Moms On the Job Full Time - July 20-26


We're at teh beach ...bbl.....

Stephanie, We'll be on vaction until the 26th!:cool::cool:
Mike wanted me to buy frozen pizzas at the grocery store last night for easy meals while we're here....but I picked up stuff for homemade healthier pizzas. Trying not to sabotage myself too badly this week!
Hope you have fun w/ the fam today!

Lisa, Did you get your WO? I need to find a good rotation to motivate me. I think I need some serious cardio....endorphins, ya know?
yoo hoo, trish! over here!:p
did you get your lifting in?

i just did ctx kb while j napped. i wanted to do more but that was all she slept. her sleep routine officially stinks on this vacation. grrrrr

ordered the classics today! 30% off on the wkly deal and free shipping thru fb. yay!
Kate~what is the FB? I need to learn this lingo!! Great job getting a workout in on vacation!!

I really need to find something to do offically.. I do better w a/ plan. that is why I thought p90x would work good for me.. just tellme what to do when and I can do it. I am going to do MIS again this evening. I think I can stretch good and then get though it.. I'll do a bath afterward for motivation. It is getting ready to pour so a run is out. I have been waiting on the cable guy today from 1-5 and of course it's 5 and he's not here and I waited all day. GRRR So as soon as he gets here and leaves I will try to do MIS while the kids are up and watching a movie. We'll see how it goes, but if not well then I'll do it after they go to bed. We'll see. I really like that workout though!

I need to work on some healthy recipes.. humm maybe I'll do those yummy muffins you posted before Kate. I know I have the recipe saved
Trish, FB is Facebook. Today is Cathe's birthday so free shipping on any purchase. Code is FREESHIP.
I hate waiting for service people. That's the worst.
Good luck w/ the WO!
Do you ever use the recipe section on this site?

Nice day here. Beach-pool-eat- :D:D
Trish - Yes, B&G is Butts & Guts, close, lol! DH does P90X and it is all scheduled out for you and it even comes with a food/nutrition guide.

Kate - I agree with needing the endorphins! What is the classics? Now you got my interest perked and I want to take advantage of free shipping!! P's sleeping has been whacky lately and I think it's because her teeth are coming in.

I ended up not wo last night, but run and weights on schedule for today. I am having a clean eating day today, yay! Going to check out a salad place tonight. Exicted about that!

I just previewed the classics and had to laugh at the outfits! I so remember everyone wearing those thong leotards and tights to aerobics class at they gym I went to. It was the "in thing" at the time. I am getting old!!

Lisa, details on the salad place, please!:D I'm always looking for new ways to do salad. One of my faves is romaine, carrots, almonds, and dried sweet cherries. YUM!
Did you get your WO today?

I made smores for the fam tonight. i had a graham cracker and a small square of chocolate. Smores just aren't cheat-worthy to me....thank goodness! Now, ColdStone later this week....that's another story!:p
Oh boy. I did MIS and I kept the weight the same, but really focused on form. It feels so good to be back at it! I then took the kids for a walk about 2.5 miles. Then some park time. I wore them out! Tomorrow I am going to try to get a good run in.

I had no idea Cathe was on facebook! I just became a fan... fun fun!

Yes Lisa details on the salad place!! I love a big fresh salad.. yum! Did you get a run and weights in today?

LOL at those outfits on the classics! I checked it out today and I want to know who ever thought that was comfy to workout in??
Good job, Trish! Feels good to be "in the zone" doesn't it? I've never done MIS. I have it tho. Is it endurance?
Can't say I'd ever wear those outfts either!

Woke up early and did Bar Method Designer Sculpting.
Not sure exactly what's up for today. Anybody ever taken a 9mo canoeing? Can't decide if it's a bad idea or not? I could just toss her in the Beco...... But 3 hrs is a long time..... hmmmmm
evil laugh here......

Mike and I just did STS weights & plates Abs!

Cathe SHAMED him! And me too..... Love this WO!
Kate~I like it. I think it would be easier to go a bit heavier because the reps are about 12-16 for most things. She does do multiple exercises for each body part and she works through it 1 part at a time. I'd give it a try one time! It is an hour long and includes ab work at the end.

