No Equipment Needed For LITE Cardio Party


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This is a picture of Jenn and Lisa E. in the LITE Cardio Party workout. This workout doesn't use any equipment making it a great choice for when you travel or are on vacation and have limited access to equipment.

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I've never been a fan of straight up floor aerobics even back in the day when it was all we had. I did it but there was a dread factor there. I bought my first step in 1989 shortly after they came out. I wore out that intro to step video (the one with Gin Miller). I out grew it but still did the workout along with my Firm videos. Then Cathe came on the scene and took both of those workouts to another level. I love that I can't outgrow Cathe's workouts because she keeps growing and taking us along for the ride.

So, I'm looking forward to Cardio Party and I hope I like it. If anyone can get me to enjoy floor cardio, it's Cathe.
I don't like doing high impact aerobics at all, but I find with Cathe's cardio, I can easily modify anything she puts out to low. And if not there are so many other choices to choose from.

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