mamas lovin their babes! 4/20--26

good luck, becky, with the rest of the week! youll do great!
welcome back to 4 seasons!!!:p
i wouldve db'ed up the wo's too!:D
babyproofing - off the top of my head....i dont do much besides block the stairs and put on outlet covers. im sure someone can come up with more. oh! rubberbands around sink cabinet knobs!:D

nice day here...little overwhelmed w/ things i have to do...oh well!:eek::eek:
cardio tonight - must! relieve! stress! :D
did my cardio tonight!
and a shwer WITH NO KIDS IN IT!!! Will wonders never cease!:p

did 20 min of TS's SSS
then fumbled my way thru a couple minutes of amy bento's ASC...gave up real quick!
on to RS! Not sure how many mins but I was good & sweaty!

where are my mamas at today?
sleep well, babies!
well, another screeching session this evening at bedtime =( its been going something like this: dinner, bath, bedroom with the lights low for massage, pj's and nursing. i used to place him in the crib drowsy after this and he would fall asleep on his own, just some music. this past week or so he screeches for me when i put him down! looks right up into my eyes and flails his arms towards me and screeches =( heartbreaking. had to go in 4x times tonight to settle him. hes been up 3-5x a night since this started, also, but sleeping later. what gives???

JJ is 7mos btw, in case anyone thinks this might be related to separation anxiety? or the theory that things go backwards slightly as they are going through something big developmentally?

not sure what i believe or not anymore. i'm open to all ideas at this point!!

kate, thanks for the pm, just saw it now (almost midnight lol). i will see if i can find a minute to call manana. and will def look for that wessbluth book at the library, others have also recommended.

sorry, totally self absorbed post. personals in the morning after i sleep (i hope)!

Wendy, I am so sorry for what you're going thru. We did that with out first for A YEAR AND A HALF!!!! Sleep deprivation is an awful, serious thing. My heart goes out to you!
Please call if you need to - I'll be doing my WO from 930 - 10:15 - other than that I'm all yours.

-I just did Biceps of Meso2 Wk4. Felt very strong and kicked butt! Didn't have time for back too. Will hit that when DDs are at school. YAY!!!!!
Hi mamas! Quick post. SOOOOO tired. Not. much. sleep.

Wendy--I totally feel your pain. Charlie (almost 7 months) was a champion sleeper from the get-go, sleeping through the night by two months, etc. Now he wakes up every night around 2 a.m., and I just put him in bed with us. I don't sleep as deeply with him in bed with us because I"m worried I'll roll over on him or my pillow will get in his face. I'm very anal. So I'm going to have to soon start letting him cry it out a little. It is heartbreaking. But there's little else we can do. I do think it's the age/separation anxiety.

Hi all you other sweet mamas! Sorry for the lack of personals. I have to get ready for a pre-k interview today. Trying to get Henry in to the public pre-k for next fall. I have mixed feelings about it though because it's EVERY DAY. I'm not ready for that yet, but he's so very shy and has a few speech issues, so I know he'd benefit greatly from it and be extra ready for kindergarten next year. It's just EVERY DAY seems like a lot. I don't want to burn him out before he starts his 12+year educational journey.

Anyhoo... Hope everyone has a good Earth Day. I think the boys and I will plant something this afternoon.
stephanie, is the prek all day or 1/2 days?
there was talk our K was going to be all day buth thankfully its 1/2. 745-420 is too long for a 5yo. or my 7yo for that matter!:mad:

happy planting!:cool:
did my back work

now j's camped at the boob, falling asleep!
i feel like im on my butt 80% of the day! no wonder i cant lose any weight!:p:rolleyes: any other nursers feel this way????
I'm here! I did HIIT on the TM this morning and abs! I did LIC yesterday (in pieces because of the baby!) and then I lifted extra shoulders last night b/c I am shoulder fanatic!! I am really starting to feel good again. 6 week checkup is later today...! My eating is great too! Although I hope I am getting enough calories. Being a trainer, I know how important it is to feed and fuel your muscles, not starve them! Feeling so good today! Hope you all are doing great! It sure is a crappy rainy cold day today in NE Ohio. 80s this weekend though. Yay!
Kate - Another on her butt nursing mom here!! BTW, what a compliment re: is your mom home?
Becky - Cabinet doors, gates for stairs, outlets, and avoid furniture with sharp edges. no breakable things either like glass vases. Good luck with the moving!
Maggie - You look wonderful and your kids are beautiful!
Wendy - Sorry about the sleepless nights! I co-sleep because my first ds did this and I was a walking zombie and hated feeling that way. If you don't want to co-sleep, the only other method I really saw be effective for some was the cio method. It's hard to do, but some parents swear by it. I couldn't do it myself personally because I get stressed easily, but other parents have done it. Or I heard there is a book called the baby whisperer and that is supposed to work wonders for some. You could always do an in-between cio method where you just stay in the room but not pick him up when he cries. Hope you get some sleep!
Hi Steph, Clarissa, and the other mommies!

I finally have sort of a day off. Hoping to get all the things I need to do done. Well, at least some of it. Planning on a walk today with baby then off to do errands!

clarissa, hope your checkup goes well!

lisa, glad im not the only one!:confused::p:D:eek:
i feel like i look sooo oooooold - i needed that boost bad!:D:cool:
happy erranding! pomai do ok in her cseat? j finally does - as long as its not naptime!

fwiw, we read/tried baby whisperer.....hated it!!! but i know lots hate cio. diff things work for diff families
Hey mommies!!!

