Pentagenarians & Beyond 1/16

Good Morning. This is a rest day for me. Our power was off for a few hours this morning but is back now. It’s cold and rainy with a little snow and sleet. Unfortunately this will turn to ice later as the temperature is continuing to drop. I’m planning on taking it easy today.

Valerie, thanks for starting us off this week. Have a warm and comfortable day everyone.
Carolyn sorry to hear you are dealing with a "wintry mix", meteorologists love call it . when we get snow its usually near freezing, plus or minus a few degrees. hopefully it won't last long. we often lose power when it's like that. heavy snow bringing down trees and limbs. it was cold when we got our recent snow and power stayed on.
This morning I did Cathe's latest Live workout, Warrior Kickboxing 2. Really good workout and includes core at the end. She was wearing the gloves they will be selling soon. The last few weeks with car maintenance and extra hotel stays killed my budget so that will be on my someday list!

Carolyn I hope your wintry mix doesn't cause too many issues for you and that your power stays on.
we did an owl check yesterday but can't find him so he likely moved on.

those weather events where surfaces are maybe wet/maybe ice are the toughest, especially where people aren't accustomed to driving when slippery.

later in the day I did a short spin for 30 minutes interspersed with push ups and dips, 4 sets of 25 each. I had a few needed interruptions and thought this was a way to make it a workout. good way to do 100 reps.
Today I did JS 30 Minute Fat Blaster for 30 minutes and 220 calories burned. Average heart rate was 135 and maximum heart rate was 155. Then I did Element Yoga for Beginners with Alanna Zabel. I did the Flexibility practice which was 23 minutes and an additional 53 calories burned. The snow/rain mix went on for most of the day yesterday, but not much stuck in my area. We have some icy roads, but I’m not planning to go out. The power went off briefly a couple of times, but again we were more fortunate than others in the area.

Cathy, great job with Live Warrior Kickboxing 2. I didn’t realize that Cathe was adding gloves to her equipment. Are they boxing gloves?

Valerie, nice job with spinning interspersed with push ups and tricep dips.

Hello to Judy and Diane Sue.
Finally started STS today with Disk 1. The only thing I'm not a fan of in Meso 1 is the gazillion pushups. Okay that's a slight exaggeration. LOL

Valerie sorry you didn't get to see the owl again. Great job with the spin, pushups and dips!

Carolyn yes they are boxing gloves. You can see them in the clip from the workout Great job with the 30 Minute Fat Blastser, yoga and flexibility workouts!
Today I did Stacked Sets Upper Body. My time was 41 minutes with 185 calories burned. Average heart rate was 112 and maximum heart rate 149.

Cathy, great job with starting STS. Thanks for the link to Cathe’s workout. Those gloves look nice, but I already have the pink ones. I don’t always use them, but they are good to have.

Have a wonderful day everyone.
Yesterday we chopped wood. Years since I did much. I got tired quickly. I get out of breath quickly doing it. Can’t find any WW category to track it. Not at all the same as “carrying wood”. Did not get sore but got tired. Raining today so will do indoor.
Lost a pound this week so heading in the right direction.
Cathy congrats on starting sts. Yes endless push ups . They are effective though.
This morning I did the IMAX workout I put together and then tweaked it a bit afterwards. Then I did a shortened version of Core Max with the ball doing the med ball segments. My shoulders and biceps are okay after yesterday but my pecs and lats are talking! My sister has been in NYC at a big tech even, that isn't nearly as big this year, but the company sunk too much money into everything upfront to not go. You had to not only have proof of vaccination to go to the event you also have to show it in all the restaurants. Her life is so different than mine. LOL Funniest part is they are staying in a Boutique Hotel and the rooms barely have space to move around, but huge TV's that regularly tell her they have free in room Beachbody workouts. She's like "am I supposed to do them on the bed?" :D

Carolyn great job with Stacked Sets Upper Body! I would like several of the things Cathe is selling or will be selling, but it'll be awhile since my budget has taken such a hit lately. I think they will be sold through the Amazon store though and I can use reward points and Ibotta earnings there.

Valerie I would think chopping wood would be very tiring! Yay on the weight loss!
so here goes one of my husband rants.... said he needs new jeans. I looked them up on LL bean. his usual one is not available. he needs a 33 waist and 29 inseam. that older style starts now at 34. he tells me to call LL bean and demand that jean in a 33. ( yeah, right). I said, "I got you some last year and they were a slightly different style but you said they were fine, andare available in a 33. but no, he doesnt want more of those. I said, do you even know which ones you are wearing? well, no he doesn't. I go to the closet, and there are the two pairs of jeans in question. the one pair he says he likes best, and the slightly different style that I got him last year. neither one has been worn....and he "needs" new jeans. someone is crazy here...!

cathy sounds like the push ups got to you. im going to do a spin and be done with it today.

no spin, did 10 min fast on the elliptical and core from x train. busy day otherwise. rained a lot so we did some kitchen projects.
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It's been another busy week so far. It's warmed up a little, almost 40 today. We are picking up the Bronco tonight.