The kids let me sleep in today. I feel so good.. getting good workouts in and got some good rest. I am getting my coffee so my brain will be plugged in and then I can tackle some household stuff.
hello just popping in again. I've been sick the last couple days! glad DH was here to watch Liam. His sis had come up for the day too and so she helped too. I was throwing up all day sunday with a bad migrane!! I was so glad they helped cause when I held him I felt weak and horrible. They brought him to me whenever he needed to eat or go to sleep. He did pretty good although he is apparently becoming a mamas boy. He is starting to fuss and lean towards me when someone else holds him and he sees me. ha. If I stay out of sight he lasts longer. ha. My SIL brought up a bumbo seat. that thing rocks! Liam likes it alot. He can sit supported and that does the trick. so I can pop him in there if I need my hands free a while. Hes starting to be amused with toys more too and is already trying to get things in his mouth lol! hes growing so fast. he'll be 3 mo on Friday.
Well I am supposed to get Insanity today. I'm sitting here waiting and waiting for that big truck sound.
DH took the boys swimming and I got some cleaning done while he is napping. otherwise not much going on.
Kate -yeah time is going TOO fast. :(
Hope everyone else is doing well!
jess~yuck on being sick.. glad you had help though. Your little guy sounds sweet as can be. He just wants his momma!

Okay change of plans.. it's raining so no run,but I am getting on my elliptical for 1 hour.. no less.. gotta do it. : )
trish - A great wO and a great night sleep - can't ask for much more than that!
How's DH doing?

Jess, Sorry you're spending your time w/ DH w/ your head in the toilet. Yuck.
All my girls have had separation anxiety. Poor Gina still does!:p:rolleyes:

Nice day today. Pool time has been so nice. I like the beach but I ALWAYSALWAYS get swimmers itch. So I do my waterfun in the pool! Headed out to dinner soon! And ice cream too!:D
Hi mamas!
Hope everyone's having a good week! I'm having issues again with the boys and their behavior. Ugh... I am ready for school to start and that may sound terrible, but the fighting has gotten out of hand. They SCREAM at each other ALL the time. Calgon, take me away!!! (Are any of you old enough to remember those commercials? :eek:) Anyway...

Kate--I'm so glad you're having fun at the beach!!! You eat a BIG scoop of icecream tonight and don't feel guilty!! You're on vacation!! :)

Trish--I'd need a trauma team if I did the eliptical for an entire hour. You rock, woman!

Jess--I'm sorry you've been sick! Yay on the help!! Wish I had time to do some housework! It's been over a week since I dusted and vacuumed. You can write your name on the furniture upstairs. Blech!!! :confused:

Lisa -- Yay on the clean eats!!

Hi to everyone else!

I have a CLX rest day today, but I'm going to Turbo Jam I think. I need an hour to myself. Let DH be the referee for a little while. My mom gave me a HUGE tin of nuts yesterday (she and my dad are Sam's regulars, and they "got a great deal on them" and bought a ton of them :rolleyes:) Luckily, they are really great... cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, brazil nuts (which I don't care for). Anyway, the nuts have been my snacks yesterday and today, and Dr. Oz was right. They are good ways of curbing your appetite. We're supposed to grill tonight, so I'm hoping the rain holds off. Anyway, better go get busy. See you ladies tomorrow!
Kate-did you take Julia on the canoe ride?? Good job getting wo's in on vacation!

Jess-sorry you were sick:( Let us know how you like Insanity. Ryder is definitely a mommas boy:p I love it!

Trish-your kids are adorable!! I did 30min on the tm and 30 on the elliptical this am. I did cc vol 8, love it!:)

Stephanie-my boys fight all the time too;) Really Wilson is always yelling at Owen. Owen just wants to hang out with his big brother:(

Ryder is crawling all over the place making it very hard to post!! Our computer is by the top of the stairs and I haven't put up baby gates yet, so I have to keep a very good eye on him:) The older boys are going to craft camp this week. Today was their first day and they had a great time and I got to wo alone!!! We went to the grocery store after I picked them up. We will go swimming after Ryder wakes up. It is so hot here about 105:eek:

Ryder's awake

Stephanie, Sorry abt the boys. Ugh. I hate when that mode starts up!
I do remember those commercials!
I had a container of macadamias....oh yum! They really do help curb the munchies.
Did you do your TJ?

