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I bought a cathe step years ago and need to replace the platform. I don't want to purchase new risers and tried to look online - on amazon and ebay - to purchase just the platform . Any other ideas where to find one or do I need to buy an entire new step + risers?


FYI: The link for the step on Amazon is not the same as the step shown in the other link. The amazon one is 28.5 x 14.5 x 4 whereas the one from The Step link is 43 x 16 x 4 which I believe is the one used in Cathe workouts.
Yes, the platform-only option is expensive. :eek: Hopefully by buying the step and risers together it will give you a few more risers that can be used for high step training or if you want to use your step as a weight bench.

By the way, the square platform topper for high step training is available individually from amazon.


I know that I have seen step toppers and risers at Play It Again Sports. That's where I bought my extra risers.


I have been looking at the step on Amazon as well. My platform rubber is getting loose. When I get another one it will be my third. I find it handy having the extra risers. When I have done workouts where I wanted both the high step and the step, I have enough risers to set up for both. Now, at this point I do not really need more risers, but the price at the Step Company is a lot. I believe the one on sale at Amazon is like the one I have which is the older version. They have one that the grooves in the step and risers that I think are made to accommodate when using it on an incline without sliding and the work surface is different. Still black but not the grooved grid.
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At that price, I went ahead and bought one myself. It's been more years (decades) than I would like to admit since I've bought a step platform. The one I had was the really old Cathe step with only the 6", 10" and 14" options. The new updated version (4", 6", and 8") with the wider and longer platform will fill-in a huge gap in my workout options.

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