mamas lovin their babes! 4/20--26


Candra, Bummer on the non-nap, but thats great it worked out to get your WO in! Oh, I need to do abs tonight too!:mad: "Thanks" for the reminder!:p

Lisa, Yes, finger-snapping/nose-twitching would be great!!!

Took a nice stroll outside with DDs. Found some deer tracks and Isabel picked a bouquet of dead weeds for me!:p


Oh my I haven't been here in like 4 days or something and I've missed so much.

Time to catch up.

Actually, I thought I looked sort of icky in that photo, but I was showing how we drag the poor kids everywhere we go from day one. I'll post more from the past. They have literally been out in the middle of nowhere with us.

I have been dealing with poop all day. Ds with downs is potty trained, but he has a bit of trouble when his bowels are "loose", which has been the case all day. Clean the bathroom, do more laundry. Repeat and repeat. Kids have been helpful and now that dh is home, I let him take care of this last one. The upside is that he is really trying to get to the toilet, which was not the case last year and the messes could be huge. I love him so much despite it all. Life without Malcolm would be easier, but definitely not better.

Gwen is much happier that her tooth has finally poked through. And someone forgot to tell her that she was only to nurse every 4-5 hours--didn't get the memo--LOL. Our chub-chub baby is at the breast a LOT--Another mom on my butt nursing all day long (but it's burning, calories right?)

And I deserve the bad mommy award for the week as I totally lost my temper with the kiddos twice over minutia. Sorrow and repentance. I am praying that passage from James--"Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger, for the anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God." I feel as though I've been tested in this all day with the poop and all. I ended up eating marmelade right out of the jar along with dark chocolate chips. sigh.....

Wendy--sorry about the screeching. I know that Gwen has had more separation anxiety in the last couple of months (She's 8 mo now), but she sleeps with us, so I won't be able to be much help. Maybe you could call Kate and get some good advice. Lol at the "super serious teenager" thing. The funny thing is he's pretty easy going, but he does look really serious in that picture.

Becky--You are doing great. Dh and I didn't get our first home until I was 35, and I'm 40 now, but all's well that ends well. Enjoy your anniversery. I'm terrible at baby proofing, so I don't have much advice there--plugs in the outlets and move the coffee cups when she gets close;).

Kate--LOL at having no kids in the shower. I've always got Vangie or Gwen in with me. Gwen just sits happily at my feet. She's very content, but oh it feels luxurious to have it all to myself. LOL at the dead weeds--I get dandilion bouquets a lot, or nice flower with virtually no stems to put in a vase :)

Stephanie--I'm not really a "green" (regarding Earth Day) person, but if it saves me money I'm all over it, so I've been tearing up the back lawn for a garden and I hang out my clothes when the weather permits. I'm researching composting, attaching rain barrels to my downspouts and constructing a solar stove for the summer. Hope your pre-k interview goes well.:)

Clarissa--You can have some of my calories. I have too many;).

Candra--the nice thing about Oregon is the beautiful scenery--there a lot of fantastic hiking options available. What are the 200 kb swings you spoke of? congrats on having 5 lbs to go. I have 7 as of today, but then some after that, I think. Vacations are a lot of work, I agree.

Lisa--congrats on your 5 lbs too! Way to go!

Hi Skyye!
Oh I did disks 13 and 14 second time round Tue and Wed and 40 min of BM2 62 min cardio premix today and ankle felt fine--hurray! I was tempted to do the whole thing, but I'm determined not to overdo it and reinjure--let's just quit while we are ahead, kay?

take care all

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Hi everyone!! I don't think that I've checked-in in about 2 days here. :( I will get it together----

I had my 6 weeks postpartum appointment this week!!! this is so weird, but I was so sad when I was going into the building to see my OB. she was so great through out the pregnancy and I guess that I have issues letting go. (God help me when I have to drop Anna off at the day care!!) anyway....I'm walking into the office thinking about that song by Rascal Flatts "Here comes goodbye". But after my exam; she lets me know that she is stll my doc because she is GYN too (silly me...) and I have GYN issues (not too serious). I was so happy!!! My GYN doc just smiled and gave me a hug.

then she gave me some meds for my PCOS and told me to be careful that even though I did IVF, I could get preggos natually. (Doubt it-- told hubby that I day I tell him we are preggos natually... will be the day that I tell him we won the Powerball Lottery!!).

