Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 07/03/2022


good morning. did maintenance work yesterday, no formal exercise. laundry and grocery shopping and looked again for road bikes. they are an endangered species especially one to fit a short female person.
the other day we were getting our truck serviced and during the wait time we looked at the new vehicles. holy crap. you cant even order one! I guess we will keep our 2009 truck up and running because it might not be replaceable. they had used trucks for $104,000. we were not looking at anything exotic or all tricked out, just curious about a basic full bed truck big enough to hold a camper. not a good time to shop!
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So I just did Wicked Lower Body and Core. It is every bit as aptly named as it's companion Wicked Upper Body. More new moves and a couple were ones that were in the Compound Core workout. Thinking we will be seeing some of these in future releases.

Valerie the price of new vehicles and especially used is crazy. We really need to get Derek something to drive by next spring, but don't want to shell out a ton of money. But, I'm tired of all the miles being put on my car. My parents finally got the Camry they ordered last winter, but Toyota swapped options on it. Some types of technology aren't available right now, and they swapped things out to keep the price the same. How do people keep their water from freezing when they tent camp? And I hope you have a magical June 31st. :D


This morning I did a short yoga workout. Other than that it’s a rest day. We are taking it easy this holiday weekend.

Valerie, the price of vehicles is ridiculous, new or used. I’ve had a few emails from my dealership wanting to buy my car but I haven’t responded to them. The date on this week’s thread confused me for a moment, but like Cathy I hope it’s a magical June 31st for you!

Cathy, great job with Wicked Lower Body and Core. I hope you can find a reasonably priced vehicle for your son in the next few months.

Hello to Judy and Diane Sue.


sorry, that wasn't on purpose. Im not sure I can edit it but will try. I did it last night in a hurry. What was I thinking! I think I was adjusting our newspaper hold date right before that and was somehow thinking the wrong date and month.

both new (if even available) and used are crazy now. we had an hour to kill and no place to go so wandered thru the most used cars on the lot. stunning prices.

we did a ride this morning. our close-by ride. it was especially pleasant out and since the road is closed, no vehicles. its a bit over 5 miles with significant up and down, lots of flowers and quiet.

cathy water for winter camping is an issue. you melt snow if there is no running water. running water should be purified. you need a small amount of "starter" water in the pot to get it going or water will tast scorched. really. . it takes a lot of fuel to melt snow for water. store it in a plastic bottle or bladder, put it in sleeping bag with you at night. we have never snow camped where everything was frozen solid but it would be a challenge and takes time and fuel to keep water liquid . you keep water bottle inside your pack during the day.

our camper is reasonably insulated. frozen water lines will break the plastic or metal pipes. we drain everything and use antifreeze in winter. If in doubt, drain the lines and keep a couple jugs of water inside the camper with you.
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Did Kick Punch Cardio this morning. It's a good solid workout.

Valerie as someone who constantly gets confused as to what day of the week it is I just thought it was a fun mistake. Glad you got to have a nice quiet ride.

Carolyn nice job with the yoga. My dealership set me up with CarFax and I get a monthly report for them including how much my car is worth right now. I think I've gotten a couple from the dealership now. They are desperate to get their hands on used cars. My parents sold there's to a used car lot that actually gives a decent price, a lot more than the dealership offered them, and they don't think their car ever made it to the lot before it was sold. Apparently the girlfriend will be taking her car to campus this fall, so Derek can use that if needed. She still needs to take and pass her road test first so we'll see if that happens. It's amazing how many kids these days delay or don't get their license. Part of that is summer activities. Because of baseball both of mine delayed by one-two years when they could take drivers training, and here if you wait till your 18 you don't have to shell out for the class, you get a permit and then have to drive with a licensed driver so many hours and take the test. What's funny is that she HAS a car, and he who's had a license for 5 years doesn't.


Happy 4th of July. Today I did Gethealthyutv Chair Cardio for 25 minutes and 140 calories burned. Average heart rate was 125 and maximum heart rate was 159.

Valerie, nice job with the ride yesterday. I thought of you last night when the fireworks started. It wasn’t close by, so not bad. Tonight there will be even more.

Cathy, nice job with Kick Punch Cardio.

