<--- Now everybody throw your hands in the air...


<--- is thinking of starting a trend
<--- isn't sure it will last though ;)
<--- hopes more old OALer's pop in to say hi today
<--- wishes it was Friday
<--- waves and yells, "Top o the mornin' and Happy St. Patty's Day!" :p
<--- has two huge deadlines, so Friday might not mean anything this week
<--- says no matter, after the great NYC weekend <--- just had, where I saw Beavs & FancyNancy, it's all gooooooood!
<--- hopes Shelly has a fabulous day, and, if by chance<--- get outta here at a decent hour, <--- will lift a few pints o Guinness to ya!;)
<--- says top o' the marnin' to all as she drinks her green tea and contemplates the fact that it isn't really all that green
<--- will be leaving Saturday for a week's vacation in Collingwood, Ont. where she may or may not ski depending on whether there's any snow left
<--- is looking forward to her vacation but is kind of scared looking at the volume of work still to be done this week
<--- has decided NOT TO TRACK her food intake during vacation week ... this is majah for me, girls!
<--- was jus' so excited to see Shelley back posting again!
<--- wonders if there's a way to make the arrows point up rather than across ... after all our avatars are above our posts now! ... but will leave this for more technologically gifted minds

<---shuffles into thread yaaaaawning...
<---Says some crazed leprechaun trashed the house last night... left shamrock confetti EVERYWHERE, dragged out the toys in the playroom, even peed green pee ;) in the toilet...
<---Now must clean up
<---Would like a chocolate chip green pancake that <---made for breakfast but...
<--gave up chocolate for Lent... and alcohol... :(
<---Hopes that Shelley's new trend lasts!
<--Also hopes to see some more OALers like Robin and Shannon and Rhone and...
<--Is glad to see TeTe!
<---Wonders what kind of deadlines await?
<--Used to be a reporter and thrived on deadlines many moons ago...
<--Is jealous of a fun NYC weekend with fancynancy and Beavs!
<--Must go hook up a caffeine IV...
<--ETA: Missed Stubby's post
<--Hopes she has a fabulous vacation! :)
<---isn't Irish at all but says Happy Saint Patrick's Day to those who are!
<---normally drinks wine these days but would love a beer this time to celebrate!
<---wonders if anyone is partaking in an "Irish breakfast" today?
<---agrees that today should be Friday.
^ thinks we could use these as up arrows
^ isn't sure she likes them though
<--- is going back to the regular way!
<--- is very thankful she doesn't have to clean up the green mess at Steph's house today
<--- hopes Tete's work goes quickly
<--- is jealous of Stebby's Collingwood week
<--- hands Wendy a beer
<--- needs a nap already
<--says hi
<--is all Irish all the time, so <--is happy today
<--is also happy because today is <--'s friday
<--does not have to work for 10 days after today
<--is looking forward to not seeing co-workers during that time
<---waves hi to all the OAL ladies
<---has a dry scratchy throat this morning
<---really hopes she isn't coming down with something
<---says on a positive note, the baby slept through the night last night! She sort of woke up around the time she normally gets a bottle, but fell back to sleep on her own
<---wishes she could say that she felt refreshed after that, but thinks it will take a number of nights like that to feel "refreshed"
<---starting at the bottom post >
<---hopes Anne has an awesome vacation/time away from work!
<---waves enthusiastically to Suz!
<---asks Shell if she has an extra beer for <---
<---tells Wendy she is more of a wine drinker too
<---thinks Steph is a cool mommie
<---is also jealous of Stebby's vacation plans!
<---hopes TeTe's deadlines get met without too much OT
<---wishes everyone a happy and safe St. Patty's day!
<---got a kick out of seeing this thread
<---waves HI to all the old OALers, and the new ones!
<---popped in to say hi
<---is stuffing a couple thousand envelopes for a mailing and should probably get back to it
<---may or may not bbl
<---is popping back in to say hi.
<---is a little *hic* tipsy from *hic* drinking green beer all *hic* day!;)
<---thanks Shelley for the beer and blames her for ^^^!:p
<---wonders how long it took Shannon to stuff that many envelopes!? :eek:
<---remembers fondly when <---'s son started sleeping thru the night on a regular basis.
<---hopes Liann's baby starts doing that soon!
<---is crazy jealous over Anne's vacation!
<---waves hello to the rest of the OAL crowd!
<---is ready for this day to end so <---can go meet a friend for coffee at Barnes and Noble tonight. :)
<--waves to all the OAL
<--is winding down day and happy to start vacay!
<--hopes everyone enjoys their St. Patrick's Day and the days to follow!

<---waves wildly at the OAL thread
<---never thought she'd see one again
<---has been crazy busy at work and rarely has time to scan the forums anymore
<---would MAKE time for the arrow folks!
<---didn't wear a lick of green today
<---will be celebrating St Vartan Mamilonian Day instead
<---isn't really sure when it falls or what color to wear though
<---thinks maybe it should be celebrated with the color red, so red wine is the beverage of choice
<---high fives Liann on getting to just about sleep through the night
<---tsks at tipsy Wendy and hands her a broom
<---hopes Ann has a delightful vacation, but admits she'd rather go back to St John, USVI, where she was last week
<---will drink a glass of wine for abstaining Stephanie and admires her devotion
<---would dive right into a choc chip pancake, no matter what color it was
<---finds that in her excitment, a novel has been posted
<---will sit back quietly now and wait for others to show up
<--clinks red wine glass with Miss Robin!
<--so happy to see the arrows
<--can't wait to hear Liann's impending news.........
<--hopes everyone is doing well and getting ready for spring
<--saw some green leaves on the strawberry plants today
<--garden is still mostly mud
<--sad to report <--lost Mom about a month ago after 10 year battle with Parkinson's
<--wishes everyone still fortunate to have a mom would go give a hug, kiss, email, or call
<--has been getting back to the workouts after a long absence
<--feels good
<--loving the WW check-in
<--best get back to work
<--hope to see more arrows very soon!

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