I did it yesterday for the second time and feel I was able to do the cardio better and deeper and even went up in the weights for the strength. Love this workout. My legs feel so strong today that I've been out doing yard work with a push mower, since I live in FL and still have a yard with grass.


I can't do the Plyo segments ( arthritic knees ) but I was able to modify the cardio easily. It was a hard workout even then! I also must admit defeat with the RWH Plyo workouts themselves. It is very hard to imagine a low-impact alternative for many of the moves, but I have many many other cardio that I can do, so that's okay.

jamie vaughn

Whoa! I was so excited to finally receive my DVD's xmas eve I couldn't help myself and did the Legs followed by Plyo 2 today - not to worry, I let my son open gifts and have breakfast 1st LOL! Loved it, perfect length and intensity. Trouble sitting already....

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