Moms On the Job Full Time - July 20-26

Kate - I like the salad at the health/natural food store because I know the greens and stuff are all organic and I can get stuff like tabouli and things like that, but only get there when I'm at work. We can trade places with our wo's, lol! I need to up my weight routine most def!

Trish - DS is 10 soon and playing tackle for the first time. He's played flag for the last three years. Ouch, with ds' wrist! The wrist is a hard one to keep still and heal. Great job on the elliptical!

Got my salad! I ended up ordering a premade because to create your own was so much more expensive, yikes! I got a Satay salad which is basically romaine, cabbage, chix breast, julienne carrots, cucumbers, green onions, cilantro, basil, peanuts and crispy won-ton with some Thai peanut dressing. Will let you know how it tastes. P is attacking my laptop. Better get going. Off to do some weights, shop for shoes for the kids, then dinner!!

Lisa, that salad sounds deeeeeelish! WOW! YUM!
Julia's a regular laptop attacker too!:p:p:p

Trish, You military families amaze and humble me. You are so selfless. Hats off to you!
45 min on the E is very admirable. WTG!
We're in traverse City, Michigan. Normally it is warmer this time of yr but we're having a colder summer. And it's supposed to RAIN all the rest of the week! YUCK! Not on my vacation! WAH!!!
What kind of classes are you taking?
Hi Mamas!!!!!

so sorry to be MIA this long... this project i do for the festival has taken every free minute for the least week+

must say, hats off to LISA and others who are working outside of the home. i worked before and just cant imagine how i did it because this is only a few weeks once a year and i am totally overwhelmed!

just finishing packing, we are leaving tomorrow. i managed to convince DH that he should leave me at the motel every day to give JJ an air-conditioned nap and I will get a leisurely shower that is not outdoors, fix my hair and such. its just so different to camp at a festival where i am working. i loooooove camping when we are in the woods and i have no responsibilities! in this situation i still feel i have to look presentable and well rested each day... lol

miss you all and promise to check in regularly when I am free of folk fest duties / fun! returning on Sunday night... "see" you then!



kate - hope yr enjoying vaca! im praying for no rain for you!! send some good weather vibes my way too please =)

jess, sorry yr sick and hope you are enjoying every moment you can with DH, as much as possible!

trish!!!! what beyoooootiful kiddos you have!

hi to candra, steph, and all the other mamas!!!
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Hi Wendy!! Good to see you drop by! Sounds like you have a full plate right now. Enjoy your last day at the festival and be safe on your trip home!

Trish - Ditto what Kate said about the military! Same goes for Wendy, Sydney and Jess!!

Salad was yummy! Have some leftover for lunch tomorrow. It even came with some pita bread! Good thing I had some hummus at home to have with that! Still have to workout, but nursing P and putting her to bed. She was one busy baby today with only one nap all day long. She was cranky as it got closer to bed time though. No more one nap a day for her. She needs at least two at this point I think, but she is so engaged with the world around her that she fights the naps. How often does everyone's LOs nap?

Wendy, Nice to see you! Sounds like it's going well! Glad JJ is doing welll too!
No rain vibes bouncing back and forth between us!

Hi Lisa!:D Julia, the stinker, is napping 3x a day right now. :mad: It should be 2 but her naps are so short and rotten. Seriously, they are 30 minutes. It sucks, to say the least. When we get home I'm gettin' hard core on her putting herself to sleep and I know that will fix it.

Noplans yet - gotta see what the crummy weather is going to do to us.:mad:
Hi mamas!
What a day! I cleaned downstairs, and still have to do upstairs. Tonight and tomorrow will be foldmax. I'm trying to get all my chores done before Saturday so I can enjoy the day. Oh, and I have to do the church newsletter too this week. BUSY! Charlie is keeping me on my toes. He's movin like crazy!! :eek:

Candra--Our computer also is at the top of our stairs, in our bonus room/playroom. I just rigged up the gate and propped the rocking horse in front of it. DH has GOT to affix it to the wall SOON!! Craft camp sounds like fun! My boys would LOVE that!

Kate--Hope you're still having fun!! Sending sunshine vibes your way!!!

Trish--45 minutes on the elip is fantastic! Yay you!

Wendy--Hope you had a fun trip and the festival went well!! I'd want a hotel too!!

Lisa--YUM on the salad and hummus. I love hummus. Do you make your own? Charlie naps usually twice a day... once at 11 a.m. and again around 3 or 4 p.m. The afternoon nap is not really scheduled, just whenever he gets cranky and tired. I'm way too laid back this time around. His bedtime is way too late too... so I'm a bad example. Today he napped from 11:30 until 1 p.m. when I let the boys come in and be noisy around him so he'd wake up for lunch. So I've no idea if I'll get him down again today...