I have continued to exercise-- however, I slowed down on the running, as I was feeling pain the days after I ran. I still get on the treadmill, but I run/walk for 30- 45 min then pop in a DVD. Today's DVD was Tae-bo Rounds 1. I completed the entire DVD-so that was nice. Anna woke up right at the end. She is so sweet!!

Haven't decided what DVD to pull out tomorrow.

Good night ladies,
I will get everyone's names soon (i hope) you all are so nice.


Hi mamas!

Just wanted to pop in to say hi. I've been a bad Cathlete the past couple of days. Not many personals and all me-me-me. Sorry, guys.

Candra--What's a jumperoo? Is it one of those things that hangs in the door frame and the baby jumps in? I think Charlie would love one of those;sadly dh has put a moritorium on baby-equipment purchases. :( The pre-k interview went OK. Thanks for asking. I don't think we're "at-risk" enough to get in, though. They first take the kids with economic issues and learning problems then open it up to the other kiddos. Completely understandable, but we were hoping to get Henry in to get a little speech therapy and to let him acclimate to the school before Kindergarten. He's very very shy. The pre-k program is every day until 1:30 p.m., though and I am really having second thoughts. :confused: (maybe we won't get in...) When do you go camping? Your workouts sound awesome! Do you like Jari Love? I can't get excited about her workouts for some reason.

Wendy--your bedtime ritual last night sounded so sweet and relaxing. I hope tonight went well too!!

Lisa--Only five pounds sounds like a dream!! Congrats on being so close!!

Skyy--I hope your doctor's appointment went well. I also got really sad at my post-partum appointment. It's always sad for me, but this last time really was because I knew that it would be my last "OB" appointment. (I had my tubes tied with my c-section.) I still get kind of teary thinking about it. Being pregnant was such a magical part of life. OK, i'm getting way too mushy, right?? :rolleyes: (I hope that you win the "baby lottery" again. God works in mysterious ways :))

Maggie--I draw the line at composting. Don't think I could stomach it. But we try to do the basics that I think most everyone does now -- the three Rs, etc. How in the world do you hang laundry for nine people? You ARE wonderwoman! I need to do the rain barrels. Keep forgeting that! I loved the scripture you mentioned when writing about losing your temper. I'm printing it out and taping it to my bathroom mirror to remind me to take more deep breaths and think before I talk. I snapped a lot at the kids today too. I think it's the end-of-the-week stress build-up. I'm sure you weren't as harsh as you think you were. Tomorrow is a new day. By the way, marmalade and dark chocolate chips sounds divine!!!

Hi to Becky and Clarissa and anyone else I missed!
I actually started the Slow & Heavy series tonight (legs & shoulders). What a great workout. Tomorrow I'm going to try to get some cardio in and ab circuits. I think my body is starting to let go of some of this baby weight. I can feel it changing oh-so-slightly. I'm just having to make peace with the fact that it's going to be a much slower process this time around.

Charlie has been very fussy today. I can't figure out if his tummy is bothering him or if his ears are. Or maybe it's a new tooth, but something is off. Hoping tomorrow he feels much better. Poor little guy.

I've been noticing a lot of bruises on my body for some reason. Wondering what that's all about. I guess I should up my potassium intake, but since having kids, I just can't bring myself to eat a banana. (I've doled too many of them out to the kids -- they've lost their mystique.) Anyway... it's LATE. Better get to bed. I just love these last few moments of the evening when it's quiet. Don't get me wrong, I love the sounds of the kids playing, but this little bit of quiet time is golden.

Hope everyone has a good evening. Hope all the babies sleep well!! :)


Did my cardio last night! 55 min of Tracey Staehle step stuff then B&G stab ball abs,
Did STS legs this morning - last one of MEso2. Recov Wk now!!! Also took a 30 min walk outside w/ Julia. Hoping for another walk this afternoon.
Eats have been CLEAN - I'm on a roll and it feels so good!
And Mike noticed this great little muscle popped out on my shoulder! yay!!!!!


