Our newest Cathe Live iOS app has just been released!


Staff member

Our new IOS Cathe Live app ( version: 1.5.2) includes the following fixes:

Scrolling: In our last release we noticed that scrolling through all of the video icons was sluggish and choppy. This problem has been fixed in this release and scrolling should be much faster and smoother.

No Audio When Mute Switch or Icon is On: This wasn't really a bug. Apple recommends that developers not override the mute switch. Though we followed Apple's recommendations in our last app update it seems to have confused many people who didn't realize when the app mute switch was turned on audio on the app would not be heard. With Apple's approval, we have overridden the mute switch and you can now hear the audio in the Cathe Live App regardless of whether the mute switch is on.

App Crashing During a Live Broadcast: This release should fix the problem of the app crashing during a live broadcast.

Video Replays Instead of Stopping: THe video should now stop when it is done instead of auto replaying.

This release fixes all known bugs, but we will continue to monitor this app for other unknown issues. As always let us know of any issues you find.

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