OK back to work. I hope I get to work out at a decent hour tonight. DH is taking the boys to play tennis. I have to wait until they get home. :mad: But I'm glad they're going. I can't take them because of Charlie... Anyway, gotta go be productive. Have a great day, ladies!!
Just did my CLX AND a 20-minute TurboJam with 2-lb wrist weights on. (Haven't gotten my weighted gloves in the mail yet. :mad:) Whoa am I feeling good!! My arms are burnin!! :) Turbo Jam is cheesy but SO fun. It was great to tack on to my other workout... Anyway... Hope everyone is having a good evening!!

Kate~thanks.. (blushing) It really is not so bad once we get on the routine w/ him gone. I miss him, but he loves what he does and it pays the bills SO.. I can't complain too much. Sara is napping 2x a day now.. finally dropped that 3rd one and she was cat napping 2x and 1 big nap.. now it's 2 semi good naps.. 2 hours in the am and 2 hours in the afternoon so that is good. It was so hard being gone for the 6 weeks and always being busy beacuse the napping got off some, but now that we are home she is back to the 2x a day pretty well. I bet when you get home you can get J back on schedule!

Wendy~have fun on your trip.. I missed what exactly it is you are doing? camping or not? Is it a festivle?

Steph~I hear ya on fold max.. ick. I have like 4-5 loads calling my name. Good luck getting all that work done so you can have Sat. free.. that sound great! I have never done turbo jam.. sounds fun though. What is CLX?

I ended up doing MIS again.. was going to do pyramid upper, but my DVD is freaking out and so I had to do MIS because it's VHS and the only one I I did up the weights though and it felt great so I think my muscles are remembering how this goes.. ha We'll see tomorrow. I had a dentist appt today and Sara had her 6m shots today that she didn't get a 6m.. lol She was so sore afterward. She didn't want to crawl much at all and I took her to hourly care today so I could go to the dentist and they said she didn't crawl much there.. just sat in the bouncy seat or on their laps.. she never just sits.. so I ber her legs are just sore. : ( Good news is that is the 2nd time she has been left and she did good. I want to start leaving her and Landon 2x a week for 2 hours so I can go to the gym and either do a class or get a good workout on their equipment. That is my plan for when school starts.. we'll see how that goes.

Okay getting ready to chat w/ DH.. he gets up and works out then gets on yahoo to chat w/ me.. that is about 11pm for me.. yay for yahoo messenger.. lol
Trish--I don't know how you do it without your DH there. I count the minutes in the evenings until DH gets home and I can have a break. You are to be admired! As for CLX, it's ChaLean Extreme (Chalene Johnson). It's a heavy lifting program with three days of lifting and two days of cardio (one of the cardios also is a weight endurance workout). Most of the workouts are 35 minutes (one of the cardios is 45), so it's easy to fit in, but it's challenging. It's a good precursor to STS I think. I'd be too easy if you've done STS. I hope to one day get STS, and I'll go through this rotation again before attempting it. (Long answer to your short question! :p)
Hi Mammas...

This week is blowing by..... Things are super quiet in my world... which is a good thing!! Anna is starting to roll all around. Hard to change her diaper sometimes. she is too cute. I put her in a new Daycare and she seems to be more alert and active!!

For workouts... I have been running outside. I am loving the jogging stroller that I picked up a few weeks ago, and I strap her in and off we go. I logged about 10 miles last week! I haven't given up on my treadmill-- but running outside is nice too. I am still doing the Insanity workouts, but not jumping too much... It kind of hurt the back of my legs and made running slightly painful for a few days. But all is good now.....


Oh... is anyone on Facebook?:eek:
The day ended up being good weather so we logged some family swimming time.
Also did HiLo Med Ball - FUN STUFF!! The hour FLEW by! Got in 30 min of CS too.
Julia's taking her last catnap of the day...when she wakes up I'll start dinner. Spghetti - YUM!

Stephanie, I hear ya on hangin' back w/ the babe. Story of my life for the last 9 months.... Sometimes it makes me sad, other times I don't mind so much.
How's foldmax coming?

Trish, Did you get a good chat w/ DH?
Good job onthe WO! I'm loking forward to daytime WO's when the girls are in school too:eek::eek:

Sydney, I can handle running outside but I cannot be forced to run on a TM!
Glad Anna's doing well. I love when they start to roll - so fun!
Steph - I don't make my own hummus, but if you have a recipe I would love to try! I buy the all natural one from Costco. It's individually packed which I like. You are totally rocking the wo's!

Kate - I can totally relate also to the hanging back with the baby feeling. I love it and sometimes I miss being a little more unattached, but I know once P gets older I'll miss it so I'm trying to enjoy every min. of it. We're having spaghetti also tonight!

Sydney - Awesome job with all those wo's and yay to a good jogging stroller. I think that makes all the difference in the world!

Trish - I miss gym classes. I hope you can fit that in and workout the daycare. What is MIS? I know it's one of Cathe's older ones right?

I did B&G Standing Legs & Abs premix last night. I also did some shoulder work after. Not a lot, but just a bit. I am feeling my abs get stronger so I think I will keep doing abs like planned. Hopefully I will get some definition after some consistency. Anyway, it is a humid day here. Did some cleanmax and now while P naps I will do some work. I'm also trying to put together a menu so I won't be so frazzled once school starts next Friday. Any ideas mommies on healthy, low-processed, quick meals for dinner?

