mamas lovin their babes! 4/20--26


stephanie, thanks for the encouragement!
skyy, did you get your tm time?
becky, busy, fun fdays! glad the shower was a hit! lol at the 19-yo! thats how old i was when we got mrried!:eek:

dds at schhool, i did sts ch, sh, tris. felt great!

i am VERY MOTIVATED to get my eating under control! so far, so good!

board mtg at pre-k tonight.....:mad: only 1 more!:D


Good Morning everyone:)

Hope everyone had a good w/e!

I am taking the boys to school then hopefully a wo.

bbl w/ personals:)



Good morning! I have to take Brody to get his hearing rechecked today. He failed left ear at birth. Probably fine though.

NOT looking forward to driving in this bad rain w/ him and my 4 year old DD. Yuck!

Wish me luck - of course the appointment time is EXACTLY at a feeding time! Yay for me!


Have a good Monday everyone!



clarissa, hope it goes ok for brody!
i share your pain re feeding time.... i have to wake up julia right now to go pickup isabel at preschool. grrrrrr


Hi Kate... I did get some TM time in this morning!! I followed that up with power squeeze. I am trying to rotate my workout DVD's. It's like a love fest with all the workouts that I haven't done in a while. kind of fun. I hear you about getting your eating in line..... that is my main problem!!! I'm trying though... another salad and fish for lunch.

Candra hope you get your workout in....

Clarissa... good luck with appointment

Anna is sleeping alot lately... wonder if that is normal?? She when to sleep last night @ 1130 p.m and got up @ 6:00 a.m for a bottle, then when back to sleep. she woke up @8:30; and after a bath and 1 oz formula; she when back to sleep. she is still sleeping.


skyy, lol a your post!
its so nice to be able to do your reg wo's again, isnt it?!:D
maybe anna is going thru a growth spurt ... enjoy that sleep! im pea-green w/ envy!:eek::eek:
good job w/ lunch!

ive ate super healthy all day and it feels so good!
now if someone could just get j to sleep a little longer:confused::confused::confused:


Skyy -Yay on getting your wo in. I love getting it done early.
Kate - Add me in to being motivated to eat clean. I lost another pound somehow and I'm determined to keep going. 5-6 more lbs now left.
Maggie - I love hiking! I can't wait until Pomai gets older so we can all go as a family again.
Hi Candra, Clarissa, Steph, Becky, and all the other moms!

I did have c&w ready to go then Pomai woke up. Oh well. I guess I'll head off to work then come home and wo before my kids get home. Then I have to take my odd to swim lessons. Thank God DH is off today!



Yeah!! I got my wo in:) I love getting it done in the am so I don't have to worry about it all day.

Skyy-enjoy Anna sleeping!!! One day you will be in the same boat as the rest of us trying to get them to nap longer:eek:

Kate-sorry about the board meeting:( Thanks for your help w/ the avatar!:) I think I have it figured out, I just need to get a pic off my camera.

Lisa-sorry about the missed wo. That happened to me twice last week! Good job on the 1#!!

Clarissa-hope the appt goes well.

Hi Stephanie, Maggie, Becky and Wendy!!:D

Today is our anniversary!! My in-laws are going to watch the kids tonight so we can go out to dinner:)

We are leaving fri to go camping. The boys are so excited to go fishing! I am just hoping Ryder does ok on the drive:confused: It is 4 hrs:confused:

I better go shower!! I have to pick Owen up



julias needing a lot of rocking/nursing today....:confused::confused::confused: maybe teeth????

candra, theres almost nothing i love more than a daytime wo!:p
camping w/ a 6mo??? you brave!:p
cant wait to see your avatar!
happy anniversary! how AWESOME to get to go out sans kids! i dream about that!:D:D:D how many yrs? our 10th is in july....had hoped o go away...but that was pre-julia! now we'll just hope for dinner out but likely settle for ice cream in bed while watching a movie!:p


Brody's appt went fine! He slept thru the electrodes and everything! :)

Skyy- Brody sleeps a lot too - he is one week younger than your baby. Sometimes he has days where I can't even wake him - almost like he sleeps bottle to bottle or something. Other days (Saturday), he was literally awake from 6 am until 7 pm with maybe one hour of nap or less! Crazy! I don't like the unpredictability though, as I am a very schedule-oriented person!

Talk later! Clarissa


Dh bought me a spinning bike yesterday and it rocks to have sweat crystallizing as I cool down. Yeah baby. didn't bother the ankle at all and my heart rate got way up. I love that man--he takes good care of me:D.

I helped dh and ds13 with their one rep maxes yesterday, but we are far from done. I don't think they were expecting it to be so involved. Should be interesting.

