Love Al's Enthusiasm!

carol d.

Can I just say how much I love Al's enthusiasm in the Xtrain weight workouts! He can actually get me to smile during warm-ups. :p

Great addition to the cast!


Omg i just love watching him. But i giggled some when he swings both arms side to side it looked like his head goes with his.hands lol. But the other guy man i laughed alot when the camera went to him barely lol it was like camera tried not to show him cause he was so off lol. Al was not off at all and he is very fun to watch. I love love Al

Cathe Friedrich

We all love Al too...he is exactly as he appears on film.....a team player all the way, sweet, selfless, endearing, gives 150% of himself to anything he commits to, never gives up, will do anything for anyone, and one heck of a fit teddy bear!!! He and his wife have been members of our gym and taken my classes (as well as the other instructors here at the gym) for gosh, at least 20 years. Al is a wonderful fit to our team!!!


Awh thats so sweet, u can tell he is all of those things by just watching him! , love to see him in more..
Oh Also does ur sister ever want to be in ur video any more? I heard she ws on mega step blast and not sure which one she was. But i wondered why she isnt in any other ones yet?

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