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I'm about to start STS on Nov 6th & I'm trying to figure out how to track my progress. I printed the workout card and will write down the actual weight/rep but what do I do w/the information? Do I go in Workout Manager and update my 1RM with what I actually did?

I'm currently doing ICE series and the workout cards w/that series allows me to see my progress as I'm doing it. So if I used 12lb/12reps for shoulder press I can see that on the card and then decide to up the weight to challenge myself.

Is it possible to have STS on my phone as an app to track my progress?
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Yes, I would put the weights into the Workout Manager. It will create individually tailored workout sheets for you that you can print out like you've been doing with ICE. I can't imagine doing it any other way. It is too hard to come up with all the weight changes. Another recommendation: figure out your weights for each exercise and how to break them down the day before. (I write down the plate weights I need to the right so that I don't have to think too hard.... it is hard to get the changes done quickly anyhow.) You'll see what I mean once you start. ;)

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