Lisa~mis is maximum intensity strength. It must be an older one because it's a VHS.. LOL Stir fry is always a great easy processed free meal. Just throw in your favs and maybe do some brown rice to go with it??

Kate~how is your ab. sepeartion? I am still so leary to work my abs. I have read diffrent things on it and I have no idea what is correct. I only work my abs when running which for me seems to work okay because my stomach is getting flat again w/out doing any ab work, but the defination wont be there unless I do the work.. I don't want to make the seperation worse though.. guess I'll mention it to the dr. at my yearly.

Steph~that sounds like something I should get. I don't have STS.. maybe that one you mentioned would be good to start with.. I'll have to look it up.

Well today is going to be a run/walk w/ the kids. I was everywhere today doing errands and it's SO HOT. If it's still too hot I'll maybe do elliptical.. not really feeling that today though. We'll see.
Lisa, HOw was your spag? Ours was decent for not being in my own kitchen w/ all my seasonings and fave pots etc. I bought garlic bread from the freezer section and the fam was all WOOHOO!!! I never buy that stuff - always homemade. They like the homemade too but DH grew up eating the frozen stuff and thinks its good. Silly man!:p
Meals..... grilled chicken - lots of different marinade you can use. I'm currently in love with baked sweet potato fries. OMW I could eat them by the pound! Tacos are also a family favorite. Cheeseburgers w/ LF beef.

trish, I don't notice any separation anymore. I work my abs 2-3x a week and never feel or see anything wierd. My guess is is that it's all healed. BUt I did wait a few months before I worked them again. Can you believe our babies are almost a year old?!?! I am aghast at how fast this year has gone.
Wish it was that hot here - 70 today. What's up with that?!?! I want to e sweaty hot on vacation to the point where you HAVE TO be in the water to be comfortable! Oh well! At least its not raining!
Good luck w the ellip battle!

Took teh kids to putt-putt and go karts. And ice cream.:eek: All the girls are in bed and we're camped out on the couch watching rotten tv!:D

Friday Mike is going out to Ponderosa w/ a friend who lives around here. that place is SO NASTY! I refuse to go there so he goes there w/ our friend. I'm goign w/ dds to some fun shops dowtown and out to lunch at a GOOD PLACE! LOL!
Kate ~sounds fun tomorrow! Good for you on your abs being healed. Mine are WAYYY seperated. When I do crunches and crunch up they feel so far apart. I can stick my fingers into the seperation. it's really noticable... hum.. maybe I am weird.. lol

I did get 4.2 today running and walking as needed. IT was still almost 90 when we got out there and w/ the kids on their bikes I had to help some.. but overall an okay cardio day. : )

I wish I could get my DVD player to work.. maybe I have the cords hooked up wrong. I'd love to do one of my DVD workouts tomorrow.. grrrr
Trish, WTG on the walk! That heat sounds pretty awful!
EGADS on the abs!!! I would get that checked out ASAP!:eek::eek::eek:
Hope you can figure out the DVD player! Anybody nearby you can wrangle to fix it?
I might have to describe the situation to hubby on the webcam.. lol We moved into this house a week before he deployed so I bet he just didnt hook it up right. I then went out of town and never really messed w/ it.. so I think it's just a matter of hooking it up the right way.
Trish - I would help you hook up your dvd if I were your neighbor!
Kate - Spag was good actually. Lol about the freezer bread. I never buy that stuff also. Although I buy french bread. You probably bake yours! What is Ponderosa?

Off to bed! No wo tonight. It was way too muggy to do anything. I was sweating just standing around. That bad, seriously. Eats were good though so I'm happy.

Trish, I am sooo bad at stuff like that! I think you're doing awesome!

Lisa, Yeah, I do bake my own bread.:eek: Being in the kitchen is my therapy.:D
Ponderosa!!! Oh, you lucky woman that you do not know what it is! It si this NASTY HORRIBLE GROSS DISGUSTING all-you-can-eat buffet. The food is bland, salty, greasy, gross. WHY my husband likes it is beyond me!! I refuse to go and he knows it.:p So when we're here on vacation he meets the husband of a couple friend of ours. The friend's wife refuses to go there too!:p I call it PondaGROSSa!:D:D:D
Sorry no WO, but yay clean eats! Wish I could say the same! Today was a bomb at every meal!:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: Tomorrow HAS to be better!!

I did a MAJOR shop today!:D Picture frames, a mirror, a serving platter, clothes for Julia, and a really awesome magnet board for her room. Just doing my part to keep the economy going! Funny thing is, every time I couldn't decide on a purchase Mike said to get it. I love my husband!:D:D
Kate - Do you have bread recipes? We have a breadmaker that needs to be put to use. I tried a couple bread recipes and they were okay. Do you have a multigrain bread recipe by any chance? If the hubby says to buy then you buy with no guilt!


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