Candra, Good to see ya Mama! No canoeing yet - maybe later in the week. Wish we had your heat! It's not really getting above 75. I need HOTHOT on vacation!
Yay crawling Ryder! Julia is so antsy. Not officially crawling but pulling up on everything. She's getting so frustrated she can't get places faster. Makes her kind of cranky....can't wait for her to be getting around easier. But I know she'll be harder to watch I'd better just be happy with whatever I'm dealt!

Dinner out, ice cream, yum. Now I'm going to sit and watch TV and drool on myself!:p
Jess - Are you feeling ill from your migraines? Rest up and take advantage of DH being around.

Trish - How was the elliptical? You're so focused!!

Kate - Be glad Julia isn't totally mobile yet. The dynamics of your life will surely change! I bet she'll be walking soon though!

Candra - Yikes, 105! It's been nice and windy here lately. I love it. I hear you on keeping an eye on the LO now that they are mobile. Today I spent most of the day chasing after P and her fussing when I kept moving her from places she wanted to go!

Steph - I remember Calgon, and I am glad that school starts next Friday for my two older ones. The fighting drives me bonkers!! Did you use your weighted gloves with your TJ workout?

No salad place yet. Going there tonight. I'm excited! Did PlyoX from P90X last night and abs. I'm planning on backs and biceps tonight, but we'll see what my mood brings on. It's been awhile since I've done step so thinking about it, but I really need to do some weights. Been doing a lot of cardio lately. Still got some last minute back to school shopping to do for my kids. I am not looking forward to labeling either. DS' football team has a meeting this afternoon, but that's what daddies are for! I'll be shopping and picking up dinner!

Lisa, I'm the opposite with WOs - I've been doing a lot of lifting and I need to step up the cardio - literally! When we get back I'm doing a month-ong cardio-heavy rotation! Hope you get your WO today!
Hope that salad place is good! There's an organic food store here I want to go to.
I can just picture a wigging-out Pomai tring to get into places she shouldn't be getting into and getting moved! Baby-proofing stinks!:p
well girls the good news is I got on the elliptical, but the bad news is I did 45 mins and called it quits.. I did the resistance up to 10 for the middle 10 mins then worked my way back down.. so I got a good workout in. IT's just been rainy here all day.. supposed to rain every stinking day for the next week. Might be lots of indoor cathe workouts.

Stephanie~I hear ya on the fighting. I think it's just a combo of the summer winding down and them being together 24/7 things aren't as structured as when they are in school.. mine are the same way! Thankfully our school starts here the 14th of Aug. Can't wait.. it's so annoying to hear them fight about dumb stuff all day! Oh yeah nuts are a great snack!! I like almonds myself. Just a handful or so.. really takes the edge off the hunger. Yum!

Candra~where are you at again? I know it's hot here too! I am thinking how can it be so hot for so many days in a row?? Thankfully we've been getting some rain too and it's cooling it down for a bit here and there. YAY for crawling!! This is such a fun stage!!

Lisa~ellipitical was well not I got a great workout though, but I hadn't done that for a while and I guess it works things a diffrent way. I made 45 mins and called it quits. How old is your DS that is playing football? Sounds fun! Hunter is 7 and I was thinking about flag bootball for him this year, but he broke his wrist last week at my sisters so that is out. Cast is on for 4-6 weeks then another 2 in a brace thing. So maybe next year.

Kate~where are you vacationing at?? 75 is all it is?? Wow it's so stinking hot here you sweat just standing outside. I like ti to be really hot when I got swimming. I like getting out of the water and not being cold.. lol Steve doing great. We have 10 weeks down now and working on 11. HE will come home in Dec. for R&R so we are praying it's for Christmas. We'll see. So far though we are all doing the best we can with the situation. Thanks for asking. OH and the best news is he quit chewing tobacco. HE said it's been 2 months since he chewed. He has been going through the gum though. lol I said whatever it takes!

Well off to check out my classes online. I need to register. I just don't know which ones to take.. sigh. NEed to decide soon.

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