Kate-Gina goes to school from 7:45-4:20??????? That is a long day:eek: Wilson goes from 8:15-2:15. I also feel like I am on my butt nursing all day. It's burning calories though!!:p We are taking our trailer camping so it shouldn't be hard w/ Ryder.

Wendy-sorry about JJ:( You have to do what you feel comfortable with:) I can't handle the ferber method, if my kids cry I pick them up. I co-sleep and it works great for me but it is not for everyone. Sorry I know that doesn't help.

Lisa-enjoy your day off!!

Stephanie-how did the interview go? If pre-k is only half days it will be fine:) It will give you some alone time w/ Charlie!

Maggie-I love the pic of you and your kids!:) How fun to have such pretty hiking trails nearby!

Becky-I hope moving is going well!!

Hi Skyy and Clarissa!:D

Well I have been busy getting everything ready to go camping. Why are vacations so much work?

Tonight is b-ball practice and maybe a trip to Costco.

I have been alternating my Jari Love wo w/ running on the tm for the last 2 weeks. I am also trying to add 200 kb swings each day:eek: I am so sore, I love it!! Only 5# until I am at my pre-pg weight!!

hi lisa! you're almost there too! we can do it!

candra, congrats on your weight loss! so close!!! great wo's! never have done kbells....but curious
thats from bus pick up to dropoff. school is 840-340. yes, my dd has a 40 minute bus ride! i hate it. i drove her last yr and prob will next yr. it was too hard this yr w/ j and w/ isabel at a diff school. next yr theyll be at the same school. yes!!!
hope the camping goes well! i hate packing....always put it off....
kate - im on my butt nursing, too! all day it seems! someone told me recently that a baby his age doesn't really need to nurse more than every 4-5 hours... tell that to JJ! yet another day that got away from me yesterday. i expect a nap any minute now for 2-3 hours but must workout and shower before trying you... we shall see!

candra - only 5 lbs to go, woohoo! and i am avoiding even reading about kbells cuz its one more thing i will want to own lol =) i remember with my oldest being so frustrated during little league season because our schedule was all off re: dinner, homework, etc. but now i look back on it so fondly, beautiful spring nights watchin the kiddos have a blast!

becky, i think you are surrounded by boxes right now... sending best wishes to you in your new home! the easiest part of childproofing is what yr doing now, setting up in safe way, so ditto what lisa said. IMO the hard part is all the STUFF they want to get into... your pile of papers, coffee cup, lipstick, things that might be around and in a split second they are right on it! dont forget some kind of cover (or latched doors) for your electronics... little fingers or cheerios in dvd player = not so good! oh, and tuck away cords well (give thought to this in how you set up your furniture and electronics), a lamp can come crashing down on them when they tug on it.

hi lisa, maggie, clarissa, steph, kyye...

so no crying during the going to bed process last night but thats because i took a totally different approach... just laid on the bed with him cuddling until he fell asleep. it was so peaceful and beautiful and i think it was more for me than anything, just needed a break from all that screaming. but there is no way i can do this every night so must come up with a plan. he still woke up screaming later in the night but i have to quiet him (nursing or other) because our downstairs neighbor most certainly is not ok with the cio method, lol.

yesterday was a rest day for me and only a brief walk because it was raining. today, more rain, boo. but coming up is sunny and 70s!!!!! having ppl for dinner saturday so i need the clear day to walk to supermarket tomorrow. why i offered to host with my husband away i do not recall...

just finished c& it. ended up doing chest, abs, and stretch with jj on the floor next to me! no time for the leisurely shower i was hoping for while he napped but ill still get a quick one with him in the exersaucer.

wendy, wtg on the wo!! whats a leisurely shower? whats a shower!?:p
dont feel like you have to call - if it works out and you want to - we're around! the snuggling sounds wonderful but ikwym...
nice perspective on lleague!
hpe your dinner sat goes well - brave lady!!!

busy day....but still wish i could get more done! thres always next yr!:p
cardio tonight for me
Kate-my boys will be at the same school next year too! I am so excited, it will save me a lot of driving time:) I should be busy here getting ready for camping but I'm sitting here nursing my baby!! I love it!!:)

Wendy-you are so right about b-ball! I am so stuck to a certain routine, I need to just relax and enjoy it:) Glad you had a nice snuggle w/ your baby last night.

Lisa-Let's race and see who loses the 5# first:p J/k I will probably gain 5# this w/e! I already bought all the stuff to make s'mores:eek:

Hi Stephanie, Maggie, Becky, Skyy and Clarissa:):)

Ryder woke up the second I laid him down for his nap:confused: I put him in his jumperoo and did 25min on the elliptical. He was so happy jumping around and watching me, gotta love him:D I hope to get some kb swings in later and maybe abs.

Wendy - Yay for a good night sleep! Hope JJ was happy too!

Candra - I hate the last five pounds!! My DH bought KBs a long time ago and I used them a little, but haven't in a long time. I heard they make your shoulders look really nice.

Kate - I have lots to do also. I wish I could snap my fingers like the Kelly Ripa/Bewitched commercial. Wouldn't that be nice?

I gotta get going to work. Then it's school function night. I might do C&W since Wendy mentioned it. We'll see...


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