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I am sure this has been asked a dozen times, but I have not been on here too consistently in a while. I tried to run a search on this, but for some reason the search function is not working right for me.

If you are going to repeat the STS again for another 3 -6 months or so, what are you doing about your 1RM?

Are you retesting all of the exercises again?

Are you taking your Meso 3 numbers and plugging them in instead?

My meso current meso 3 numbers are fairly accurate for most of the exercises. However, the rep count is lower than 10 of course. While I work very hard with meso 3, I would not say that I am to the point of absolute failure either.

What is the buzz on this topic?



Hey there! Yes, DH and I will be starting another round of STS starting June 15th for another 3.5 months. We are doing Cathe's April 09 rotation right now.

I have been told that when you enter your actual weights and reps into each workout card, that the 1RM is automatically updated. I have been procrastinating on that though. We kept paper logs of each workout and I have not wanted to sit in front of the computer that long! :) Ultimately, I would like to go with our Meso3 numbers, and I don't want to redo the 1RM. :)


I also kept a paper log. I just looked and am thinking to enter my Meso 3 weights and reps and go from there. I no way want to do all the 1RM's all over again. I did a sample one and it seemed to work fine.


Thanks for checking Phyllis! Let us know how it works on the rest. Maybe if it goes well for you, I will be less inclined to continue to procrastinate! :) LOL


I entered my weights for Meso 3 and chose to re-calculate my 1RM based on those entries. The only problem is that in Meso's 1 and 2 we were using dumbbells and doing different exercises. I think we will still have to re-do some 1RM exercises.



I am actually planning to re-do all of the 1 rep max for all exercises. I will take a few weeks off before repeating STS 3 1/2 month rotation. I want to make sure I get the most out of it and having now gotten some experience with the program, I want to see how my new 1RM's compare to my original. Again, I'm taking a 6 week break before starting again, so I will certainly have plenty of time to re-do my 1RM.

Wishing you all the best,



I didn't redo my 1RMs but went through my workout cards and guaged from the weight increments if they needed to be adjusted, and redid a few of them, but not all.


In a post a while back, SNM said that testing once a year would be sufficient. I'm not re-doing those tests for my next round, that was a good winter activity for me when I didn't want to leave the house, so I'll think about a retest in the winter.

I like the idea of using the meso 3 numbers to update the 1 RMs and another thought, was using the same numbers and just adding around 5-10% to the actual weights, I would just do this by hand on the printed cards.


that is what i was wondering , dela. just add 5%, or what if we just up our weights by 1# for all the excercises in meso 1 & 2? and if we enter the 1rm's for meso 3, wouldn't it automatically change all the 1rm's?


i did the tests again. i am glad i did because every single one was higher than my previous 1RM. just proof that it works, i guess! it was kind of a pain to do them again, but also fun to see the results. what i did was use my old 1RM as a guide for how much to start the new tests with and went 10-20% higher (as cathe said, when left on our own, we usually pick weights 10-20% lower than what we can do). anyway, that's what worked for me. but yes, to look at that list and have to do them again was daunting...

Cosmo Mom

Next Round of STS 1RMs-Question

I read all of your comments about the next time we do STS and what you plan on doing for 1RM for the next rotation of STS.

I wrote down all my weight adjustments on the printed workout logs. I, too, have not wanted to sit in front of the computer that long to update each workout card on my calendar. That IS very cumbersome, but I guess this is what you are supposed to do so that you're all set to print the workout cards again for the next time.

You shouldn't have to re-test each time. We'll see how it goes. I'm almost done with my 3-mo. rotation. I think I'll start it again after the 4th of July. That way I'll have my rest period when I'm at the Road Trip!:p

Have fun guys!!


Just thought of this

My plan along has been to complete STS and then start it again when STS cardio arrives. I was going to update all the exercises 1RM from my workout sheets.... but what about the break. Will I be able to lift as heavy after taking a break and not starting again until Sept.??? I am planning on doing 4DS and then a circuit rotation and then GYM styles rotation.

Only time will tell!

Cosmo Mom

Updating Calendar with STS results :(

I have been entering my weights/reps into each calendar day when I did the STS workouts. However, I went to check in to view/print the discs to see if they updated the weights and it doesn't look like it affected it!:mad:

How are we supposed to enter the results so we can print the updated cards for the next round of STS? Help!

Cathe Friedrich

You just have to click on the edit icon by every exercise. You then simply enter the weight you would like to use for that exercise and our formula will reverse engineer your 1RM and automatically change your weight for every workout in the STS series. The good news is it only takes about three seconds to do this per exercise.

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