Hello to Judy and Diane Sue.


we did a hike this morning that didn't really turn out to be as expected. still 2.5 hours of walking in hot sun. not too great! no shade on this one. we had a big thunderstorm yesterday afternoon and another at 4 am so was wet. we decided not to do the hike we'd planned since today should be similar weather. nice flowers. saw some baby pronghorns. we will start back to WA tomorrow. stopping to do a ride part way, then staying over in a campground and finishing the drive Wed.

there are fireworks here in MT but its not like living in Ukraine! I have no issues with an evening of planned regulated professional displays. its the crazy home displays that go on at all hours and days for weeks that have soured me on the holiday.

cathy that is so weird. Ive heard that kids dont feel it urgent and obviously a lot choose to live in their parents home too. I could not WAIT to get my drivers license. never took drivers ed because there was a fee and my parents wouldn't pay it. Sigh. they weren't willing to take me many places, so I got there on foot, bicycle or bus. getting a DL was like a key to the whole world. I bought a car soon after. they charged me rent to park it in our 2 car garage. I didnt get a free pass on anything.


Today I did Coffey Fit Raw Box and Sculpt, 27 minutes, 155 calories, heart rate 133/162, 1,106 steps. I did it with Kelly's weight except had to drop on the overhead press to 5#. I tried, but 8 did not feel good. I then did Raw Legs and Glutes finisher, 16 minutes, heart rate 106/133, 63 calories and used 15# dbs. I wanted a short stretch but ended up doing 39 minutes. I thought I had clicked Jessica Smith Gentle Yoga chest and back but getting into it I was doing knees and hips. So, I did knees and hips which felt good and then chest and back till she got to bridges and stopped there. I also foam rolled my upper back. Calories burned was 56, heart rate 76/96. This felt great and I really needed it. Total time today spent was 85 minutes, 274 calories. Yesterday was a rest day.
Have a Happy Fourth

Cathy, nice job on Kick Punch and Crunch.

Carolyn, nice job getting in the chair cardio today.

Valerie, vehicle prices are ridiculous. I have had tons of letters and emails wanting to by my Chevy Spark. That seems funny to me. My husband says we could sell it for more than we paid for it as it has very low miles on it since I do not go much of anywhere in it. I am keeping it.
Our city has a no firework ordinance other than public displays. The small city next to us has it open to fireworks and people were able to start using them particular time periods 8 days ago until today. People here in our neighborhood have been shooting them off and they are not allowed here. Last night the last ones I heard was at midnight. My dog would not go out on the grass. She wanted to, but barked and whined at the fireworks and would go back to the door. Consequently, we have been having to get up in the middle of the night when it was quiet to let her out.
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I did not work out today. I had planned to do some type of upper body, but I didn’t feel like doing anything. There are some things that I need to get done around the house so I’m focusing on that instead.

Hello to everyone and have a wonderful day.
This morning I did Arms and Abs on the Ball. That is an excellent overall workout. Each muscle group by itself finishing with abs. While neither of our immediate neighbors did fireworks, we still had plenty going off around us, though unlike other years the majority of them seemed to be last night, so at least that was a plus.

Valerie sounds like your hike yesterday was a bit challenging due to the weather. I hope you have safe travels back to WA. I did drivers training as soon as I could and because I was older for my class, I had my license by November of my sophomore year. A majority of my class took drivers training between freshman and sophomore years, but back then summer activities for high schoolers was far more limited than it is today. Travel teams can play basically through July and by early August the fall school sports start training. So between the sports kids being tied up and parents who don't have the money to shell out, which is now over $300 at least for the driving/classroom sessions, it's just really delayed things. My parents also got an extra car so that I could have something to drive. Basically they were tired of carting me to and from cheerleading practices and it meant they didn't have to do a double run on game nights of taking me in, going home to eat and going back for the game.

Diane Sue that was a nice combo you put together.

Carolyn nice job with the chair workout. And sometimes we just need a day to get things done.


Today I did CDorner 40-minute Step Aerobics, Intermediate class, 44 minutes, 188 calories, heart rate 116/161, 4,309. Every time I looked at my watch it had me between 112 and 116 which I really thought was wrong. I even added some extra intensity. This one was outdoors at a pool. Heart rate picked up the last few minutes of the workout. I then did Coffey Fit Raw Abs finisher, 18:46 minutes, heart rate 95/113, 56 calories, 205 steps. I originally intended to do just the standing portion, but kept going. I wanted to get out early enough to avoid lots of people at Walmart so was kind of in a hurry. Total time was 62 minutes, 244 calories, 4,553 steps.
There were lots of fireworks going off last night. Finally at 11:30 I heard police sirens. Suddenly every one's firework cracking slowed and stopped. The siren went off about 20 minutes later and I think that was another warning as there was a few scattered pops here and there. By 12 I only heard one pop that sounded like it was behind our house. I am betting one of the police officers turned on his police car sirens. We have multiple police in our neighborhood. My dog would not go out on the lawn. She would run out on the door step and bark and come back in whining. I finally gave her a melatonin gummy and took her to give her a shower where we would not hear the noise. This seemed to calm her down. My husband came in at 5 and a bit later I heard her in our room making a whiny noise and got up and let her out to do her stuff. Somehow the keypad deadbolt on our door that comes in from the garage got turned. (This does happen occasionally) and my husband could not get in the house when he got off work. I woke up to him pounding on the door as his house key for the front door did not work either. He couldn't remember the keypad code as we rarely use it. So, we are going to have to fix that. I told him, I would be in trouble if I got locked out and he was gone as my phone and house key would be in the house. I wouldn't be able to drive anywhere either.