Maggie, Sorry for bowelmax!:eek: You are a good woman!
I sure hope nursing burns mega cals still! And we nurse every 3 hrs or so.... 4-5, yeah, right!!!! NEVER had a baby go that long!
and you're def not a bad mommy - YOU ARE HUMAN!! or at least we think you are! More like SuperMommy!:cool:

Skyy, LOL! I was SO SAD at my pp appt! I loved my midwives and I kept thinking "what if this is my last!? I won't see them anymore!" KNow how you're feeling....
Good for you for listening to your body! I didnt start to WO til I was 6 wks pp w/ Julia. I was SO BUSY chasing after kids, plus I had a small tear I opted to not have stitched. We had her at home and there was no numbing stuff. YEAH RIGHT I"M GETTIN" A NEEDLE DOWN THERE!:eek: So I gladly sat!:p

Stephanie, I hope the pre-k thing works out in your favor! However that might be.... I've often been tempted to request certain things at Gina's school but I've learned that if I just go with the flow what is best turns out to be what happened. NOT THAT I WOULD JUDGE ANYONE FOR REQUESING THINGS!!!! I always get so scared on these boards that something I say will get taken wrong. OD is a danger zone!!!:eek::p
yay for the body changes! Hope you like S&H! Is that ont he rotation Cathe made for you? Don't remember....
Hope C is better today!
:confused::confused::confused: on the bruising!

better get busy!


Hi mamas!:)

Quick post I just wanted to say hi b/f we leave! We are suppose to leave in 2 hrs and I haven't showered or put one thing in the trailer:eek: Oh well, I'll be back Tues! Enjoy your weekend:)



Kate, I am wondering if that is the problem. The dr. at the time of delivery said that I had a small tear that she felt didn't need a stitch. I had totally forgotten about that!! When I told her that i was exercising already, she told me to be very careful because it was still early. :(


good luck candra!!! i know what youre feeling!! the last cpl hrs are like :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:!:p

skyy, keep those legs closed! and dont sit cross-legged! flat on your sit bones!:D

i am in such a good mood!!!
great wo, a shower alone, healthy eating!
perfect day!


Saying a quick hello and will be back for personals, promise. I have to pump and then go to work this am. Hope all you mamas have a nice Friday with the little ones!!



Lisa, I bow to pumpers!:p My boobs refuse to do it!:p

Headed out to eat! YAY! I'm too tired to cook! That's a first!:eek:
Going to Champps to get a salad - mmmmm. No dressing = no guilt! YUM!


Hi mamas! Just wanted to share my HUGE scare tonight. On the way back home from soccer practice, Charlie's carseat came unbuckled and fell forward. The poor baby actually landed head down in his carseat. Henry had been playing in the van at soccer practice and upon climbing among the seats, his foot must have hit the red button on the seatbelt and unclicked the carseat buckle -- if that makes sense. When I went around a curve in the road, the seat fell forward. I stopped in the MIDDLE of the road (it was a rural country road) and jumped out to check on him. Thank goodness DH was in his car behind me and was able to fasten the seat back in. Charlie was OK -- just scared him terribly. He had no bumps or scratches. I called his doctor, and she said he would be fine. So so so blessed.

Moral of this story: always check your child's carseat to see if it's buckled in good when leaving somewhere. I never have checked the seat buckle --- just his little fasteners.

Oh, it was so scary. I had to share with some fellow mommies. I know that many of you have other kids who may inadvertently play with the seat buckles without knowing the ramifications. I urge everyone to check to make sure the car's seatbuckle is secure everytime you go somewhere with your baby. I sure will from now on!!!


yikes!!!! glad hes ok!!!!

weve had ours unknowingly unlatched but it didnt fall off the seat, thank goodness

yes - db ck your belts!!


thanks to the suggestion to check car seats today--found mine was not installed properly!!:( I changed cars and was not paying attention!!! all's good now.

For today's workout, I did 30 min on the ellipital, then got 1RM for some upperbody. I may do a DVD later, not sure.

I am attaching updated pics of Anna--(only because i think she is sooooo cute......)


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Skyy - What a cutie!
Steph - How scary!! I'm glad Charlie is okay. Thanks for the warning.
Hi Kate!!

I am beat!! Sooo tired. Another pound down, four to go. We'll see after today's binge fest at the bday party though. Eugh.



skyy, cute pie!!! julia is jealous of hr hair!!!
ive never hada baldy before!

hi steph!

lisa, good luck at the party! drink lots of water!


Hi ladies. Closing day is tomorrow. We're doing our walk through this afternoon. This morning was my first workout in 4 days. I did Cardio Coach volume 6...all of it...on my parent's elliptical. It was a great workout. It felt so wonderful to workout again. I might not get one in again for another few days.

Hope all is well. Just thought I'd stop by and say "hi"



hello mama becky!:D hows ms zoey doing??
i know you were lovin cc! good for you!
im sure youre so excited for the closing!!! you'll be working out in YOUR HOME so soon!!!:cool::cool::cool::D:D:D

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