Lift, Move & Restore Balance Training


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Balance is a key component to independence and injury prevention, especially as we age! We may not think about it often, but we need good balance to do just about everything, including walking, lifting ourselves out of a chair, and even leaning over to tie our shoes.

Strong muscles and the ability to keep ourselves steady makes a huge difference in the things that we do in our everyday lives. Balance training involves doing exercises that strengthen the muscles that help keep you upright, including your legs and core.

These kinds of exercises can improve stability and help prevent falls. We cannot prevent all accidents in our lives, but good balance and stability can be the difference between a major fall and a minor stumble! Cathe’s new Lift, Move & Restore Series will include balance training and challenges to help us improve our balance as well as our strength, mobility, and flexibility!

Learn more or pre-order here:
I had the original STS tower, but got rid of it when I got the 2nd FitTower. Well, sale
ends Friday? Will I make it or not??? :):)

I kind of have been thinking of using them separately, more than not, that way I could
have one upstairs & one downstairs:)
Actually that's similar to how I plan to use them. I've been wanting a free-standing barre for barre work since I injured my knee & haven't been able to do traditional LB weight work. I'm almost ready to start barre & pliates, so their arrival will be timely. (I can use ankle weights in rehab exercises now :) - so progress). A barre can do other stuff than just dips, pull-ups/chin-ups. Yet, there'll probably be another sale for Black Friday ;)

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