Carolyn, sometimes it is a relief just to get some of those things that we have not got to done. I was glad to get out to the store today. I rarely go into Walmart anymore, but when I have them shop for me there are things that they do not get right or they do not seem to be able to find the item I put on the order. Also they limit more things when I do online orders. Then I stopped and picked up a lb of barbecue brisket for my husband to take in his lunches. Too much salt for me to eat very much of it.

Cathy, I remember doing the abs and arms on the ball. I like using the stability ball weight workouts.


we left MT early this morning. it was quiet last night, not sure if there was a fireworks display or not but we didn't have to hear it!. yippee, I loved it. we drove for about 2 hours to a spot we wanted to mt bike, stopped and rode for an hour and a half. DH got a migraine at about an hour. hasn't had one in months but he ran out of a magnesium/niacin supplement he's been taking. he took an older one but it didnt work. we turned around there. he gets an warning of a headache coming and feels pretty bad for a while. it was a fun ride, on the continental divide. hard due to altitude..... 7000 feet. downhill was just fine. we thought we would camp midway but the last feasible place was too early in the day. decided to do the whole drive. got home close to 9 pm. wow. a long day. it was so pleasant to not have to listen to all the noise and booms last night. we will go there every year for the 4th. a professional display available if you want to see it, but not every idiot in the neighborhood blowing up illegal stuff randomly at all hours . we had to close windows last night because local morons were still blowing up things, and it will go on. its very hard to track down where the noise comes from. not as obvious as you would think.

that is so funny... fancy security measures but when something gets slightly off, it can be pretty challenging to figure out a work around. too many keys, too many code numbers. on a trip back in march we knew our power was out and without the garage door opener working we weren't sure if we had the right keys. we had keys for the inside garage door but were not sure we had the keys to the front door. turned out there is a battery back up on the opener so we were able to get in.

cathy that is so nice to have supportive parents. mine fought with me about everything. I was young for my grade and graduated when I had just turned 17. got out of that house as soon as I had friends to room with. suddenly my parents became "decent" and started treating me like an adult rather than an 8 yo. not when I lived under their roof. it was their goal to make sure I could not participate in anything in high school.
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Today I did JS HiiT Walk which was 30 minutes and 200 calories burned. My average heart rate was 133 and maximum heart rate was 157.

Cathy, nice job with Arms and Abs on the Ball.

Diane Sue, great job with CDorner 40 Minute Step Aerobics and Raw Abs Finisher.

Valerie, I’m glad that you made it back to Washington. That’s too bad about your husband’s migraine. I’m surprised that you could continue your long drive after he developed the migraine.

Hello to Judy.


Carolyn, thank you for your concern. I give him every opportunity to stop after we got down the hill from the ride but after the initial minutes of the headache, he prefers to keep doing "something" rather than sitting and thinking about it. he has trouble sleeping too so not an option. we had several spots picked out to camp but he felt better to keep going. he still is bothered today. Im tired but OK. it was too much to do that ride and a 11 hour drive but we had every intention of camping somewhere half way home until the headache. It helped that it was light for the whole drive and cloudy and light showers. decent driving conditions. I felt it was his call.
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Today I did Boss Bands and Loops Metabolic. I really like that one a lot, though my pecs weren't appreciating it after yesterday.

Valerie sorry to hear about your husbands migraine. Those put a major damper on everything. Glad you made it back safely. My sister and I both turned 18 in November of our senior years in high school. Because we were small, and I was really small they delayed sending us, OTOH my brother who really could have stood to be held back wasn't and they have regretted that to this day, and he's now almost 60. I learned from that and put the boys in grades where they would be older. Nick turned 18 in September of his senior year and Derek was 18 before it even started.

Carolyn nice job with the Hiit Walk.

Diane Sue nice job with the step and abs. I've been having trouble with my watch, too. Today it gave me a whole 6 zone minutes. I went back and looked at the previous times I've done the workout and they were way higher. Somedays I'll mess with it till it straightens around, but I didn't feel like doing that today. I really wish we could switch to silent fireworks like some other places have done, and I saw that, I believe it was Salt Lake City, was doing a laser show. Michigan has somewhat stricter laws for types of fireworks than other places, but just over the border into Indiana, you can find pretty much whatever you want.


