Local Store Carries Size -2X0


I was just reading another thread, and it reminded me of an experience I had a few weeks ago when I was shopping for pants. I went to this new outdoor mall called Clay Terrace (it's about a year old and is one of those "uppity" malls, where everything's high class and high dollar - kinda like a mini-Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills). Anyhow, I'd never really shopped there, so I decided to give hubby a little quiet time and went in search of the perfect jeans.

The first store I went into had every size up to mine. I am currently a size 16, which is considered AVERAGE for the United States. I'm working on becoming below average, but for now, I'm still just average. At any rate, while I was in this store, I decided to try their "PETITE" section, because I'm right on the borderline of being average height and petite.

Now, I don't know about you, but I think of petite as being shorter than average height. I don't think of petite as being skinnier, per se. So, imagine my ghastly horror when I started seeing size zero, size xzero, size xxzero, size xxxzero.......GEEZ! How much smaller than ZERO can you get?! Why don't they just label it the EATING DISORDER section instead of the PETITE section. Then they could make the sizes: 1) my-waist-is-smaller-than-your-thigh, 2) all-bodily-functions-are-about-to-shut-down, 3) don't-speak-to-me-or-the-force-of-your-breath-will-blow-me-away, 4) My-stomach's-the-size-of-a-pea-because-I-haven't-eaten-in-so-long.

What is it with this obsession with being so skinny that sunlight can shine through you? I mean, size xxxzero?????? NEGATIVE 3X ZERO!!!!???? If you're smaller than zero, does that mean you are collapsing in on yourself?

Oh well. I guess they have to make clothes for people with eating disorders, too. I'd like to see the ad campaign for that clothing line.
I always wondered if there was anything smaller than a 0. I guess with the distorted sizes these days it makes sense. I mean, 30 years ago, my current size 10/12 would have been a 16/18. That means that a 0/2 today would have been a 6/8 then. What's sad is when you go the opposite direction. There is a store here in town that sells scrubs....up to size 5X large!!! Talk about a HUGE range of sizes!
Wow, I've always wondered about that. I've never seen anything below a 0 but wondered if they had a -2 or -4 for those teeny tiny people - you just answered that question for me! :)

I am 5'4 1/2 and usually do not buy my pants in the petite section, but when I have, I have to go up a size, so I do think petite clothing is sized differently. I also think there is some size distortion going on. We are getting bigger as a society but don't want to face it - it's much more comfortable to see a smaller number on the label, and therefore, we are more likely to spend. I just wish women's sizes were more consistent across the board.

~Cathy :)
My only frustration with department stores, which is one reason why I usually by online, is that I'm a size 4-6 but can never find my size when I shop. With the exception of Old Navy, whenever I shop for clothes there's a million size 12's and up, but they must only stock a couple of size 6's and they're snatched up right away. If I'm not there when they put the merchandise out, I'm out of luck.
Consignment shopping is an eye opener. Sometimes there are really nice slacks that were barely worn from a few years ago. I am like a 6 in those when the size I wear for clothes that I buy at the mall is like a 2.

It seems to me that the more expensive an item, the more likely I will fit in a smaller size. I am a size 0 at Abercrombie & Fitch. That is insane! I am small, but not itty bitty.
Wow!! I've seen 00, but never 000. To me the petite section is the short person section. You can be a size 22 petite. It just means you're short. I believe below 5"3' or 5"4'. I'm a 14 at most stores, my left leg wouldn't fit into a 000 for goodness sakes!!! I have heard though, that sizes have gotten bigger than in the past "vanity sizing" a size 2 from the 50's is about an 8 now. So when we hear that Marilyn Monroe was a 14, thats about a 8 or 10 by today's standards. Actually just yesterday I was TJ Maxx and picked up a pair of size 14 pants - my bad, I wen tby the size on the hanger not on the tag. They pulled up just fine, but no way they were going to button. I was like "what the heck??" so I took them off, and looked at the tag in the pants, and it was an 8. Felt flattered for half a second, then realized it wasn't a "true" 8 bc there's no way an 8 would have gotten over my hips. I could never figure out why womans clothes are in sizes, which vary from company to company and men's are in inches, which are consistant. Anyone know??? Also why is it you can try on 3 pairs of the same jeans in the same size and they aren't all the same!!! ARGGHHH!!!!! I think I'll go start a nudist colony :p
A couple of weeks ago, I got a last-minute invitation to an evening wedding and reception. I had absolutely nothing to wear. But I remembered in the back of my closet was this silk suit of my Mom's from 40 years ago. Even though outdated, I thought there might be something I could do with it. Mom always said she was a size 8. I'm a 2 or 4, depending.

Mom must have been tiny! The suit fit, but I'd be afraid to sit down in it for fear of ripping out that 40-year-old thread!

Geez, blew my ego big time. (Oh, went out and bought the perfect dress for the wedding - size "small").

In my area, there is a large Asian community and I've always wondered wear those ladies shop. The majority of them look especially small. I too, have problems finding many options in a size 4 without going to higher end stores. Old Navy is the only place I can find smaller sizes without spending a fortune.

>I could never figure out why womans clothes are in sizes, which vary >from company to company and men's are in inches, which are consistant. >Anyone know??? Also why is it you can try on 3 pairs of the same jeans >in the same size and they aren't all the same!!!

This has been my experience as well. I found a sweater I loved at Chico's a few years ago so I bought it in 3 different colors. I only tried one on at the store and just assumed they'd all be the same. The first time I went to wear one of the other colors it fit me totally differently, as did the next one. One had sleeves that were way to long; another had sleeves that were way too short with shoulder seams that hung halfway down my upper arm. I've experienced the same thing at Talbots and with just about every other department store line and designer like, Ralph Lauren (whose quality is really slipping, IMHO) and Jones New York.

Another thing I've noticed is that summer clothing seems to be sized smaller than fall/winter clothes. I went shopping the other day and I couldn't find clothes that fit properly to save myself, even though my size hasn't changed in years! All of my clothes that I've been wearing for years still fit fine, but when I go in to try on clothes for the current season, they're all too small -- ARRRRRGGGGGHHHH!
Speaking as a petite person, petite sizing IS different (or should be). The rise is smaller, the shoulders are narrower, the cuffs hit different. I rarely buy anything in the "regular" department.

I feel your pain. I do the majority of my shopping online because there are no stores (except JCpenney) in the vicinity. I wear a different size in every store. I am 5'4 and 118-122 lbs (depending on the time of month). I wear a 2 at Banana Republic, or a 4Petite depending on what I am ordering (pant or a shirt) at Old Navy it is a 4, at Gap a 4 at Ann Taylor a 0, if Petite a 2. At Black and White a 2, Victoria Secret clothing a 4. My point is that there must not be any "true" measurements for sizing out there, everyone must set their own. I think its sad that I have a chart of the stores and what sizes to order. I am now old enough that as long as it feels like it fits, looks like it fits why would I care what size it is?

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