Gwen is officially crawling now. It's very cute, but I wish she would have taken her time. There is a first time mom at church who's first child is 2 days younger than Gwen and not yet mobile. She is concerned. I told her to enjoy it, for crying out loud. Everything changes when they can move around. (I was nicer about it than that sentence sounded--really;):rolleyes::).

I hope to be back tonight for personals!

take care all!


Ps--here is a picture of how we hike with all the kids


  • First Hike of 09 007.jpg
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Hi guys!
Quick post to tell Miss Maggie that she looks like a kid herself! You are teeniny! What a beautiful picture of your bunch.


glad all is well w/ brody, clarissa!

maggie!! love the pic! you look like the big sis!:D
hooray for the bike!!!! great news!
yay for crawling!
i wouldnt have the patience to help w/ 1rms! youre too good!

hi stephanie!


quick note... so tired and off to bed, early for me. jj has been waking more often this week, sometimes absolutely screeching! is this like a form of separation anxiety or something? i thought he was in pain at first and of course rushed in and grabbed him and nursed and rocked him to sleep. since then ive noticed him doing that same screechy cry with an i-want-mommy outstretched arm and the second i come in and pat his head or hold his hand he stops and makes motions for me to pick him up! so, what to make of this? i didnt think i was a cry-it-out kind of person but if he is just missing me (and he does start screeching EVERY time i put him in bed now), well, i just may have to cry it out after all =(

he was such an easy bedtime kid!! waaaah (mamas get to cry too!)

yoga class tonight was fab =)

bbl for personals, sorry...

hi to all!



wendy, so sorry abt jj! we're highly in favor of cry=it-out WHEN ITS NEEDED. we have fam that FREAKS OUT that we do this, but you cant argue w/ the results! good luck w/ the sleeping!
glad you enjoyed your yoga!

good night here. 1 wakeup for nursing:D
cardio on tap tonight....bbl


kate... how do i know if its needed? my instinct is that it might be, as much as it breaks my heart, but then again, if hes just going through something right now and it will pass... who knows. maybe i should start a new thread on this.

clarissa, glad everything is ok with brody!

maggie, you are beautiful and so young looking, and lol at your super serious teenager in the back... lucky you could get him in the picture at all =) mine is on his way back from track practice and will no doubt be looking for a giant sized meal. wow, gwens crawling!! how old now? have fun with your new bike!

skyye - they def sleep a ton at that age, enjoy!

candra - you must tell us how camping goes. love camping but im nervous with a baby...

hi lisa, becky, stephanie!



wendy, i have a book called "healthy sleep habits, happy child" by marc weissbluth. very good reading. we had sooo many sleep issues w/ dd1. the book is great! will send you a pm...


Hi ladies. Not sure I'll be able to post tomorrow...or for a few days for that matter. Moving day is Thursday and absolutely EVERYTHING will be packed tomorrow (except Z's mobile and crib soother...those come down after she wakes up on moving day...Momma needs her sleep!) I'm not even sure we'll have internet tomorrow.

I can't believe I'm moving back to Ohio, after being in Florida for the past 11 years...that is a huge chunk of time considering I am 26 going on 27. I'm excited though. I also can't believe we're finally buying our first house! I know we're still young, but I still feel like we've really delayed gratification as people we graduated college with are banking and have been in their own homes for the past 4-5 years and here we are just getting one. I am so excited!

Last night I did a no-no and doubled up workouts. I did STS discs 10 and 11. I know my arms will be jello tomorrow (only slightly sore today...2nd day seems to be the worst for me). I am going to do STS disc 12 tonight so that I can pack my weights. This will make it more like a week and a half active rest period, but oh well, what can ya do?

Maggie, so excited about Gwen crawling! Zoey has just started grabbing toys and seemingly enjoying them. I love it!

Wendy, how old is your LO? So sorry you are having to go through that. I'd freak out too if Zoey screeched.

Skyy, Zoey still sleeps a lot, and she's 14 weeks old. When she was your LO's age all she did was sleep, with waking only for changes and food.

Candra, Happy Anniversary! Hope you had a great one.

Kate, I know what you mean about simple things. Our last anniversary was in August and I was pregnant...and exhausted. I think we just stayed in and didn't even do anything special. I honestly don't even remember it. This next one, maybe we'll get my mom to watch Zoey for us and we'll go out to dinner.

Clarissa, glad the appointment went well.

Oh, and no rush or anything, but I was wondering if any of you could give me tips on baby proofing. I want to do it as we move in so as not to miss anything (and we'll have at least 24 hours without any of our belongings that I can use to baby proof and paint Z's room :D)


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