LITE Project Update 11-5-18


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With October now behind us we're now working on the final edits for each of the LITE workouts and bonus videos. We finished our "fine" edits last week and we hope to finish final edits this week for all of the workouts.

We also plan on sending all of the LITE audio files out to a specialist this week too. Their job will be to get the "music to Cathe's voice ratio" as perfect as possible. This is not an easy job to do because the music and lyrics constantly change as does Cathe's voice inflection throughout the various workouts. If the music is too loud you will not be able to hear Cathe well enough. If the music is too soft you will not be able to hear the beat. There is a very fine razor's edge that the audio specialist needs to walk to make this work.

If all goes well, next week we should begin the final phase of our work - DVD Authoring! In this phase, we will turn the LITE videos into DVDs and make all of the premixes. Then it's just a "million hours" of proofing and testing and fixing any problems we find. We're now projecting over 150 LITE premixes for the series and that means a whole lot of hours spent creating and proofing. Once this is done we will then send everything to replicator who will make all of the DVDs. As always, we will continue to keep you updated on our progress.

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Many thanks for the update. I think with anything, testing is always a long process.
For a sound reference, I'd like to express that on the Muscle Meltdowns in ICE, I could not hear Cathe over the music.
I wonder would it be possible to have options - no Music - Music at approx 65% of decibel/volume (maybe called music liTe)
- Music

If this is doable at all, please consider this request. :)
Hi Elsie, We will have the normal mix and vocals only, but there will not be room on the discs for additional audio tracks as we're maxed out with bonus video. Also, you can't just set and record music for 65% as every song is different and has different challenges.
Oh yeah, I get what you're saying. Just thought it would be nice to have a lower volume music but not Cathe listening option. Definitely not a deal breaker or anything .... It was just that you were discussing what some of the challenges are with sound/volume etc., so it made me think of it.
Thanks. Cheers!
The problem with trying to find an ideal music to voice ratio is everyone has different systems that they play their DVDs and videos on. Hence, the music to vocal ratio will sound different on different systems. The best we can do is set the levels for the majority of user's, but there is no way to make this the same or perfect everyone.

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