alternating sides 12# dumbbells
repeat 2 more times
Cathy, I hope you and your son had a nice time in Cleveland and the zoo.

Judy, nice that you were able to go to the Gym and no crowds on New Years. I don't think that I ever made a New Years Goal. My goals over all though is to keep mobility and strength with some cardio. Cardiovascular is important, but not endless hours of it. I remember my pastor telling us that the Gym would empty out after the first couple of months of the year. All of those people that sign up with goals and quit. Him and his wife went all of the time. They had grandfathered into a fitness center for 10 dollars a month.

Valerie, the why do we workout and stick with it is because it makes us feel good and keeps us going where those that do not are usually the ones whose bodies and health decline. One of my "why" do I workout is because I want to avoid the crippling of arthritis and loss of mobility.

Carolyn, nice work with Jessica Smith Ready Steady Go yesterday.
Today I did XTrain Chest, Back, and Shoulders, rounds 1-5. My time was 38 minutes with 177 calories burned. My average heart rate was 129 and maximum heart rate was 163.

Valerie, I like your question of why we continue to do this. Like Judy, when I was younger it was about outward appearance. Now I work out for health and wellness. I feel better physically and mentally when I work out. Changing my mindset and attitude from “I have to do this…” to “I want to do this..” is key for me. Also, the support from everyone here on this check-in is very helpful.

Diane Sue, great job with the CDorner, Les Mills stretch, and Raw boxing workout. My daughter did a Les Mills stretch yesterday.

Judy, I don’t set goals for the year, but I’m trying to be more mindful in all aspects of my life. I am trying to focus on the positive and practice gratitude for small things.

Cathy, I hope that the weather was good for your time at the zoo.

Have a wonderful day everyone.
my fitness started as an attempt to improve my appearance. my mother was fixated on appearance. I started out to reduce the size and bulk of my legs, so my mother would approve. I was 14 or 15. to say she was brutally cruel is an understatement. I found I enjoyed it, even though my legs didn't get smaller. I liked being fit and able to do things. DH and I met in an wilderness hiking class. I belonged to gyms a few times, but DH and I bought home equipment. easier and cheaper, fit our work schedules. we've done a variety of things evolving over the years. its more fun to walk, hike bike, if you stay fit and don't have to struggle to "get in shape" every spring. mostly I enjoy the process, and I definitely enjoy not being miserably sore after doing things I like to do. exercise isa stress reliever, helps me think better. I wanted to stay strong and mobile rather than be a couch potato at 40. so far I'm the only one ( family and friends) who isn't sedentary with hypertension, diabetes, and other ailments. I like to chat with people who don't think exercise is some sort of aberration and who dont think I must be crazy.. 60 years of exercise and still going strong! exercise allows me a little more leeway in my diet. I dont want to succumb to age related weight gain.
I have had to adjust for some things not working as well as they used to but still working.

we mt biked this morning an hour and 20 min. haven't done that in many weeks. it was good and would have been longer but DH was dealing with a health insurance problem for 2 hours.
Today I did JS One Mile of Motivation for 22 minutes and 148 calories burned. My average heart rate was 136 and maximum heart rate was 156. We had severe storms last night and into the morning. Our power flickered off several times this morning and it really interrupted my workout. I kept moving during the brief outages which is how the 15 minute workout became 22 minutes. The thunder was so loud last night that it sounded like a cannon firing. It was right over our house and made the house shake!

Have a wonderful day everyone.
Yesterday I did a 45 minute Peloton ride. Today I did PHA 2, then I added on the upper and lower body bonuses from P30 and a 10 minute Peloton core workout. Crazy weather here today, it's almost 60 degrees now. That won't last, the forecast for tomorrow is snow and temps in the 30s. I just found out that the hair salon that I've been going to for the last 15 years is closing this month. I'll have to find another one soon.

Carolyn-Great job with XTrain Chest, Back, and Shoulders and JS One Mile of Motivation. That sounds like a bad storm!

Valerie-Great job with the mountain bike ride. I agree, it's so much better to stay fit all year so that you don't need to work to get in shape in the spring and summer.

Diane Sue-Great job with Coffey Fit Raw shoulder and neck limitations and the Raw Boxing Finisher.

Cathy-I hope you are having a good time in Cleveland.
I'm back and done. great big dressing but no splint, not great typing --numbness. prep took longer than the procedure itself.
carolyn those short power outs are so annoying. turn everything on.... back out again in minutes. i worry about surges "blowing things up ". last time recently we had to turn breaker on and off to the oven to get it to start up again.
dh will be cooking for a few days mainly so I dont get the dressing wet . i have things prepped so he can deal ok with it.

judy even if you "stay in shape" a new seasonal activity will get you sore but nothing like if you sat on your butt for months doing nothing. finding a new salon and hair person is challenging. i dread that. good luck on your search
Today I did the two new Raw workouts. The first was Step Boxing Drills 32 minutes, heart rate 114/130,134 calories. I think the steps were a little over 1,000, but I forgot to check it. This one is all low impact with options. To make it more intense they used 3 risers on the step. You do not have to. Not much in the way of walking around the step etc. Just things like one foot on, squat down push up to a kick till timer goes off and then do the other side. A few moves on the floor and I think a lot could be done without a step. She also says you could wear a weighted vest for either of these workouts. I have not put one on since well before surgery as having it resting on my shoulder hurt.
The second one is Hi/Low and sculpt drills, 36 minutes (a bit extra time to write it down), heart rate 101/120,120 calories. The option here is to follow Kelly who does the low impact version or Kitty who does the high impact version that is a lot of jumping when not doing a compound move.
I finished off with Raw stretch finisher 7 minutes. I did not use the watch for the stretch.

Coffey Fit Raw Hi/Low and Sculpt timed 32 minutes total time
1 moderate dumbbell needed, can wear a weighted vest if you like There is two rounds of the moves
warm up
squat/front raise/upright row started with 8's and dropped to 5's option if bothers shoulders is to do a curl instead
high move jump from side to side, low side squat knee up
pick up weight/reveres lunge/curl all on right then all on left 10# db
high impact lunge jump switch or low impact lunge twice then switch opt for reverse lunge for knees
close squat kickback 8# db Kitty does a harder version they called an airplane I could not do as it hurt
high impact step out high jump or low impact step out going wider 3 times and return
shift side lunge overhead triceps extension 8# db
side steps
repeat all moves then a short stretch

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