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If you have an Apple TV (4th Generation) you can now download our Cathe Live tvOS app and view our live broadcasts and recorded videos directly on your TV. Now you don't have to stream from your mobile device. This reduces the stress on your wifi and is a quicker and easier way to enjoy all of our Cathe Live videos and broadcasts.

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Hi Cathe, I want to say I have worked out w you for so long--- love you! - I'm your age and have also been an exercise instructor for over 25 years. My one issue I have is with some of the participants in class- (live, specifically)- could you please correct some of the participants form? I get it that not everyone has the strength or modifies for various reasons, but it just kills me when someone is doing such improper form. I don't mean to complain, but as an instructor who has seen so many blow outs of knees and back issues, and I myself have been injured, this is critical! Thanks
Hi joybroadhurst,

We certainly agree that proper form is important, but when you watch Cathe Live you're watching unrehearsed classes where anyone who is gym member can participate. Each class will have regulars as well as new participants. These are not professionals and the participants all have different abilities just like people at home do. The whole purpose of Cathe Live is to show real people who are doing their best to get fit - not perfection. Some of the participants will have great form and some will not. Though Cathe will offer form pointers throughout the class and do her best, her "real" audience are the exercisers at home that she can not see and this is why Cathe faces the camera (home audience), not the class participants. Home exercisers will have some of the same fitness issues you see during a Cathe Live class and hopefully seeing a wide variety of abilities will help them to improve their own, but when in doubt they should follow Cathe.

Also, it's just not practical or possible in a large class setting to correct the form of every participant without ruining the class for everyone else as Cathe would constantly have to stop to try to correct at least one person's form for every exercise. It's also not possible to correct everyone's form by simply giving verbal instructions or demonstrating the correct way to do the movement. Certain movements require practice and a certain amount of athletic ability to be performed correctly. Though Cathe cues and encourages everyone to use good form, and does an excellent job demonstrating, it's not possible in a large group live broadcast to have everyone doing everything perfectly. We've been in the gym business for 35 years now and thank goodness have never had a participant have a major injury in a class and that's after millions of exercise sessions. Even more profound is a lot of the people you see in Cathe Live have been taking her classes for decades and some for more than 30 years. However, we certainly agree that proper form is important and we hope Cathe has helped to educate many exercisers on the importance of correct and proper body movement while working out. Glad to hear you feel it's important too!

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