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    The New Cathe Live Android App Now Has Chromecast

    We have just released our newest Cathe Live Android app to the Google Play store. This release adds Chromecast for Cathe Live Android users. Learn more about Cathe Live and OnDemand or sign up at
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    Our newest Cathe Live iOS app has just been released!

    Our new IOS Cathe Live app ( version: 1.5.2) includes the following fixes: Scrolling: In our last release we noticed that scrolling through all of the video icons was sluggish and choppy. This problem has been fixed in this release and scrolling should be much faster and smoother. No Audio...
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    New Update for Cathe On Demand iOS App Now Available!

    We've just released a new update for our iOS app for Cathe OnDemand (version 1.3). Here is what's new! - Fixed Login Timeout issue. (you know longer need to force close the app when done. You will now stay logged in. - We've added Face ID/Touch ID Support - Implemented an in app-app purchase...
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    Cathe Live Now On Apple TV

    If you have an Apple TV (4th Generation) you can now download our Cathe Live tvOS app and view our live broadcasts and recorded videos directly on your TV. Now you don't have to stream from your mobile device. This reduces the stress on your wifi and is a quicker and easier way to enjoy all of...
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    A New Way To Watch Cathe Live!

    Apple just approved our new iOS Cathe Live app and it is now available in the Apple App Store. We will have more details tomorrow, but want to give those of you who might want to use it for tomorrows Cathe Live broadcast a heads up. Let's us know what you think and how the new app works during...
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    Our Apple TV App Gets An Update!!!

    We've just released an update to our tvOS App for Apple TV that now allows you to SEARCH for individual workout videos and also any shared workouts. You can can update your current app or download the new tvOS app from the Apple TV App Store. Also, we want to let everyone know that we're...
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    Announcing Our New Cathe Android OnDemand App!!!

    Previously, we released our Cathe OnDemand iOS and tvOS Apps for Apple devices. Now we're excited to announce the release of our Cathe OnDemand App for Android devices. Our Cathe OnDemand Apps make using our OnDemand service easier and better when using a mobile device and also make it easier to...
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    Cathe OnDemand is Now On Apple TV

    If you have Apple TV 4.0 or newer you can now download our tvOS App and enjoy Cathe OnDemand on your Big TV. No need to use your mobile device anymore! We're still working on our Android Cathe OnDemand App, but it should be done soon. After we release our Android Cathe OnDemand App here is a...
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    How to change the Video Quality Settings in the Cathe OnDemand App

    This is a video clip that shows you how to change the quality stream for your Cathe OnDemand videos using our iOS App. If you have problems with your videos freezing and stalling you will want to choose a lower stream rate using this setting. Once you set your stream rate it will remain as your...
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    How to use the new Cathe OnDemand app with your Apple TV

    We made this tutorial video clip to show you how to use our new Cathe OnDemand App to connect to your Apple TV. We’re excited to announce the release of our new iOS App (app works on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. iOS 9.0 or above) for our Cathe OnDemand streaming videos. You can now download our...
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    Announcing The New Cathe OnDemand iOS App

    We’re excited to announce the release of our new iOS App (app works on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. iOS 9.0 or above) for our Cathe OnDemand streaming videos. You can now download our new app from the Apple iOS App Store or click on the following direct link: To...