I need to get caught up on posting. Sunday I did a 45 minute Peloton ride. Monday I did a 20 minute walk and 40 minutes of strength training. Yesterday I did a 45 minute Peloton ride and today I did 2 x 45 minute Peloton rides. The first one I did at higher intensity, the second one I was just spinning easy. The weather hasn't been cooperating for us to get outside as much as we wanted too, but we've been getting a lot of little things done around home.

Carolyn-Great job with yoga, the Gethealthyutv Chair Cardio and JS HiiT Walk.

Valerie-I'm sorry about your husband's migraine. I hope he's feeling better now.

Cathy-Great job with Kick Punch Cardio, Arms and Abs on the Ball and Boss Bands and Loops Metabolic.
I turned 18 in December of my senior year.

Diane Sue-Great job with the Raw workouts and CDorner 40-minute Step Aerobics. The fireworks weren't as bad here as they usually are. We didn't hear any after 11:30 or so.


Today I did CDorner Cardio Kickboxing and Weights, 38 minutes, 143 calories, 1,993 steps, I followed with Boss Bands Total Body skipping parts so I did warm up which is still working, shoulders, back, biceps, triceps, and added some rotations for my shoulders, 40 minutes, heart rate 97/128, 119 calories, 473 steps. I do not know how Cathe and crew use both the medium and heavy fabric bands for biceps. Maybe I am just a lot weaker since all of the shoulder problems. I dropped to the lightest band for the overhead triceps extension. I finished with CDorner Stretch for tight muscles that she did yesterday. It was mostly lower body stretching and she holds the stretches for awhile. This was 32 minutes, but my Garmin only got 19 min and 22 calories. I must have forgot to push start after I had paused it at one point because it popped up saying saving. I pushed start and it just started from there though. I am not sure what I did, but what I was doing was not much movement anyway.
Workout without stretch was 78 minutes, 262 calories, 2,466 steps.

Cardio Kickboxing with weights
3 minutes kickboxing
3 minutes- wide squat/curls 10# dbs 10 reps
walking lunges with overhead press (I skipped overhead press) 10# dbs 10 reps
reverse lunge/curl/front raise alternating sides 10#, dropped to 8# dbs
repeat till 3 minutes is up
3 minutes kickboxing
3 minutes- reverse lunge/hammer curl
curtsy lunge 1 arm tricep extension right 10 reps repeat on left 10 reps 5# as 8 was too much for my right arm when I tried
repeat ending with wide squat overhead triceps extensions holding two dumbbells
3 minutes kickboxing
3 minutes squat/ curl/press
wide squat lift heels and front raise 8# dbs 10 reps
holding dumbbells side to side waistline 10# dbs

Valerie, I am glad that you made it home. I do not mind fireworks when they are used safely. Growing up our family always had everyone together and buckets of water ready and we did fireworks. Never the big stuff though. I like the public displays with the anthem playing and remembering what we are celebrating. With my family we used to get together and barbecue and watch fireworks that were set off at a church nearby, but from lawn chairs in our back yard. It was really worrying my dog and I don't know why they have to set them off so many days in a row though. Also, there is time limits and they seem to still be going off in the wee hours of the morning. It is so hot and dry here and safety is a concern. Lots of dry brush. It was 102 today.
I told my husband we needed to come up with something because that lock gets bumped and turns easily. Most of the time the door is not closed though. I told my husband we cannot change things much as everything is set to work together and each door and window gets an audible "front door, dining window" etc is open when they open. The people before had the garage keypad and the inside door set to one code. I kept the code. Problem is, it is on my cell phone and I do not use either keypad. If I go in the garage and get locked out into the garage, I can't get my cell phone or a key. So, we will put a key somewhere just in case and I texted my husband the code. He was not too happy coming in at 5 am and not able to open a door. Funny, our dog must have known it was him as she did not make a peep when he was knocking and calling my cell phone which happens to be in the kitchen. I will not sleep with it in the bedroom. Other problem is, I keep the doorbell where it does not ring anywhere, but on my phone, so it does not wake him when he is sleeping. Usually when we have moved into a house, we get all new locks and everything is keyed the same. This time we didn't.

Carolyn, great job with Jessica Smith Walk workout. I hope you are doing better.

