One rep max increase for STS?


Interesting - if I go to workout manager, 1 rep max, then sts, then disc 4 - it isn't there.
But - if I deselect sts and pick all exercises, it is there. I don't know why.

Under the STS tab, if I view the STS One Rep Max Exercise Chart, it isn't in that list either... ???
Sort of weird...

Ah, I'm not doing it from the calendar - that's gotta be the difference.


It could be, I've always done it that way, because for me its easier to edit my next three workouts and print them out too.
You should feel effort on the last two rep's. I don't necessarily go to failure, but I want to really feel the burn on the last two to three reps. I would definitely adjust those values, you can edit fairly quickly by going to the Workout Manager and finding your calendar. (This is assuming you have put these workouts on your calendar.) Go to that day's workout, select *show details* after that pulls up, select *edit workout* box. The STS sheet will show up and then find the exercise you want to edit. Look over to the far right on that line and you see a *calculator*. Press that picture and it will bring up your one-rep max and follow that through as far as what number you want to edit with. Just remember to hit save at the bottom of the sheet.
Thank you! This is a great tip!!

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