November 2020 Rotation ?


The Perfect 30 users guide has rotations with Xtrain, LITE and Low impact.

Have you checked it out?

Thanks. I did take a look at those. However, I am in the last week of a 90 day Fit Tower/ICE/Low impact rotation. I feel like I will need something other than Perfect 30, but maybe lifting heavier will be challenging enough.


I've been looking for it also. I don't always follow it but like getting ideas from Cathe. Since my month rotation starts on Monday, I created my own rotation- one week of a 3-day split for weights, alternating with a step, kickbox & HiIt workout; 2 weeks of a 2-day split with a Total Body or MWT day & 3 days of cardio, then FitSplit for Thanksgiving week.


in the newsletter...

Hi Everyone, this month ( November 2020 Workout Rotation ) we’ll focus on getting that internal fire burning with mixed cardio and total bodyweight training! There are two days during the month where I’ve doubled up both an upper and a lower body routine on the same day. If this is too much for you feel free to omit one of the routines or replace both with a weight workout of your choice! As always, take extra rest days if needed! Listen to your body, stay hydrated, and work on crushing your goals!

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iOS, Android, Apple TV, and Roku Cathe OnDemand Users: The Cathe November 2020 Workout Rotation is available now in your app. Just click on the rotation icon in your app to view this month’s rotation.

Web Browser Users: Note: If you’re an OnDemand subscriber make sure you’re logged into your account through your browser and then just click on the links in my November 2020 Workout Rotation to instantly launch and view your video. Monthly workout rotations are normally published on the first Monday of each month.

Week 1
M Perfect HiiT High Impact

T PHA Training

W Rev’d Up Rumble

T Perfect HiiT Low Impact

F STS Total Body

S Cycle Sweat or cardio of choice

S Perfect Flow Mobility or off

Week 2
M Plyo HiiT One


W Rock’m Sock’m Kickbox

T All out Low Impact HiiT

F Total Body Giant Sets

S Ride or cardio of choice

S Perfect Flow Yoga or off

Week 3
M High-Intensity Interval Training- Pyramid


W HardStrikes

T RWH Low Impact HiiT One

F Perfect Pump Upper & Lower

S CycleMax or cardio of choice

S YogaMax or off

Week 4
M Plyo HiiT Two

T PHA Training

W Rockout Knockout

T RWH Low Impact HiiT Two

F Strong Body Stacked Sets Upper & Lower

S Pedal Power or cardio of choice

S Yoga Relax or off


Will we get a November 2020 rotation or should I assume that Perfect 30 is the Nov. rotation? I was hoping for a rotation with Perfect 30 and at least one other series.
Did Cathe not post her November 2020 rotation here this month? I follow them faithfully!

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