Cathy, I am still avoiding too much work that hits my chest area and puts a lot of pressure on the front of my shoulder. I am going to have to build up to that. My physical therapist said that shoulder is pretty much like starting over. I really think it still has some muscle memory though. Cathe, sure knows how to get the most out of those Boss bands. I don't have my watch seem off very often. I kept thinking, maybe I am not working hard enough. I read up on it and it does say to do some activity to get things going for 15 minutes before starting the workout. I did not want to mess with it much. Sometimes all I have to do is shut it off and turn it back on then sync it with the app and it will start picking up the stats better.
I guess a laser light show would be fun to watch. Somehow it does not seem the same as tradition though. My husband used to go to the top of a hotel at Disneyland Anaheim CA and watch the fireworks they would display all of the time. They had some cool light shows as well.

Judy, nice work on all of those Peloton rides and getting a walk and weights in. It probably feels good to get some other things done since weather is not cooperating. We have had several days of fireworks. None today though. Yesterday there were a few isolated pops. I saw some boys walking through a lot that a house has not been put up yet in and they lit a couple there and then headed off somewhere else. Whatever it was they were small.


We have a lot of indian reservations here. they locked up the casino business and also fireworks sales. they have fireworks stands everywhere. in theory, people can buy fireworks, and explode them in legal areas but it's too big to control. people buy tons of the stuff and go home and blow things up there. we hear kabooms going off at all hours of the day and night, usually not long enough to locate the source. might be illegal but I cant imagine having enough law enforcement to track down any but the worst offenders. explosions are exhausting, dangerous and a fire hazard. people with livestock and pets hate this time of year. wet here so it wasn't as big a risk as usual. some communities did drone and laser light displays this year. that seems like the future holiday to me.

I did much of the shopping and post office duties, paid bills etc. Our vacation mail hold did not work this time, and all our mail was packed into our locked box on the road. generated a complaint about that since we followed the protocol but it didn't work. lucky all the mail was there.
today is major garden day. we are having a challenging year. cool wet and cloudy, things not growing well. except for the weeds. holy crap they are thriving. the deer ate way more than their share. so hard to guess what they will eat each year because its not the always the same. we spray with Deerstopper, but when it's wet it doesn't last for weeks. new growth is not sprayed, and it washes off older growth. favorite plants are not always the same. one year they eat phlox, then dont touch it for 5 years and then they decide they like it in 2022.
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Today I did LiTE Stacked Sets Upper Body. My time was 44 minutes and 199 calories burned. My average heart rate was 121 and maximum heart rate was 157.

Valerie, I understand your husband’s desire to just keep moving. I had severe migraines for much of my life, but they have really gotten better in the last few years. If it happened at work or away from home I had to focus on just moving ahead instead of the pain. I’m sorry that you are having a challenging year with your garden and the deer.

Cathy, great job with Boss Bands and Loops Metabolic.

Judy great job with the Peloton Rides and weight work. Our weather here is awful for being outside. Today is another heat advisory day where people are cautioned against outdoor activity during the afternoon hours.

Diane Sue, great job with CDorner CDORNER workout and Boss Bands Total Body. I am doing much better, although it will be a while before I attempt Cathe cardio. Many of her cardio moves are things that I want to avoid for now. If something doesn’t feel comfortable I don’t do it.

Have a wonderful day everyone.
Shopped today so no workout. I will say that even though we were surrounded by fireworks on the 4th, though not our immediate neighbors, they generally are done by 11. And this year we had minimal stuff on other days.

Valerie sorry to hear that the deer are messing with your garden. My sister planted a new tree last week, and both she and her husband were out trying to get a deer away from it but the deer was super persistent and kept coming back so he sprayed it with coyote urine. She said that worked immediately. OTOH she told me NOT to google how they get it. I was over talking to the neighbor guys the other night and one told me that I had to come over and walk through his garden so I can tell him how beautiful it is. LOL He's been babying everything along because we went a long stretch with no rain, but after we got some last week everything just took a huge leap in growth.

Judy nice job with the rides and strength training. Glad we've cooled off a bit. Helps when it cools down overnight and we can get the house cooled down to start the day. Saturday night it's going down to 48!

Diane Sue great job with the kickboxing, Boss Bands and stretch workouts. Yesterday morning my outer pecs were sore, but today, I leaned forward a bit and bumped my upper chest area (where there's no padding) on the shopping cart handle and OUCH! And yes, the shopping cart handle is even with that area on me. LOL I do have my phone near at night in case one of the boys needs to reach me. I have it on do not disturb but set it so that their calls and texts still come through. I have learned that a couple hours before I go to bed or if he's working overnight, I message Nick through snapchat so that it won't come through, after he woke me up with one word responses to something I said.

Carolyn. nice job with Stacked Sets Upper Body.
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