Pavi tiles


Hi, All,

Adding my name to the list of happy customers. Just got off the phone with Kevin and he's had such a great response from this forum that he's considering extending the sale price through the summer. He also thought of contacting Cathe or 'her people' to see if there's anything she might need like flooring with her logo :) Smart man!

My knees are looking forward to getting these tiles!


If anyone is interested in getting "clean finished look" for your Pavi floors, the edgers are on sale through Kiefer Floors. The 4 ½ ft grey edgers are normally $25 but they are on sale for $19.00. They also have black 12 ft black pieces for $ 40.00 each and the wedges are $ 30.00 (those are half tiles that attach to the tiles and ramp down to zero). Mention you are Cathe'ites to get the discount.:) :)

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