Missing days of a rotation?


Hi, I've been doing Cathe workouts for awhile but have never done an official rotation. I would just alternate cardio only days with full body interval or circuit days. Since I just got the Shock Cardio series it finally motivated me to do my 1 RM calculations for STS and I started the January STS/Shock Cardio rotation last Monday. My question is, when you miss days of the rotation, do you move all of the workouts out or pick up on the day that you are returning? I'm asking because I'll be gone on a ski trip for a few days, so won't be able to do my DVD workouts. My assumption is that since the first workout I'll be missing is disc 8 on Friday that I will pick up with disk 8 on Wednesday and I'm hoping that the workout manager can adjust the rest for me accordingly. I know this is probably a stupid question, but figured it won't hurt to ask the pros.....:D

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