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Is there something unusual about jumping a Prius? I haven’t jumped a car in a while. My next car will likely be a Prius but will keep the Subaru as long as it runs well. I hate car shopping.
Sometimes I do toe pushups but I get bigger ROM with knee ones and can do a lot more of them. I don’t want arms that look like how old I am, and knee pushups don't activate the shoulder issue if they are my main push up style.

did 55 min on the elliptical. way longer than usual lately. it was hard. I finally got DH to show me how to use the apple device in the workout room. We switched services not long ago. I could not get the new set up to work but got it down today. Apple TV plus 3 remotes in various combinations to get it to work. different from our living room set up. remember when TV was an on/off button? works well once I got it going. DH is a terrible teacher. angry impatient and basically a jerk. then all apologetic later.
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Today I did Step Sync, combos 1 and 2. That was 33 minutes and 195 calories burned. Average heart rate was 115 and maximum heart rate was 140.

Cathy, nice job with STS disc 2. Your son sounds like he handled his covid situation just right by not waiting for test results to quarantine. My husband actually does his own laundry, something we started early in our marriage. He was so picky about every little thing concerning folding and pressing his clothes that I refused to do them. That has worked well for us over the years.

Valerie, great job with 55 minutes on the elliptical. That’s impressive! Do you ever do lower body workouts? I don’t remember you posting about any.

Hello to Judy and Diane Sue.
Carolyn, you're right, I seldom do lower body workouts. if lower body is part of a total body workout, I do them but the last few years I do rarely. as long as I do road or mt biking, spinning, hiking, elliptical, or xc skiing once or twice a week, I feel like lower body is covered. I do Cathe warm ups, kickboxing, metabolic or other low impact workouts. I've had issues in the past with my knees getting sore from squats and lunges so I don't like to do umpty dozen repeats. Indoor workouts, no matter what they are, feel like my limit is 1 hour. this morning we did a 90 minute ride and it seemed easy in comparison although it was really much harder.
mountain biked this morning, our usual ride with a decent amount of elevation gain, so my legs got worked, trust me! I don't get sore. finally used an altimeter and saw our ride gains and loses 350 feet multiple times over the miles. this year I've been spinning more and plan to use the elliptical more now that I have the TV issue squared away. it's impossible to do the elliptical very long without something to watch and keep brain engaged. every now and then I get the notion I can learn things like Cardio Party, but it's too discouraging to do so badly so its not even fun.

I've always done the wash for both of us. DH is not picky and neither am I. I used to iron his shirts and would wait until there were 20 shirts and then do them all in a marathon of ironing.
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This morning was Disk 3-legs! Meso one leg workouts have always gotten me the next day, so we'll see how bad it is tomorrow. I'm already feeling it a bit. We are finally having a totally sunny day here! They've been very rare. Not that it's warm, but sun helps. LOL

Valerie there's really not much different in jumping a Prius, though apparently they've moved the conventional battery from front, where it is in Nick's 2010, to the back. I think the fact that it has a conventional battery and a battery for when it's using the electric only confuses people who aren't familiar with them. The guy who showed up to jump it had jumped others before, not all of them have. My version of car shopping goes like this: find the car I like and buy it. Though I've only bought one car in the last 30 years, and that because I got an inheritance from my Grandma. I absolutely hate dickering over price for anything. OTOH my sister's business life has made her excellent at it. One time she went and told the salesman how much she'd pay for the car and they spent three hours going back and forth before he agreed to her price. Only when they were doing the paperwork did he ask what she did, and she told him that in negotiations she's usually on his side of the desk! LOL I believe I've said we are VERY different! Sounds like you had a great ride this morning!

Carolyn, both of mine know to treat COVID seriously. Plus Nick is studying a medical field and works in ER's, so he's aware of all the rules. He'd said he wasn't going to climb till Sunday, but he's going nuts, so it going today. Hopefully, it won't be too much too soon. Yeah, my DH felt that I wasn't doing it laundry "correctly" so he just started doing it himself. Personally, I think the way he does it is harder on the clothes, but what do I know! And it's not like he has to dress for work, though occasionally he has a meeting he dresses better for. Great job with Step Sync!
This morning I did JS One Mile of Motivation for 15 minutes and 122 calories burned. Average heart rate was 139 and maximum heart rate was 170. Then I did Jane Adams Gentle Yoga Core Strength and Flexibility. That was 34 minutes and 75 calories burned.

Valerie, you do get a lot of lower body work during your various outdoor activities. I had to to work on squats and lunges so that my knees don’t hurt. I don't go very deep with either.

Cathy, great job with STS disc 3 legs.

Hello to Judy and Diane Sue.
something really annoying to me is how badly mangled words get on the WW connect feature. I'm talking about...... lose, loose, losing, loss, losses and all possible creative variations on those words. how badly and frequently they get misspelled and misused! I realize typing on a phone screen and autocorrect can all play a role, but I wish misuse wasn't so rampant! sometimes I just can't get past it.
carolyn I am also careful because I get bursitis on one side easily. some leg moves aggravate it. I'm happy that riding does not seem to trigger it.

cathy this is too funny, but this morning DH went outside to move the truck and the battery was dead! its an old battery and it was cold last night. we will put it on a trickle charger for a bit and then get it replaced. truck is a 2009 and battery is original.
This morning I did P30 Low Impact Hiit and the P30 Core. If I had typed this then, I would have said that I was only a little sore in my glutes and hamstrings from yesterdays workout, but at this point that is so not the case. Now both of those are worse and my inner thighs have joined the chorus!

Carolyn glad your power came back. Sorry to hear there will be ice there. Never a good thing. Great job with the JS One Mile and yoga workout!

Valerie that is a long time for a battery to last!
Today was an active rest day. I did a 20 minute Peloton ride this morning and we spent most of the day running errands and doing things around the condo.

Carolyn-Great job with Step Sync and One Mile of Motivation.

Valerie-Great job doing 55 minutes on the elliptical. That's a good workout! I didn't do a lot of leg workouts when I was running and biking outdoors a lot. I had long periods when all I was doing was running and biking.
Wow, that is a long time for a battery to last!

Cathy - Great job with Meso 1 Legs and P30 Low Impact Hiit.

Hi to Diane Sue
I did 60 min on the elliptical today. its not so boring when I have something to watch. a netflix original. I saw it a year or two ago, called "Unbelievable". its based on true story about a rape victim and how two different police department handle similar rape cases.. the first victim is not a credible historian which is a big part of the problem. I remember the story well enough but still enjoying it.

Batteries last longer here, it's not that cold generally and we keep the truck in the garage much of the year too. this was a long time. its a big diesel truck and takes 2 big batteries. hopefully we are done with vehicle repairs for the year.

cathy good luck on the sore legs. that is usually about a 4 day recovery for me!

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