Sunday I did KCM's new Cardio Fit DVD, both workouts. Monday I did a 30 minute Peloton ride. Last night I did KCM's new Power Split DVD, both strength workouts and a lower body finisher. This morning I did 50 minutes of Peloton rides. I really like both of KCM's new workouts. The cardio is fun and easy to follow, with no dread factor and the weight work is good too. She has little rest between sets so it felt pretty metabolic. The lower body finisher has some balance work which is nice. The next time I'll add the upper body finisher in too.

Valerie-The photos of the owl are so good! Chopping wood sounds like a great workout! Congrats on the weight loss.

Carolyn-Great job with Stacked Sets Upper Body.

Cathy-Awesome that you started STS! Nice job with your IMAX workout and Core Max.

Hi to Diane Sue
This morning I did P30 Low Impact HiiT for 31 minutes and 222 calories burned. My average heart rate was 130 and maximum heart rate was 161.

Valerie, chopping wood definitely counts as a workout! Your husband story sounds like a conversation that I might have with my husband. He often overlooks things in his closet and pulls put the same items. We had a similar jeans discussion a few months ago.

Cathy, great job your versions of IMAX and Core Max.

Judy, I have been trying to decide if I want to order Kelly’s new dvds. Did you preorder? I like to have something else on those days when I don’t feel like doing Cathe and KCM is usually a good choice.

Diane Sue, I hope that you are doing well.
Carolyn-Yes, I did preorder. I think you would like the new ones. I like mixing Kelly's workouts in with Cathe's. I definitely do more of Cathe's but Kelly is my second favorite instructor.
carolyn our husbands are cut from the same pattern. mine will dress right out of the clean laundry basket. If he gets something he likes, he wears it constantly until it falls apart, while unworn things hang in the closet. it can even be the exact same garment, like I bought 2 pairs of the same jean, but he keeps wearing the "one" he wore before. we cleaned out closets over the year so there is not a lot of donatable clothing left. he wont get rid of all his old work clothes but he trimmed it down. he wears the same pair of jeans day after day. a battle to get them away to wash/dry them, and then he puts them right back on again.
i did get sore from the wood chopping but not bad.
Today I did Stacked Sets Lower Body which was 42 minutes and 190 calories burned. Average heart rate was 113 and maximum heart rate was 134. I decided to add Extended Stretch 1 for an additional 12 minutes.

Hello to everyone and have a wonderful day.
Apparently, I never got here yesterday, even though I had planned to and rather thought I did. LOL Yesterday was Disk 2, triceps and back. Surprised I'm not feeling it more. No workout as I went shopping. Nick wasn't feeling well last week, and went for a COVID test and quarantined in case. It was after the time period he was supposed to get a response, but he finally got a text during the night and on the same day as his quarantine ended he got confirmation that he'd had it. Now his car is dead and he has a Prius and for some reason they think they have to send a tow truck to haul it somewhere. I'm thinking the person doesn't understand what a hybrid is as they want it taken to a charging station! The car was jumped twice last winter, both times with a normal jump. Hopefully when the driver gets there they can sort it out. It's not like the car has a plug for a charging station. LOL

I am happy to say that I have nothing to do with DH's clothes. He buys them and he washes them!

Valerie nice job with the spin premix and I bow down to your 50 pushups, dips and tricep pushups!

Judy great job with the mix of workouts you've been doing this week!

Carolyn, good job with P30 Low Impact Hiit!
Cathy they are knee push ups. I do sets of 25 not far apart . a little break between. I didn’t do 50 tricep ones only 32 in 2sets of 16. I move from one exercise to the next then take a few minutes and repeat. Too many in a row and form suffers. They are not bad at all like this.
Most young people skate thru but not true for all. No reason to take unneeded risks.
Well that was more than 3 hours of frustration. He finally found a company on his own and they came out and jumped it. He finally got someone at the insurance company to change it to just a jump, but they couldn't find anyone who could do it, because of low staff and backed up orders and also that his apartment has a parking ramp. Amazing that HE was able to find someone right away. At least it's all good. Valerie he's feeling fine now, and has meant the quarantine requirements, not that I agree with the current ones, but no one asked me! At least he stayed in as long as he was supposed to and the only thing he did was a non contact food order at Target because he was tired of his instant pot soup from dry goods. Even though he said it was good. He went into quarantine before his normal shopping day. I had tried to tell him never to get that low on food, but at least now he has a better understanding that emergencies do happen! Lesson learned the hard way is more likely to make an impression!

I really need to do that type of thing myself, I just don't like them and avoid them unless Cathe is making me do them. LOL

I found Cathe's store on Amazon. Put the mat that sized for a step on my wishlist. I can get free shipping there, and it was the cost of shipping that stopped me from getting it when it came out. I'll just save up my rewards points!

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