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Meso 1 is my favorite. I like the variety and I prefer endurance style workouts. I would like to know what type of results did you see with meso 1? How much cardio did you do? How long did you stick with meso 1?


I did M1 for 2 months. My weight stayed the same but I got stronger, more muscular and more defined. I also leaned out a little bit. I did cardio an average of 5 days per week.

My results really started to kick in when I discovered WW. It helped me get control of my eating and so I started to lose weight which allowed my STS results to become A LOT more visible but I was already in M2 at that point.

FWIW-M1 was my least favorite meso. M2 my favorite but loved M3 as well!
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I'm just finishing up M1 this week. I can't believe how much stronger I have gotten in terms of doing pushups and bicep curls. I'm constantly going by a mirror to look at the definition in my arms after just 4 weeks just to make sure it is still there. Even my short, stubby legs have thinned out. I put on a pair of pants last week and they just slid right up, no tugging required. I've been trying to do cardio about 4 to 5 times a week on the advice of some other people on here.

During the recovery week, are you not supposed to lift any weight at all; just do cardio all week? Can you start M2 without taking that week off or does that defeat the program? I'm so excited to start M2 to see what results I get from that.



I honestly believe after doing STS for the fourth time, I have no favorite Meso. I start Meso 1 and am completely in love with the music, the variety and how the workouts are structured. Then I feel the same way about Meso 2. Currently I'm on Meso 3, and this time I'm doing both Plyo Legs and Squat Legs because I couldn't figure out which one I liked better. Plyo Legs is one of the best stand alone workouts of the whole set. What I've done different this time with Meso 3 is incorporate a JumpSport rebounder with it to take up the 3 minute rests. I jump away until the next set comes up, or I use it with Plyo legs and do tuck jumps on it. Fun stuff!

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