Party Rockin Step 1 No Fan

I don't do all the turns either. I usually to the rock front and back instead of the reverse turn step and on combo five, I had in a few cha cha's before the mombo and cha cha around. I don't do those 2 turns in that one either. Once I figured out the count, I just add in my own "spicy" moves before returning to the regular moves. As long as you make it to the mombo on count 9, do what ever you want instead of the turns. Glad to hear you made it through the rest of the combos.

Thanks for the tips Firemedic!!! That helped a lot. I subbed in the rock back and front and it was perfect. I couldn't get the count right on Combo 5, so now I know to make it to the mambo on count 9 and I'm okay. It was still pretty rough, just like Cathe said once I got to the left, but I got through the whole thing this morning. Great work out and I'm very proud of myself.:D
I'm glad you enjoyed it and I could help. Each time it will get easier to do the steps and then you can put more effort into it and enjoy it more. It gets better.
PRS1 does have advanced choreography, but my main thing is that I have to modify all the little twists and twirls because I get so dizzy! I just won't and can't do them unless I want to fall!

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