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hey all.. sorry I'm so behind! with DH here all day I don't have a chance to sit down at the computer. ;) Liam is 3 months today! hes getting so big. He must've just had a growth spurt cause I weighed him today and he is 17lbs! here are a few pics ;)


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kate that is so funny! I am the same way.. can't decide on anything and DH says just get it! Even now I will think about things forever.. tell him about it on yahoo chat and he will say just GET IT!! lol I think in general I have trouble making decisions so I hem hall.. I did a lot of shopping while away and I told him I would do none for a while.. hehe

CAvillo wow he is a doll!! 17 lbs?? Sara might be 16lbs.. lol She is 9 months old. The girl won't sit still long enough to gain a pound. She is everywhere. He is such a cutie though!! gotta love the bumbo!!

well today was MIS again.. I so need to get that DVD going .. 4 times in a row w/ MIS.. lol It least I don't have to make a decision. LOL Then we went for a walk.. 2.7 miles just down around the neighborhood and back to the park so the kiddos could play then home. Was a good day. No idea what to do tomorrow..
Jess - He looks like he's grown! Aw, they grow so fast. He's a cutie!
Trish - Pomai is 18lbs and almost 9mos also. She is all over the place! How do you keep up with all your kids and a mobile infant? I can hardly keep up with just Pomai and my other kids are gone to Summer Fun.
Kate - How many more vaca days left? So funny that Mike would like a place like that. Men!

Did Cardio Fusion Step Only premix and some shoulders & chests. Getting ready for bed. I ate horribly tonight. I am totally stress/emotional eating. I am so ashamed to even say what I put in my mouth. DH had a cooking gala for work today and brought home a lot of yummy BAAAAD food that made it's way to my mouth. Anyway, glad the weekend is here. DH is finally off so hoping to get some down time! Love watching the kids sleep. They are always angels when they're sleeping. P is sleeping next to me and she has grown so much. She is so adorable and snuggly!!

Well no wonder Liam is fitting into his 6-9 mo clothes already! he is big I guess. He is still squeezing into some 3-6 mo. My babies are always big boys this age. they get taller/slimmer though as they grow. Not sure what they weighed in at 9 mo. I think the crawling everywhere does slim them up some. ;)

I can't wait to w/o. Dh has the living room a mess. he let the boys put their mattresses in the living room and they've been camping out there. did I already say that? and that is where I workout now cause baby is sleeping in the pac n play in my room still. I need to move him to the crib. its just so far away. its the room down the end of the hall. I kinda like him close. my room is by the living room. but really its not that far.

have a good day everyone!
Aww Jess he is perfect! Sara is in the 6-9m now too. She was only 5% last appt. She is the smallest of mine.

Lisa~it's okay to have bad eating days! You did get a workout in so it's all good!

Today I did hardcore extreme.. #3.. WOWSERS I had not done that one and I just did the MIS yesterday.. I didn't realize it had some weight work in it becaue I have done one of the other ones.. can't remember if I did #1 or #2... but it didn't have weight stuff on it. Now tomorrow will def. just be a rest/walk day. My legs are burning!! Might walk to the park w/ the kids this evening if it cools down some early enough.
Trish - You'll have shapely legs from all those wos! Any luck with the dvd yet?

P is wearing 12mos clothes because she's pretty long. I'll find out in a couple weeks where she's at. She has her 9mos appt coming up soon. Anyway, I really need to clean up my eats this weekend. Doing good so far. Not sure what to do for a workout yet. Off to ballet for dd.

Yes I got my DVD working!!! I had the Wii plugged in and I thought it was the DVD plugged in to the TV. Ihad it plugged in to the wall, but not the TV.. so it would let me load the DVD, but not play it. LOL my very smart hubby said did you check to see if it is hooked up to the TV?? I thought it was because the wires came out hte back and into the TV, but they were coming FROM the Wii not the DVD player. I swear what would I do w/out him?? So now I can do DVDs again!! YAY

Anyone have hardcore extreme? Which of the 3 workouts doyou like the best?
Hi Moms

Where is everyone? Anna is also wearing 9month clothes. She is a big girl!!! Weird, but she is way bigger than my boys were at that age. Oh well... she's just like her mother :p

I am again out of town. The only good thing about being out of toun is that I can go to the gym and stay as long as I want. :eek: I've logged 5 miles between yesterday and today. and I am feeling it!! My legs have stopped hurting because I have cut back on the insanity program. I am doing the day 2 workout every other day. I feel lighter.... oh but the scales remind me that I have a long way to go....

I miss you all.:(...check in....


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