Need rotation help


So long story short, due to many obstacles, 2 major ones in which were totally out of my control, I haven’t worked out in about 8 months. I was in great shape for my age, currently 48 and have lost every bit of muscle and definition and gained about 15 lbs. I totally hate myself for this and I hate the body I’m in. Obviously I can’t jump back in where I left off so can anyone help get started again. I have every series.
Thanks so much
Start where you are know how to workout since you've had experience. Go ahead and find a monthly rotation you like and just get through it. If you have to take breaks, do it, just move know how it works for your body. Whenever I'm trying to come back I just do as much as I can and then dig deep to find the grace for myself for the times when I've had to rest or let that part of the workout ride. You'll get there. Best wishes
Just in case you want another opinion in addition to Cathe and the lovely advice of Sara above....I would suggest the one month All ICE Rotation - Level One. I personally find it overwhelming to do more than a one month rotation when I am trying to get back into the swing of things. It can easily be modified with timesaving premixes, lighter weights, lower impact movements and longer rests between moves. It is on page 8 of the User's Guide.

But, once you get going on this energy boosting, empowering rotation, I am thinking you will not only feel better about yourself, you will gain motivation and clarity to think of where you want to go next. But of course, if this is not THE one that will motivate you to get back in the saddle, then choose a rotation that is going to get you going. Where all of Cathe's workouts are sound, beneficial and results driven any workout that gets DONE is the best workout to select.

Christine, we have all been there with obstacles, unavoidable setbacks, weight gain, strength loss, and other disheartening changes in life. Life sure has it's ebbs and flows :rolleyes: and our health and wellness can ebb and flow along with life. But good for you for reaching out and getting back into the flow of things!

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