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    Video Clip From LITE Cardio Party

    The first video clip from the LITE series we wanted to share with you is from LITE Cardio Party. Starting today we're beginning to post video clips from each of the eight LITE workouts - so keep checking back for more video clips. *You can pre-order Cathe's new Intermediate LITE workouts or...
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    LITE Cardio Party Features 30 Premixes

    Starting today we're going to begin to share with you the 170+ premixes in the LITE series. Let's get started with LITE Cardio Party which will feature the most premixes in the LITE series - 30 premixes! Basic Premixes 1. Main Workout + Extended Stretch #1: Warm Up + Main Workout +...
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    No Equipment Needed For LITE Cardio Party

    This is a picture of Jenn and Lisa E. in the LITE Cardio Party workout. This workout doesn't use any equipment making it a great choice for when you travel or are on vacation and have limited access to equipment. *You can pre-order Cathe's new Intermediate LITE workouts or learn more at...
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    Group Shot from LITE Cardio Party

    Group shot from LITE Cardio Party. (from left to right: Lisa E., Jenn, Cathe, Nicole, and Lisa S.) *You can pre-order Cathe's new Intermediate LITE workouts or learn more at: Act Now! Current Pre-Sale Prices Will End Nov 1st!
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    Who's Ready to Party?

    Cardio Party ( from left to right: Lisa, Jenn and Lisa) - This high energy routine will mix multiple cardio methods to leave you worked and breathless, but you'll be having so much fun, you may not even notice! Get ready to "party hard" while all low impact movement keeps it easy on your joints...